Hunting The Wind Episode 1

April 22, 2019
# Hunting_The_wind
Episode 1
Krisa had just returned from Paris where she had
just undergone a plastic surgery to enhance her
butt. It was a necessary surgery because her
friends who were in a similar business servicing
men had done similar surgeries and that had
given them an edge over her.
At the airport, she went into the plane and
navigated her way to the first class cabinet,
satisfied with her new look. She was wearing a
sky blue mini gown that barely covered her fresh
caramel laps. In her hand was a black Chanel
chain bag containing her phones and other
accessories. She located her seat number and
made herself comfortable. She could feel heads
turning and staring at her bum but she didn’t care
because she was already used to it. Even when
she was yet to undergo the surgery, heads turned,
how much more now that she had done it.
Few minutes after the plane took off, the hair
hostess came around to take her order for lunch,
it was a treat enjoyed by only first class
passengers. She waved the air hostess off and
told her she didn’t want lunch.
She brought out her phone from her bag and
connected to the airline’s WiFi and she began to
read up comments on her social media accounts.
She had just posted a picture about the surgery
she had undergone and people were already
commenting, some were hurling insults at her for
trying to change what God had created. She
smiled through the comments as she always did,
she was gaining popularity on social media and
that was all she needed. She was about
launching her brand and she needed the
She was still thinking of how to go about getting
her own clothing line when she saw a man smile
at her. Years of experience at the job had taught
her how to rate a man’s worth in few seconds
and she knew that this one that was smiling at
her was a big fish judging from what he was
wearing and the fact that only the wealthy could
afford to fly first class in an international aircraft.
“Hello, pretty” the man said flashing her his
perfect dentition.
Krisa: “hi” she said without indicating any
Adams: “I have been watching you ever since you
got into this plane and I must say that you are
very beautiful” he said, all in a bid to strike a
conversation with her.
Krisa: “you have no right to be staring at me like
that. I am sure you didn’t pay for a first class
ticket so that you can stare at fine girls” she
Adams: “hahahah…I like that. I like ladies who
know their worth and I am glad to know that you
also know that you are a fine girl” he said.
Krisa: “even a blind man knows that I am a fine
girl” she said with a pinch of pride in her voice.
Adams: “I see. I am Adams, CEO, Dam Oils and
group of companies. I am pleased to make your
acquaintance. Who are you?”
Krisa: “Krisa Martins, an engineer” she said and
extended her well polished nails for a hand shake.
Adams: “Engineer?” he asked for emphasis.
Krisa: “yes? You have a problem with that?”
Adams: “no really. Just that you don’t look like an
engineer” he managed to say.
Krisa: “and what do I look like? One of those
cheap girls that open their legs as soon as a man
smiles at them?”
Adams chuckled. “you have a weird sense of
humour, though. Anyway, you look like a beauty
queen or the likes, engineering isn’t one of such
things” he said.
Krisa smiled. She loved it when she teased men’s
brain, it gave her utmost satisfaction. Over the
years, she had chosen to introduce herself as an
engineer for that was the career that best
described her profession. She was an engineer
because she helped men build and demolish
erections; she didn’t care what anyone thought
about her definition of engineering.
Adams: “hello!” he said bringing her back to
Krisa: “what did you say?”
Adams: “I said I will be in Nigeria for few weeks
before I return back to London. Do you mind if we
hang out? I could show you some really cool
places in Nigeria and we could even travel to
London when next I am going if you don’t mind”
he said.
Krisa: “I will think about it” she said casually.
Adams: “okay, can I at least get your number?” he
Krisa: “I will rather let you have my card” she said
and gave him her complimentary card with the
name “Engr. Krisa Martins” written boldly on it.
As soon as she handed him the card, she shut
him out of her world. She was a runs girl, a
prostitute no doubt but she was not one of those
cheap prostitutes that could be gotten anyhow. A
man had to work and spend hard on her before
she allowed him to have a tasted of her honey
pot. That was the reason why she only went out
with the wealthy because they were the ones who
funded her elaborate life style.
Krisa was in her sitting room relaxing after her
long flight on her favourite settee when she heard
a knock on her door. She ignored it and
continued to flip through the pages of the city
magazine that she was holding. When the knock
persisted, she got up and saw Linda, at the door.
Linda was the woman who had introduced Krisa
to the world of men when she had run away from
the village several years ago. Linda was literally
her benefactor from the time she ran away from
the village to the time she could afford to stand
on her feet. For that gesture, Krisa was grateful
but she was ambitious and not even Linda could
stand in the way of her achieving her dreams.
Krisa: “yes, how may I help you and what are you
doing in my house?” she asked barricading the
entrance to her room, thereby preventing Linda
from going in.
Linda pushed her without saying a word and
entered the sitting room. She took her time to take
in the details of the room and smiled
Krisa: “what the fuck are you doing in my house?
Say it now or I will have you arrested for
trespassing” she threatened.
Linda: “hmmn, Krisa, the little girl of yesterday get
me arrested in Abuja? Hahaha… I see that this
house that you now live in is deceiving you. You
think the men that you go about fucking in town
can save you from my wrath? Oh wait a minute,
what were you thinking when you blocked me
from your social media accounts? That I will
never find you or what? You must be mad”
Krisa: “I will not have you come to my house and
insult me. No, I will not”
Linda: “I will insult you as much as I like and
there is nothing I repeat, there is nothing that you
can do about it. Look at you, I remember so
many years ago when I helped you run away
from the village. I brought you to the city, cleaned
you up and showed you the way and now this is
how you chose to pay me back?” she asked her.
Krisa: “so what if you helped me find my way in
the city? And why do you keep making reference
to what happened in the village? I have arrived
now and I don’t need you around me, is that too
much to ask for?”
Linda: “you lie Krisa, you still need me. Oh yes
you do. I am like the air you breathe and without
me, you will go out of life and business in the
city. It is only a fool that will bite the fingers that
feed it. Retrace your steps now Krisa before you
get consumed by my fury. A word is enough for
the wise” she said and made for the day.
Krisa: “you can do nothing. I dare you, do your
worst. I have more money and connections than
you now and if you try it, they will carry your
dead body back to the village. Just try me and
see!” she bragged.
To be continued
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