Had I Know Episode 11

January 09, 2019
Episode 11
Queen and Asha made up after the quarrel about
Mercy and continued with their wayward flirting.
The two girls were stepping up their games and
nobody could stop them, not even Mercy who
never ceased to advise them. That evening, the
two girls were preparing to go for a party when
Mercy who had been preparing for her final exams
Mercy: “hi girls” She said and went to lie down on
the bed.
Queen: “are you okay? This one that you are
looking this dull” She said applying her eye
Asha: “why are you asking if she is okay? Is she
a little baby? Hian!”
Queen: “You and this my cousin sha, I don’t
know why you don’t like her o”
Mercy: “I am so tired of this school. I feel like just
going back home. Ah-ahn kilode”
Queen: “You, leave school? This must very
serious. What is it?”
Mercy: “Is it not my project supervisor? The man
has been frustrating me simply because I refused
to date him. Can imagine that he has refused to
approve my chapter 3 even though I know that
there is nothing wrong with it?”
Queen and Asha looked at each other and the two
girls busted into a hearty laughter.
Mercy: “Why are you people laughing now? This
is not funny o. That is why I didn’t want to tell
you girls about it” She said turning around to
face the wall so they wouldn’t see the tear that
was threatening to fall from her eyes.
Queen: “Is that why you want to quit school at
400 level second semester?”
Mercy: “Is that not enough reason? Why should I
go through this psychological trauma simply
because I said no? Is love by force” She asked
Asha: “honestly Mercy you Mumu. This your own
na fine girl miss road” She hissed.
Queen: “Don’t worry. I will sort him out and he
will approve the chapters you have submitted to
him” She assured her distressed cousin.
Mercy: “Really? How are going to go about it?
The man is harsh o”
Queen: “Just leave it to me. Relax”
Mercy: “Okay, if you insist”.
Asha: “What would you have said before?
Ordinary lecturer, you cannot handle with this
your beauty. Tufiakwa!”
Mama Kelvin stared at her son and couldn’t help
but wonder how well he had done for himself.
Kelvin was the only fruit from a marriage that
crashed two years after she had him. Her
husband a perpetual drunk had abandoned her
and her son for another woman leaving her to
raise her child alone. It was a difficult experience
and after a while, she abandoned him to the
mercy of peers and street hustling. He had run
out of her house when he was barely seventeen,
abandoning his secondary education. He returned
ten years later as a rich man. That was when he
bought a house for her and a car.
Nobody knew the source of his wealth and his
mother dared not to question him for fear that he
would run away like he had done before. That
day, she decided to pay him a visit in his house
which was located in a posh area in Asokoro.
That was the first time she was visiting him and
so she was surprised at the level of affluence that
greeted her arrival. One of his domestic staff
ushered her in and served her chilled drinks as
she waited for her son to come downstairs.
Kelvin: “Hi, mum” he said as soon as he got down
and hugged her.
Mama Kelvin: “Kelvin omo mi. How are you my
Kelvin: “As you can see, I am more than fine.
Wow, this is a pleasant surprise. You didn’t even
call to say that you were coming, I would have
sent my driver to pick you up”
Mama Kelvin: “As if this place is far from the
apartment you got me? I just thought of coming
down here today since I have never visited this
place before”
Kelvin: “I see. You are welcome then. What would
you like to eat? The cook will take your order and
get it ready” he said switching the television to
his favourite channel.
Mama Kelvin: “somebody cook for me in my son’s
house? Rara o, show me the way to the kitchen
and I will go in there and cook for you and for
Kelvin: “common mum, don’t embarrass me. How
can you go in there and cook for yourself when I
have 21 domestic staff on my payroll? Just place
an order and it is done. In my house, servants do
everything except bathing me” he said.
Mama Kelvin: “you see why I have been insisting
on you getting married? If you were married, is it
not your wife that will cook for me now that I am
in your house?”
Kelvin: “oh, not again mum. You just got here for
Heaven’s sakes. You need to go in and relax”
Mama Kelvin: “relax for where? When my son who
is almost 35 years old is still single? What could
be the problem? You are rich and handsome, why
can’t you get a wife for yourself?”
Kelvin: “mum!”
Mama Kelvin: “don’t shout me down o. This was
the same way you reacted when I spoke to you
about marriage the last time you visited me. I said
I would get a beautiful and decent girl for you,
you refused. Okay, bring any girl home, for where.
What is it seff? Are you impotent or what?”
Kelvin: “mum please, I am tired of you ranting
about me getting married. Is it compulsory for me
to get married? What is it that married sons do for
their mothers that I haven’t done for you? I
bought a house in town for you. You have a posh
car and a driver at your back and call, you have
shops in town, you have domestic staff and I
have placed you on a life salary. What else do
you want from me that you will not allow me
enjoy my life in peace?”
“Grandchildren, Kelvin. I want your childen.
Kelvin, you are my only child. I refused to remarry
after your father abandoned me for another
woman. You are my only hope of being called a
Kelvin: “I am sorry but I cannot give you that”
Mama Kelvin: “And why can’t you? Are you not a
man? The last time I checked, I gave birth to a
Kelvin: “Excuse me mum, I need to go back to
what I was doing upstairs” he got up and began
to walk up the stairs.
Mama Kelvin: “We must talk about this today o.
Come back here Kelvin” she said and followed
him up.
To be continued
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