Hunting The Wind Episode 5

April 23, 2019
# Hunting_The_Wind
Episode 5
Krisa had a problematic labour that lingered for
The nurses tried to make her cooperate with them
but she was tired of pushing and all she could do
was cry and scream.
Nurse 1: “this one wey you dey shout like
Christmas goat, my friend you better use that
strength push o, nobody go help you push your
baby commot” the mean nurse said to her.
Krisa: “the pain is too much, I feel weak, I cannot
push again”
Nurse 1: “abeg abeg, no come stress me for here
o, no be only you dey labour for this hospital o,
how many women voices you dey hear? When
you dey busy dey open your leg for man dey
shout hit me harder, come deeper, I dey there? Na
me and you enjoy as your man they hammer you
for bed? Why you want make I follow you suffer
am now? If you know as you take open your leg
when him dey do you, you better open your leg
like that push now o”
Krisa: “I am tired, let me rest please ma” she
managed to say.
Nurse 1: “which yeye rest? If you never ready to
push abeg tell us make we go attend to another
woman” she said, sighed and left her.
The younger nurse who was more sympathetic
went out and called teacher Ike and asked him to
speak with his wife on the need to cooperate with
the nurses.
As soon as she saw her husband enter the labour
room, Krisa began to curse him.
“God will punish you for putting me in this
condition. Look at the pain I am going through
because you got me pregnant. My parents
enrolled me in a school and instead of you to
teach me, you were busy sleeping with me, now
see me. I hate you” she cursed.
Teacher Ike: “calm down, I know you are in so
much pain okay but you need to cooperate with
the nurses. I am so sorry you have to go through
this, if I can go through it for you, I will gladly do
Krisa: “just get out! I hate you and I cannot stand
your presence. Go and call my parents for me, if
only I had known that childbirth was this painful,
I wouldn’t have been rude to them all these while”
When the nurse saw that the presence of her
husband was doing more harm than good to
krisa’s condition, she ushered him out of the
labour room.
Nurse 2: “you may go and wait for her in the
waiting room now, sir. It is normal for women
who are in labour to get mad at their husbands”
she said to teacher Ike who left the labour room,
terribly embarrassed.
Teacher Ike had no option than to go and call her
mother when after spending two days in the
hospital, his wife was yet to deliver. When her
father heard that she was in the labour room, he
and his wife ran to see their daughter in the
hospital, all the anger he had felt for her melting
immediately he heard that she was having a
tough time giving birth.
At the village government owned and managed
hospital, Krisa was moved out of the labour room
to the female ward. It was there that her parents
came to see her. Her mother broke into tears as
soon as she saw her daughter’s state.
Mama Krisa: “are you okay? Why did they move
you from the labour room?” she asked.
Krisa: “they said I should vacate the bed for
women that are ready to give birth because my
own was taking too much time” she said weakly.
Mama Krisa: “hey God, have mercy on me o.
Krisa, you will give birth safely the way I gave
birth to you o”
Krisa: “mama, baba, I am sorry for all the pains
and embarrassment that I caused you. I am sorry
that I was rude to you, I didn’t know that giving
birth can be this painful o, I promise that I will be
a good child from now henceforth” she said.
Mama Krisa: “it is okay, my dear. I don’t hold
anything against you. Just give birth safely so
that we can all leave here together with our
grandchild” she said wiping tears with her hands
from her daughter’s eyes.
Baba Krisa: “I am going to talk to the doctor so
that we can move you to a private hospital. I have
some money with me and even if that is not
enough, I will run around to get more so that they
can attend to you properly in a private hospital”
he said getting up and asking teacher Ike to come
with him.
Krisa: “hmmmn, okay daddy. This pain is too
much o. I am dying o”
Mama Krisa: “don’t cry out o, it is your first baby
and if you cry out now, that is how you will be
crying anytime you want to give birth. So endure
okay, you will be fine”
Krisa: “mama!” she said attempting to sit up from
the bed.
Mama Krisa: “yes, my dear” she said getting
helping her up.
Krisa: “I want to poo, the baby is coming, yaay,
the pain is too much” she started to scream and
her mother ran to get the nurses who came and
wheeled her away to the labour room.
After more than 30 minutes of pushing, she had a
still birth. Her husband and her father took the
body of the dead child away and buried it.
Krisa was discharged the next day and she
returned to her husband’s house.
About 6 months after the death of their baby,
teacher Ike returned Krisa back to her father’s
Teacher Ike: “dad and mum, I have returned your
daughter and this is to officially inform you that
we are no longer husband and wife” he said to
them after they had been offered a seat in the
sitting room.
Mama Krisa: “what do you mean by you are no
longer husband and wife? You got my daughter
pregnant, you made her drop out of school, she
went through excruciating pains to have a still
birth some months ago and now you say you
don’t want to marry her again? Who does that?”
Baba Krisa: “my friend, you have been living with
my daughter for months before she gave birth
and even after her still birth, you have been living
together until today. For you to say this now, I
know that there is no smoke without fire, tell me
exactly what the problem is. Why don’t you want
her as a wife anymore?”
Mama Krisa: “I don’t like the way you are taking it
easy with this man o, why are you talking as if
you are afraid of him now? How can a teacher
destroy your daughter’s life like this and yet you
are telling him there is no smoke without fire?”
Baba Krisa: “woman, take it easy. We need to take
things easy if we must get to the root of this
matter. And you Krisa, you are here as if you are
not here, what happened between you and your
husband?” he asked his daughter who had been
quiet ever since the discussion started.
Krisa: “nothing, baba”
Baba Krisa: “I know you will not talk. I thought
the experience you had in the labour room was
enough to make you a better person but I was
wrong. As soon as you left the labour room, the
spirit of arrogance and stubbornness returned.
Teacher, go ahead and tell me what happened, I
am all ears”
Mama Krisa: “wait a minute, what am I seeing
To be continued
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