Hunting The Wind Episode 2

April 22, 2019

# Hunting_The_Wind
Episode 2
After Linda left, Krisa sat down to think of the
happenings that had taken place in the village
where she liveed with her parents before she met
Krisa had been an adventurous child right from
her secondary school days. She was known to
frolic around after school hours with boys and
even teachers in the community secondary school
that she attended.
Her parents were poor but she wished that they
were rich so that she could afford to go to a
private school and date as many rich boys as
they were there.
Her mother who had noticed her daughter’s
waywardness had called to advise and caution
her several times but she had turned a deaf ear to
her mother’s advice. She was like a bird in a
cage, eager to exploit the world as soon as it was
At 16, Kris was no longer a virgin as she had slept
with most of the male senior students in her class
and some randy teachers who took advantage of
her average level of comprehension to sleep with
her for marks.
Her father was a strict disciplinarian and each
time that he saw her with boys or heard about her
philandering, he would give her the beating of her
life. Soon enough, she got used to his beating
and no matter how hard he flogged her, she
would never cry.
After her junior WAEC, she discovered that she
was few weeks pregnant but she had kept the
pregnancy to herself after taking several herbs to
abort it all to no avail.
Her mother was the first to notice the pregnancy
when she caught her vomiting at the back of the
house on an early Saturday morning.
Mama Kris: “Kris, what is wrong with you, why
are you throwing up like that this early in the
morning when you have not eaten anything” she
asked startling the girl who didn’t know that
anyone was watching her.
Kris: “erm mama, I…I didn’t know that you are
here” she stuttered.
Mama Kris: “that does not answer my question. I
have been watching you for days now and I
noticed that you usually come to this backyard
every morning and I have been wondering what
brings you here. So, you have been vomiting all
these days?”
Kris: “vomit? No o, it is only today o” she lied.
“Come here, Kris” he mother said and motioned
with her hands for her to come.
After few seconds of hesitation, Kris went to her
The woman looked at her daughter’s eyes, her
palms and felt the tenderness of her breasts.
Mama Kris: “you are pregnant. This girl has killed
me o, yaay” she screamed attracting the attention
of her husband who was shaving somewhere in
the compound.
Kris: “I am not pregnant o” she denied
Baba Kris who had heard his wife scream went to
the backyard where mother and daughter were
Baba Kris: “what is going on here? Iya Kris, what
are you doing here with your daughter?” he asked
with the shaving stick and the mirror he was
using still in his hands.
Mama Kris: “it is your daughter o, my husband”
she said raising her hands to her head.
Baba Kris: “what has she done again this
morning? Did you catch her standing here with a
boy? Kris, do you want to kill your mother and I
before our time? How did we offend you, ehn? Is
it a crime for one to give birth to a daughter in
this generation?”
Mama Kris: “it would have been better if I had
caught her with a boy o” she exclaimed.
“What is that supposed to mean? Do you
encourage her to follow boys about now” her
husband asked.
Mama Kris: “Your daughter is pregnant. Can you
imagine the shame this girl is bringing upon us?
Where do I hide my face now? What will people
Baba Kris: “wait! Who is pregnant? My own
daughter? No, it cannot be possible. She knows
that I will personally kill her myself if she tries
that. She cannot be pregnant, never”
Mama Kris: “She is pregnant o, I met her here
vomiting and she has been throwing up for a
couple of days now” she said.
Baba Kris: “that is not enough reason to conclude
that she is pregnant. There are many reasons why
people vomit”
Mama Kris: “am I not a woman? Don’t I know the
symptoms of pregnancy? It is obvious that this
girl is pregnant”
Baba Kris: “ngbo Kris, are you pregnant?” he
asked his daughter for confirmation.
Kris: “papa, I am not pregnant o, I don’t know
what my mother is talking about”
Mama Kris: “you are lying. How long do you think
this is going to stay hidden?”
Kris: “mama I said I am not pregnant. Ah-ah what
is it seff? Somebody cannot just vomit without
people saying she is pregnant? Abeg” she said
and made to walk away but her father dragged
her back and gave her a resounding slap.
Baba Kris: “how dare you talk to your mother like
that? Do you know what she went through before
having you? I have told you that I will kill you
with my bare hands if you don’t learn to be
Kris: “baba leave me, is it not mama that is
saying that I am pregnant? How can I be
pregnant when I am not married?”
“I will not leave you, Kris. I am your father and I
will continue to correct you until that stubborn
spirit of yours leaves you. You say you are not
pregnant right? Fine, we are going to the hospital
for them to carry out a test on you, that is the
only way we can find out if you are truly pregnant
or not”
Kris: “ha, hospital kwa. I am not going to any
hospital o. All I know is that I am not pregnant
and I am not going to any hospital for any
pregnancy test”
Baba Kris: “I am not asking for your permission.
In fact, you do not have a choice but to follow us
to the hospital and if you dare to resist going with
us, I will tie you to my motorcycle and drag you
along with us”
His wife nodded in agreement.
Baba Kris: “mama Kris, take this my shaving stick
and mirror back to the room and get me my
motorcycle keys, we are going to the hospital right
away” he said to his wife.
Mama Kris: “okay, my dear” she said and
collected the items from his hands and ran into
the room. Few minutes later, she ran out of the
room wearing a clean wrapper with a scarf over
her head and the motorcycle keys in her hands.
Baba Kris “stay with her and make sure she
doesn’t run away, let me go in an and change
into something better and carry some money” he
said and handed over Krisa whom he was holding
to her mother.
Baba Kris felt his world crumbling when the nurse
at the village clinic confirmed that his daughter
was 8 weeks pregnant and advised that they
register her for antenatal as soon as possible.
From the hospital till they got home, baba Kris
smacked his daughter with everything that he
could lay his hands on. From his belt to wires to
sticks. By the time they got home, Krisa already
had injuries all over her body and yet she refused
to disclose who the father of the baby she was
carrying was.
To be continued
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