Hunting The wind Episode 6

April 27, 2019

# Hunting_The_Wind
Episode 6
Baba Krisa: “what are you seeing again? Ah
women with their plenty wahala” he said.
Mama Krisa “is that pregnancy that I am seeing
Krisa? Oh teacher, so you got my daughter
pregnant again and now you want to return her
back to us? It will not work”
Baba Krisa: “ah-ah, she is pregnant again? Just
when I was thinking of her going back to school?
No, teacher Ike, you cannot return her in this
state. You cannot make her pregnant for the
second time and then come here and be speaking
English. She is your wife, take her home and
settle whatever differences the both of you have”
Teacher Ike: “the pregnancy is the reason why we
are here sir”
Baba Krisa: “what do you mean by that? This is
not the first time you are making her pregnant so
what are you talking about?”
Mama Krisa: “don’t mind him o, my husband. I
am sure that he wanted my daughter to get rid of
this pregnancy and she refused. That must be the
reason why he brought her back to us”
Teacher: “no ma, that is not the reason. Yes, I
told her not to mention my name when I got her
pregnant the first time but then I will never ask
her to go for an abortion”
Baba Krisa: “then what is the matter? Speak up
and stop beating about the bush”
Teacher Ike: “thank you sir but I will like you to
ask your daughter here to explain to us all that
happened because I am also confused that I
don’t even know how to go about explaining it”
Baba Krisa: “Krisa, you heard what your husband
said. Tell us, what happened between the two of
There was a moment of silence, so thick that a
grain of rice falling on the floor would have made
a resounding sound.
Mama Krisa: “talk now, that is my problem with
you. When they are asking you something like
this, you will not talk”
Baba Krisa: “she has refused to talk but I have
promised myself that I will not raise up my hand
and beat another man’s wife even though she is
my daughter. At this juncture, you have to tell us
what happened yourself because beating is the
only thing that can make her open that her mouth
and I am not willing to do it”
Teacher Ike: “sir, it is this same silent treatment
that she has been giving me ever since she got
pregnant. Please, help me ask her who is
responsible for the pregnancy, I am tired of asking
and receiving silence for another answer”
Mama Krisa: “what do you mean by who is
responsible for the pregnancy? Who else but you?
Are you not her husband?”
Baba Krisa: “erm teacher, are you saying you are
not the one who is responsible for the child she is
Mama Krisa: “why are you asking him that kind of
a question? Even when our daughter was living
with us, he was able to get her pregnant, is it now
that they are living together that he is no longer
the one who did it?”
Baba Krisa: “woman, will you keep quiet and
allow me get to the root of this matter or do you
want me to send you away from this place?” he
asked his wife who went quiet immediately.
Teacher Ike: “I was responsible for the first
pregnancy that resulted in the still birth but I am
not responsible for this one, I can swear to that”
Baba Krisa: “but how are you sure? You have
been living together as man and wife for months
Teacher Ike: “Ever since we started living together,
it has been one complain or the other. I try my
best to provide for her from the little I have but
Krisa never appreciated it. Even while she was
pregnant the first time, she would always tell me
that I am not her dream man and that she
couldn’t wait to give birth so that she could move
on with her life because I couldn’t give her the
kind of life she wanted.
I ignored her talk and continued to do my best for
her. After we returned from the hospital, I allowed
her to rest for few weeks and then I attempted to
touch her but she told me that she would only
allow me to touch her if I buy a big house, a big
car and relocate to the city. I told her I could not
afford those things for now and she picked a
quarrel with me. It has been from one quarrel to
the other after that day.
I am categorically telling you that I have not slept
with her since the day she had that still birth. The
next thing I saw was pregnancy, when I asked her
who was responsible, she told me I had no right
to ask because I did not pay her bride price. I
insisted on knowing and she refused to say
anything after that, that is the reason why I have
returned her so that you will know that I am not
the one responsible for the pregnancy this time
Mama Krisa: “hey, this girl you have killed me
again. Your father was right when he said that
you have not changed. How can you get pregnant
for another man while your husband is still alive?”
her mother who had been listening attentively
Baba Krisa: “God, what have I done to deserve
this? How comes my own is different? How can
my own daughter take it upon herself to make me
a subject of mockery among my friends? Who did
I offend that I don’t know?” he asked
unconsciously raising his head to the sky.
Teacher Ike: “that is it, sir”
Baba Krisa: “and you, daughter of Jezebel, you
heard what your husband said, is he saying the
truth?” she nodded.
Teacher Ike: “Thank God she finally nodded. I was
actually thinking of coming with my people to pay
her bride price but as it is, she is now another
person’s wife. Here are all her belongings in my
house. Krisa, I don’t ever want to see you
anywhere close to me or my house again, I wish
you a safe delivery at your due time” he said
bowed courteously to her parents and left the
After several face offs with her parents, Krisa
informed them that she was pregnant for the son
of the wealthiest man in their town who was
giving her money while she was living with
As usual, her father matched her off to her
husband’s house but to their surprise, they
discovered that the person who was responsible
for the pregnancy was their domestic staff and
not a son of the wealthy man.
Baba Krisa: “can you now see your life? You left
teacher Ike who has a great future and who has
great plans for you and got pregnant for an
illiterate house boy. Sometimes, I wonder if you
are truly my daughter”
Krisa: “but he told me he was the first child of
chief and I believed him because he brought me
into this house and slept with me more than once
here” she said.
Baba Krisa: “I am sure he did that when chief and
his wife were not around. Why won’t you believe
him when you are greedy and selfish? Anyway,
enjoy your new home” he said handing her over to
the domestic staff who was confused because
chief had sacked him and had asked him to leave
his house after he found out what he did.
Krisa cried aloud when her father left her
standing, bag in hand with her illiterate, jobless,
penniless and homeless boyfriend.
To be continued


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