My Mothers Dream Episode 13

March 07, 2019

Halima sat with Cassandra her
daughter, reminiscing of the past.
After announcing to her family
that she was pregnant and
wanted to marry a Christian boy,
her father disowned her and never looked back. It was easy
for him because he had other
wives and children, only her
mother was sorrowful about it,
but her hands were tied, her
husband had forbade any and every one from having any
contacts with Halima. She missed
her family and even though her
husband had tried to make up for
the family she had lost, it was
never enough. Every day she woke up and promised herself
that, today would be the day she
tried to contact her mother, but
fear of rejection always won and
she never got around to doing it.
While immersed in her thoughts, the doorbell rang, she still did not
hear, until her daughter
Cassandra went to usher in the
visitor, it were two policemen and
some other well-dressed men. Halima stood up immediately
when she saw them, her instincts
already told her that there was
trouble. She told her daughter to
go into her bedroom so she
would talk with the visitors. Then one of the men broke the news
that shattered her life. She was
told that the plane that her
husband boarded from Lagos to
UK had crashed, and there were
no survivors. Halima: “Hay God!” she exclaimed
and began to shout on top of her
voice. The noise brought the
servants and even Cassandra,
who found out that her father
was never coming home. Cassandra cried and held her
mother. Cassandra: “Why are so many bad
things happening to me, mother.
First it was Dayo, now father too is
gone. Are you going to leave me
too, mother?” she cried. Halima: “No my daughter, I will
never leave you” she held her
daughter and they both cried. After months of preparation,
Halima buried her husband with
the help of the church and his
family, the will was read and the
majority had been left to
Cassandra, and her mother, to the discontent of her husband’s
family. They were against their
son marrying a woman from a
Muslim background, but he
insisted, now they felt she had
killed him and carted away all his wealth, leaving the family with
peanuts. Halima packed up and
left Lagos for Oshogbo. With the
death of her husband, who had
been her everything for a long
while, she decided it was time to seek out her family and ask
forgiveness. When she got to Oshogbo, she
found out that her father had
died, and had forgiven her before
his death, but no one knew
where to look for her. He had
forgiven her because of what happened to Khadijat’s family. He
saw how desolate the family
became just because the man
refused to forgive his daughter’s
mistake, and how the public
shunned the Imam because his daughter died as a result of his
unforgiveness. Oshogbo became
her home once again. Tania went to see a
gynaecologist, and after being
told that she was alright, she
persuaded her husband to go for
check-up also, so they would
know where their problem was coming from and solve it.
However, the gynaecologist also
told him that his sperm count and
everything about his sperm cells
were normal and he could
impregnate a woman. Tania: “Then why are we not
getting pregnant. I want my own
child” she demanded of the
doctor. Damilola was unenthusiastic,
Dayo’s case was still at the
topmost of his mind. He couldn’t
understand why Dayo would run
away, he was the most disturbed
because he was the one who had seen the horror on Dayo’s face in
the CCTV. What scared him so
much to run? The last person he
was in contact with was Tania, his
wife. What had Tania done to the
boy? He also thought of the accident, wasn’t it strange that
she did not swerve to the left side
which was her side of the car, but
swerved to the right, where Dayo
was seated. Another thing was
the sudden enthusiasm to have a child. He looked at her, she
looked fragile, but there were
times he had found out that she
was nowhere near fragile. Tania: “Ï don’t understand why
you are not showing any zeal
towards this” she said. “Why would you care about a
child when you already have
one?” she mused, looking at her
husband, curiously. Damilola: “A child will come at the
right time” he replied
nonchalantly. The doctor told them that the
reason they didn’t have children
could be because of stress,
therefore he recommended a one
week vacation for the both of
them. Damilola: “I cannot take a
vacation right now, Tania, you
know what is on ground” he said
searching her eyes. He didn’t
know what he was looking for,
but he was not expecting the anger he saw in them. Tania: “Is Dayo your child? Why
don’t we work on getting our
own child?” she said in a biting
tone. Damilola: “You do realize that you
caused the accident that almost
killed that boy, and perhaps
made him run away. That child
was given to us to spend a few
days and we didn’t return the child the way we took him, are
you not bothered about that?” he
asked unbelievably. Tania: “I am but we didn’t tell the
child to run away, do we pause
our lives because he ran away?
This is more important, I want to
carry my child” she said and
broke down in tears. Damilola felt compelled to console her and
agree to the vacation. However,
Damilola agreed to the vacation
not because he wanted to go but
because he wanted to find out
what went on between Tania and Dayo. They went on a vacation to
Obudu cattle ranch, where they
stayed for a week. Tania made
sure that her husband did not
have a moment respite to think
about Dayo. She learned almost all the styles in Fifty shades of
Grey, and made sure her husband
performed them with her. Damilola: “Tania, this is borderline
ridiculous, did we come here just
to have sex? Please, I need a
break” he said bitingly and left
the room, with Tania still in her
nude. Gone was the sweet Tania he knew in bed, this Tania just
wanted to have a child, and was
using him like a sperm donor,
rather than a husband. Tania: “Damn him, he doesn’t
even care” she said to the empty
room, as she flung on a see
through robe. Tania went out to
the balcony that oversaw the
mountain ridges, it was a beautiful sight. She felt eyes on
her and turned to see a young
beautifully sculpted man. His eyes
were not just on her, but on the
swell of her breast and her
poking nipples beneath the flimsy robe. It felt exhilarating to be
desired, so, she entertained his
attention. The man blew her a
kiss and she blushed. They
continued their flirtatious dance,
and when Tania saw that Damilola was not coming back,
she took a long coat and put over
her robe and then she went out
the door to the next suite. It was a bold move and it was the
first time she was cheating on her
husband, but she had been
aroused by the man’s physique
and his attention. The moment
she knocked on the door, it flung open and the man pulled her into
the room. The man was called
Skyby, a physical trainer based in
Calabar, so he told her. He
caressed her with his hands, his
mouth and his words. Tania was on fire for him, and thoughts of
her husband and his supposed
betrayal was far from her mind. young woman feeding a young
man on a bed All the styles that Damilola had
been reluctant to try with her, she
tried it all with skyby. They had
sex in the kitchen, the toilet and
even dared having sex in the
balcony with Tania bent over the railing, in full glare of the world, it
was the best sex she had ever
had. It was as if the sex was a
drug, Tania didn’t care that their
suite was just next door, and her
husband could have seen them. When they were exhausted, she
sneaked back into her suite to
find out that Damilola was back.
He had a glass of wine in his hand
and he was making a call. Tania
listened and realized he was talking to Gberan and it was
about Dayo. She felt the more
pleased that she had cheated on
him. “What a traitor” she thought. She had gone into the bathroom
and didn’t hear Damilola shout
Khadijat’s name. So there was no
way for her to know that Damilola
just found out that Dayo is his
son, contrary to what she was told.
Will Tania be found out
and would the sex she had with
Skyby come to haunt her in the
future? What is the lot of Dayo,
has his father found out about
him too late?
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