Hunting The Wind episode 4

April 23, 2019

# Hunting_The_Wind
Episode 4
krisa managed to get up with the last strength
she had in her body and began to pound on the
Krisa: “mama, where are you, I am hungry and
thirsty and this place is stuffy” she screamed at
the top of her voice but there was no response
because her mother had gone out of the house.
Krisa: “mama, are you there? Your daughter is
dying here o, come and help me here o, if not God
will not forgive you for allowing your daughter
die” she said again.
When there was no response, she began to pound
furiously on the door and shake it. After few
minutes, she fell back on the floor and began to
scream and roll herself on the ground.
It was a futile exercise that made her even more
hungry and weak. After few minutes, she passed
out on the floor there.
Mama Krisa: “please my husband, let us open the
door and at least check on her. She has been
quiet for a while now and I am afraid that
something terrible may have happened to her” she
pleaded with her husband after she returned from
where she had gone to fetch pipe borne water.
Baba Krisa: “nothing will happen to her. That girl
is very stubborn and she needs to be taught some
lessons, if anything happens to her, we will bury
her, full stop”
Mama Krisa: “ah, God will not allow me to buy
any of my children o. Ororun oni je. Please my
husband, let us open the door a little, if we
confirm that she is fine, we will close it back.
Please” she continued to plead with him until he
reluctantly got up and went to search for the key
where he had kept it.
He opened the door and they saw Krisa sprawled
on the floor, unconscious.
Mama Krisa: “my daughter, my daughter o,
somebody help me” she screamed and ran to
shake her up.
Baba Krisa: “nothing will happen to her. She is
going through all these because of her
stubbornness” he said and went into the kitchen
where she got cold water and sprinkled on her.
She opened her eyes and raised her head. It felt
like she was in a trance and all she could feel
was a splitting headache and pangs of hunger
clutching her stomach.
Krisa: “food, water” she said weakly.
Mama Krisa: “please let us take her to the hospital
now” she said to her husband.
Baba Krisa: “which hospital? Please don’t make
me laugh” he said to his wife.
Krisa: “I am hungry, I want food and water” she
said and her mother ran off to go to the kitchen
but her husband prevented her.
Baba Krisa: “you are not going to get her any
food until she is ready to talk” he said.
Mama Krisa: “no, you cannot do that. Can’t you
see that this girl is weak and may soon die of
hunger and thirst? Please, let us give her food
and water and then we can ask her about the
owner of the pregnancy”
Baba Krisa: “we will be moving in circles if we give
her food and water. Oya, let us go, I can see that
she is not willing to talk, I want to lock her back
in” he said and took his wife out.
Krisa heard the clang of the padlock and it
dawned on her that her father meant business
and that he would not hesitate to allow her die if
she didn’t speak up. The horror of the pain and
hunger she had felt before she fainted came
rushing and she knew that if not for divine
intervention, she would have passed out. She was
no willing to go through that experience again
and so she decided to speak up.
Krisa: “why am I even protecting the person who
got me pregnant? He is there enjoying himself
and I am here suffering. I just have to speak up”
she said and called out to her parents.
Krisa: “papa, mama, please wait” she screamed at
the top of her voice.
Mama Krisa “she is calling out to us, my
husband” she said anxiously.
Baba Krisa: “I heard her” he said without showing
any interest.
Krisa: “baba, mama!” she screamed again, afraid
that her parents had abandoned her to die of
hunger and thirst in that stuffy homemade cell.
Mama Krisa: “yes, my daughter”
Krisa: “baba, are you there” she called out
because she knew that only her father had the
key to her cell.
Baba Krisa: “are you ready to talk now?” he
answered in a voice that did not betray any
Krisa: “yes” she replied quickly.
Baba Krisa: “good, go ahead, I can hear you from
Krisa: “please, open the door and let me come out
and eat and get the strength to talk” she said but
her father ignored her. When she saw that she
couldn’t outsmart her father, she spoke up again.
Krisa: “okay, I will talk”
Baba Krisa: “who is responsible for your
Krisa: “it is teacher Ike!” she finally said.
Mama Krisa: “what! How can a teacher do this to
my daughter?”
Baba Krisa: “who is teacher Ike” he asked,
ignoring his wife’s outburst.
Krisa: “teacher Ike is my JSS 3 form teacher”
Baba Krisa: “fine. That means that you are now
the wife of a teacher. Does he know that you are
pregnant for him?”
Krisa: “yes, he knows. I told him and he said I
should not tell anybody because he would lose his
job if the school management finds out that he
had impregnated a student” she explained.
Baba Krisa: “are you sure that he is the one
Krisa: “I swear with my grandmother’s grave that
he is the one responsible”
“Fine. That is all I need to hear from you” he said,
unlocked the padlock and ushered her out.
Turning to his wife, he said.
“Give her enough food and water to take and boil
water for her to freshen up”
Mama Krisa: “Okay, my dear” she said and went
about doing all that her husband asked her to do,
glad that the faceoff between father and daughter
was finally over.
Turning to his daughter who was leaning against
the wall because her strength could not carry her,
he said.
“Make sure you eat as much as you can because
this is the last food you will be eating in this
house as a single lady. As soon as you have
freshened up, pack all your clothes, I am taking
you to your husband’s house” he said and walked
And so, Krisa became the wife of teacher Ike who
detested her because she had made him lose his
job after the school management discovered that
he had impregnated a female student.
Although teacher Ike was angry at her for making
him lose his job, he tried all his best to make sure
he provided for her basic needs with the little
savings he had before he lost his job but she was
not satisfied. She wanted a better life and a city
husband with a big mansion and big cars. She
already hated the baby even before she gave birth
to it and she had plans for the baby.
Then one night, exactly a week before her
expected date of delivery, she went into labour.
To be continued
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