BROKEN SOUL episode 12

July 15, 2018


The show ended around 12am midnight and all the
invited guests and dispersed.
Everyone was in their room,
changing into their night 
cloths…I was already in the cloth that Franca had initially given me
and was helping her to tidy up the
place. All the models were just giggling
and cheering at me,…it was
amazing how they have all fallen
inlove with me except for Tanya
who was nowhere to be seen. You are one badass Scarlett.
Said one of them whose name I
couldn’t remember. ''Franca, I think you should let her
join us at least.” Kerubo
suggested, she was one of those
that had finally introduced
themselves to me. “You guys you should keep
calm. I can hear Lucia coming.
Franca said and immediately,
everyone minded their
businesses. as usual, the sound of
her shoes was heard As she came to the room, she was
searching the faces of everyone in
the room and when her eyes met
mine she stopped shortly, Tanya
came in to join us. “Whose idea was it that someone
that had never practiced with us,
never  knew anything about this
company and worse without my
approval or knowledge…whose
idea was it for such a person to walk on the stage?? A shiver ran down my spine, I
thought she liked it, I thought she
Agreed, I thought… “It was Francas’ idea.” Tanya
Replyed intentionally. Everywhere was quiet as Madam
walked towards her… I was scared, I looked at Tanya,
she seemed pleased, I looked at
Franca, she looked troubled… “I’m sorry it was my idea, I
shouldn’t have …” I quickly said,
stepping in Madam's way so I
was standing between her and
Franca. “It was ATieno’s idea Madam
that slut is pregnant, and she
asked Franca to give that
wretched girl her spot.” Tanya
said callously. “Shut up Tanya!” I shouted at the
girl angrily..I was just so angry. “You shut up! You should not be
here in the first place!” She
shouted back at me. “Now I am, why don’t you get
used to it and suck it Up I
shouted at back. “How dare you talk to me like
that?” She sounded more angry
and was moving towards me… “Will you two shut it right now or
do you want me to shut it up for you?” Madam Lucia screamed at
us and we both kept quiet. “Now as I was saying..Franca,
what you did was not clever, it
was stupid and reckless. What if
she had messed up all the weeks
of practicing we did?” Madam was now talking to Franca who was quite  and whose head was bowed. “What if she had embarrassed all
of us outside there. Tanya was
there, she had no more spot left,
you could used her. I ignored the look of satisfaction
on Tanya’s face. “I’m sorry I just..” Franca began… “Do not interrupt me.  Madam
shouted at her and she kept mute
again. Then she faced me. “And you, have you been doing
this before?” I shook my head. Well, then, Franca, you just
brought out another star.  All of us were surprised… “Groom her and let her know
what she is to do. She will be
working here as from now on.
Goodnight ladies.” Madam said,
picked her puppy and left the
room. Tanya looked surprised like all of
us her face looked horribly 
defeated but she said nothing,
she just ran out of the room while
the rest rushed to hug me and I
screamed my head off. I was surprised at how the town
was still lively despite it was past
midnight. The rest have all gone
and I was outside the building,
standing by the side of the road. I
didn’t have anywhere to go and I was afraid of telling anyone…I
actually didn’t mind sleeping
outside as long as I get to work
everyday… The night was getting colder and I
clutched the purse in my hand
tightly…Franca has said the dress
and everything was mine now,
the first set of beautiful things that
I would have. I thought I should probably sit in
front of the building so I began to
look for a comfortable spot….just
then, a car light shone brightly at
me. I had to protect my eyes with
the back of my hand… The car pulled over beside me…. “Holy  Jesus! Scarlet, what are you
doing out there?” I relaxed as I spotted Franca’s
face at the driver’s seat. “I..I…”I started. “Don’t you have a place to go…
damn! It’s about to rain..get in,
get in….” I stood up and rushed into
the passenger’s seat, closing the
door behind me. “Were you planning to sleep
there?” She turned to face me and
asked gently, trying not to sound
surprised. I nodded, a bit ashamed of myself. “Well, its either you are crazy or
you have a long story to tell me,
which is it? I have a story to tell.  I replied.   I figured.” She replied, turned the
ignition key and we drove away.

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