Love With Bitter Tears Episode 6

November 05, 2018

Rebecca was flabbergasted and
short of words, she could not
believe what had just happened.
She clasped her face in between
her hands and started weeping. Rebecca: “Oh! I shouldn’t be
crying for my baby’s sake. I
shouldn’t give them the pleasure
of seeing me cry. But what do I
do about all these? I am losing my
husband or have I lost him? I made a mistake and that was
because I thought he was taking
my son away from me. I know I
shouldn’t have done what I did
but how am I going to survive
this? How?” she wept into her hands. She heard giggles and
laughter emanating from behind
the closed door and wondered
what on earth was happening
there. She imagined her husband
touching the lady, kissing her or even going as far as laying with
her but quickly discarded the
thought. She felt her heart beat so
fast that she thought it would
stop beating altogether. … Ophelia: “Now this is such a good
idea. We need to get her even
more jealous. She needs to pay
for what she did to you. This
world is not a bed of roses, you
don’t sow tars and expect to reap wheat…it’s never done that way”
she said as she sat with him on
the bed. “Besides your house is
quite beautiful, I love it” she said
looking around the room. Richard: “Thanks dear and I also
agree with your previous
statement. The funniest part is the
sight of her now annoy me so
much. If not for Sammy, I’d have
left this house or made her leave a long time ago” Ophelia: “Well I don’t think it has
gotten to the extent of you
leaving the house. Just make sure
you make her regret every bit of
her misconducts towards you. Richard: “Yeah and I appreciate
your friendship even more.
Thanks for being here. You are
the best thing that has happened
to me this year” he confessed as
his eyes roamed her body. He wondered what she looked like
under the body hugging mini
gown she had on. He wondered
how soft her breasts were, as his
eyes roamed back to her eyes, he
knew he had been caught ogling. “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to do
that” he swallowed hard. Ophelia: “It’s okay, no love lost.
Besides I seem to enjoy it” Richard: “Oh really? Now that is
an encouragement since I am
really falling for you” Ophelia: “Shhhhhhh! Your wife
might be hearing you, don’t make
a woman go suicidal” Richard: “She should go to blazes
for all I care. She no longer have
my heart, you do and I knowing I
am not making a mistake. Or
don’t you have feelings for me at
all?” Ophelia: “Of course I do since the
first day I set my eyes on you but
you are married and I don’t
wanna be the one to break your
home” Richard: “My home is already
broken baby. Just concentrate on
loving me, I assure you, very
soon I will do everything right by
you. I only need some time” he
said, reached out and caressed one of her cheeks fondly. “I love
you Ophelia”. He moved even
closer and perched a light kiss on
her lips, he withdrew to read her
reaction but when nothing
negative came from her, he resumed with the kiss but this
time intensifying it. She opened
her lips slowly to take him fully
into her mouth and their tongues
touched sending a hot sensation
into his groin. He tilted her when he moved down to her neck, he
kissed and sucked his way down
to her boobs, pursed and pressed
her back to the bed gently. She
got startled by that gesture,
pushed him off and jerked up. Ophelia: “What do you think you
are doing?” Richard: “Why? Did I do
something wrong?” Ophelia: “No not at all, just that
your wife and son are out there
and I don’t want any trouble at
all” she said feeling so
embarrassed. Richard: “Okay dear… I
understand your reluctance, I’d
be too” Ophelia: “Not just that, I am also
not ready yet” Richard: “Will wait for you till you
are ready” he smiled awkwardly. Ophelia: “Thanks dear for
understanding. I will get going
now” she said straightening her
dress. He walked her out and as they
stepped into the sitting room,
they met Rebecca setting the
table. The aroma from the food
on the table was magnetizing. She
looked up from what she was doing and smiled brightly at
them. Rebecca: “Food is ready. Come
and take your seat please?” she
said looking from one to the
other. Ophelia: “Thanks but I am not
hungry, I don’t know about
Richard?” Richard: “I am not hungry either.
Come on now, let’s go” They both walked out without
casting a second glance at the
dining table or the woman
hovering over it with tray in her
hand. Ophelia: “What is wrong with
your wife? Is she really that nice
or she is stupid” she said as she
strapped on the car’s seat belt as
Richard drove the range rover
out of the compound into the street. Richard: “She is not nice at all, she
is just putting up an act to
ensnare me into her web again
She is a very cunning woman” Ophelia: “Oh! Then stupid is what
she is then, how can she still be
calm despite our efforts to make
her jealous? She must be a really
dangerous woman indeed” she
said and shrugged. As weeks further drifted into
months, their relationship kept
deteriorating. All those who
knew them even at work had
tried to reconcile them all to no
avail. Richard was determined to keep it at the level it was in. he
was even more determined
because Ophelia was in the
picture. She became his world. No
day passed by without them
meeting. Even after parting, they took to whatsApp or calls and
talked way into the night like
teenagers who just found love for
the first time. What however
baffled him the most was the fact
that she remained unresponsive to his sexual advances. It was
more like she was disgusted at
his touch or so he thought. She
kept telling him she wasn’t ready
and that he should give her some
time to adjust. Ophelia did not know what to do
so she visited Gloria at her home.
Luckily for her, her husband was
away on a business trip to Dubai
so they had all the time in the
world for their chit-chat and little little more. Gloria: “And what were you
saying earlier?” she asked
breathlessly after two rounds of
sucking and eating away at each
other’s bodies. Ophelia: “I seem to really be fond
of the man. Not that I am in love
with him, just that I really care
about him and this issue of sex is
about to break us apart. What do
I do?” Gloria: “Hmmmmmm! You sound
like someone in love” Ophelia: “Well I am not in love… I
am just trying to help a friend out
here. A friend I don’t want to
lose” Gloria: “Then you have to just do
it with him. There is nothing you
can do about it. All you have to
do is lie back while he does
whatever he wants with you.
Close your eyes really tight and touch his back occasionally. That
will make him cum more easily
than you just laying docile” Ophelia: “Are you sure that would
work?” Gloria: “That is what I do with my
husband and it works so I guess
it will work with him too. Just give
it a try first and besides that was
the best sex I have had since the
last time we saw. My husband is just like a sack of potato, all he
does is sweat his guts out on me” Ophelia: “Awwwwww really?
Don’t worry I will be here to
render more of my service to you.
I shall not disappoint ever” she
said basking in the euphoria of
the moment. Gloria: “Follow me down to the
cellar so we can grab some wine
my dear. This moment feels too
glorious for us not to celebrate”
they held hands and left the huge
and beautiful bedroom she shared with her husband
together. Ophelia: “To our endless love for
each other” they both toasted
after they had selected a bottle of
champagne from the barrage of
wines in the cellar. They both
sipped on the wine and stretched forth their neck to kiss while
sitting at the bar in the sitting
room. As they kissed, the door of
the sitting room burst open and
Gloria’s husband barged into the
room with his protruding stomach the agbada he wore
could hardly hide and a suitcase
at his right hand. He was startled
out of his wits when he saw
them… Gloria’s Husband: WTH? What’s
happening here… (Gbeseee ree
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