Hunting The Wind Episode 8

April 27, 2019

# Hunting_The_Wind
Episode 8
The security man held on to krisa and threatened
to involve the police if she didn’t show them
where she had kept her baby.
After several pleas by her parents, she began to
Krisa: “the baby, my baby…”
Security man: “yes, what did you do to the baby
or do you want us to involve the police?”
Krisa: “no , please don’t call the Police. I…I…”
Baba Krisa: “you what for God’s sake? Why are
you like this, Krisa?”
Nurse: “maybe she has killed the child and
thrown his body away” the mean nurse said.
Mama Krisa: “no, my daughter can never kill her
own child. If she didn’t abort the pregnancy, it is
not the baby that she would kill” she said.
Security: “madam, forget all these girls of
nowadays. We have lots of them who give birth
and end up killing the children afterwards. Some
of them will tell you that they tried to abort the
baby while they were pregnant but the baby
refused to die. Some even go to the pit toilet and
dump the babies there and abandon them to die
in the latrine. We have had several cases like that
Mama Krisa: “my daughter can never do that. She
may be stubborn but certainly not a killer”
Baba Krisa approached his daughter and
threatened to hit her but the people around held
Nurse: “don’t do that, sir. She just had a baby,
she is not strong enough yet” they advised.
Baba krisa: “I will kill her with my hands if she
doesn’t tell us where the baby is this minute. I
don’t know why this girl likes to bring negative
attention to me and my family”
Nurse: “and you Krisa, talk now, which kind
wahala be this?”
Krisa: “after the nurse that cleaned me and the
baby left the ward to inform my parents that they
could now see me, I took the baby and dropped
him inside a black nylon bag and then threw him
outside the window” she said nervously.
Baba Krisa: “my goodness! And yet again this girl
is breaking my heart, how you conceive such evils
in your heart is one thing that I cannot
Mama Krisa: “you threw away a child that you
carried in your womb for nine months and went
through labour pains to give birth to, kuku kill me
o, Krisa” she said and fell on the floor, wailing.
The security men got hold of Krisa and dashed to
the backyard of the ward where she had thrown
the baby from. Her father walked after them, the
sorrow in his heart slowing down his steps, her
mother also braced up and followed while the
nurses followed behind whispering about the evils
they had been witnessing in the hospital.
When they got to the place where she had flung
the baby, they saw the nylon and took him out,
he was looking very feeble and was crying.
They immediately rushed him to the intensive care
unit of the hospital but at midnight of that same
day, the baby died.
Krisa on realizing that the baby had died knew
that she would be branded as the killer and the
village culture demanded that any woman who
kills a child should herself be killed.
That was how she ran out of the hospital and
ran to Thick Madam’s house.
Linda who claimed to be a business woman lived
in the big city and she had just returned home to
see her aged parents that weekend. Krisa knew
that she was the only one who could help her
escape and so when she got to her house that
night, she explained everything to Linda who hid
her in her room till the next day when she
disguised her and smuggled her out of the village
in her car.
Linda had brought her to the city and had
introduced her to the world of men and today
Krisa, was threatening to bite the very fingers that
fed her.
Her iPhone’s ringtone jerked her from the long trip
that she had embarked on down memory lane.
Krisa: “Linda doesn’t know me o, she doesn’t
know the kind of things that I did in the village
before running away. If she thinks that she can
stop me because she helped me escape from the
village, then she is in for the shocker of her life”
she said aloud and picked the phone.
It was Abel, the man whom she had met in the
plane calling.
Krisa: “hello”
Abel: “hello, pretty engineer” he said into the
receiver, looking over his head to make sure that
his wife was not anywhere close to him.
Krisa: “Abel right?”
Abel: “yes, you are very correct. But how did you
know it is me, you refused to collect my number
in the plane that day or did your true caller app
reveal my identity?”
Krisa: “no, I got to know from your voice” she lied
because it was the true caller that had revealed
his identity.
Abel: “Wow! You know my voice, that is very
impressive. You must be very intelligent, what am
I even saying? All engineers are very intelligent”
he said.
Krisa: “you didn’t call to flatter me, did you?” she
said ignoring his kind words.
Abel: “no pretty one. I called to ask if you would
be free for us to have dinner tonight, what do you
Krisa: “I am very busy but I think I can spare few
minutes to hang out with you” she said, not
wanting to sound cheap.
Abel: “great then. So, how about we go to the blue
Cubanna by 7pm? Is that okay?” he asked.
“That’s fine” she said.
Abel: “so, where do I pick you from?” he asked
Krisa: “don’t worry, I will drive myself there” she
Abel: “fine, see you at 7pm then, muah” he said
and quickly ended the call just as his wife was
stepping into the room.
Mrs Abel: “who were you talking to on phone?”
she asked sitting beside him.
Abel: “oh, me, no I wasn’t talking on phone, I was
actually dialing a number but it didn’t connect”
he lied.
Mrs Abel: “really?”
Abel: “yes love, so tell me, is lunch ready?” he
said eager to change the topic.
Mrs Abel: “you know I am not gonna take that
right? I met you talking on phone and you are
telling me that you were not talking to anyone.
Who was it?”
Abel: “Okay, it was my mum” he lied.
Mrs Abel: “so, why deny it in the first place?”
Abel: “because I didn’t want you to feel bad
because I didn’t give you the phone to speak with
Mrs Abel: “since when did I begin to feel bad
because of that? Anyway, lunch is served” she
said and left the room.
She knew that her husband was talking to a girl
and she knew just what to do to him and the girl
and the outing they had planned for 7pm.
To be continued


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