Had I Know Episode 10

January 09, 2019
Episode 10
Chief tried to run out of the gate but Mercy
grabbed his legs and screamed at the top of her
voice wakng up the gate man who was dozing in
his room.
Mercy: “he is a thief” she said holding on to him
Chief: “Are you out of your mind, young lady?
How dare you look at me and accuse me of
Queen was fast asleep when she heard Mercy’s
voice. She turned on her bed and was shocked to
see that chief was not beside her. She thought
that he had gone out to see who the thief was an
so she grabbed a night robe, quickly wore it on
and ran out. She was shocked to see her phones,
tablet and laptop in chief’s hands.
Queen: “what! Can somebody tell me what is
happening here? What are you doing with my
gadgets in your hands?”
Chief: “you should be asking this your girl” he
said pointing at Mercy. “I saw her trying to escape
with these things and I caught her.
Mercy: “Oh my God! You are such a pathetic liar”
Security: “aunty this man is lying. Mercy here
caught him trying to run away and when I woke
up, he almost pushed me down to escape”
Chief: “chief, I don’t understand this. Why would
a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria steal
from me?”
Chief: “I did not steal from you. This is just a set
up?” he lied.
Security: “you did not steal abi? You still have the
nerves to lie ba? Okay, by the time I call my fellow
security men and area boys to bring trye and
petrol then you will say the truth”
Chief: “please don’t, I beg you in the name of
God. I am sorry, I was actually trying to make
away with these things when this girl saw me and
Queen: “Jesu oba ogo! Chief, wanted to steal
from me? Yeay! Mogbe! Mogbe! Mogbe!”
“What is going on here” Asha who was coming in
from the room asked rubbing her eyes.
Queen: “It is chief o, he almost stole from me.
Thank God for Mercy who saw him before he
escaped” she shouted.
Asha: “that is impossible. How can chief steal
from you? Why will such a rich man steal?” she
asked drawing near.
Queen: “help me ask o, and to think that he even
told me that he is a senator”
Security: “Senator ke. Oga are you a senator? Will
you answer me now or do you want to receive the
beating of your life before you start talking?” he
said slapping him hard on the face.
Chief staggered on his feet before regaining
Chief: “I am not a senator. I am an impostor. I am
not even a chief, it is my nick name”
Queen: “You are such a wicked and senseless
fellow. And to think that he has been fu…”
Security: “he has been wetin madam?” he asked
when Queen paused.
Queen: “never mind. Just give me back my
gadgets and kick the idiot out of this compound”
She collected her things and went back into the
room with Asha on her trail.
Asha: “so you mean that man is a thief? How
much did he give you before you allowed him into
the promise land? Even from the other room
where I was lying down, I could hear loud moans
and screams, as if it were two dogs having sex”
Queen: “shishi! The man no give me anything o
and no man has ever fucked me that much in my
entire life” she said suppressing a sniffle.
Asha: “Abeg, I don’t understand what you are
saying” she said getting up. “you mean the man
did not drop anything and you opened your legs
for him?”
Queen nodded in approval.
Asha: “babe how can you be this gullible? No, like
serious you need to answer me. How can you
allow a man to touch you in your house without
him giving you any good money? Since when did
you become this cheap? Who gives free sex these
Queen: “You know I told him that my parents are
rich so when he said he had called his account
officer to transfer ten million naira into my
account, I did not want to sound desperate, I just
believed him because I know that politicians have
more than enough money to throw around”
Asha: “Ah, babe you fall hand big time. This is
not the Queen that I know o. Abi the man use jazz
on you? I mean it is just unbelievable men”
Queen: “I feel so foolish and dirty right now. Oh
how I feel like straggling him to death with my
bare hands” she said gritting her teeth.
Asha: “So why didn’t you do it? Why did you
instruct the security man to set him free? Why did
you not get him arrested?”
Queen: “what do I tell the police? That I allowed a
stranger sleep with me in my house or what? I
can’t stand the shame. I had to send him away
because I don’t want this estate people to find
out what actually happened”
Asha: “That is still not a good excuse. You could
have framed him up for rape or something. How
can someone just do you osho free and be
allowed to go scot free? The thing dey pain me
Queen: “let him just carry his bad luck and go. I
don’t even want to set eyes on him ever again.
the day I do will probably be his last day on earth
because he will not live afterwards. Hey, thank
God for Mercy o, if not that she was outside the
house, this man would have gone away with my
valuables after using me. What would I have done
if I had sent Mercy away?” she asked rhetorically.
She stood up and was making for the door when
Asha stopped her.
Asha: “where are you going by this time of the
night dressed in a night wear? I hope that useless
man did not steal your sense away o”
Queen: “I am going to call Mercy to come inside. I
won’t send her away. She has proven that she
actually means well for me. In fact, now I believe
that she didn’t gossip me to my father”
Asha: “Are you crazy or something? Why would
you ask her to come back after you have thrown
her out? Do you want her to carry tales of what
just happened to your family?” she tried to
discourage her.
Queen: “honestly, sometimes I don’t understand
the kind of hatred you have for my cousin. Why
shouldn’t I forgive her even if she has actually
been carrying tales about me? Please, this is my
house and I have decided that she is staying. If
you are not comfortable with it, you know what to
do” she said and walked out and beckoned at
Mercy to come in with her things.
Asha: “ehh…that is what you will tell me right?
Okay now, no problem” she said and walked back
into her room banging the door behind her.
To be continue
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