My mother's dream episode 12

March 05, 2019

Dayo wanted to go to Oshogbo to
meet Madam Lagos, as he saw
that as the only way to escape
whoever wanted to hurt him. But
the problem was, he didn’t know
how to get there. A voice told him to go back to the hospital, but
Dayo was adamant, it was better
to get lost than to get killed. He
walked a long distance and even
when his legs hurt, he kept
going, fear was a great propeller. People kept giving him stares
because of the hospital garb he
still had on. When he got to
Obalende, under the bridge
where petty traders displayed
their wares, Dayo walked up to a woman who sold biscuits,
cigarettes and other petty things. Dayo: “Good day ma’am, please
how do I get to Oshogbo from
here?” he asked in his usual
Queen’s English. The Yoruba
woman looked at him quizzically,
because she did not understand what he had said. But she had
heard ‘Oshogbo’ and rightly
assumed that he was asking for
how to get to Oshogbo. Market woman: “Omo mi, go enter
that moto for that signpost wey
dey there” she replied, pointing
the way. Dayo went to where he was
directed and when he got there,
he could hear the driver shouting
the name of his destination, on
the top of his voice. He also
realized that the bus was almost filled up. Then, he was faced with
the predicament of paying his
way. The passengers in the bus
were already giving him weird
looks, so he moved away from
the bus, and a little feet away, he stood and bit his fingers, thinking
of how to come up with one
thousand, five hundred naira,
which was the cost of the fare. Back home, everyone was in a
state of confusion. Gberan had
already called his mother and
intimated her with the latest
development. The mother got on
the next available flight out of Oshogbo, to Lagos. Ken: “Mother, when we were
coming into the hospital, I saw
Dayo” he said as his mother
walked through the lobby. Bella: “Shut up your mouth, you
didn’t see Dayo, he is dead” she
replied, but was put aright when
she met her husband. Her
husband told her that Dayo had
been in a coma, and waking up would have been a miracle
according to the doctor’s
prognosis, but Dayo had woken
up and fled the hospital. Bella
listened with thoughtfulness.
What would have made Dayo run away, except he was scared of
someone. Gberan was still talking
when Bella spied Tania, she
rushed towards her and pulled
her into a deserted corridor. Bella: “What really happened?”
she asked, looking at Tania
accusingly. Tania: “What do you mean by that
question, did no one tell you
what happened?” she fired back
defensively. Bella: “I mean, how does
someone ram their car into a
bridge in broad daylight, it wasn’t
dark and you weren’t even
drunk!” she argued. Tania: “I was emotionally
unstable, I really don’t know
what you are trying to imply but I
would never hurt Dayo, he was
like the son I never had” Bella: “Drop that bullshit already,
he was not like a son to you, he
was your husband’s son. I cannot
wrap my head around you
conveniently ramming your car
on the side that Dayo was seated. The truth will prevail, the doctor
said he was scared, I think the
boy knew that someone was
after him” she retorted. The
colour drained out of Tania’s face,
she started to speak but clammed her mouth shut. Then she
composed her face, and moved
into Bella’s face. Tania: “I still don’t know why you
told me about my husband’s
child, but…” she was cut off by an
outburst. They turned and saw
Gberan. Gberan: “Your husband’s child?”
he exclaimed in surprise. Bella: “Are you now
eavesdropping on people’s
conversations?” she attacked
him. Tania: “Ï wasn’t done talking, I
was going to say, my husband’s
childhood” she said uneasily, but
her dazzling smile covered her
uneasiness. Gberan: “Öh well, I was so
enveloped in my own pain, I
forgot how you and Damilola
must be feeling too, you guys
loved Dayo” Tania: “We were going to adopt
him when we heard that he
wasn’t your lovechild as we had
thought. It is all my fault, he was
scared because of the accident”
she said and burst into sobs. Gberan stepped forward and
embraced her, while Bella just
stood aloof. Damilola came in with
a grim face and announced to
everyone that the security
footage showed Dayo leaving the hospital premises. It cleared all
the thoughts of his abduction. “Run far away Dayo, I don’t want
to see you anywhere around my
family, you cannot come and
shadow my own child or steal his
father’s love and attention” Bella
mused as the men talked. “Don’t make me find you,
because if I do, I will finish what I
started. Now, I shall set to getting
a child for my husband” Tania
mused. Damilola called his police
commissioner friend and told him
about Dayo, a search for Dayo
was conducted. At the same time,
bulletins were put in all the
popular radio and television stations, with Dayo’s picture. They
went a step further and asked
that the missing person’s bulletin
be put on # morningfun , the CEO of the company was gracious
enough to do it at no cost, as he
was also interested in seeing
Dayo returned home safely to his
family. Dayo stood helplessly until an
elderly man carrying a sack bag
came to ask him why he was
standing like that, and where
were his parents. Dayo told him
that his parents were dead, and he was in an accident, after
treating him, the doctors sent him
away. The man became
thoughtful and after which he
asked Dayo to come with him on
the bus. They boarded the bus together and even though the
passengers knew that Dayo was
going away with a man he did
not know, they did not raise
objections; they had seen too
many abandoned children in Lagos to care. The bus quickly filled up and the
journey to Oshogbo began. Dayo
was going to Oshogbo to meet
Madam Lagos, while the latter was
in a flight to Lagos to look for the
son that had been entrusted into her care. The journey was
tiresome for Dayo who had never
been on a bus, and after a few
hours, the bus parked at the
Oshogbo bus park. By this time, it
was already night. Dayo: “Thank you very much sir,
may God bless you” he said and
made to go, but the man stopped
him, with a hand on his shoulder.
Dayo’s eyes glazed over, and he
began to follow the man wherever he went. They boarded
a taxi that took them out of
Oshogbo into a rural village in
Osun state, and to the house of a
powerful medicine man. Elderly man: “Baba Osun, Oya has
blessed my trip as he has
delivered a healthy boy into my
hand for the sacrifice” he said,
laughing hysterically. Baba Osun: “I feel bad about this
oh, the moment this boy stepped
into this compound, I felt shivers
all over my body” he said in
Yoruba. Elderly man: “You worry too
much, he is just an ordinary boy.
Can’t you see he is under my
spell?” he said and pushed Dayo
into a dark room. Dayo’s mind was clouded with
the spell the elderly man had cast
on him like cobwebs. In the
fogginess of his mind, a part of
him remained and he strove to
push the cobwebs around his mind. He tried to remember who
he was and what had brought
him here. “I am Dayo, I want to be a doctor
because it is my mother’s dream”
the voice was little in his mind, but
Dayo held on to it until it got
louder and filled his mind,
overpowering the potency of the man’s spell. He broke free of the
spell, and his eyes returned to
normal. Dayo: “How am I here and how
do I get out of here?” he
whispered to himself. He looked
around the moonlit room, he
could barely see, but the window
from which the moonlight was beaming through, was open. He
walked tentatively to the window
and looked out into the still
night. He had not even climbed
on the window sill, when the
door of the room cracked open, and the elderly man stood in the
doorway, like a demon, lit only by
the moonlight.
Will Dayo be able to
escape, or will he be used for
sacrifice. Also, how does Tania
intend to give her husband a

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