Perfect Couple Final Episode

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Perfect Couple
Episode 21
“Let’s go pay our neighbor visit.” Paul said to his
At first Ruth was not sure she heard him well.
“What?” she politely asked. Hoping what she
thought she heard was not actually what he said.
It was Sunday afternoon and the couple had just
come back from church. It was the most
tormenting two hours of their lives. The pastor
talked about fornication, adultery, unforgiveness
and selfishness, making the couple wonder if the pastor had seen them in a vision before mounting the
pulpit that morning.
Ruth couldn’t let go of the adulterous act she had
enjoyed with her neighbor. This thought made her
feel very bad and guilty, yet it had a way of
making her feel sexually excited even right there
in the church. Her life, these past two weeks had
been all about s*x, s*x and s*x. It had been two
weeks of her life without prayer and fasting and
studying the bible. It had been a time of self-
reflection, self-discovery and learning. It had been
adventurous and eventful. She had learnt, in two
weeks, what she had not been able to learn her
whole life. She had done things she never thought
she was capable of doing. Worst still, she didn’t
know how to blend her new person with her
spiritual life. She felt she didn’t belong in the
church any longer. She felt the people here didn’t
know about themselves or perhaps everyone had
his or her own personal dilemma and adventure
that they were holding tight in their heart. Perhaps
everyone was going through different phases like
her and her husband; perhaps even the pastor was
not as perfect as he seemed.
Paul couldn’t bring himself to look into the
preacher’s eyes. The word that really sank into
him was when the preacher talked about
forgiveness. Paul knew he had to forgive his wife,
not just because the bible said so, but because
this was the only action he knew would give him
peace of mind. He was certain that she must have
had s*x with the their neighbor, but had come to realize that such action was good for her.
Surprisingly, he now found her more attractive and interesting to be with.
He now looked forward to being with her,
not just because of the s*x, but also because she
was more opened and easy to be with. Now they
talk about almost everything without feeling the
like worst sinners in the world. Yes, it was just a
day after the revelations about their secrets, the
look in her eyes even when they prepared for
church this morning told him that they could talk
about just everything in their lives.
As the preacher preached, Paul began to wonder
what was really expected of him in this life. Why
did he need to involve in adultery, an act
condemned by God, to find another level of
happiness in marriage? Why had he failed to see
what was missing in his marriage despite taking
his faith personal? Was God angry with him now
or was his maker glad he is happier with his wife?
Well, he was still the good man he used to be. He
was happier too. From now on, he was not going
to condemn others as sinners and was not going
to overlook the emotional feelings of loved ones
around him. He was done trying to be perfect.
That was why he resolved he was going to see his
neighbor after church and he was going there with
He also wished Boma would be there too.
Ruth didn’t like the suggesting. Why did her
husband want to go visit the neighbor?
Nick, Boma and Princess didn’t go to church; they
never even thought of it or felt guilty about it.
They had woken up very late that morning on the
same bed because of the s*x marathon they had
all through the night. The three of them loved
every moment they had shared together and each
of them had contributed to make it much
Even though both girls were very different in
physical appearance, Nick could not tell which of
them was the sweetest. The feel of their virginal
walls were different, but both were loveable. He
would give everything to have both of them for
They had woken up almost at the same time
around eleven am. Nick looked around him to
observe the two Unclad girls lying carelessly on
both sides of the beds. His eyes rested on
Princess’s huge Bosom and it went down to her
back and rested once again on her Buttocks. He
looked towards his left and observed Boma. She
was lying faced up with her two legs folded
towards heaven. Nick was not sure she was still
asleep. He could see the faint pubic hairs that
covered the V shape between her legs.
He smiled and stretched his right hand to feel it.
She just opened her legs and allowed his finger to
slip into her and then she covered her legs to lock
it in there. She looked up and smiled at him too.
He caressed her wetness and decided he
shouldn’t arouse himself; he needed to eat
something before thinking of s*x this morning. He
sat up and gently forced his hand out of Boma’s
Kitty-Cat. He stood up from the bed and made to
take his boxers.
“Ah ah,” Boma warned, “No one wears anything in
this house for today. We are all going to walk
around Unclad, cook Unclad, eat Unclad and Fuck
whenever we want to.”
Nick just smiled at her and dropped his boxer, and
then he walked into the bathroom.
“Princess, we need to prepare something to eat.”
Boma said to her friend.
Princess just moaned and stirred on the bed.
Soon they were busy in the kitchen preparing food
for the house. It was fun doing it Unclad.
Nick also felt as free as a flying bird. He just sat
in the sitting room and watched the girls walk around
Concentrating on the program on the TV was
almost impossible. He couldn’t wait to have
something in his stomach; fucking the girls
afterwards would serve as an appetizer.
By 1.30pm they were already done eating.
Boma cleared the table and as she did, Nick
couldn’t help staring at her smooth protruding
Buttocks. He tapped it before she left the dining
table. Boma just laughed and wiggled before she
“You girls are beautiful. I have never had such a
wonderful time with two angels in my life before.”
“Mnnn, sure?” Princess asked.
“Ya, last night felt like nothing but heaven.”
“Ha ha,” The black goddess laughed, “Will you like
to feel that way again? Can you handle it?”
“Now that I have eaten some food, I think I can
handle you girls perfectly.” Nick boasted.
She stood up and slowly walked up to him on the
chair. She took his right hand and directed it to
her Kitty-Cat,
“caress me hard.” Her voice was soft.
Nick’s finger found its way deep into her virgina.
In a couple of seconds the warm hole was filled
with Kitty-Cat juice.
“Ahh,” she moaned, “just continue doing it,” she
wiggled her waist and rubbed his head. Her knees
became weak and she was trying hard to remain
standing. Then she moved back and rose up her
right leg to the chair he sat and pulled his head
towards her waist and said, “Suck me.”
He held unto her laps and spread open her
virgina. He observed the red and wet flesh before
using his tongue to massage her femalecore.
She moaned in delight and pressed his head
towards her while her waist twisted.
Boma came out of the kitchen and watched them.
She was just about to walk up to them and joined
them when she heard someone knocking on the
Everybody stopped and looked towards the
entrance door.
“Are you expecting anybody?” Princess regretfully
*** The End***
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Perfect Couple Episode 20

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The perfect Couple
Episode 20
Ruth was wary of staying in the room and shedding regretful tears. It was more than five hours since her husband left her in the room; she wondered where he had gone to. But somehow, she liked the fact that he didn’t return because she didn’t think she would be able to face him again. She was ashamed for what she had done with her neighbor and even thought she didn’t deserve to be forgiven.
She was so depressed that she couldn’t get up from the bed.
Ruth was still lying naked since after the wonderful sex with Paul.
She was thinking of what would be of her within the next twenty four hours, would Paul still stand her if he discovered she made love to the neighbor? But Paul also had some explaining to do. Hadn’t he slept with the neighbor’s girl too?
Then Ruth remembered the second disc that was sent to her. She had intended to watch it this morning.
By now Ruth was sure that the parcel was being sent by the lady in the video. Whatever she wanted to achieve with all these still remained a mystery to Ruth.
The house was quiet.
Ruth stood up from the bed and walked naked to the wardrobe. She took a wrapper from there and tied around herself. Then she picked up the disc from her box and left the bedroom. She walked into the sitting room, hoping Paul wouldn’t be there.
It was empty.
She wondered once again where he was.
She turned on the television and DVD, and inserted the disc into the later. She sat down to watch, not knowing what she was expecting to see.
It was her husband and the neighbor’s girl once again. The video seemed like a continuation of the first disc she had watched two days ago. The lady was angry at Paul’s brief session and Paul was feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. He was still sitting naked and shamefully in the sitting room. He demanded to go home but the lady insisted he stayed and went ahead to lock the door.
Somehow, Ruth felt pity for her husband. Paul was obviously uncomfortable with what he was doing.
The lady gave him food and began to talk to him like he was a child. Ruth was surprised to hear that she was even angry that Paul’s wife was not being satisfied. This made her kind of liked the lady. She was putting herself in her shoes. It also made Ruth felt like someone out there was sympathizing with her. She felt good, knowing that someone understood her plight.
“I am surprised your wife has not yet killed you. No woman deserves a man like you.” she had heard the lady say to Paul. Ruth almost smiled despite watching her husband cheat on her.
She didn’t hate him.
But what the lady did made Ruth feel guilty. She seemed to bear with Paul and discussed his situation with him like a therapist.
Instead of talking with her husband about their sexual problems, she had taken it out on him and gotten angry with him. She had been a bad wife despite all her religious perfection. She had thought that because she was a Christian and a born again, everything was under control. She thought all she needed was read the bible and everything would be okay just as long as she applied the bible principles. But here was a worldly lady, acting patient with her husband despite his short falls. In the past, Ruth would condemn this lady to hell because she was a sinner. Didn’t the bible say ‘be ye not on equally yolk with unbelievers’? Now an interaction with an unbeliever was helping her husband instead.
Ruth watched as her husband took note of every
instruction from the lady.
Soon they started off another round of sex. She watched in amazement as Paul instantly became a horse. All Paul needed was someone who would understand and talk to him. She couldn’t believe her husband was capable of what she saw. No wonder Paul had just given her the best sex she had ever had.
Ruth found herself wishing she was the lady Paul banged in the video.
Then after sex, Paul began to narrate to her his situation at home.
He talked about how he loved his wife and felt bad he couldn’t satisfy her in bed. Paul didn’t hate her for hating him, he had felt bad instead.
Ruth began to shed tears as she listened to her husband. Never had she felt Paul’s love like this before.
His words were deep and she could feel that he really meant everything he said.
She instantly regretted her actions since they parked into this new neighborhood. She had been mean and unkind to the man who loved her. She had been selfish too and foolish.
Yet, despite regretting her sexual adventure with the neighbor, she knew curiosity of what another man tasted like would always get the best of her. Now that she had tasted another man, that desire would quench forever. So, despite hating her action because it was unfair to her loving husband, she knew what she did was inevitable.
While she watched in tears, Paul’s hand touched her shoulders.
He had been in his study all these while and wondering why he had screwed his wife instead of letting out his anger in another way. Was his wife sleeping with that man? Did that lady and her boyfriend plan this all these while? The thought of having the young man make love to his wife was really hurting. Perhaps she had not done it with him. Perhaps it was better that he shouldn’t know the truth.
Then he remembered how she had responded to his love making. He was even surprised at himself for handling her with such manly strength. It was heavenly seeing Ruth respond to him in such a manner. His wife was actually more enjoyable that every woman out there. How had he missed this part of her all these while? He just wanted to love her more and not think of what she might have done with the neighbor.
He also needed to forgive himself for committing adultery and put all that behind him.
Then he heard Ruth come out of the bedroom. She seemed to be watching a movie. Was this how insensitive she could be? Despite everything that had happened this morning, all she could think of was watching a movie at this moment.
He got angry once again and came out to see her for real. He would also switch of the TV and talk with her about the situation in their home.
But he was surprised to see that Ruth was carried away with watching him and Boma make love and talk.
He stopped.
He had no idea that the lady had recorded both of them during the sinful act. She had even sent it to his wife! Now Ruth knew he had cheated on her. Was this what had led his wife to flirt with his neighbor? He wondered when she had gotten the video. Did that lady really mean to wreck his marriage?
She didn’t know he was in the sitting room and was watching his infidelity live with her.
Then he noticed that she was shedding tears as she listened to him talk to Boma about how he felt for her and about their problems.
He was touched, and so he walked up to her and touched her on her shoulder.
She startled and looked up.
“Paul,” his name slipped out of her lips. She stood up and gave him a hug. “I am sorry for everything I have done to you. I am…”
“No, I am the one who should be apologizing. I have hurt you and gone to sleep with another woman.” He quickly said, while he held unto her.
“It was all my fault. I have been a bad wife and insensitive to your needs too.” She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“It’s okay, we are both at fault.” Then he held her on the shoulder and looked at her face. “I want everything that had happened these past few days become past tense in our lives. Let’s start afresh and love each other like we should.” He said.
“Paul,” she cried, “I have hurt you… I am sorry for acting that way with the neighbor. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I have done…”
“I said it’s all right Ruth. Just let everything you might have done or thought of doing go behind you. Let it go and forget it.” Paul liked the new Ruth. She seemed more open with him. Yet he didn’t want to hear anything about the neighbor from her.
They hugged each other again and then Paul looked at her and kissed her wet cheeks. He loved her more even as the wrapper around her fell to the floor.
She was beautiful.
They made passionate love right there in the living room, on the sofa and the couple enjoyed every bit of the moment.
It was a new found love and it was!!!!

The Last Blood Episode 3

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Episode 3
Written by Bright Daniel
Rita ran into her hostel with tears in her eyes. She locked the door and sat behind it with hands on her forehead. Her roommate, Julie, who sat half naked on the bed cutting her fingernails never talked to her but occasionally glanced at her. Not that she hated her but was just taking precautions due to the type of family she came out from. Few minutes later, she felt pity for her then stood up. She wore only a white pant and a pare of bra looking charming. Softly did she drag her up from the floor then led her to the bed in a way they sat on its edge.
"I don't know why you are crying, what I do know is that it's not a good idea to sit on the floor while crying" she said then stood up to her own bed as Rita began to dry her tears. She wanted to resume cutting her fingernails but asked in a concern charisma, "Do you want to talk about it? I mean why are you crying?"
Rita ignored the question as she stood up to the window just to see Stanley still standing at the basketball court. Julie also saw him then proceed with the inquisition, "Is he the reason why you are crying?"
"No, why should he be?" Rita retired to her bed.
"Maybe because he said or did something bad to you. You know men are good at that. They are annoying, selfish especially in bed, unsatisfactory, sarcastic and less romantic"
"No, you are only saying that because you are a lesbian. So many men aren't like that"
"So why are you crying?" Julie began to cut her fingernails again.
"I guess he is in love with me" Rita replied.
"Who?" Julie asked surprisingly. "You mean Stanley? and how is that a reason why you are crying?"
"You don't get it, Julie" Rita stood up. "He can't love me otherwise he dies. I was born with a curse that any man who loves me would also be killed by me. My parents has tried to break the curse but ended up losing me on the quest" she faced her roommate with much enthusiasm. "Julie, I wonna be normal like every other girls. I wonna know how it feels to be with a man, I wonna get married!" she broke down in tears again going back to her bed.
"This is serious" Julie met her in a close romantic way. She held her across the shoulder admiring her breasts through the lose top she wore. She placed the other hand on her cheek like a mother trying to cuddle a broken hearted child. "You don't need a man my dear, and you shouldn't cry because of a man. A woman can give all that you need; be it love, care, name it.. " she brought her face closer to kiss her as she cares her cheek romantically but Rita disengaged from her immediately.
"You are hopeless" she stood up. "I'm not a lesbian, Julie, and I don't want to be one. My destiny is with a man not a woman!" she shrieked going back to the window. "And that man is Stanley, I can feel it" she concluded with a very low voice.
On the other hand, Stanley hopelessly went back to his hostel then was unable to sleep that night. He kept contemplating on what he has done to Rita or what connection both of them had for not being able to touch her just like other students. As he wallowed in a deep thought, Danny was busy snoring in his sleep. Suddenly, a knock came from the door. He first glanced at his wristwatch before standing to open the door. The time was 12: 05a.m in the night. "Who could this be?" he thought behind the door before asking aloud, "Who's that?"
"Warden" a female voice replied.
Stanley opened the door to see Mrs Kate standing like an escaped goat. She quickly entered into the room then locked the door by herself. Stanley couldn't ask or tell what was happening. At first, a female warden shouldn't be in the male hostel, but here, Mrs Kate was not only in the male hostel but inside the room of a male student. Before he knew it, she closed the window curtains and sat on the edge of his bed like a woman who wants the perfom a blow job on a man.
"Mrs Kate, I don't understand. What's going on?" Stanley asked with his hands spread in the air.
"Get seated" she tapped a place beside her on the bed. The expression of seriousness lingered on her face which got Stanley not only worried but also curious. As he fearfully wanted to sit beside her, Danny woke up to see them in a juxtapose position. He rubbed his eyes to be sure of whom he saw with his roommate.
"Mrs Kate!" he exclaimed.
"Ssshhh" she silent him with a finger across her lips then turned to Stanley. "You are digging your grave young man"
Hearing that, the two boys looked at each other then averted their eyes back to the woman who continued whole heartedly. "Rita is cursed, no man can love her. From the incident that happened earlier it seems like you have feelings for her. That's the reason why you can't get to touch or hold her because she's banned by her parents"
"Is that it?" Stanley began. "Because I have feelings for her, I can't get to hold her, is that it?"
"No, you don't get, pip squick! You gonna die! And the painful part is that she'll be the one to kill you. She gonna be possessed with a dark power then kill you unknowingly"
Stanley thought for a while, "So that's the reason why she's always moody, cries and avoid my presence?" he murmured then look at Mrs Kate. "Can't the curse be broken?"
"Only your head can break it! Idiot!" Danny interfered disdainfully while the poor woman stood up briskly.
"I have told you. Don't say I didn't warn you" she concluded and went out.
Days turned to weeks and Stanley never went close to Rita again but they had been exchanging eye contact feeling the connection more and more. Stanley had always wanted to approach her but Danny prevented him each time he tried to.
Both were on their way to lecture when Tercy came around with a smiling face. She wore a jean skirt over a pare of black leggings, and a white sleeveless top.
"Hi guys" she said.
"Hi, pretty girl. You look charming" Danny complimented.
"Hi, Tercy" Stanley smiled at her.
She returned the smile then went closer to him, stretched on her toes and whispered into his ear. Stanley stood still watching how she ran away. He couldn't help it but smiled happily.
"What did she say, guy?" Danny became curious.
"You don't wonna hear it, trust me" Stanley ran after her.
"Hey, wait for me!" Danny took on his heels too.
The three students could be seen running through the staircase and dodging from other students who were too lazy to walk until they finally rushed into the classroom were lecture was already going on. Three of them stood still at the door breathing hastily. Rita turned to see her eyes clashing with Stanley's, so she averted them instantly. Mr Ruben looked at them just like every other student in the classroom.
"Can any of you explain why you ran to this place like mad dogs?"
"Sir, I don't know. I saw Stanley running so I followed him" Danny clarified himself.
"Okay, Stanley, tell us why you started running before your friend stupidly joined you for a reason he doesn't know?"
"Sir, I ran off because of what Tercy whispered to me" he answered.
"Fine, Tercy, what did you whisper to this young man that he stupidly ran after you just like his stupid friend?"
Tercy became quiet for a while before speaking up. All the students had already paid much attention to hear from her especially Rita who had noticed that she had an eye on Stanley.
"Sir," she began. "I told him that if he can get to the classroom before me, I'll kiss him. But it was a joke"
Hearing that, students giggled.
"Okay, the joke gonna be a movie scene now" Mr Ruben left the stage. "Stanley and Tercy, up to the stage. Rita, join them. Assuming Stanley made it to the classroom before Tercy and expected her to kiss him, I want you, Rita, who is a secret admirer to prevent that from happening" he instructed.
The three students stood on the stage waiting for a command to start. Already other students like Julie and Danny knew that the scene might cause a very big problem because the two girls were truly in love with the boy. Nevertheless, all watched on how it gonna happen.
"Ready? Action!!" Mr Ruben exclaimed Prostrating his hand forward.
Stanley made the first move to Tercy, "Hey, I made it to the classroom before you"
"Okay? now what?" Tercy asked spreading her hands.
"You have to fulfil your promise by kissing me"
"Oh, Mr man, you of all people should know that I was only joking"
"Spare me that, woman. You should also know that an unfufil promise is a sin against God. So fulfil your promise"
"Fine" Tercy approached to kiss him but Rita appeared on the scene dramatically. "What's going on here?" she stood before both of them with a surprise look at Stanley. "I can't believe you wanted her to kiss you without minding how I'm gonna feel about that. Please, let's get out of here" she added.
Everybody expected her to take Stanley by the hand or waist but she never did because she knew what would happen. Seeing that, Mr Ruben shouted, "Freez!" All stood still then he said, "Rita, take an action. Take your lover boy by the hand or waist then leave the stage. Tercy, we wanna see your reaction. Action!!"
Stanley and Rita kept staring at each other as everybody expected Rita to do as their lecturer said. Only Danny, Stanley and Rita herself knew what would happen if she carry out the instruction. Nevertheless, she slowly stretched her hand feeling her heartbeat and staring into his eyes until tears began to drop from her eyes. Stanley himself could feel the connection, so the rate of his heartbeat also changed. Tercy and other students even Mr Ruben noticed that the thing had gone out of acting to something else but all kept quiet to witness the outcome. To their surprise, Rita tried to hold his hand but couldn't get hold of them. Also, Stanley made further move to touch her cheeks romantically but couldn't hold them too. Just then, Rita ran out.
"Rita!!" Stanley ran after her.
The whole class, even Mr Ruben became amaze while Tercy drowned in the pool of jealousy. All rushed out to further witness on what would happen next. Only the lecturer stood by the window also watching the two lovers. He decided to let them be not because he loved what happened but because in grade3 students are allowed to express themselves. They believe that everything is acting.
However, Rita Kept running as Stanley ran after her. Just before she ran into the hostel, she heard him saying, "You don't need to explain to me anymore coz I know why all this is happening"
Hearing that, she stopped without looking back while he continued, "Yes, I admit the fact that I love you. It's a feeling I can't stop having and a dream I don't wish to wake up from. I know the consequences is death but I'm ready to die loving you if only I can touch your beautiful skin. I love you, Rita Hocain and nothing gonna stop me from doing that!"
Rita gradually turned with tears in her eyes. She could see almost all the students in the school both outside and at the window staring at them. From what Stanley said, she realized she can break the banned by her parents, (not the curse). Therefore she raised her hands up, brought them down and rubbed them together until a powerful force hit her down.
"Rita!" Stanley rushed her to see her eyes close, but she gradually opened them with a smile.
"Now, you can touch me, Stanley" she said.
He slowly touched her hand feeling the wormness and solftness until he pulled her up.
"Who told you about me?" she asked.
"Mrs Kate did" he replied touching her cheek.
"I love you too Stanley?" she said forgetting her worries then both began to kiss each other passionately. Just then, thunder stroke and a heavy rain began to pour down, yet, they never stopped kissing.
Seeing that, Tercy ran into the hostel heartbroken...

The Last Blood Episode 2

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Episode 2
Written by Bright Daniel
Rita started freaking out due to the way everybody stared at her all because she was a green horn in the classroom. She wore a jean trouser with two books held very closely to her waist in a way it covered the zip of the trouser. On her feet were flat shoes while short-sleeve top became a cover-up from her shoulder down to the abdomen. Already, Stanley and Tercy had gone back to their seats and Danny couldn't wait to start talking. Therefore he tapped Stanley and said with a low voice, "Is she the new girl you saw through the window?"
"Yeah" he replied absentmindedly.
"Mhen, she's hot!" Danny raised his head to take a very good look at her again.
On the other hand, Julie could be seen whispering to the next girl beside her. No doubt to Rita that she was talking about her. Nevertheless, she found the nearest vacant seat to sit, but before she did, Mr Ruben called up her.
"Young girl, I guess you are the butt and senses of that young man" he pointed at Stanley.
"I don't understand sir" Rita said calmly glancing at Stanley whom she found looking at her as if they had known each other before. Due to she barely associate with men, she became cuddly uncomfortable.
"Never mind" Mr Ruben replied looking at the whole class. "We have a new student. Of course I know before now because her details has been sent to my system, but I'll allow her to introduce herself" he signalled her to come up to the stage which she did boldly.
"Humm.. I'm Rita Hocain by name.."
Hearing that, students began to murmur which interrupted her. Some people like Stanley didn't understand why, while some like Danny tried to explain why.
"What's happening?"
"Are you the only one that doesn't know about the Hocain family?"
"What about them?"
Before Danny could answer, Rita's voice over shadowed the murmuring. So all be became quiet listening to her again.
"I know what you guys are soliloquising about, but I assure you, I may be of Hocain but different. We only have to relate peaceful and friendly and there will be no cause for alarm. Thank you" she went straight to her seat. Some students liked her already but Tercy didn't just like her if not for any reason, but for taking Stanley's attention earlier which indicated that she had an atom of love for him. Stanley was too blind to see it.
"Alright, you've heard what she said" Mr Ruben concluded.
The class ended dramatically for the day but no one met Rita privately except that she participated on several scenes that was practiced or acted in the classroom. Stanely met her sitting alone then gradually dragged a seat closer to her and sat down. Already, Danny had explained to him about how magical, diabolical and spiritually powerful her family is. Rita glanced at him but didn't say a word.
"Hi, I'm Stanley"
"Hi" she replied without looking at him.
"I... I have been.. you know, watching you from behind. Is something bothering you?"
"But I can see it in your eyes. Is written all over you"
Rita took a close look at him, she stood up instantly to leave the place but Stanley stood up too in a way he prevented her from going, yet, she turned to another direction to leave. When he wanted to hold her back, his hand couldn't reach her even though she was close to him. Therefore he withdrew his hand amazingly.
"What was that?"
"That's why you shouldn't touch me or come close to me" She replied then finally left.
Stanley couldn't believe his experience. He stood there dumbfounded still staring at his hand. He thought it was one of her powers she exhibited without knowing it's the handwork of her parents; They banned the body of their daughter in a way no man with emotional intentions can get hold of her. Already, with what just happened, Rita understood his intentions, that's why she had to leave.
Stanley walked out of the classroom surprisingly to see a male student shaking her by the hand. He looked at his own hand then looked at the male student's to know if he had a different hand. Just as he wallowed in the state of querulous qualm, Rita turned to him and smiled before leaving.
"This is insane!" he rushed out.
The weather had become a bit dark. Students had returned to their hostels. Stanley was still in the state of dynamic confusion inside his room with Danny who sat on the bed watching how restless his roommate was.
"You should have seen this" Stanley began. "I tried to touch her but couldn't feel her body in my hand! Whileas others were touching and shaking her!"
"I have told you, that girl's family is spiritually powerful. Who knows if she's not a ghost? Is high time you let her be and run from her before is too late"
"No, I must find out the reason for this"
"Are you crazy?!" Danny's voice became high. "You should know that you are dealing with devil. These people don't know God, they are not Christians, they are dibolical and hazardous!"
Stanley ignored him and looked through the window again to see Rita sitting at the basketball court alone. The more he looks at her the more he feels a strong connection with her. Danny also drew closer to see her.
"No, there is something about her" Stanley left the window to the door.
"Where do you think you are going to?" Danny asked him.
"To meet her"
"Don't go out there, Stanley. I don't think is a good idea"
The two boys stared at each other silently. Stanley hesitated then clutched the doorknob and went out.
As Danny watched what would happen through the window, so as Tercy watched as Stanley met Rita at the basketball court. Also, Mrs Kate, the female warden watched them too.
Stanley finally met her but couldn't believe she was shedding tears. He sat beside her again and said, "Now the evidence is clear"
"What evidence?" Rita dried her tears immediately.
"Why are you shedding tears"
"And why are you showing much concern about that?"
Stanley remained quiet without knowing what to tell her as the answer to the question. Just then, Rita stood up to walk away again.
"Hey, you don't just walk away like that!" Stanley also stood up to hold her back but couldn't reach or feel her hand. "You need to explain this to me! Why me?! Why can't I get to hold you like every other students!"
Rita hastened her steps in tears, she began to run when she couldn't bear to hear his voice and remembering the consequences of what would happen if she allows his intentions to be fulfilled. Tercy became not only surprise but also jealous after seeing what happened. Therefore she angrily left the window..

Perfect Couple Episode 19

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The perfect Couple
Episode 19
Nick was still wondering what must be happening between the couple next door when Boma knocked on his door.
He opened the door and beheld two of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen in his life. While Boma was light skinned, her friend was ebony black, average in height and with a body that could make the world spin faster. She wore a very short pink sleeveless gown and had an overall neatness that instantly appealed to Nick. For a
second, Nick thought they were both water goddesses. He wondered where Boma had gotten her from.
“Hi boyfriend,” she said and gave him a slight hug. Then she motioned unto her friend to come in. “Hope we didn’t keep you waiting for long. This is Princess, Princess; this is my boyfriend, Nick. The one I told you about.”
When Nick shook hands with her, they were so soft and Nick wanted to hold them forever. “You are welcome to my home Princess. Please feel comfortable.”
“Thank you.” Princess said and sat down.
“Princess works with a travel agency; I met her on one of my trips out of the country.”
Nick wondered what country Boma traveled to and what she went there to do.
“We are compatible and have had the best times of our lives since we met.
Nick just nodded.
“What is the matter with you? You look worried.” Boma pointed out.
Nick, again, wondered what other abilities she had, now she was a psychic. “It’s the couple next door, the husband caught me flirting with the wife this morning, he might have suspected or even found out I fucked his wife.” Nick quickly said. He needed a second opinion on what he should do. The presence of the girls would have made him forget his dilemma, but he thought he should sort himself out before having fun.
“So?” Boma asked
Nick was perplexed.
“Why are you allowing that to bother you? Is that why you are going to make my stay here a frustrating one this evening?”
“The man might be suspecting I slept with his for God’s sake!” Nick wanted her to see exactly why he was worried. She obviously was not getting the jerk. “They might break up because of me. Hell, I wonder what he is doing to her right now.”
“They might be fucking right now for all I know.” She carelessly said.
“Fucking? I think they must have killed each other. The house has been quiet all day.”
Boma chuckled, “Don’t bother yourself. The man is as guilty as his wife.”
“How?” Nick asked in confusion.
“Because I fucked him too?”
“Common Nick, I fucked that man and I am sure the wife knows. Probably that was why she decided to fuck you too,” Boma said.
“You slept that man? How, where, when?” Nick was more confused than jealous.
Princess just stood and watched, obviously enjoying the show.
“Nick, you don’t have to bother yourself about all that. The couple will take care of themselves. We are here to give you the best we can. So just relax and let us do our thing.”
Boma’s voice and words were soothing. Nick liked it. He looked at the lady sitting in the sitting room and allowed his mind to wonder what it would feel like to caress that beautiful body of hers. Yet he wondered how Boma could have possibly laid that innocent God fearing looking man. Was she lying? Probably that was why the man’s wife decided to fuck him. What had Boma been up to? Did that lady come onto him because of something Boma must have done? If this was the case, then he must have been bothering himself for nothing. If the man had slept with Boma, his girl, then he would definitely not react the way he had thought he would. Nick almost laughed; the man slept with his girl, he slept with his wife, that’s equal score. No winner or loser. This thought helped in adjusting his conscience not to feel bad any longer.
“So what do I offer you two pretty ladies?” he asked after thinking it all through.
Both ladies noticed he was now more relaxed than before.
Boma looked at Princess and a signal transpired.
“We just want to have you.” she said and walked up to him and gave him a kiss where he stood.
He allowed himself to be kissed. He was going to have a threesome! This thought electrified his whole system.
Boma stepped back to pull off her cloth, Nick saw Princess stand up behind her. The dark lady slowly took off everything she had along with Boma. In a couple of minutes Nick was staring at two pairs of boobs, one pair was huge and dark, the other was fair and firm. He instantly forgot his dilemma as electric wave fired all through his body. He was glad he didn’t consider cutting off his dick this morning. Now he was going to make good use of the tool. Besides, it was already firm and ready.
“Now will you relax and allow us to take good care of you?” Princess said in an angelic voice.
Nick instantly thought he was in heaven as both naked, wingless angels gently walked up to him.
Princess got to him and gave him a deep French kiss, allowing her tongue to roll around his tongue and strongly rubbing her full lips on his. “Mnnn he tastes good,” she said.
“I told you,” Boma said and began to pull of his cloths.
Soon Nick was standing naked. Boma grabbed his strong dick and began to suck it.
Nick’s hand found Princess’ large boobs and rubbed it while they kissed. He caressed her all over as both of them moaned with pleasure. He was enjoying what Boma was doing to him, while Princess was feeling his touch. His hand touched Princess’ pussy and it was already flowing with pussy juice. She exhaled deeply at his touch so he added more pleasure while his other hand caressed her all over.
His touches dazed her and she almost fell to the floor.
“I think she is ready for you,” Boma said.
Nick instantly turned her around and positioned her ass. She screamed as his dick drove into her. She wiggled her head and whole body and positioned herself in a way he would gain full entrance into her.
Boma kissed and caressed him while he fucked her friend so hard that she screamed in delight.
This time around Nick reached climax earlier than normal. The excitement he felt as a result of the two lady’s reaction was much and beyond his control.
“Alright,” Boma said, “we are all going to have a cool shower together before having another round.”
“That’s a nice idea,” Princess agreed. She couldn’t wait to have another round with Nick. She was really enjoying the fun.
They both dragged Nick into the bathroom and washed him all up while he stood in the bath tub like a baby. He loved every moment and soon he was getting excited again.
Boma and her friend noticed he was getting hard and hurried to get him laid. In the bedroom, they made him lie down while the girls took turn in riding him.
It felt like heaven to Nick. It was fun having to play with two pairs of breasts, smack two tights asses, have the feel of two different pussies and listen to two different moaning sounds at the same time. What more could a guy ask for, he just relaxed and continued to have his fun.