Had I Know Episode 9

January 09, 2019
Episode 9
Queen got up to clean herself in the bathroom
leaving Chief behind in the sitting room. After a
while, chief went in and saw her lying naked on
bed, legs spread wide apart with her hardened
nipples pointing at him. He joined her in the bed
and attempted to touch her but she refused.
Chief: “what is it again now, you are torturing
Queen ignore him and scooped her breasts in her
hands and brought it to her lips and kissed it.
Chief: “Ah, awww!” he moaned.
Lying on her back with her legs wide apart, she
began to finger herself.
Chief’s eyes bulged when he saw her pleasuring
Chief got on his knees and knelt down behind her.
“Please let me enter you. No woman has ever
tortured me this much” he pleaded with her, his
hands shaking from suppressed desires.
Queen opened her eyes and got up after few
Queen: “You know why I did that?” she asked
staring at him.
Chief: “No”
Queen: “I did it to prove to you that I actually
don’t need a man to make myself happy. I can
give myself so much pleasure, even more than a
man can give me. I am sure by now you know
that what a man can do, a vibrator can do better”
Chief: “Yes, I know. But I cannot do without
having you. I want to feel myself inside of you
and I will do anything to make you mine”
Queen: “I am not a prostitute. Like I told you
earlier, my parents are rich and can afford to give
me whatever I want. But I think I like you. No, I
like your dick. I love strong, big and long dicks”
she said and grabbed him, causing a loud moan
to escape from his groin.
Queen: “Before I allow you in, I need you to give
me 10 million naira”
Chief: “it is done, let me have your account
She picked her phone and sent her details as text
messages to him.
Chief called someone on the phone.
“hello, can you hear me? Good. I need you to
make a transfer of 10 million naira into an
account number that I will forward to you now.
Yes, 10 million naira, you can make the transfer
from my domiciliary account” he hung up and
Queen went close to him.
Queen: “Who did you call?”
Chief: “My account officer. He is actually a branch
manager in one of the banks I operate. You
should receive the alert soon” he said.
Queen flung her body on him and kissed him on
the cheek. “In that case let us get down to
business”, she said.
Queen and chief made love like it was going to be
their last. She had packs of condoms in her room
and she gave to him. It was a wild love making
session that saw them making loud moaning
sounds. They tried out all the styles in Fifty
Shades of Grey and she went out of her way to
make him happy. After several rounds, they fell on
the bed and fell into a deep sleep.
Peter tried to find his way to the residence as
stated in the address sent to him but he couldn’t.
That was his first time of going to Abuja and so
navigating his way in the city was a difficult job.
He tried to call the manager of the company that
had given him a job but his battery had run down
shortly after he alighted from the bus that brought
him from Lokoja.
After walking around aimlessly for some minutes,
he decided to rest. He saw an eatery and entered
inside. He scanned through with his eyes and saw
a charging point at the edge of the eatery. He
navigated his way to the table close to the
charging point and sat down there. He plugged
his phone and ordered for a can of Maltina, that
was all he could afford even though he was very
He was sipping his drink, taking his time so that
his phone could charge well when a well dressed
woman walked up to him.
Woman: “I see that you are alone. Waiting for
your date to arrive?” she asked taking the chair
opposite him.
Peter: “no, I am here all alone. As a matter of fact,
I will soon be on my way” he replied casually.
Woman: “you mean you are not waiting for your
Peter: “Girlfriend? I don’t have any. Well, I
thought I did until she chased me and my parents
out of her house simply because I am poor” he
Woman: “I am so sorry! What woman in her right
frame of mind will chase such a handsome guy
like you away? Anyway, I like you and I am
willing to make you rich if only you will cooperate
with me” she said.
Peter: “How do you mean, ma?”
Woman: “oh please cut this ma thing. Who knows
if you are even older than me. Forget the fat and
the glamour around me. Anyway, I want you to be
my sugar boy. You see, my husband is a
workaholic who hardly has my time. I am a
woman and I need a man to warm my bed
always. That is why I want you to fill in the gap
created by my ever busy husband. I will reward
your effort by taking care of all your financial
Peter: “What! A married woman saying this? This
Abuja must really be something else. I am sorry,
madam. I am not interested. Try another person”
he said and unplugged his phone.
Woman: “But..I…can I at least get your digit…”
Peter ignored her and walked out of the
restaurant, shaking his head in disgust.
Chief woke up gently and got out of the bed,
careful not to wake Queen. He wore his clothes
and quietly picked his phone. The time was some
minutes past 2am, he glanced towards her
direction and saw that she was heavily asleep
with her naked breasts moving up and down in
sync with her breathing. He tiptoed to her side of
the bed and picked her phones. He tiptoed to the
sitting room and picked her Apple Mac Pro laptop
and tablets. Gently he opened the main entrance
door and slipped out into the compound.
Mercy was fast asleep outside where she had
spent the night when she heard the door to
Queen’s room open, she was a light sleeper who
would wake up at the slightest movement. She
opened her eyes and saw that it was Queen’s
guest trying to walk away, careful not to make
any sound. A critical look and she saw him
holding phones and a laptop which she
recognized as Queen’s.
“No, I must dreaming. This man cannot be a
thief” she thought.
She saw him trying to open the gate gently and
she shouted.
Mercy: “Where do you think you are going with
those things?”
She asked causing him to freeze on the spot.
To be continued
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