My Other Half Episode 32

April 06, 2019
My other half
By Apio favour
Episode 32
Something screamed in her ears.
Sarahhhh. It was her mums voice. The one who took care of her from childhood.
Sarah pushed Roy away quickly
Sarah -omg I came believe am doing something so stupid.
She said as she quickly button her shirt back.
Roy smiled.
Sarah - what the hell is funny.
Roy - u said u don't love me first, secondly u said u do and now u were lost in me.
Sarah was done buttoning her shirt she wasn't funding what Roy was saying funny. She almost lost her damn virginity to a guy who is going to end up with her twin sister..
Roy - Sarah am sorry I didn't... Mean to..
Before he completed his statement Sarah has unlocked the door and ran out. .
Roy chased after her.
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Apio Favour
But then he stopped chasing her. He knew how she must have been feeling. He looked at himself and smiled remembering that Sarah unbutton his shirt. Then he dressed himself properly before heading to the car park.
Sarah stopped after she noticed that Roy wasn't chasing after her.
She quickly arranged herself properly and breathe in several times to calm her nerves.
Betty - where the hell were u.
Sarah - I was doing some... Hmm school work.
Betty - when school has closed. I told this bastard to drive me home but they refused saying mum said we must go home together.
Sarah - am sorry.
Sarah adjusted herself in the sit and her back faced Betty when she was arranging her bag.
Betty - Sarah what's blood doing at ur back ( getting a little worried)
Sarah -what... Blood?
Betty -yeah at ur back.. Are u in anyway injured? (getting concerned)
Sarah - me injured no... No. (then she remembered that roy was actually bleeding maybe when it was when they were in the restroom)
Betty - are u OK.
Sarah - please excuse me I need to go get my other uniform from my locker.
Betty -ok.
Sarah looked at her for a while she was confused why Betty was acting all nice to her.
Sarah -hmm thanks for..
Betty - hey time is going (yelling and trying to prove that she doesn't care about her)
Sarah got out of the car and hurried to the locker room to get her things.
Roy - am sorry man
Troy - it's OK. But why the smile.. Like u look different. Any news.
Roy - no news ( he remembered everything that happened in the restroom and he can't still believe that they almost got to that point)
Troy - hey man. Why are u blushing.
Roy -am I (killing his smile immediately)
Troy - I know something is up.
Roy - nothing is up. Get off my case.
Troy - u were moody for some days now and today u look all blushing. I Mean I thought only girls blush not guy.
Roy - aghhh u are getting on my nerves.
Troy - OK OK I rest my case if u won't tell me ( raising his hands up)
Roy smiled again.
Sarah was now back AMD they were driven home.
Betty - I can't believe I was feeling for her.. Never... I won't ever let myself feel for her maybe I was only pitying her... Aghh I hate for her to think I like her or something)
Sarah - Betty u are bleeding ( trying to touch her elbow)
Betty - fuck off. Don't u ever touch me again.
Sarah - sorry ( she said looking at the window)
Sarah - ( what was I thinking that she will change so easily and we will be good just like that... Nahh but I wonder why she is bleeding)
Betty didn't look at her injury until it Gave her a little pain then she looked at her elbow it was just a little scratch. ( where did I get this scratch from. Ohh maybe it was when that jerk bump into me...) she started smiling remembering how she threw smoothies on him and she remembered the look on his face and she laughed unknowingly to her. ) she looked around no one was looking at her so she quickly brushed the smile away.
Betty - ( why the heck am I smiling, I should be mad that idiot made me bleed. I mean I can't remember the last time I sustained an injury... Aghhh that idiot fall my books and didn't pick it. It's a good thing I didn't hurt my pride by picking them. I left them there and am sure when he see it he will pick it. She smiled again and quickly brushed it off)
Sarah was now in her room. She has had dinner and has taken her bath.
She just kept thinking over and over again about what she almost did.
Sarah - that's was the most stupid day of my life... Thank God I stopped what if I had done something crazy.... Nahh Thank Goodness. She doesn't help but smile over what had happened and when she noticed that she was smiling she hits herself.)
Sarah - I wonder how am going to look at Roy tomorrow after I was do cheap... Jeez I don't know if I can look at him without feeling like a cheap girl... I know what to do I will just ignore him and avoid him
.ohhh I need to stop thinking about that incidence. Where is my phone. It has been a while since she operated it.
She looked for it and saw it in her drawer. She went online and guess what Roy hasn't sent over 5 messages.
Sarah smiled and read it.
Message - Sarah am sorry I over stepped my boundary.
/- Sarah I hope u will forgive me
- Sarah are u mad ? Hmm my Sarah Ella.
- to be sincere that was the best day of my life. And I can't stop thinking about it...
Sarah couldn't bear but laugh
- does this mean we are back together. I mean are we still dating.. I hope it's yes because I have missed ur smile laugh and all.
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Apio Favour
Tuesday morning.
Betty - wake up u sleepy head. ( banging Sarah's door heavily)
Sarah managed to wake up after several banging.
Sarah - what is it ( yelling)
Betty - u better get ur ass from that bed before I drive to school.
Sarah - what..
She reached out for her phone and it was 7:30
Sarah -woahhh.
She said rushing out of bed and hurriedly went to shower. Betty kept banging the door.
She didn't take time showering she wore her other uniform and opened the door.
Bettys eyes stared at her like she wants to kill her.
Betty - agghhh
She said and walked out.
Sarah followed.
She went downstairs she didn't see her mum and didn't bother to ask because Betty was already furious.
Soon they were both in the car and was driven to school.
Betty - why the hell do u keep making me wait for u.
Sarah - hmm I ..was... (what was I doing self)
Betty - sleeping like a log of wood.
Sarah -no need for insults I apologized already.
Betty -what ever insult I throw at u isn't enough. U deserve more. And don't u ever make me wait for u again. I wonder why mom insist we must go together... Me and u will never get along.
Sarah - OK I hear... Ah.
Betty gave her a nasty look and looked away. Both of them were now looking at the window close to them.
Sarah is still thinking of what to do if she see Roy and she must see him they are in the same class.
Sarah - ( jeez I just wish we weren't in the same class. Woahhh this is actually the first time am scared to see Roy and now am praying we don't see each other. Isn't it creepy. She asked herself smiling )
Betty - ( yikes.. I can't get to school quickly so that I can teach that maniac a lesson.. I need him to know that am the boss not him.. She said to herself and that makes her smile.... She noticed she was smiling and frowned instantly..
Why the heck am I smiling)
Raymond was now in school he can't wait for Betty to come to school and behave like a bitch towards him ( shit did I just wish she should come to school to haunt me) he started laughing. And then he Betty walked in..
He smiled widely ( he wonders why he was smiling)
Both he and Betty eyes locked and she looked away after some seconds ..
Betty -why is that maniac looking at me and smiling at way... He is so cute with that smile.. Wait what.. Betty are u going nut... Jeez I hate that dude..
She sat on her sit .and then she opened her bag to go summit her maths assignment. Then she remembered that she didn't pick her books from the floor.
Betty -aghhhh
She said and stood up then walked to meet Raymond.
Raymond - ( I smiled at her and she looked at me for some time then she looked away... Shit... )
Betty - hey u maniac where are my books.
Raymond looked up and saw Betty stretching her hand at him in a stylish way and holding her waist with the other hand. She looks kind of cute and that's made me smile)
Betty - what's funny? Am I putting on a comedy show for u?
Now girls who are admiring Raymond are looking at Betty angrily but they won't dare to speak.
Raymond - yes u are
Betty - am not here to crack joke maniac. Where the hell are my notes
Raymond -which notes ( pretending not to know)
Betty -aggghhhh
Raymond -( this girl is cute when she is mad... Did she just call me a maniac and I didn't respond.. No way am letting her win)
Betty - the notes u feel from my hands when u bumped into me
Raymond - ohhh I remember now. When u were blind and bumped into me
Betty -what the heck... U... U bumped into ( why argue with this idiot. Get ur notes and leave before all this good for nothing girls kill me with thier ugly eyes )
Raymond - hey what are u thinking... Dummy.
Girls laughed.
Betty looked at them and they kept quiet instantly.
Betty - breathe in.i need my notes
Raymond - oh I saw ur notes on the floor when I came back form principal Naya office
Betty -andd... ( getting mad)
Raymond - I left them and went home.
Betty - u did what ( yelling and causing everyone to look at them)
Raymond - well I picked it up for u but u refused to take them so I knew it was a waste to pick them up the second time.
Betty -aghhhh I hate u bloody civilian .. U are good for nothing...
Raymond - ( woahh she is really mad. Her face is red and she said she hates me that' kind da hurts. I mean every girl like me)
Raymond - why the insult... U don't look like a serious student to me
Girls laughed again.
Betty looked at them and this time very angrily then quickly faced their front.
Betty - if I don't see my notes on the floor I promise to make u pay.
Raymond - by what? Throwing smoothies on me.
Betty - worse.
She said and walked out of the class...
Raymond - ( I almost laughed my stomach out.. Her face is red when I mean red I mean it.. And she looks cuter... I wonder where this girl is from that she doesn't like a cute handsome guy like me with the cutest pink lips ever. ) he chuckled.
Sarah summited her assignment.
As she was walking out of the staff room Roy entered .they both stare at each other and Sarah quickly rushed off.
Betty went to the spot she left her books and saw that they weren't there....
Betty -aghhh ( calm down Betty calm Down. I don't know why I thought that arrogant fool will pick my notes. Am sure it must have been swept)
Betty went to the sweepers office as entered
Betty - which of u swept the passage to principals office.
Woman - don't u greet ur elders when u see them
Betty - if u don't want to get fired u better tell me where who the hell swept my book away.
Another woman -ohh I swept that area and I saw some books.. I throw then at block cd dustbin.
Betty - aghhhh.
She said and walked out banging the door.
Woman - what an arrogant girl...
Another woman -thats how rich kids are oo spoilt and disrespectful.
Woman - I don't want my grand kids to attend rich school like this one.
Betty went to the block dustbin and she sighted her note... She knew her English note cover it's has empire on it. ..
Betty -jeez I can't believe my notes are in there... I will never pick dirts with my fingers NE.... Ver ...
She said and walked out..
When she went to the class maths teacher was there already.
Betty greeted and walked in angrily.
And sat down.
Maths teacher - OK guys u all Need to resubmit ur note for making. I will be checking each and everyone ones note and giving them marks since test is about to come soon.
Betty froze
Everyone submitted their notes and the teacher check each page of everyone's note and was jotting down marks.
Soon he was done.
Maths teacher - I have two people in this class who hasn't submitted their note.
Betty - please don't say my name please don't..
Maths teacher -betty and Sophia.. Betty and Sophia stand up.
Betty hesistatively stood up
Maths teacher -may I know the reason why the vice head girl didn't submit her note.
Betty - sir hmm (this is the first time she is speechless all because of the jerk... )
Maths teacher - I see u have nothing to say.. So I give u 10 minutes to bring ur notes to my office..
Betty nodded and turned back to look at Raymond who was smiling Evily .
Betty sat down annoyed.
Raymond - ( gosh that girl is so mad at me right now.. Who does she even think of herself.. Leaving her notes on the floor thinking I will pick theM.... I hope it hurts her pride...) he started laughing and he saw Betty looking at him and he smiled Evily Betty frowned more and she sat down.
Roy - I wonder why she isn't looking at me.. I mean I have been staring at her but all she does is look the other way... I can't wait for break to reach)
Maths teacher left and Betty stood up to go get her notes.
She went to the dustbin and looked at it disgustingly..
Betty - I can't believe am about to do this.. I haven't done this in my whole life before but this Raymond came and boom he is ruining my life.. Aghhh I can't do this..
She said and walked out
Betty -no
She stopped and went back
Betty - I will have to do this so I can get a good grade. I don't want that Sarah to win over me never.
There were lots of garbage on it and her books were beneath.
Betty slowly shooked her hands into the bin.
Betty - gross grooss so gross
She said as if she was about to cry..
She picked her first book out and threw it on the floor immediately and jumped afterwards. later got the two out and did the same thing She used her hands to search for the others but she couldn't find it.
She removed her hands form the dustbin and looked at it as if she wants to cut it out.
Betty picked her there notes from the floor with two fingers .
Betty - yuck gross
She said and tears gathered her eyes...
Then she heard someone laughing.
Then he walked closer to her.
Betty - what the heck is funny.
Raymond - u of course. U should have seen ur face when u were picking those up..
Betty - aghhh. Get the hell out of here
Raymond - why are u ashamed that I saw u..
Betty - curse u.. I curse the day u came into this school.
Then he burst into laughter.
Betty - I hope u choke .
Raymond tried to kill his laugh
Raymond - oh Betty I hope u learnt ur lesson.
Betty - whatever punk.. U are a bastard
Raymond - oh I have a father. ...
He started walking away.
Then stopped
Raymond -hurry up baby time is running out.
And he laughed again before he started walking..
Betty got more angry and threw one of her notes at him. But it didn't reach Raymond
Raymond (I heard the sound of something .i looked back and saw one of her dirty notes on the floor and she was clenching her teeth and frowning... OMG she is so so mad. I chuckled and turned the. Continue walking )
Raymond - baby u look so cute with that face.
Betty - fuck u..
Raymond - see ya.
He said smiling.
Betty -aghhhhhhh I hate him so so much.. I wish I could slap that laughter out of his damn face
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