My Other Half Episode 26

March 10, 2019
My other half
By Apio favour
Episode 26
Betty -no way
Sarah -maam I can just go back home. I will be fine
Betty -yes. Get the fuck out of my mansion
B. Mum -no. U are my daughter and u will beeaving with me
Betty - u say whattt
Betty's mum -betty u might want to sit back down to hear what I have to say.
Betty -no I prefer to stand and it better be good.
Betty's mum - Betty u have a sister
Betty - no I don't. ( yelling) am the only child. Got that the only child of the Crocker's
B. Mum - Betty honey calm down.
Betty - dint tell Me to calm down. I still don't know why she is here? Is she my new maid or something.
B. Mum - when I gave birth to u guys. U were twins actually.
Betty -holy shit
B. Mum - but Sarah here was stolen away from me but now I have her and I want to know her better
Betty -what are u talking about mom. What's all this about (half yelling)
B. Mum - well u aren't my only child. And Sarah is ur twin sister.
Betty looked at Sarah.
Betty -no mum no.... I said no. I don't have any damn sister and it's definitely not her.
Sarah just stood there and kept quiet.
Betty's mum -honey it's the truth and why aren't u happy about it.
Betty -what do u expect. That I run into ur arms for bringing this this... To my house.
B. Mum -its not ur house honey and she is ur twin. Don't u know ur words are hurting her
Betty -fuck hurt, fuck her.
B. Mum - language girl language.
Betty -stop taking her stuff in (shouting at a guard) she isn't staying and in fact she is leaving right now
Betty -get the fuck out of here, I don't want to see ur bloody face here ever again. Do u get that. Get out (shouting)
She started pushing Sarah.
Betty -are u deaf, leave.. I don't want to see u. U aren't my sister and will never be. I won't let it happen .i will make sure of it
Sarah -betty stop please stop it. U are hurting me
Betty -like I care. I don't give a damn about u. I hate u from the first time i saw u. U aren't my God damn twins
. B. Mum quickly went to meet her but she wasn't fast enough. Betty pushed Sarah very hard and she fell down and her nose hit the floor making her nose bleed again.
When Betty' mum saw that sarah was on the floor and her nose was bleeding. She immediately became furious
Betty - get the hell out of here nowww
B. Mum slapped Betty.
Betty -what the hell...
B. Mum -why did u do that. That's cruel. U don't no do that to her. She is ur twin sister for Christ sake.
Betty -u slapped me just because you of her.
B. Mum -am sorry but u..
Betty -fuck u, fuck her
She said and quickly walk to her room locked the door immediately she went in.
Betty - this can't be happening. I hope am dreaming. It better be a damn dream.
Betty's mum gave Sarah her hand she took it and stood up.
Then she sat her down
B. Mum -am really sorry. I didn't know she will take it that way. She alway say that she wants a sister and now she act this way. Am really sorry sarah
Sarah -i was expecting worse.
Betty mum -why?
Sarah -ouch my nose..
Betty's mum -oh am sorry.
She quickly went to her bag brought out her phone and called her doctor.
Betty's mun-my doctor will soon be here .but u have to raise ur head so the blood can stop gushing out.
Sarah did as she was told.
She couldn't breathe properly because of the blood coming out of her nose but when she raised her head it helped a bit.
Sarah kind of regret coming here. But she has no choice than to respect the wish of her new mom
Betty's mum -am really sorry Sarah please don't be mad. And please don't say u want to go back home. I promise things will get better
Sarah -i pray so (in her mind)
I wish my life can just go to the right track. First it's this news about her being the First Lady daughter ,later It was Roy and now it's Betty. Why is everyone hurting me. Both those I love and don't. Lord help me and this my nose must it bleed .am afraid of won't get healed because of that brat Betty. Well I k of she is my sister but why does it have to be her . I would prefer is Rhonda was my twin than her. She hates me and I don't like her either but what can I do. Fates decides our fate. I just hope one day we will get along with each other. And I really miss Roy. He has been calling me but I put my phone on silent.
Soon the doctor the doctor came and treated her broken nose.
Roy have been waking around. Both him and his brother have been moody.
The decided to go check on his brother
He knocked the door many times but he didn't respond.
Roy -troy open up . Something very important To tell u.
He didn't respond.
Roy -i am also broken hearted. .sarah left me.
Then the door opened.
Roy went in and sat on the couch in Troy's room.. And he sat close to him
Roy -troy u didn't attend classes today. U might get punished.
Troy -i don't care
Roy -i understand that u are hurt and am also hurt too.
Troy - Rhonda didn't like me. She it used me and now she is with Brian in London.
Roy -yeah Sarah told me.
Troy -why did u say u are heart broken
Roy - isn't it Betty. Guy I hate that girl
Troy - she was ur first love dude.
Roy -that was then. Now I mean I like Sarah. And I think its developing into love and that Betty came to ruin everything.
Troy - hey man calm down. What did she do
Roy - she told Sarah about our dad arrangement with her dad
Troy -no she didn't
Roy -yes she did. And Sarah got mad
Troy - why didn't u tell her before
Roy -i was going to
Troy -when
Roy -ok maybe not. I was just scared this will happen if I tell her and now it's already happening.
Troy -what will u do
Roy - I don't know
Troy- why don't u talk to her. I mean Tell her that u don't like Betty
Roy - she doesn't want to see me or even talk to me
Troy - that's bad
Roy -u want to know what's worse. Sarah is Betty sister.
Troy -lie (half yelling)
Roy-true. She found out today.
He told him everything Sarah told him
Troy -thats bullshit
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Apio Favour
Roy - yeah. And she is not over that one Betty had to open her big mouth
Troy -does Betty know about Sarah.
Roy - I doubt it.
Troy - jeez girl. Two sister.
Roy - I keep thinking about what Betty will do to her when she find out. Betty is too wicked for my liking. Why does it have to be Betty
Troy -its fate. We can't predict fate.
Roy -am scared for Sarah. Something tells me she is in trouble.
Troy -calm down. Betty can't hurt her sister. Or can she?
Roy -u know the answer.
Troy -what will u do.
Roy -dont know. I keep calling her and she isn't answering my calls or text.
Troy -u have to wait patiently for tomorrow to reach. So u can speak to her and also apologize to her.
Roy -but ...
Troy -but what?
Roy - tomorrow seems like forever.
Troy -haha haha welcome to my world.
Sarah has been treated and the doctor gave her a warning that if she continues to hurt her nose it will get to an extent that it will get healed though but it will bleed out when under stress or something like that.
After all necessary things has been done. Betty's mum walked the doctor out and came back to meet Sarah in the living room
Betty's mum -u said this wasn't the first time ur nose was bleeding.
Sarah-yes .
Bettysmum - can u tell me what happened.
Sarah -it was in school
Betty's mum -rough play.
Sarah -no.. Bet.... Someone pushed me and I fell hitting my nose.
Betty's mum -who did that? Why didn't u report the person.
Sarah - hmm I didn't want to report anyone and get on the bad side of the person
Betty's mum -why aren't saying the persons name.
Sarah -hmm MA can I use the restroom.
Betty's mum -oh yeah why not. I will just take u to ur room.
Sarah -thanks ma'am
Betty mum -no need to be formal am ur mum remember.
Sarah nodded.
She took Sarah to her room and it was close to Betty's room . They went upstairs.
Betty's mum -thats ur room and that over there is Betty's 's room. Close to urs. While mine is the next story .
Sarah nodded.
She entered the room and it was so big. Very big and beautiful. It was painted pink most of the designs are pink and purple.
B. Mum -i hope u like the decorations. I just didn't know what colour u might like. And I know that girls like pink except Betty.
Sarah -its fine ma'am. It's very beautiful.
B. Mum -all ur things have been arranged in the ward robe .and if u need anything tell any maids or guard to give it to u. OK
Sarah -yes ma'am. Thanks again
B. Mum-ok then I will be leaving u to rest.
Immediately she left the room Sarah collapsed on the bed. And everything that had happened with the yesterday came flashing back and she cried mostly about Roy and Betty being engaged.
Guard -knock knock. Ma'am Ariana is calling u to come downstairs and have dinner.
Sarah -i will be right there.
The guard left.
He also went to do the same thing to Betty's room
Guard -maam are u listening? Are u OK? Do u want anything
Betty -u better get the fuck out of there before I make sure u lose ur job.
The guard just looked at her door and walked downstairs.
Sarah happened to hear Betty.
Betty's mum was already seated and Sarah sat close to her.
Different type of food where on the table. Chicken, tuckey, snack, almost all type of rice and others just name it. It was neatly arranged on the big dinning table.
Sarah served herself just chips and chicken.
If she was happy she knew she would have eaten almost everything there. But she wasnt at all happy.
B. Mum - are u OK Sarah? I know its hard on u but don't worry. I will help in any way I can.
Sarah smiled a little
Sarah -thanks ma'am
B. Mum -it seems Betty isn't going to come and eat.
Sarah - I think u should meet her. It's also hard for her too just like me. And we weren't best of friends so its not easy for her to understand.
B. Mum -yeah I guess so. But she shouldn't have done what she did.
Sarah-i dont want her to think u slapped her because of me. And it's isn't up to a day I started staying here
B. Mum -of course not. She deserve it. It was her own foolish act that made me slap her. It's actually the first time i hit her.. I will go talk to her. But do eat. Am so excited to eat with u it's my first time.
Sarah smiled again.
She just ate a little and played with the rest. She kind of pray that her life was as it were before all this discovery came up.
B. Mum -baby open the door for mummy
Betty -go away. I don't want to talk to u ever again
B. Mum -am sorry honey. I have a present for u to say am sorry.
Betty unlocked the door and her mum came in
Betty -whats the present
B. Mum - I will give u my ATM card to go shopping
Betty took the card from her mums hand rudely.
Betty -that doesn't mean I forgive u. Am still mad. Hoe can u slap me in front of her. I mean u hit me in front of a nobody.
B. Mum -language Betty . I didn't know what came over me but am sorry. U shouldn't be rude to people u know.
Betty -how can u just come and tell me that she is my sister not just a sister but a twin.
B. Mum -i get it. U are mad and I understand
Betty -u don't understand those daddy know about it
B. Mum -yes he does but he doesn't know that I have seen her .
Betty -and he didn't tell me. I will give him a call
B. Mum -no Betty don't call him and don't tell him I have seen ur twin
Betty -dont say it
B. Mum -ok but don't tell him anything. I will do the talking myself.
Betty looked at her mum suspiciously but nodded slowly
B. Mum -promise me
Betty -i don't know
B. Mum - just say the word
Betty - I promise. ..i will get to use more money mum.
B. Mum - that's black mail Betty. Don't use more than 100k OK
Betty nodded.
B. Mum - don't use more than that. I don't trust u.
Betty - I said I won't
B. Mum - so are we cool.
Betty -maybe
B. Mum -betyyy
Betty -yes mum we are cool just because of the money and also because I love u
B. Mum -i love u more sweetheart. More than anything.
Betty - than Sarah..
Her mum just look at her
B. Mum -give me a hug honey.
She pulled her into a hug
I gave u guys this episode because I love u all .... And because someone will die of suspense if I don't post it
Lolzzz ...I love her
Well give today episode a name
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