Hunting The Wind Episode 7

April 27, 2019

# Hunting_The_Wind
Episode 7
Nike for that was the name of the boy who got
Krisa pregnant managed to get a friend who had
a one room apartment to allow them squat with
him since he didn’t have enough money to rent an
The friend who felt pity for Nike who had just lost
his job told him that they could stay with him for
as long as he wanted.
All through the time that Krisa was pregnant, she
was quarrelling with Nike who accused her of
ruining his life by getting pregnant for him. She
had expected him to apologize to her and cuddle
her like teacher Ike did anytime she started to nag
but Nike would have none of it and he wasted no
time in throwing back her words at her.
Anytime the two of them started quarrelling,
which they always did, his friend would leave the
house for them since he had attempted to make
them live in peace without success.
He was already tired of accommodating them in
the house and he couldn’t wait for her to give
birth so that they could leave his house. If only he
knew that their coming to live with him would
inconvenience him that much, he wouldn’t have
accepted them in the first place.
As soon Nike got back from the site where he
worked as a lobourer, Krisa began to nag.
Krisa: “just look at you, useless man in fact, why
am I calling you a man? You are just a useless
boy” she said to him.
Nike: “I am a useless boy and yet I fucked you
and got you pregnant, I can see that you really
don’t know the meaning of useless. How can you
even know when instead of going to school to
study, you went there and got pregnant for your
teacher” he fired back.
Krisa: “hehehe..look at who is talking, at least I
have my JSS certificate, which one do you have?
Have you ever been to the four walls of a school
before in your life? Look at kettle calling pot
Nike: “Yes, I have never been to a school before
and that is why I am better than you. If I had the
opportunity of being sent to school, I would have
done something good with my life, unlike you”
Krisa: “I don’t blame you, I blame myself for
getting entangled with an illiterate like you. I
don’t even know how I even fell for your lies seff.
The first child of chief ko, the heir apparent to the
throne ni, useless liar”
Nike: “I am a liar but what are you? A foolish and
greedy ingrate who cannot even see beyond her
Krisa: “you should be ashamed of yourself. At
your age, you do not even have a house of your
own, you are busy squatting with your friend who
is younger than you. Go and get your own house
the way all your mates have their own, useless
Nike: “if you dare call me useless again, I will give
you the beating of your life so that you will know
that I am not useless. You want to push me to go
and steal right? It will not work. I was living
comfortably in chief’s house before you came
with your bad luck and I was sent away. You
think I don’t know that you have eyes for my
friend? I know that you are a cheap prostitute,
that is why you were sleeping with me even while
you were living with another man”
Krisa: “so fucking what if I have eyes for your
friend? Is he not better than you? If not for him
who took us in, by now we would have been
homeless. I even wish I had gotten pregnant for
him instead of you”
Nike: “I said it, you are a useless prostitute. I
regret allowing you into my life” he hissed.
They kept on hurling insults at each other for
hours and even after the owner of the house
returned, he met them quarrelling.
Kail: “guys, what is all these now? You people are
not the only couple in the compound you know,
enough of the quarrels please, I had a long day at
work and I need to rest” he said.
Krisa: “warn your friend o, if not for the respect
that I have for you, I would have done something
terrible to him. He has been insulting me since he
got back home. Which man in his right senses will
stand and exchange words with a hungry and
pregnant woman?”
Kail: “It is okay, ah-ahn, you talk too much.
Anyway, just let whatever it is go please”
Nike: “don’t be angry my friend, I don’t even
know how I got myself entangled in this the first
Kail: “just take it easy on her, she is a pregnant
Krisa: “leave him let him continue talking now,
useless thing”
Nike made to hit her but Kail came in between
them and held his friend’s hand.
Krisa: “come and beat me now, touch me and see
if my father will not arrest you
Labour came and Nike had no money to take
Krisa to the hospital. His friend whom they were
squatting with had travelled and so he had no
place to borrow money from.
Krisa stayed at home and when she couldn’t bear
it anymore, she began to scream at him.
Krisa: “can’t you see that the baby is on its way?
Won’t you take me to the hospital” she said
holding on to her waist.
Nike: “Can’t you just keep quiet and push this
baby out? Don’t you know that women give birth
at home?”
Krisa: “it is your mother that would give birth in
the village. Take me to the hospital now o before I
die here” she said.
Nike: “what kind of a woman have I gotten for
myself? Even when she is in labour, her mouth is
still running”
Krisa got violent and began to throw things at
him, threatening to break all that they had in the
room. He had no option but to take her to the
hospital after which he ran off to inform her
parents that their daughter was in labour.
Her mother asked if she had taken the necessary
items for baby to the hospital and Nike told her
that they had not been able to buy anything
because he was only earning enough for them to
feed with.
Her mother had to run around to buy some
essential baby things, some of which she got on
credit from her friends who sold such items. Her
husband also removed some money from his save
and together they went to the hospital. On getting
to the hospital, they were told that their daughter
had given birth and was being cleaned up.
Mama Krisa gave the nurse the baby things she
had brought with her and the couple waited to go
in and see their daughter.
After a while, the nurse came out to inform them
that they could go in to see her.
They got to the ward and discovered that Krisa
and the baby she had were nowhere to be found.
They alerted the nurses who checked all the wards
without seeing her.
They all run out and they saw Krisa trying to
sneak out of the hospital, she was being accosted
and questioned by the security men when her
parents and nurses came out.
Mama Krisa: “where are you going my daughter?
Where is the baby?”
Security: “do you people know her?”
Nurse: “these are her people and she just had a
baby. Did you see her with any baby?” she asked
the security man.
Security: “no o, she was trying to sneak out when
we caught her” he said looking at his colleagues
who nodded in agreement.
To be continued


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