Had I Know Episode 7

January 09, 2019
Episode 7
Mercy picked up her earpiece and lodged it in her
ears. It was all a ploy to discourage Peter from
talking to her after he had tried to start a
conversation with her to no avail. She was
listening to a sermon about marriage on the
phone when she felt a hand tap her. she turned
and it was Peter.
Peter: “sorry to disturb you, I only wanted to…” he
trailed off.
Mercy: “Its okay. I was just listening to Music,
nothing serious”
“Okay”, Peter said.
Mercy: “so, what are you going to do in Abuja?”
she asked out of curiosity.
Peter: “I secured a job in a private firm there.
They don’t pay much but I just feel I should start
from there. You know life has not been easy in
the village?” he said looking down on his feet.
Mercy: “Wow! Congratulations. So, where will you
be staying in Abuja? Accommodation can be very
expensive there you know”
Peter: “It’s a blogging job. I secured a job with achievers and free accommodation is attached
to it”
“Achievers? Wow! That is great. I am so in love with
that group” she said fondly.
Peter: “They are the best. No doubt about that.
Your cousin rejected my marriage proposal” he
said quickly.
Mercy: “ooh, I am so sorry about that. Don’t
worry, if God says she is your wife, He will bring
you two together” she consoled him.
Peter: Queen seems to have changed from the
quiet and unassuming girl that she was before
she secured admission. Tell me, what kind of life
is she living in Abuja?”
Mercy: “normal life now, what do you mean?” she
was beginning to get irritated with his questions.
Peter: “She doesn’t flirt, doesn’t sleep out?” he
prived deeper.
Mercy: “she doesn’t do all of that” she answered
Peter: “wow! What a great relief. I almost thought
that she had joined bad gang in school” the two
of them chuckled.
Peter: “Can I please get your house address? I will
like to visit you when I settle down to my job” he
Mercy: “I am not sure Queen will approve of this
o” she hesitated.
Peter: “Don’t worry, this will remain between you
and I. I won’t tell her I got the address from you.
Can I have it please”
Mercy sighed, opened her handbag, brought out
her pen and paper and wrote down the address
for him.
“Queen please you need to listen to me, please”
Mercy pleaded when she got to the house and
was thrown out by Asha and Queen.
Queen: “Keep your explanations to yourself. All I
know is that I trusted you and you betrayed my
trust. You have been telling my parents things
about me and I cannot take that anymore. Please,
leave my house”
Mercy: “I swear that I have never told your
parents anything about you. How can I do that
after I had given you my word that your secrets
are safe with me” she said wiping the tears that
was threatening to fall from her eyes.
Asha: “you should have asked yourself that
question before going to run your mouth anyhow.
In fact, why can’t you just leave? Somebody said
she doesn’t want you in her house again, is it by
Mercy: “please, help me plead with her on my
behalf. She cannot just throw me out like this”
Asha: “And why can’t she just throw you out?
Does she need to take permission from anyone
before throwing you out?” she asked
Mercy: “I..I mean I don’t have a place to stay, she
is my cousin, we are blood, where does she
expect me to get the money to rent an apartment
for myself?”
Asha: “The same place she got money to rent her
own; from men. She is a girl and you are a girl
too. You have what she has in between her legs,
use your own the way she is using hers”
Mercy: “you know I can’t. please Queen, just
allow me stay this semester and then I will sort
myself out before next semester” she tried to hold
on to Queen but she moved away.
Queen: “I don’t even know what you are talking
about. All I know is that when you finish talking,
just pick your things and leave here” she said and
walked back into the room.
Asha: “let me give you one advice; if you want us
to take you back, it is very easy. I know what to
tell Queen that will make her change her mind
about sending you away. All you need do is to
agree to start going out with us and bringing
goodies back home. Until then, OYO is your case”
she laughed and went back into the house.
Mercy: “God, what kind of problem is this? Where
do I go from here now? How can I cope in this
school without Queen’s support? God are you just
there watching and doing nothing? Can’t you
help me despite the fact that I am trying so hard
to keep myself pure for you? I wish I had collected
Peter’s number, at least I would have gone to
squat with him until I get a place to stay. I
remember him telling me that the job he secured
came with accommodation. What do I do now o”
she lamented.
Chief was in his room when his phone rang. He
checked the screen of the phone and discovered
that it was an unknown number calling. He picked
it and he felt the rod inbetween his legs harden
when he heard Queen’s sonorous voice.
Chief: “Hello, who is this please” he asked
Queen: “this is Queen. We met at a dinner
sometimes ago and you gave me your card. I was
the lady who came with her uncle whom you
thought was my sugar daddy” she said with Asha
giggling beside her.
Chief: “Oh my world. I thought you would never
call me. I am so glad you called. You see ever
since I saw you that day, I have not been myself”
he flattered.
Queen: “Well, I travelled with my mum to Paris for
shopping. I just returned today and when my
maid was cleaning up my bag, she saw this
complimentary card and then I thought of calling
just to say hi” she lied.
Chief: “Oh, that is so nice of you. Where are you?
Can we hook up tonight?”
Queen: “it depend on where you are” she said
Chief: “erm, security is tight around me right now
and you know how these media men follow
politicians around. I will like to disguise myself
and visit you in your house. Then we can drive to
anywhere you wish from there”
After some persuasion and conviction, Queen
accepted to see him and she sent her address to
him after they had ended the call.
Asha: “Babe, this one that the man is coming to
see you, are you sure it is a good idea?”
Queen: “Ah. It is o. when he comes and sees my
house, he will know that I am a big girl. From here
we will go out. You see this my room, that mugu
must change my furniture. In fact, na im go pay
my next rent”
Asha: “I trust you now. I will be in the other room.
I will not come out until he leaves”
The two girls gave each other a high five and
To be continued
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