Hunting The Wind Episode 9

April 29, 2019

# Hunting_The_Wind
Episode 9
After lunch, Abel stayed up to work on his
computer till 5pm after which he decided to take a
nap so that he could wake up fresh for the date
he had with Krisa for 7pm. He went to bed after
setting his phone alarm to wake him up by
The alarm woke him up and he dashed into the
bathroom to shower. The restaurant was just a
few minutes drive from his house and so he knew
that there was no cause for alarm.
6:35pm and he was out of the bathroom and
getting dressed.
His wife who was watching a series on Zee World
came out to see her husband dressing up.
Mrs Abel: “you going out?” she asked, noticing
that her husband was filling a bit nervous like a
teenager who was going on his first date.
Abel: “yeah, I have this meeting with a group of
foreign investors by 7pm, I should be back by 10
or even before then” he said, wearing his Armani
gold studded wrist watch.
Mrs Abel: “oh, okay. What about the France trip I
told you about?”
Abel: “of course you will go but we will discuss
more about it when I come back okay?”
Mrs Abel: “I made coffee for you” she said and
handed him a cup of steaming hot coffee that she
had brought into the room.
Abel: “thank you, I really need this to keep me
alert during the meeting, he said and gulped the
coffee, not minding the fact that it was hot and
burning his throat as it made its way into his
Most times, his wife wondered if he had a cooling
organ in his body that enabled him take such hot
drinks and food without waiting for them to cool
It was already 6: 50 and he was hurrying to go
away when he felt a discomfort in his stomach.
“Are you okay?” his wife asked when she saw him
Abel: “yeah, I am fine. I guess I rushed that coffee
and coupled with the fact that I the lunch we had
was peperry. I think I need to use the toilet” he
said and ran into the toilet.
After few minutes, he came back feeling relieved
but then he was feeling very weak.
Shortly after, the sensational feelings in his
stomach returned and he quickly grabbed his
phone and sent Krisa a text message.
“Sorry, I will be thirty minutes late. Can we
reschedule to 7:30? Something urgent came up, I
will tell you about it when we see” he sent the
message to her and ran out to the toilet.
His wife who was watching all that he was doing
from a corner of her eyes picked up his phone as
soon he entered the toilet.
She was lucky because the phone was yet to lock
up itself automatically.
She read the message, shook her head and
copied Krisa’s phone number into her own phone.
“Who knows, I may need the number someday”
she said to herself and switched his phone to
silent mood.
She had just dropped back the phone in the place
where her husband kept it when he stepped out of
the bathroom.
Mrs Abel: “sweetheart, are you okay?” she asked,
putting up a sweet smile.
Abel: “yes, I just need to rest my head for few
minutes” he said going to the bed and lying
Mrs Abel: “but what about the meeting with the
foreign investors? It is almost 7pm”
Abel: “don’t worry about that, I can afford to be
30 minutes late. It is better I go late and rush out
of the house and then rush back because of
running stomach” he said.
“Okay, love” she said, gave him a peck on the
forehead and returned to the series she was
watching, smiling to herself.
Krisa was applying her make up when her phone
beeped. She looked at the screen and saw that it
was a message from Abel. She read it and smiled.
Krisa: “How did you know that I was planning to
keep you waiting for me for thirty minutes?” she
said to herself and smiled.
“Okay” she typed and sent to him.
At exactly 7:45, she stepped out of the house. She
had estimated the drive from her house to the
restaurant to be about 10 minutes after which she
will remain in her car and relax for five minutes
before going out to meet him by 8, after making
him wait for her for 30 minutes.
She got there and walked into the hall and
checked around but there was no sign of him.
Krisa: “where could he be” she asked as she felt
eyes turning around to stare at her huge cleavage.
Krisa: “oh, he must be at the VIP session.
Somebody that flies first class will surely wine
and dine at the VIP session” she said and cat
walked to the VIP session, flaunting her bums
and her cleavage which were moving up and
down in sync with her steps.
A quick glance at the VIP session and she needed
no soothsayer to tell her that he was not there.
She sat down and ordered for a cup of smoothie
since she was feeling embarrassed by the way
people were staring at her as if she couldn’t find
her way.
Krisa: “why is he not here yet? He said 7:30 and
this is 8pm. Could it be that something is holding
him up? And here was I thinking that I would
make him wait for me for 30 minutes. Anyway, let
me just wait for him and see” she said.
Krisa checked her wrist watch and she saw that it
was already getting to 8:30 pm, she sighed, her
irritation knowing no bounds.
Krisa: “what kind of a man keeps a woman
waiting like this?” she asked rhetorically and
dialed his number.
The phone rang and went off without him picking
up. She dialed it again and again and again and
he did not pick up. When she was tired, she sent
him a text.
“Hey, I have been waiting at the Blue Cubanna for
more than 30 minutes now. Where are you?”
She sent him the text and waited for almost
twenty minutes for his reply. When he didn’t reply,
she called the waiter.
“How much is my bill?” she asked dipping her
hand into her bag.
Waiter: “fifteen thousand naira ma”
Krisa: “are you okay at all? Can’t you see that I
had only one cup of smoothie?”
Waiter: “yes, ma. That is why the bill is that
small” he said.
Krisa: “what! Yaay, fifteen thousand naira for only
one small glass of smoothie, kilode” she
screamed and then quickly composed herself
when she saw that people were already staring at
She brought out her ATM card since she didn’t
have enough cash and paid with it.
Waiter: “sorry ma, but this is the VIP session and
charges are higher here” the innocent waiter
Krisa sighed, collected her card and left the place,
cursing Abel in her heart.
“He must pay for this, I swear that he must pay”
she threatened.
To be continued 

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