July 26, 2018

.....Episode 7 AND 8.....
===The Next Day===
"Hi Tonia"
"Hi Queen...are you through with lectures?"
"Yea...bout to go home now. There is a School fellowship that i plan on going to today, someone suggested that i be a member so i decided to be part of it"
"Wow...that's nice. So are you going home now?" Tonia asked
"Yea. I have to go and prepare for the fellowship"
"Alright, let go then. I am freaking tired and i really need to rest. Today's lectures was hectic, its like the whole lecturers planned on making today a stressful day for us"
"Is true dear. Today lectures was hectic. Well, its part of school life. We must all suffer in order to make it to the end"
"Abi o my dear...This time around, its double your hustle or else person go carry last" Tonia said, laughing
"As in you are right girl. These lecturers don't even have human sympathy at all, today do a research, tomorrow test, next tomorrow, assignment. As in the matter tire o"
"Well, that was how it was when i was in year 1...we had to run around like headless chickens, it was very tough dear" Said Tonia
"What can we do my dear. We go face am jaree"
( We were talking and moving at a slow pace, suddenly i heard a male voice talking to us)
Guy 1: "Hey. Stop there"
Tonia: "Oh...Hi mike, i hope there is no problem at all?"
Guy 2: "Mike, na the girl be that?"
Queen: (His face looks familiar, oh i get it, the guy from last night encounter)..."Y
ea, what can i do for you guys?"
Mike: "So na you come spoil show for me yesterday, wen i don dey spank this chika na him you carry your witch come my side...abi you dey craze?"
Tonia: "Its okay mike, please forget bout it and let her be"
Queen: "please let us get out of here"
Guy 2: "My friend will you stop there...Oh you think say na only sabi speak English. Abi we self no be student, shoo, u chop craze ni"
Mike: "Hey madam English, mind your steps here, i run this school, ask around, am a dangerous as a viper, a vicious one for that matter, i can break you into two you know. Watch your back dear cos i might be near you. Bro, lets bounce"
Girl 2: "Be warned"
(Then they left our presence)
Tonia: "Am sorry about that Queen, trust me i hardly know him except for last night encounter. Please believe me"
Queen: "Well, i don't blame you, i blame myself for following to a party that am not even suppose to attend"
Tonia: "Sorry about everything. I promise to take up the matter if they even threaten us again"
Queen: "Just let it be, no need of that. They can't harm us, they won't try such. Please let get out of here"
==Fellowship Venue==
Bro David: "Sister Queen, you are welcome. I told Sister Grace to tell you to see me after fellowship so that i can talk to you. So how are you?"
Queen: "Am fine Sir"
Bro David: "Please call me bro david okay"
Queen: "Okay"
Bro David: "So how was the fellowship?"
Queen: "It was okay bro david. I really enjoy it. The desire and commitment is there for all to see"
Bro David: "Good to hear. Its show that you really want to be part of this fellowship. Hope you dropped your number in the membership book?"
Queen: "Yes i did"...
Bro David: 'Alright Then. I will definitely give you a call. Bye and Good night"
Queen: "Alright...thanks a lot bro david. Bye and
......Episode 8......
== 1 Week Later==
Queen: "Father lord, as i am about to go to bed tonight, i pray o lord that i will be protected from every evil in.....
(Knock, knock knock)
Queen: "Yes, who is knocking at the door by the hour?"
Tonia: "Its me Tonia, please open up"
Queen: "Ahh...Tonia. am coming please"
(*I immediately opened the door only to find Tonia and some girls around her, i was surprised)
Queen: "What is the meaning of this?" I asked Tonia
T-Baby: "Hi you remember me?"
Queen: "mmm, I think. Yes i remember, i met you at a party few days ago"
T-Baby: "Yes you are right....So can we come in?"
Queen: (I looked at them, they were 5 in number including Tonia and T-Baby. Initially i wanted to refuse them cos i was becoming suspicious of them, then i fixed my gaze at Tonia before agreeing to let them come in)..."Of course, you can come in"
T-Baby: "Thanks for welcoming us"
...Quickly they made their way into my room, i sat on my bed with Tonia and T-Baby either side of me while the others sat on the chair and floor respectively....
T-Baby: "I know you must be wondering why we came to see you at this hour but i want you to be rest assure that we mean no harm. Tonia here takes you as a sister and close friend and i know that she has good intentions for you as well....abi babes?"
(Ride on, Nothing do u T-Baby; They other girls replied her)
Queen: "I still don't get you, in fact am as confused as ever...what intentions did you say you have for me?"
Tonia: "Well you see Queen, Life is at stake here and if nothing is done urgently, it could be disastrous"
Queen: "What could be disastrous?"
T-Baby: "Good question....i will now go straight to the point. Tonia here told me yesterday that you were threatened by two guys about a week ago and she believes that those guys may carry out their threat which was why i decided to act quickly"
Queen: "Look T-Girl or T-Baby, i am not afraid and i know the God that i serve, He alone can protect me and not let harms come my way"
T-Baby: "I know dear, no one is disputing the fact that you shouldn't serve your God. Like the saying goes; Heaven help those who help themselves so my dear i think you have to help yourself as well, the question you should be asking us is how"
Queen: "Okay T-Baby, how then?"
T-Baby: "White Angels"
Queen: "And what is White Angel?"
T-Baby: "Tonia, why not do the explaining to her"
Tonia: "You see...White Angels is like a group, as in a SISTERHOOD thing. There you seek power and protection and you will get them in abundance. Its not a deadly group, in fact it has the school approval. When you are in, no one can harm you at all, not even Mike or the other guy with him. So girl, its your choice to make"
Queen: "I am still not getting it, is it a cult thing or what"
T-Baby: "Anyone you call it. So girl, you have to make a choice sooner or else you won't want to regret it"
Queen: "I can't be in a cult group...My God forbids it. Never"
T-Baby: "Listen babe, i am T-Baby and i am superior here in this campus. No one messes with me and go Scott free. Tonia should be able to tell you more about me.
Tonia: "T-Baby, let just go easy on her, i am sure that she will think it through"
T-Baby: "Okay...I give you few days to think it through. If anyone hears about our discussion tonight, this your fine body go turn to ugly body, i go use mark design you like the flag of Nigeria...Babes
, make we fuck out from here jaree"
(They all left my room, Tonia was the last to leave)
Tonia: "Take your time to reflect on this issue very well. Seen you soon dear"
....Oh God, what kind of trouble have i gotten myself into. I came here only to study and not to mess around. I am very scared now, should i call the police...If i do, they might harm me. Better still, should i inform bro David about this, Oh God, please see me through this trial and tribulation....
Question for the day: Do you think that Queen will end up joining them or will the White Angel carry out their threats?

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