My Other Half Episode 33

April 06, 2019
My other half
By Apio favour.
Episode 33
Roy - hmm why did u hug me ...I Mean ...
Sarah -am sorry I don't know why I did it.
Roy -no don't apologize. I am happy that u actually did. So are we back together.
Sarah - no.. ( she is now frowning)
Roy -why? (mad)
Sarah - I can't tell u why . I just know that u and Betty are meant to be and not me
Roy - is it about the engagement stuff .i told u already that's has far u are with me I can do something about it. I just need u by my side and also ur support.
Sarah -am... A. M sorry Roy but I can't.
Roy - Sarah what's wrong with u. Something's u hug me sometimes u even kiss me and sometimes u tell me u love me. Why are u fighting ur feeling's. What are u so scared of.
Sarah -am not scared of anything Roy.
Roy -yes u are. That's the only reason I can think of.. With ur constant change of behavior towards me. Did Betty threaten u? Tell me what's wrong? We weren't like this before..
Sarah - nothing is wrong with me. I just don't want u anymore.
Roy -what do u mean by that.
Sarah -dont u get it. I want to move on from u. (half yelling )
Roy -oh (sad)
Sarah - just go to ur future wife Betty and make things right.
Roy - I will ask u this question one last time.. Sarah what's is going on?
Sarah -nothing is going on.
Roy -ok. So u want to move on from me? But what did I do? Did I break u heart? Did I follow other girls but u!? For damn sake Sarah it s u I love not Betty.
Sarah - Roy can u please forget me and focus on Betty. She needs u.
Roy -did she tell u that. .. OK of its all about Betty. I can be her friend. . I can try to be there for her always but as a friend.
Sarah -no... I dont want friendship. I need u to love her back. (trying to be strong because every word she says break her heart and it's hurts more because she is the one saying it and pushing Roy away.)
Roy breathe in
Roy -ok I will do as u say
He said and turned to walk but turned to face Sarah again.
Roy - I will try my best to love Betty just as u said. Who knows I might love her more than I love u and remember this day because u pushed me away and I will never I mean never come back to u. This I promise. Whether I love Betty or not Sarah I will kill my love for u.. I won't have the smallest amount of love for u ever again
Tears gathered In Sarah's eye s.
Roy, - Sarah don't forget u pushed me away.. AMD I promise u one thing we will never ever get back together. No matter how much u realise later that u love me.
A tear dropped from Sarah's eyes
Roy - good bye forever and I want u to know that I love u.. I really do but u broke my love for u today into tiny pieces and soon I will pack the pieces from my heart and throw them away far away.
With that he walked out.
Sarah sat on her chair and rested her head on her desk and cried silently.
Roy went to the hall which was always quiet and saw someone resting her head and it looked like Betty.
He walked to her and sat close to her.
Betty - who the fuck are u ( she yelled and raised her head)
Roy - it..
Betty - Roy.....
Then she hugged him very tightly like her life depended on it.
Betty - ( I really do like Roy but whatever I like seems to disappear. We were the best of friends then he was always with me. Supporting me, showing me care and love... Am so happy he came at the right time I really needed a friend.)
Roy - Betty are u alright.
She realised the hug.
Betty -no am not.
Roy -me neither (whispering)
Betty -what did u say.
Roy -i said.. What happened.
Betty -this guy named Raymond. He is on my neck. Always on my case.
Roy - what.. The Betty I know can handle anything.
Betty -am not joking.
Roy -ok am sorry. What did he do.
Betty -he insulted me in front of everyone.
Roy - oh that's bad. Why did he do that.
Betty - I don't know. First of all he made a mockery of me and he called me a slot.
Roy - oh.. Don't worry I will talk to him for u.
Betty - Roy he almost made me cry. Remember u promised me no one will ever make me cry as far u are alive.
Raymond - Sarah are u OK.
He said. . She quickly cleaned her eyes with her uniform.
Sarah -no... I mean yes am fine.
Raymond - OK.. Then raisee ur head.
She cleaned her face properly before raising her head.
Raymond - why is ur eyes so red
Sarah - something entered my eyes a while ago.
Raymond - why is some thing telling me that u are lying.
Sarah - am not.
Raymond - o.. K. Even if I don't believe u but I will let it pass. But if u need someone to talk to am here.
She nodded.
Raymond - let's go grab something . Or do anything so u won't be sad. .sarah nodded with a little smile.
Raymond opened his bag to get an handkerchief for Sarah. When he saw that his books where cold and wet with ice-cream all over and on under his bag.
Raymond - crap... (yelling)
Sarah looked over
Sarah -why is there ice cream on ur bag.. Ur books are ruined and u know we are submitting them tor test
Raymond - I know. After paying people to copy All my notes and I see this.
Sarah - u didn't do it
Raymond - isn't that a funny question? Why would I ruin my own notes..
Sarah -oh sorry then who did it.
Raymond - everyone in this school likes me except ur fucking sister.
Sarah -betty. What would she do such a thing.
Raymond - stop asking questions. Let's go look for her
Sarah - OK. .. But how do we know where she is. The school is big.
Raymond - I know where she is?
Sarah -where?
Raymond - her friend Gladys told Me a while ago.
Sarah -ok
Raymond -then let's go
Sarah - I don't think I should go Betty might.. Get mad at me.
Raymond -are u scared of her.
Sarah - what no
Raymond -whatever am going.
He said and started walking
Sarah - hope u won't hurt her
Raymond - I will.
Sarah -what!!!
She screamed and ran to meet Raymond as they walk to the hall together.
Betty - are u serious Roy. Am I dreaming.
Roy -no I want us to be as before to be closer. And this time I won't give u only friendship but I will try to love u.
Betty - really? ( smiling) I still can't believe am hearing this from u.
Roy - am serious.
He held her hand
Roy-will u give me a chance hm Betty.
Betty - what about Sarah
Roy - we broke up
Betty - how am I sure u are not doing this just because you guys broke up.
Roy - Betty. Just give me a chance to be there for u and protect u.
Betty - Roy. Are u for real? I have been waiting for years for u to look at me With eyes full of love and not friendship only. And here is a chance. Roy i am very happy
Roy - so we u giving me a chance
Betty - Roy yes I am ( excited) is this a Way of asking me if I can be ur girl friend
Roy - kind of.
Betty - yes yes yes. Am so excited Roy at last u came to me. Am so happy that we are going to be dating for the first time after 16 years.
Roy smiles before he knew it Betty pressed her lips on his.
Sarah and Raymond got to the hall and viola .
Raymond froze.. He hasn't felt such a pain before and he wondered why he is so jealous and feel like going over there and punching the hell out of Roy.
Sarah eyes widen. She knew she asked him to go away but it's not up to an hour and he has already moved on.
Roy sighted Sarah and Raymond.
He wanted to push Betty away but no a mind told him to make Sarah know he has moved on.
He kissed Betty back.
Shock was on her face.
The. She crossed he hand around his shoulder and he kissed her more. He started playing with her hair .
Raymond - am out.
He walked away.
And they continued .. They couldn't breathe anymore so they pulled away.
Betty smiled shyly.
Betty - that's the first time u kissed me back.
Roy - yeah because I have moved on and I am ready to love u.
Betty - am so glad to be ur gf
Roy - me too
Betty smiled again before she sighted Sarah
Betty - what do u want( yelling)
Roy didn't like that she was yelling at Sarah. And she looks frozen.
Roy -( but she asked me to move on. I was really serious when I said I will never go back to her)
Betty - are u deaf
Sarah looked at Roy's eyes and he looked at her back and it was as if she was asking him questions . He felt pain. He knew that he didn't like what he did. He felt as if he has betrayed Sarah.
Sarah -( I couldn't speak. I have lots of question. Roy u say everyday that's love me and yet u moved on so fast. And u were kissing Her I mean her)
Betty - what is wrong with u why are u staring AT my bf.
Roy - Sarah... Am. Why are ur eyes so red...
She just looked at him for some seonds before she ran off
Betty - brat. I thought u said u guys broke up
Roy -yes we did .
Betty - then why was she like that
Roy - I don't know.
Betty - I don't want her to spoil my mood. Roy am so happy. She said and hugged him .
Raymond - how can she be kissing another guy? Is she crazy.. I mean ... .he said as he threw notes one after the other in the dustbin.
Then he stopped when he saw two of Betty's note.
That day he picked up two of her notes. He doesn't want her to lose too much note but he left the rest to teach her a lesson..
He looked at her note. It was dripping ice cream.
Raymond -she has a nice hand writing ....aghh why did she kiss him.
What's wrong with me? Why am I acting like this. I have always kissed different girls but I have never felt hurt by seeing a girl with another guy but why am I now...
He threw his bag away and took Betts two notes and walked away angrily
Why is Raymond mad? Do u like Raymond or Roy for Betty?
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