Had I Know Episode 3 - 4

January 08, 2019

So sorry guys we lost episode 3
we couldn't find it
Please bear with us as we continue with  episode 4
Episode 4
Queen decided to call to inform her mother that
she was visiting that weekend. Her mother who
sounded very excited on the phone promised her
that a surprise would be waiting for her upon her
return. Queen ended the call and turned to Asha
who was listening with apt attention to mother
and daughter’s conversation on the phone.
Queen: “I don’t understand my mum o. The other
time we spoke on phone when my dad called, she
asked that I come visit them because she had
something very important to tell me. Now I just
called to tell her that I will be coming this
weekend and she said she has a surprise waiting
for me. I don’t understand her at all”
Asha: “Surprise ke? Are you sure that those people
are not planning to marry you off?” she asked
sipping her drink.
Queen: “you cannot be serious o. Marry off
indeed. Who does that at this age? Am I a kid that
they will just bundle away? If I want a husband, I
know where to get one”
Asha: “Then what could be the surprise? Last
time I checked you told me that you your parents
are poor with the state government owing months
of salaries bla, bla, bla. So where is the surprise
coming from?”
Queen: “the thing tire me my dear. Right now I
regret telling her that I will be going to see them
this weekend. I should have just lied that we are
very busy in school so that I will just stay here
and enjoy my life jeje”
Asha: “abi now. Okay, let us do it this way. I will
follow you home and then we return the next day.
What do you think?”
Queen: “That is a great idea but I don’t think you
can spend the night in my house o. We usually
don’t have electricity and Lokoja can be so hot
ehn” she explained.
Asha: “if you can sleep there, why can’t I? Babe
forget, all of us na kpako o, it is just men that are
helping us upgrade our lifestyles here. Outside
men we are empty”
The two girls laughed.
Mercy who was listening to their conversation
from the kitchen walked into the room.
Queen: “how far with that rice now? Is it not
ready? I am famished abeg” she said yawning.
Asha: “I tire for this Mercy cooking o. The babe
has been in that kitchen for more than 1 hour
now. You said you are cooking fried rice, don’t
come and serve us roasted rice o” she teased.
Queen: “see who is talking. You who don’t know
how to cook anything apart from boiling water
and making noodles”
Mercy: “the food is almost ready. Please, Queen. I
heard you talking about travelling to see your
parents. Can I come along with you? I want to
see mine too”
Asha: “what is this one now? Has it come to the
level where you now eavesdrop on our
conversation? What rubbish?” she screamed.
Queen: “Ah-ah, relax jor. Your blood too dey hot.
Why are you crying more than the bereaved? I am
the one she was talking to, not you”
Mercy: “please now, you know that transportation
fare is high these days. I really don’t have the
money to pay for transportation back home”
Queen: “Mercy, I will only allow you follow us
because of God o. I will go with my car and park
it in a hotel in Lokoja city because I can’t take
the car home since my parents do not know that I
have a car here. If you go there and start running
your mouth by telling my parents things about
me, you will come back here and meet your things
outside o, don’t say that I didn’t warn you” she
said pulling her ears for emphasis.
Mercy: “no now. Tell them things about you ke,
when I am not crazy?” she said and ran back into
the kitchen.
“mama, what was it that you said you wanted to
discuss with me on phone?” Queen asked her
mother after they had eaten the palm oil and
dried fish jollof rice that her mother had prepared
prior to their arrival.
Mrs Ayo: “My daughter, you have just eaten,
won’t you relax a little first?” she turned to her
husband who nodded his head in approval.
Queen: “no, I am so eager to hear it. You know I
have tried to figure out what it is but I couldn’t.
Just tell me”
Just then Mercy got up and informed them that
she was going to her family house.
Mercy: “I have to go and see my parents now,
ma. I actually came here because I thought it
would be unfair for me to just go to my parents’
house without stopping by to greet you. Please
ma and sir, help me thank your daughter for all
that she has been doing for me in school. She
accommodates and feeds me in Abuja and she
treats me like her younger sister. I pray that God
will give me the opportunity to pay her for her
kindness and generosity” she said.
Mr Ayo: “it is okay my dear. You are my brother’s
daughter and my daughter is your sister, that is
how it is in the African culture. Extend my regards
to your father; tell him I will see him by next
Mrs Ayo: “greet your mother for me o, tell her that
we will meet in the market the day after
Mercy thanked them and left, hugging Queen and
Asha who had plastic smiles pasted on their
Mr Ayo cleared his throat and shifted uneasily on
his seat.
Mr Ayo: “my daughter, we think it is right about
time for you to get married. Is there anyone on
board to this effect?” he asked her.
Queen was taken aback by her father’s question.
Queen: “I don’t understand what you mean, sir”
Mrs Ayo: “My daughter, the question your father
asked is what I said I wanted to discuss with you.
Are you engaged or in a serious relationship?”
Queen: “I don’t understand you two. What sort of
a question is that? I am just 24, still in the
university because I didn’t secure admission on
time and now you are talking about marriage?
What kind of a useless marriage is that? What
can married people do that I cannot do? In fact,
where is this question coming from?”
Mr Ayo: “my dear, we have been listening to lots
of rumours about your lifestyle in Abuja” he
paused for effect.
Queen: “What!” she turned to stare at Asha who
gave her a knowing look. “What do you mean by
that?” she asked her father.
Mr Ayo: “Someone…”
Just then a knock came on the door and he fell
silent. Queen went to answer the door and she
stood rooted on the spot when she saw who it
To be continued
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