My Mother's Dream episode 21

April 06, 2019
Bella still had the disc in the DVD
player when her husband
knocked, she rushed to open the
door. It was the first time since
she confessed that he was
knocking on her door. She forgot to pause the video and it was still
playing when Gberan entered. He
had come to talk to Bella about
living separately and gradually
divorcing because of Ken. But
when his eyes fell on the television, he was stunned. This
was evidence to nail Tania and his
wife had it. Gberan: “How did you get this?”
he asked. Bella looked at the
television and covered his mouth
with his hands. She ran to cover
the television but it was too late.
She began to stutter, then she stopped. Bella: “I stole it from Tania, she
was working with a man I
suspect to be a police man, he
gave it to her” she explained,
deciding to come clean. Gberan: “So why haven’t you
given it to the police. I can’t
believe that after everything you
have done, you still find it hard to
do the right thing” he lamented. Bella: “I know I have made
mistakes but I did them from a
place of love. I was scared, she
tried to kill me once” “But you weren’t scared of
stealing it from her” he mused but
he didn’t tell her that, instead he
made a deal with her. Gberan: “It is going to be hard to
rebuild our marriage after
everything, as the day passes
without Dayo, the more I resent
you. But if you can help put the
woman who did all these behind bars, it would help towards
forgiving you” he said, and Bella
rushed to hold him. Bella: “If that is what it would take
for you to forgive me, I will do it. I
still love you, and everything I did
was for the love of family, and I
regret it” she replied and
removed the disc from the DVD, then handed it over to Gberan. Gberan: “We are going to the
police station right now. Perhaps
if Dayo knows she is behind bars,
he would find his way back to us”
he said. “I hope not” Bella thought within
her. Tania was frantic, she couldn’t
hand herself over to the police
and she knew Damilola would tell
the police when the time elapsed.
She typed a text message and
sent to him. The text read; “I am sorry my love, all I did was
because of a misunderstanding.
You loved Dayo even before you
knew he was your son, I saw that
you didn’t care anymore whether
we had a child together or not. I felt cheated and I acted out of
fear of losing you. Is it a crime to
love, because the only crime I
committed was loving you. If you
do not care about me, what about
our child?” She waited for a reply but got
none. She decided to activate plan
B, which was running away. She
ran up to her room, the disc,
momentarily forgotten, and
began to pack a few important things into her suitcase, including
the certificate of occupancy of the
house, and some other important
documents that pertained to
Damilola’s properties. She would
sell the properties, and with the proceeds get a new life where no
one would find her. “But as for you, Damilola, I will
never forget how you
abandoned me, and when it is
right, I will come for you and your
son, Dayo” she thought within as
she looked around the room where she had spent so many
years loving Damilola. A single
tear trickled from her eyelid, and
she whisked it away. “This is no time for crying, it is
time to act” she thought and left
her room. But as she hurried down the
stairs, she missed a step in her
hurry, and tumbled down the
stairs. At the base of the staircase,
she laid in a pool of blood,
unconscious. Gberan drove his wife to the
police station where she narrated
her ordeal and everything she
knew about Tania and Dayo. The
police told her that they could not
arrest Tania based on her words alone, that they needed proof. Gberan: “We have proof” he said
and brought out the disc. The
detective in charge was the same
who had put Skyby on the covert
operation. He was stunned when
he saw the disc, it was identical with the corrupted one Skyby
had given to them, but he
instinctively knew that the one
Gberan was holding, was not
corrupted. Detective: “How did you get this?”
he asked, yanking the disc from
Gberan’s hand. Bella: “A man, who I suspect to be
one of yours, gave it to Tania. I
stole it from her” she replied, and
went further to describe the man
as the same person who lured
her to the warehouse, so that Tania could kill her. The detective
immediately knew that Skyby was
the one Bella talked of, and it
occurred to him that Skyby had
been compromised. But before he
could give the word to have Skyby arrested, another dirty cop
close to Skyby informed him, and
the latter absconded from town. After playing the disc, the
detective was sure his instincts
had paid off and finally he had
Tania. He mobilized his men and
they went to Tania’s house to
arrest her. When they got to the house however, they met Tania in
the pool of her own blood. Detective: “Call the ambulance
immediately” he said, and went to
touch her neck, to feel for a pulse.
He shook his head sadly. Bella: “Officer, she is still alive,
right?” she asked, as fear gripped
her heart. She clutched the hand
of her husband because, even
before the officer replied, she
already knew the answer. Detective: “She is dead, she
probably fell a long time and no
help came. It is a pity” he said
shaking his head. Bella: “Oh no, she was pregnant.
It was her first pregnancy” she
cried. The force of Tania’s death
hit her so strong, she broke
down and began to cry. Bella: “What is life, that we should
live it unfairly in pursuit of love,
family or fulfilment, not caring
who we hurt or tread on. Life is
fragile and can be snuffed out just
like that” she snapped her fingers. Then she turned to her
husband and began to beg for
forgiveness, this time she was
truly repentant., shaken to her
core by Tania’s death. Seven Years Later It has been seven years since
Tania died, Damilola never
remarried. He had lost hope of
seeing Dayo again, and had gone
back to Lagos, where he gave all
his time to caring for people as a doctor. He established an
orphanage home, where
abandoned babies could call
home. He always said Dayo was
his inspiration and he always
wanted to put smiles on peoples’ faces as Dayo did. The day of the ground breaking,
Dayo watched it all on television.
He saw Damilola recount his affair
with Khadijat and how he had
fled to India to pursue his
education while the woman he had impregnated suffered the
shame alone. He talked about
how he had his son close and
never knew it was his son until he
left. There was a lot of crying, as
people listened to the sad story of a love gone sour by the
occurrence of pregnancy. Damilola: “Dayo, wherever you
are, if you are still alive, please
forgive me. I wish I could ask for
another chance to make things
right, but I don’t know if I
deserve such luxury” he said to the camera. His face filled the
television screen and Dayo could
see the unshed tears shimmering
in his eyes. Suddenly, the screen
went black, Dayo turned and saw
Stone holding the television remote control. Stone: “Remember, you are no
longer Dayo, you are Robert” he
said angrily. Dayo: “Robert or whatever, I am
still the one that man is referring
to” he said, and his mind went
back to the past, that he had tried
to move away from. Damilola had been nice to him, he
even set up a trust fund for him.
He remembered the moments
they shared and he wondered if
his life would have turned out
better if his father had not abandoned his mother. He also
remembered Tania, the woman
had probably found out about
him being her husband’s son,
that would explain why she
wanted to kill him. He remembered the look in her eyes
just before she swerved the car
and hit the bridge. He also
thought of what his life would
have been like, if he had not run
away, perhaps his daddy Gberan would have protected him. “Daddy? He is not your daddy; do
you see him looking for you?” a
voice said within him. Stone: “You are a fugitive as Dayo,
you cannot go back. Robert
offers you a new chance, and a
new slate. You already passed
your exams, you can go to any
school in Nigeria” he said, intruding into Dayo’s thoughts. Over the years, he had become
close to Stone, and though he
had advised the man to quit the
business he was in, his advice
was always met with a deaf ear.
Stone was greedy, he had come from extreme poverty, and after
his University days, with no job, a
politician had hired him to
assassinate an opponent. The
operation was successful and he
was paid in millions. That was how he got into the crime
business, and now he didn’t want
to leave. However, he had protected Dayo
as much as he could, but he never
let Dayo go, as he felt Dayo would
rat them out. But every day, he
saw the loath in the boy’s eyes.
Even though the boy saw him as an elder brother, and probably
loved him, there was no denying
it that the young boy loathed
what he did for a living..
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