My Other Half Episode 29

March 16, 2019
My other half
By Apio favour
Episode 29
Henry has been missing Emily. He doesn't know what to do to go to her house, no no that isn't right. Should I text her. Obviously no she is mad at me and I have to say sorry to her personally. When is she coming to school ...cant wait any longer.
Monday morning.
Betty and Sarah has both gone to school with separate cars.
Roy was in the hallway. .betty came In first before Sarah.
Betty went over to Roy's all smiley.
Betty - Roy are u ok
Roy smiled.
Betty -u look pale.
As she was talking she saw his fist being bandaged and still stained with blood.
Betty - holy shit. Roy what happened to ur hand.
She asked as she took his hand.
Sarah saw it and she just stood still not moving not saying anything. Just looking at his hand a little distance away form them.
Roy -nothing
Betty -roy. U know that I know u since childhood . What were u mad about that Injure ur hand.
Sarah's thought - he was mad about something and did that to himself. Is it because of me.
Betty - Roy talk to me. Why did u injure urself.
Betty mistakenly pressed his hand
Roy -ouch.
Betty -opps am sorry am sorry
Sarah didn't know when she ran to meet him.
Sarah -are u OK (looking at him with lots of concern)
Betty cast her an angry look but Sarah didn't care. Roy was hurt.
Roy just looked at her.
Roy - do u care?
Sarah -yes u know I care. (she said again without thinking)
Roy just looked at her not saying anything.
Betty - am sorry Roy . It was a mistake.
Roy nodded at her and gave her a little smile.
Sarah held his hand. He dragged his hand away almost immediately.
Sarah looked at him.
Sarah - Roy am sorry. Was it because of me u hurt ur self? Am sorry I really didnt mean to hurt u.
Hearing that Betty smiled.
Betty -so she hurt Roy. Perfect time to take him away from her In a flash. She smiled at herself on her dirty thought.
Roy - just leave me alone.
Roy is now angry.
Sarah held his hand again.
Roy took his hand back angrily.
Roy - will u fucking leave my hand alone (he barked)
And immediately Sarah head started hurting.
She held it. She has been feeling head ache for a while now.
Betty -roy!!! U are bleeding. She shouted.
Roy looked at his hand and the bandaged has already started dripping blood.
He looked at Sarah and noticed that she was in pain. She was holding her head and closing her eyes trying to fight something.
Betty - Roy Roy are u listening to me
Roy -huh.
Betty -lets go and rebandage ur hand.
Roy looked at Sarah and now it's like she is about to fall. He quickly stood up to meet her but Betty held his hand and dragged him along with her to get the bandaged removed.
But he kept looking at Sarah for a while then he looked away and continue to walk with Betty to the school clinic.
Sarah managed to subdue the pain and she gently walk to class.
She has been feeling headache for a while now and she hasn't taken any drugs. And now it's getting worse.
She managed to get to her sit. And rested her head she needs medicine.
Roy bandage has been changed .
And Betty was with him. Taking care of him. She really feels bad that Roy hurt himself because of Sarah but in a Way she is happy that they aren't together again she thought. Am not sure if they still together. I will ask him.
Betty -roy.. Roy are u and Sarah having problems. I mean are u still dating her.
Roy was just thinking about Sarah. He wonders why she was holding her head and closing her eyes that way. Is she sick.. Or is it an headache.... He doesn't know if he should meet her or be with Betty according to her. He likes Sarah but if she says she doesn't like him then he has no choice but to leave her and try to rekindle his relationship with Betty.
Betty tapped him
Betty - snap out of it.
Roy - ouch..
Betty -what are u thinking about.
Roy -nothing why?
Betty - because I have been asking u questions ND u aren't responding.
Roy -which question.
Betty - see I said it u were lost in thought. Anyways are u and Sarah having problems.
Roy -hhnm (as of he didn't her Her )
Betty -are u guys still dating.
Roy just kept quiet. He doesn't know what to say to Betty. He doesn't want what he has with Sarah to end but she wants it to end.
Betty - lost in thought again.
Roy thought... I don't want to answer her questions. But u know Betty she must get the answer she wants. OK maybe I should change the topic.
Roy - Betty why were u acting all cozy yesterday. When I called.
Betty -what do u mean.
Roy - u know what I mean.
Betty -dont know.
Roy -ok then I will explain it to u. I didn't tell u I love u yesterday. I was asking u about ur family and u were like I love u too sweetheart. What was that about.
Betty -oh that. I just wanted my mum to know we are in good shape.
Roy - why do u want her to know that. U know I like Sarah.. And she... I don't know
Betty -roy Sarah doesn't like u. Me and her had an argument about u. I said u were mine and all that. She said she doesn't care if u are mine or not that she was only with u because she needed to be with someone at that time and now that she is rich she doesn't need ur social help.
Roy -what.. When did she say that..
Betty - yesterday evening.
Roy -hmm.. (looking at her as if she was lying)
Betty - u think am lying.
Roy ignored her question.
Betty -i will bring my phone tomorrow to school to show u the recording.
Roy - u recorded it.
Betty - no I was... Hmm recording myself by singing when she came and we argued so everything got recorded.
Roy - Betty are u lying ? I mean Sarah and u don't agree why would she tell u something like that.
Betty -are u deaf? I said we were arguing. I will bring the evidence tomorrow.
Roy - OK (low tone... He hopes she is lying and that what he thought about Sarah wasn't true. He hopes Sarah wasn't pretending and really liked him..)
Betty -lets go to class now.
The bell rang for classes to begin.
Emily walked in to the class. When Henry saw her he didn't know when his legs ran to meet her and hugged her in front of everyone in the class.
Emily was just shocked by his action but she liked it. This is the first time he was hugging her and not only that in front of everyone.
Student -hmmm love in the air..
Henry heard it and quickly withdraw from the hug. And smiled at Emily.
Emily didn't want him to stop hugging her but she is happy he did at his own choice not she forcing him.
Henry held her hand and they walked to her sit he sat in brians former seat.
Emily was just blushing.
Henry - are u OK. I mean how's ur health.
Emily - it's fine ..i mean am fine.
Henry touched her hand softly rubbing her skin.
Emily felt strange immediately but she likes the feeling.
She smiled at him
Henry - u still have some sport on ur skin (still rubbing her head gently)
Emily - hmm... It.. It will go away after some time but am OK now (she smiled again at him and he smiled back.)
He stopped touching her skin and he frowned.
Emily smiled faded.
Emily -why is he frowning? Is he mad that he hugged me or that he...
Henry - Emily I want to say am sorry I mean for saying those harsh words to u. I.. I was just..
Emily quickly hugged him and he kept quiet and smiled
Emily -am not mad at u. I forgave u the day u hurt u.
Henry - am sorry. ..
Emily -its OK Henry. Am happy that u are here right now with me.
The students has been watching them for a while now and was smiling.
Student -love in the air.
Emily pulled away from the hug.
Brina - are you guys dating.
Emily face immediately became sad.
Henry chuckled..
Henry stood up and knelt down on one knee.
Emily face was unreadable.
Henry - Emily I discovered last week when u weren't in school that I love u.
Emily smiled.
Class - Wow..
Betty came in with Roy.
Betty immediately got angry when she saw Henry kneeling in front of Emily. Roy was searching with his eyes if he can find Sarah. He saw her but she was sleeping.
He smiled. She looks cute while sleeping. But why is she sleeping this morning classes hasn't started yet.
Emily -omg OMG OMG.
Henry -yes Emily will u be my girl friend.
Emily jumped up..
Emily -yes yes yes yes yes...
Students started laughing, some
Henry smiled and he stood up and she hugged him.... Then she pulled away from the hug and smiled at him.
Emily - this is the best girl friend proposal ever.
Henry smiled. He hasn't planned about it but he did it anyways.
Emily was smiling at him and he smiled back but before he knew what was happening Emily was kissing him in front of everyone he responded to her.
And they whole class went crazy.
Danita went to open the door to spy if any teacher was coming.
She opened it slightly and started shouting.
Danita -mr detention is coming.. Mr detention is coming.
Then everyone including Emily and Henry rushed to their seat.
Every one was now quiet.
Brina -is he here yet.. Ehh Danita.
Danita started laughing.
Gladys -why are u laughing.
Danita - haha haha.
She opened the door wide so everyone can see outside.
Danita -it was a prank.
They started laughing too.
Emily smiled at Henry and Henry smiled at her too while the others laugh.
The noise has woken Sarah up. And their laughter is making her head spin. She really needs medical care.
Roy was just smiling and Betty was mad.
Betty -why does the people I hate get the good things. I mean that's the best way to ask a girl to be ur girl friend why was it not me and Roy but that girl Emily..... She just got lucky. I know my engagement party with Roy will. Be the best and most expensive engagement party ever.
She smirks and looked at Roy. He was smiling at something she can't see.
She smiled and faced her front.
Sarah head is spinning. She really needs to go to the school clinic.
The laughter has died and everyone was doing their various things. Henry is now sitted close to Emily again and they seem to be engrossed in their discussion.
Sarah stood up and slowly walked towards the door.
Betty is now feeling strange. She doesn't know why but she feels like something is wrong.
Sarah is now half way to the door. She is still walking slowly. Roy is just looked at her and contemplating if he should go and ask her what the problem was.
Sarah is now close to the door. The more she walks the more her head hurts and the more the headache increased.
She is now holding the knob on the door. She tried to pull it but now everything is rotating in her eyes. She doesn't know what's happening to her. She tried to stand her ground but she couldn't. .
Someone opened the door and it hit her making her fall immediately
Roy stood up from his seat and ran to meet Sarah but he wasn't fast enough.
She fell to the floor. And held her head. It was a new student he was so handsome very handsome Sarah thought. Even if his head is rotating in her eyes.
All the girls mouth went opened. They started asking questions and praising him
Henry saw what happened and also ran to meet Sarah with Emily too. The female students didn't care about Sarah but the new handsome boy.
He saw Sarah on the floor and quickly picked her up
But she almost fell again.
Raymond - are u OK.
Sarah - I... My.. Head hurts.
She said holding her head.
Roy was already there with Henry and Emily.
Emily -sarah...
Sarah -em... MI.. Ly is the u.
Emily nodded.
Raymond was still holding her. He was holding her waist to support her and her shoulder..
Roy was angry so angry
Roy -who the heck is this guy holding her waist..... Ahhhh.
Emily -are u OK.
Sarah -my head is spinning... I meed to.. Go to the school...... Cl...nic
Emily - can u walk.
Sarah -am dizzy.
Raymond and Roy -i can carry her.
They looked at each other.
Raymond smiled and carried her in a bridal way and Sarah smile.
Sarah -u are so.. Cute.
She said and Raymond smiled.
While the rest laughed.
Roy got mad and went back to his seat.
Roy -how can she say he is so cute in front of me. She really did play me. I should just go and beat the hell out of that guy for holding her waist that way. Who is he anyway. Why is he here in our school. .roy calm down. She isn't worth it.
He breathe in and sat down. He wonders if they are already in the clinic and Sarah is being taking care of.
Henry and Emily escorted Raymond as he carried Sarah to the clinic. She was smiling anyhow.
Emily just smiles at her as they show Raymond the way to the school clinic.
Sarah was put in a bed when they got there and she was given medicine and a sleeping medicine too
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