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Diamond In The Forest Final Episode

March 27, 2019 Add Comment

Before they left Mikai whispered to Remi’s ear “your brother is too shy but he is so cool…
“hahahaha…Dami is only shy because of you…he is never like this, maybe you have effect on him…don’t worry with time he will adjust to your presence, I will see you tomorrow at the palace. You will get to meet the kind princess, my good friend Ope and so many others there, I’m glad you and Pah has adapted to the environment already, Ore will stay here with us.
“please forgive the prince and marry him, he likes you and he is so handsome…Ade has his features…he will make a great father and a fine husband too…
“shhh…what do you know…I have told you before that you act like an over grown adult… ka lo…be going…
Mikai laughed out before leaving with Sipah and others to the palace that evening to spend the night there.
The following day Remi was at the palace with Ademide her son and did exactly what her grandma instructed, the Oba got up on his own as his health was restored back, so also is the Queen. The land was totally healed as the Oba mount his throne again.
Few days later Leja and Nike was brought out as their judgement began
After the Oba, the Queen mother and the cabinet men has pleaded for Remi forgiveness of which she forgave everyone of them as Sipah encouraged her to do.
Leja and Nike was brought out and Nike was telling Leja as they were escorted towards the Oba’s throne hall.
“Remi will forgive me, she is my sister after all, blood is thicker than water, she will not let them cast me off…because we are family and I am carrying your child too…Remi is not so heartless to allow them to pass a harsh judgement on me…she will consider my condition…I know I wrong her but she will let it go…what are sisters for…she has always have a soft spot for me…and forgives me anytime I offends her…she is not wicked…she will soften up when she sees me…is only you Leja that will go and suffer…if I had my way on time I would have terminated this pregnancy but it was too late after the plan with the prince did not work out…well I’m at Remi’s mercy and I know she will plead on my favour because we are family…
“you are very crazy…you think with your anus, look at the kind of trouble you brought me into, I curse the day I agree to join hands with you to do harm…I curse you and everything about you…whatever trouble awaits me yours will be double because it was a grave sin you committed, the land curse you for so many evil you and your mother has done…who knows if the land has strike her dead already for all the evil she did….so because Remi was soft you kept taking advantage of her…you will suffer Nike…the gods indeed has vindicated her and she will marry the Prince and become the next queen, I couldn’t even stop what the gods of the land has instituted…the forest couldn’t stop her…she is a destiny child and I was digging my own grave when I started messing up around her…had I know I will never have involve in such evil…you should be regretting all your evil now…not looking for a way of escape and think Remi will consider you because you are related or being pregnant as if you consider that when you planted so much evil against her…you are so evil and I hate you so much…I just plead to the gods to forgive me…I wish I will be giving another chance to right my wrongs….and make it right….i just wish…
The guards hush them to keep quiet as they approach the throne hall.
Guards were sent to go and fetch Iya Nike to join her daughter and get her own judgement but as the guards got to Iya Nike’s place she was dead and swollen in her room, they found out she drank poison
Iya Nike couldn’t bear the pain of her sickness, she has tried different herbs but keep getting worst, the pain increased everyday, her leg started swelling up and began to decay which made her unable to work, when she hard that Nike and Leja have being locked up after they were found guilty of a crime against Remi and the Oba, Iya Nike knew that her end was near and decided to kill herself before anybody would.
Her sin was heavy and she knew the gods were punishing her for them, she did not only kill her husband but also Iya Remi and planned with her daughter to kill the Oba and destroy Remis’s family.
She was tired of life and ended it with her own hands with the remaining poison she used for Iya Remi.
She died and was there for days without anybody noticing, Nike was in cell and did not even know that her mother was dead.
The guards took message back to the palace and they have to take her out and bury her immediately and burn down her house because it was a taboo in the land the way she died.
Nike was weak from wailing, she cried out her eyes when she hard her mother was dead, she pleaded to Remi to have mercy and forgive her but Remi told her that she has forgiven her and Leja but their other crime was with the Oba and the entire land and not with her anymore.
Judgement was pass on Nike, and Leja. They were to be banished into the evil forest, same place they sent Remi, Nike gave a heavy cry pleading.
Remi begged the Oba to reduce her punishment and that of Leja and the Oba gave them five years to live in the forest, they can return after that if they survive the forest
Sipah aske Remi to give Leja the direction to their forest home so they can live there. Remi did. She described the place for them. Leja thanked her and left with Nike to the forest, Remi asked Ore, the monkey to go with them so that he can guide them to the forest house
Ore understood the sign and jumped on Leja’s shoulder as they head to the forest.
Sipah picked interest in Ope and the Oba approved of their union, they got married.
Everything Leja had was giving to Sipah includes the land the Oba gave him. He built a house and live with Ope as his wife.
The princess got married to Tunde.
It took time for Remi to love the prince again as the prince did everything possible for it to happen and he won her back. She fell in love with the prince after Sipah got married to her good friend Ope
Remi married the prince in a grand ceremony that lasted for days.
Mikai was living in the palace with Remi
Years later, Sipah sometimes visit the forest and spend days with Leja and Nike who was pregnant again for Leja after she gave birth to his daughter, Sipah taught them the word and how to forgive their selves of their pass wrong, he was always going to visit them in the forest.
Leja and Nike later return back after their five years was over, Nike changed greatly and wish she has never allow her mother’s hate towards Iya Remi to influence her, she regret all her evil deed and Leja was happy to see a new Nike as they returned back to the kingdom and the live in the outskirt of the kingdom.
Leja became a good friend to Sipah and from there the entire family let go of the past as Sipah preached to them non stop
Many came to know the truth and embraced the light. Sipah became the first man of God in the kingdom and Leja was following his every step, Nike and Ope found friendship again as their children grow up together, Ore was not left out as he was always found with Sipah.
Grandma later kissed the earth goodbye and she was greatly celebrated with the good years she helped the kingdom.
Dami and Mikai feell in love and got married years later.
after the Oba and the Queen joined their ancestor the Prince became the next Oba and Remi was the new Queen and all the people loved her.
They had two daughters after Ademide.
And years to come we all know that Ademide , the diamond child, who is the seed of crown will take over the throne as he was born to do
Until then, let’s enjoy the kingship of the new oba with his Queen, Remi who is filled with wisdom as she rule along side her husband, in love and fair judgement to all.

Diamond In The FOREST Episode 33

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Remi and her Squad arrive the kingdom, some of the guards has already gone ahead of them to inform everyone of Remi’s arrival with the prince son who is believed to be the diamond child.
People came out of their houses as the news began to go round that the pregnant maiden who was innocently banished returned with a son she had for Omooba. A Diamond child and a seed of crown.
News travelled so far as every one came out to watch and rejoice, the men came to welcome them with gangan and dundun (talking drum) they played fine music and the happy women dance, some other people came to hug Remi, others came to see the diamond child which was foretold.
They came with different harvest from their farm yard. They gave different gifts, like goats, fowl and so many other gift to Remi and her Squad.
The small crowd gradually turn into a big crowd as different people came to join to welcome Remi and the strangers with her.
Mikai exclaim happily as she saw lots of people gathering up around them as they gently walk down, they greeted them warmly in their dialect, some wanted to touch Ademide, the Diamond child. Who was securely tired on Remi’s back. Some threw their wrapper on the floor in honour to the diamond child.
“Wow, so many people…Pah can you see…I feel like I’m a celebrity…like a princess in the means of all this people…oh my God…I have never seen so many people like this…they are giving Remi the honour of a Queen…this is awesome...see all her people they are huge… Pah, I like it here…I like to be in the means of all this people…they are singing and dancing and is all unique… Pah can we live here…maybe for sometime…please don’t go anywhere….Remi’s people are all warm and inviting…I want to be among them…
“hahaha…this is like a triumphant entry…I never expected it…I like it here too, if you like it here then we all can stay, Mikai, we will stay here together if God wills it, I feel God is giving us another home among this great people…I feel so glad that God Remembered Remi and Emmanuel. We will pitch our tent and bring light to those in darkness…God is giving us another home…taking us away from the forest into this Kingdom…
Remi and the squad went down to her grandma’s place while the remaining guards return to the palace. The prince who was standing with the princess and wondering what was happening outside the palace. The singing the multiple gangan sound.
“My heart want to boast out…maybe Remi has returned…oh the gods be praise if it happens to be true…do you think she will ever forgive me….how do I even approach her now…after all we put her through…oh Remi…I feel so happy yet so scared that she may not forgive me…or allow me to hold my son…well I deserve every of her judgment…I wronged her…the land owe her greatly…I wish I can take her away from those crowd and draw her into a warm embrace…I really miss her…i…I do…I just hope I’m right and I am not ridding ahead of myself…what if she refuse to come back…what if she swear never to set her feet here again what are we going to do…what I’m I going to do without her, I could have gone into that forest and plead with her myself but I can’t leave the throne, is not right. Father and the cabinet men are all done, mother too…I have wanted to go, but it was not a wise decision, that was why I stayed back, everyday that passes without any news of her return gives me heart ache …oh I just hope she is the one…
The princess looked up at his brother and started laughing as he placed his hand on his chest with a confused face
“I’m certain that Remi has return…there is no other way the kingdom will be this lively and happy, she took the colour of this place when she left now everything is coming back, there has being cry of sadness and one bad news or the other ever since she left, now there are shout of joy on her return…I wish I can run out there right now…I am so happy my heart want to boast…Remi is back with your son…relax…she will forgive you…she maybe angry for some time but she will forgive you…le…
The guards who were with Remi came into the palace and the Prince breathed deeply as they came to him with Remi’s return.
The prince screamed excitedly and also the princess, Ope ran out as the news got to her. She came to the princess
“I was hearing music and singing…I thought is coming from my head because is being a very long time we rejoice over anything in this kingdom…oh the gods be praise…
The princess was happy as she and Ope talked, the prince was rejoicing as he ask the guards
“Do you see my son…how is he…did Remi return with a stranger…tell me more
“The diamond child as people call him has your look, my prince he look so much like you. And Remi came back with some stranger not just one, a very young girl and a tall, huge man, his name is Sipah. He has a monkey on his shoulder, Remi seem to be so fond of him…he is a man with a deep scar on his forehead but strong arms and good looks too.
The prince breathed deeply, he robbed his too sweating palms as he wonder about Remi and the stranger that the guards said she was fond of, Leja has lied to him that Remi was his love and he believed him but not again, he will plead with everything possible even to the stranger to let Remi go, he doesn’t want to take chances again and loose her and he doesn’t care if Remi and the stranger lives as husband and wife in the forest all that matters is that he will fight for the woman he has never stop loving and for his son.
He asked few guard to follow him so that he can go over to Remi’s grandma place, where Remi and her squad were lodging.
The princess and Ope followed happily but the prince chased them back. He asked them to wait when he return they can go and see her. All of them can not leave the palace at once
Oba and the Queen mother may need one of them.
Leja looked out from the breeze block where they were kept, he wonder why there was so much noise. Nike sat on the ground, eating the left over food that a maiden served them earlier.
She also hard the noise and wonder what they were celebrating, she and Leja has not being talking to each other, Leja almost slapped her the other day as she provoked him, and ever since then she has being keeping to herself. anytime she want to ease herself she inform the guard station on their door and he will unlock the cell for her to go and ease up and return back, four guards were stationed around the cell, where she and Leja was.
Leja called one of the guards to ask him what the noise was all about
“Remi has returned with her diamond child…a son for the prince...everyone is celebrating her return…
Leja was stunned, he stood puzzled, Nike left the food that she was eating, she quickly lost her appetite, she turned to Leja
“Remi is dead…she was banished and she died in the forest…how come…how possible is it for her to survive the forest with wild animals and return back to the kingdom with a son for omooba…I doubt it…that guard is high on cheap wine…he is lying…
Leja ignored her as he began to think of his life whatever that awaits them, what will be his fate, he had great fear of the unknown, Nike wasn’t his problem and he hates her so much for making him to be in such a mess. He silently prayed to the gods to help him as Nike kept talking to herself….
Remi was seated with her happy grandma and excited Dami, Sipah and Mikai.
Dami collected Ademide from her back, Remi knelt before her grandma as the older woman filled with smile opened her arm in an embrace and Remi went and remained there as her grandma held her like a child, she released her and there were tears of joy pouring from Remi’s eyes. The older woman wipe the tear from Remi face and pat her cheek gently before asking Dami to bring the little boy.
As grandma carried the boy on her laps, she smile and gave a sigh of relief, Remi introduce Sipah and Mikai to her, and Ore the monkey was sitting beside Sipah.
Grandma asked them to come closer and when they did, she showered prayer of blessing on their head in Yoruba dialect, Sipah and Mikai did not understand but they joined everyone to say “Amin” after they stood up, Mikai felt Dami looking at her, she look in his direction but he quickly looked away shyly.
Mikai smile, as she focused on the moment. She noticed Remi’s brother was so homely and so happy, he wasn’t so tall but he was good looking and very shy unlike Remi who is so bold.
Whenever she found him looking at her, Dami will look else where and dodge.
“I thank the gods for their mercy, welcome home Remi and my great grandchild, the seed of crown, birthed in the forest and brought home to his great kingdom where he will mount the throne of the great men in years to come and judge wisely and fairly. He will be the people’s best king….I’m also glad to have you home with us Sipah and your daughter Mikai….feel at home, thank you once again for all your kindness, you are indeed a good man and you are already blessed... This will be your home from now on because you are the answer for the future generation of this land…and our monkey frined…hahahaha, even the animals took likening to you and guide you home…what a monkey with human intelligence...
Ore waves it tail and made a funny noise as if he was saying “thank you” which made everyone to laugh.
Men playing the ganagan increased the volume and singing voices went high as they saw the prince coming with his guards.
When Remi saw the prince and every one prostrating, she did not move from where she sat in between Sipah and Mikai.
Remi looked at the Prince and know that Ademide took after him so much, she noticed that the prince has slimed down, and he was counting his every steps as he move closer to where she was, she was having the wrapper she took from him on her laps, she looked away from him as he was looking at her.
The prince went to grandma and greeted, he looked sty the boy who look so much as him in his younger days. He breathed deeply and smile. He wanted to touch him but decided to make peace with Remi first.
He greeted the man sitting beside Remi and he responded warmly, the tall strong man with a warm smile introduced himself as Sipah and his daughter as Mikai.
The prince welcomed them, he looked at Remi who has refuse to look at him, he breathed again and looked back at the grandma who smiled and urged him to go ahead
He looked at Sipah as if he was trying to take permission and Sipah nodded him forward, the prince greeted Remi and thanked her for Returning home to them, he pleaded for her forgiveness, for the injustice done to her but Remi was sitting acting unconcerned
The older woman spoke
“no wasting time, Omooba you have all the time to beg my grand daughter but right now let’s start with the most necessary, as you can see they just returned from a faraway journey, give her time to rest and think but most importantly first thing tomorrow, the diamond child will be taken to the palace, Remi carry him to Oba’s chamber and allow the Oba to hold the child’s hand, do the same for the Queen. Oba is the ruler of this kingdom and once the ruler is well again then every other sick person will get their healing, the cabinet men inclusive.
The prince stayed behind until the evening was turning into night, he spoke with Sipah on the forest life, Remi did not allow him to touch her son but he was a very patient man, he knows his sin against Remi was heavy and he will try to make it all right. The prince found out that Sipah does not have anything to do with Remi in terms of relationship, it was a great relief for him as he plan on what to do to gain Remis’ forgiveness and to win her back to himself.
Mikai joined Dami in the kitchen, but Dami was shy and started blushing
“I came to help you make the evening food, hope you don’t mind…please tell me what to do…
“aaa…ok…ay…there is nothing much left to do…thank you…may be you could tell me about the forest life…
Mikai was happy as she started telling Dami what her old environment was like and how to make an arrow and bow.
The prince asked Sipah and Mikai to join him in the palace and they obeyed.

Diamond In The Forest Episode 32

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“I’m not going anywhere…I’m not moving an inch…all of you should return back to him and tell him that I said so…my home is here and there is nothing any of you can do to make me change my mind on this…
The guards who were already well feed by Sipah thanked him for his kindness before going to speak to Remi who sparked up angrily at them.
“the kingdom is in deep crisis, the Oba, the Queen mother, the cabinet men and so many others are down, Leja confessed to everything, him and Nike the evil maiden has being locked up by the prince. Their judgment will start when you return back to the kingdom. the kingdom owe you an apology, we are just servants sent to guide you home…please listen to us…our kingdom lies in your shoulder and everyone wants you home…
“what if I was thorn apart by the wild animals, dead and rot away with my unborn child…do you all ever imagined such happening…if I was dead I know the kingdom will still survive without me…I just don’t want to go and I told the prince if he rejects my unborn child then he should never come for him later…I told him exactly that and I still hold onto my word…let non of you speak to me of this again…return back to the kingdom first thing tomorrow morning and tell your prince that I refused…I was cast out, humiliated, nobody believed me or gave me a chance to speak….now they want me back…that is never going to be possible.
Remi stormed out angrily and went into her room. Sipah was seated with the confuse guards who did not know what to do. Sipah turned to them.
“I will speak to her…is very normal for her to be angry, it was a great injustice done to her but I’m happy that she has being vindicated…I will speak with her later, she is still very angry now and will not listen…my name is Sipah…your kingdom will be restored again…do not panic...
“Thank you Sipah, may the gods bless you mightily. please, kindly help us speak to her…she may listen to you, our kingdom needs her, the gods have vindicated her already, we know it was a great wrong that was done to her and the whole kingdom feels sorry for such unrightful sentence, we can’t leave here without her or the prince will send us back or angrily punish us, please…
Later that night after Sipah showed the men where to sleep for the night he went to Remi’s room and knocked on the door before going in.
“Pah, if you are here to speak to me about going back with those guards then you have come to waste your time…except you have to kick me and my son out yourself…
Sipah ignored her and went to sit on a chair close to her wooden bed. He was quiet for sometime before speaking up
“You don’t need to fight or be angry…nobody will force you out of here without your consent…you should be happy the truth finally came to light…the almighty has judged in your favor, anger will not do you any good…I understand everything… I totally do, but the book of proverb says that anger labels us a fool…I mean anger does no good to us but sometimes is okay to be angry but don’t make decision in anger…sometimes we should use wisdom in our daily thoughts…
“Somebody once say that to me…anger labels you a fool…ooh is my grandma…she says a lot of things about anger…
“Your grandma was right…don’t you miss her and also your brother…because I know she will be looking forward to having you back…maybe your main purpose on earth is now...for such a time as this. Your people needs you Remi…the prince is just a man, he isn’t perfect, he made a mistake and he regrets it all, he must have died inside with guilt and sadness, for denying you and his child. He is a nice man to have realized his mistake on time, your purpose in life is right there in your kingdom, a service to humanity…maybe beside the prince and our little Emmanuel will have a better home than this ….the prince needs you…ejoo…what does please means again in yoruba…I can’t remember
Remi smile as Pah pretend not to know what please is but just wanted to cheer her up.
“please is jowo or ejoo which is generally used, you just said it now Pah, don’t make me laugh I’m not in a good mood, I don’t want the prince, we have nothing together, he rejected me and Ademide just when I needed him…I just don’t want to leave here…what of you and Mikai, even if I have to leave then I am not leaving without you, Mikai and Ore too. We all must go together if not then I am not going anywhere.
“I may come visiting later, you may take Mikai along if she want to go with you, but I have my big farms here to attend to and I like it here, my world is not outside there…is right here and I feel comfortable here Remi…jowo…
Remi insisted on not leaving without Sipah, she said she can’t leave him alone in the forest that he must come along or she won’t go anywhere. It took time before Sipah agreed to go with her maybe after sometime he will return back to the forest but Remi told him if he was going to return back to the forest that she will also come along with him. Sipah smile and told her that she was about to find her purpose in life which will keep her very busy.
Remi was having double mind of leaving the forest, she began to think of the whole thing before sleeping off that night.
Remi found herself talking with her grandma as she urge her to come home
“I am not leaving without Pah, Iya… I owe him my life…
“Sipah, is an angel on assignment which is to help you, his work is done and yours has just began…Sipah and his daughter Mikai and also the monkey whom you call Ore are ready to do anything for you to come home… your people needs you, the land needs the diamond you carry…that is the only remedy to heal and purge the kingdom of this evil that has befallen our land…bring the diamond child home let me hold him before I pass on…I have waited for this…now is time…do not delay…I don’t have much time left on this earth…I want to see you and the diamond child…the seed of crown. I have missed you my daughter…Remilekun…come home. Your place is beside omooba, he is deeply sorry, I know you love Sipah but is okay to love a good man as that but he has his own race to run, you have yours…I’m about to fulfill mine and kiss the earth good bye….Sipah and Mikai has a place in our land…they will live and marry among us…Sipah is coming with the truth of light…many will come to believe…come home my daughter, the evil has being exposed and the enemies has being put to shame…you are the answer the kingdom seek…come home…
Remi woke up and sat quiet on her bed, thinking of what to do when Sipah knocked on her door that morning, Remi was arranging her things, he greeted her in a funny way that made Remi to laugh…
“eka aro…ba wo ale?… I got it right…please rate me…
“Not so perfect but you tried…you are a fast learner…good morning Pah…and my night was fine…I have made up my mind…we all are leaving this place, I am not doing It for the Prince or the Oba, I am doing it for everyone who stood by me all this while, my grandma, my brother, the princess, Ope my good palace friend…I miss them all, you, Mikai, Ore my monkey friend and most important for my diamond child…as my grandma will call him and to everyone out there who stood by me and supported me…they are the reason why I am doing this…
“thank you for doing this…I am so proud of you Remi…I couldn’t sleep last night as I pray that God should touch your heart and make you see reasons…I’m glad he hard my prayer. We, the forest squad are strongly standing by you, hahahaha…let’s go and get your kingdom working again…let’s go and restore the color back to your kingdom…bringing real change and smile to everyone’s lip. I will gather enough food in sacks, those guard will have to carry load as we journey to the kingdom…your kingdom should get ready because the forest squad will be landing soon...
Mikai who suddenly woke up started laughing at Sipah’s tone of voice, Remi joined in and little Ademide awaken and was looking at everyone as they all laugh at Sipah, he also started giggling in laughter which made Remi to laugh even more.
They left the forest as evening approach, Mikai was hanging her bow and arrow, Sipah carried Ademide on his shoulder and later gave him to Remi who backed him with the same prince's wrapper which has being so helpful to her and still retains it’s color except for the stain that wasn’t so obvious now.
Ore, who was jumping from tree to tree jumped on Sipah’s right hand shoulder as they kept on moving, they rested severally on the road and built fire and shelter when night came then continued the following morning
Mikai was so happy as she look forward to changing environment for the first time in her life.
The journey lasted for three days, they met another set of five palace guards coming to the forest. They said the prince has sent them into the forest for another search since the second set of guard has not returned for over five days.
Everyone was happy as they travel back to the kingdom.

Diamond In The FOREST Episode 31

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Story written by AMAH HEART
The guards who were sent into the forest to search and bring back Remi and her son returned back empty handed in the evening with the news of they searched everywhere for Remi but did not find her or any sign of her.
The Prince was furious,he selected five stronger guards and send them into the forest, he told them not to return to the kingdom without Remi, he warned them seriously that they should not return back without her and his son.
The five guards gathered enough food and water and every necessary weapon and entered the forest again in a heavy search for Remi and son.
Remi was with Mikai that evening teaching her Yoruba dialect, before Sipah came out from his room to join them, Mikai left to make fire for the evening food. Remi continued with Sipah, Ademide, who has already started taking a step was playing with the toy Sipah made for him, Ore was beside him keeping an eye on him as he plays around.
Remi began to teach Sipah who avoided making eye contact with her, Remi wanted him to look at her but he was looking at somewhere else
“One is Okan, Two is eji, three is eta four is erin five arun, six is efa, seven is eje….are you listening Pah, is there a problem…you are not looking at me…it makes me doubt if you are really listening to me…
“I am listening, not looking at you doesn’t mean I’m not listening to you, you have my ears, please continue, is hard to remember all of this numbers, they seem to sound familiar, eta, erin, efa, eje eji…you can see that I’m actually listening, please, teach me another thing aside the numbers…maybe wild animals…
“Okay, I’m glad you are paying attention to me, just keep looking at me as you are doing right now so that I will know that you are listening…Animal means Eranko. Birds is eiye. Elephant is erin. Lion means kiniun. Tiger is ekun. Pig is elede. Monkey means obo. Come is wa. Go is malo. Family means ebi. Son is omokunrin. Daughter is omobinrin. Mother is iya and father is baba. Grandmother is iya-iya, husband is oko and wife is iyawo. Hunter means ede. House is ile, kitchen is ile idana. Bathroom is ile iwe. Toilet is ile igbonse. Backyard is ehinkuule. Key is kokoro. Fire is ina o, good morning is eka aro. Afternoon is ekasun and night is eka ale. Welcome is ekabo. King is Oba and a prince is Omooba. Queen is Olori. God is Oluwa and thank God is Oluwa ese n. thank you means ese or ose depending on the person. Oremi means my friend. Please is ejoo, love is ife. Give me is fumi. Stop is duro nbe. Ligh…..
“ejoo…duro nbe…I have learnt enough for today…let me think of the few I can still remember…is sound so interesting and I’m so eager to learn more…let me check up on Mikai and how the evening food is going…ese Remi…Ore mi…your humble student is grateful…
“hahahaha..your welcome Pah…I will be happy to teach you anytime… any day.
Pah wanted to stand up but Remi stopped him
“you seem to be avoiding me and only stays around me when Mikai is around…I noticed that…what exactly is my offence…did I do anything wrong…
“Not all...i have never pick a fault in you Remi, is not because you are perfect but I refuse to see any spot in you. I am not avoiding you…I have no reason to do that…
“you are, Pah. you keep far distance from me…you recline more to your room, you stay far in the forest cutting wood or doing one thing or the other, during your free time you carry Ade and play with him, whenever you are talking with me and Mikai you try to avoid looking at me…why is that..i can’t help but voice out…
Sipah was quiet and Remi gently took is strong palm and watch him look up at her and then pull away his hand from Remi’s touch.
“You are a good man… Pah, I don’t need to talk or say much on that because deep down you know that yourself, we have being through a lot in the hands of people who tried to break us but never knew that we got a strong shell, we can’t be easily broken, people who can not turn one hair white or black took it upon their selves to take a life they never create…but we all here are survivals, you told me that God have plan and reason for everything and everyone, nothing ever takes him unaware, he knows the number of our hairs and every soul on this earth. You said God is love and want us to love one another and I believe you, everything you said I took it to heart…you preach more with your actions to me than with your words…so what then happen when it comes to expressing your feeling, the way you feel about me…because I feel it too and God must have brought us together for such a time as this…to love and care for each other and to be together as a lovely family…
“Remi…God is God, don’t add or remove from his word, the feeling is mutual but it doesn’t makes it right, I try to help you and also to help myself by not being too close to you so that we don’t fall into temptation…
“Nobody is tempting us, is not a temptation is the right thing to do, why can’t you see that, you want me don’t you, why do you hide your feeling, we are the only one living in this forest and is just right to be together and let out all our feeling without hiding it…Pah, do you love me…
Sipah tried to get up but Remi held him, begging him to remain seated, Mikai looked at them stylishly as she walked past with a plate in hand. Sipah swallowed hard and sat down again
“Is just a simple question…do you love me Pah…
“yes, with God kind of Love, I think God may have another plans for us, I was going ahead of myself as your thought fill my head everyday so I decided to pause and know what God think about all of this and after praying that night and woke up the next morning I have some heavy emotion of you crowding my mind lifted, my mind still wonder far when I’m close to you and it sends a negative message to my body but I try not to dwell on such, I don’t think God wants us to be together he probably has a better plan for you and I, trust me one more time...Remi, let God’s will be done over us, if eventually we are meant to be then I will be so glad to have you close to my heart but if not we will be running ahead of ourselves, if we decided to do things without God’s consent it will be disastrous…do you still trust me?
“hmmm…yeah…I do but nothing will make me change my mind…how will you know how long will that take Pah, every woman deserve a fine, hardworking, strong and God fearing man like you and I will be so bless if God approves of this… I will pray and beg God to make it happen quick…
“hahahaha…God doesn’t work with your time…he works according to his plans and purpose for us all… and every man deserve a good, kind, beautiful, funny, strong woman like you beside him…
“Please don’t make me blush, I’m trying not to do that most especially Mikai may see me doing that…do you have a dream of leaving this forest someday…or you like it here…
“I like it here…and I don’t want to leave to anywhere…this is my own world, a world of peace and tranquility. Outside here is chaos, revelry, anger, jealousy, backstabber, killing and so many evil, I don’t want such world I want a world of my own and I have everything that I will ever need…
“Mikai said she will like to leave here someday, she want to mix up with other human, interact with them, and visit places…
“every child has a dream that is her dream and if God wills it then it will come to past…but for now this is my home, our home…I have enough acres of land to farm, the forest is big enough to hunt and we have spring…I’m grateful for all of this…how about you…do you have a plan to leave…
“I want to be close to you…I don’t want to leave without you…if I ever leave this forest then you are coming with me…but for now this Is our home and I also likes it here…
Sipah sense something and quickly stood up, Remi was surprise the way he rushed up. he went inside and grabbed a machete, he called Remi to carry Ade, Sipah called Mikai to leave the kitchen area and go inside with Remi.
Remi asked him what is going on but he didn’t say anything as he moved towards his compound exit gate but pause as he got closer, Mikai stood with Remi who was carrying her son, and Ore was up the tree and was making strange noise which they understood that a stranger or something was close by. Remi hard the noise coming deep down from the forest and wonder what was happening
Sipah whistled loud and got a respond which was a scream of Remi’s name.
The men from the palace who have spent two days ransacking the bush for Remi, they have ran out off food and water and was almost giving up when they saw a human track they followed and continue to shouting Remi’s name.
As they got closer they discovered a big mold building in the heart of the forest, highly fenced with tall trees and big wood all around it and secured with all kinds of sharp spin which was like a weapon, the compound looks so big and wide, the guards where afraid wondering the kind of men that live inside there to have being able to do such a heavy job and it was located in a deadly place, an abode of the wild, whoever is living here must be greatly feared and he might has sense their presence.
They decided to stay far for there own good and kept shouting Remi’s name
When Remi hard her name she was shock, she began to think within herself
“is probably guards from the kingdom, they have come to take me and my son but i will not go with them, never, not after everything they did to me and took my loving mother away, what if I was dead too… maybe the truth was out as Iya has predicted and they want me home but there’s no place like home here..if i ever have to leave here is will be because of Iya and Dami...but i'm sure they will understand if i stay back with Sipah.
Remi went to Sipah who was trying to walk out to meet whoever it was.
“Pah, don’t go… stay here…they maybe evil spirit calling my name…or trap….
“hahahaha…you make me laugh…evil spirits are afraid to cross my lane…aside what your ordinary eye can see here.... the angels are also safeguarding us, don’t be afraid because no evil person can cross this lane…they are men, shouting your name and they sound like tired men…from your kingdom I guess…let’s invite them in, because if they get closer to the fence they may not see the traps I set for the animals and may fall into it… maybe you leaving this place is closer than we thought…
Sipah went out and called the men who were scared and raise their weapon up in surrender
“ ejooo…We came in peace not for war…we journeyed from a far away kingdom and has spent two days already in the forest, this is a very deadly place to stay and we were almost giving up when we discovered the track…we are searching for a maiden, a young woman with a son…her name is Remi, the prince of our kingdom sent us to tear down the forest in search of her and we should not return without her…ejoo sanu fun wa (have mercy on us)
“hahaha… sirnu fun what? I just started my Yoruba class…I have not gotten to that stage yet…please you are welcome to my world…follow me in…don’t be afraid, you all needs something to eat and drink, you will finish a whole zebra for your strength to be restored…please come….
Sipah smile and nodded at them making them to feel safe and at peace, some of them laugh at Sipah’s last word, despite he was right about them needing something to eat and drink, but they were afraid.
The strange man has an obvious scar on his forehead, and with the way he looks, with a heavy body built, he can beat them all up if they decided to gang up against him. They silently prayed that the man should truly be a godsend to them or they will all be doomed.
They were so famished, tired and tasty, all the food and water they left with is all gone, no sign of water in the forest.
It was a good invitation and they silently thanked the gods.
They followed the tall, strong looking man into his big compound.

Diamond In The Forest Episode 30

March 24, 2019 Add Comment
Story written by AMAH HEART
“…so the kingdom has being torn apart and the gods are silent in all of this…Oba is on sick bed and the Queen mother joined in, the king makers are not left out in this and so many other people are equally affected…no English or native doctor have being able to give a positive answer in all of this…I’m place in between and I am not handling it the way I should because I am deeply troubled… when my sister, the princess came to give me the news of your granddaughter I was shock…Iya. I understand the calamities that befallen you and yours, most especially your granddaughter being banished,i am so sorry about everything, it was not in my power to save her but I could have still do something, I was confuse that period on what exactly to do and when I later went to speak to the Oba…it was already too late…like you know she was caught trying to poison the Oba, that was her sin, and a sin against the Oba is a sin against the entire land…and judgement was passed on her, I know she was pregnant, she got entangled in a love web with one of the guard, Leja, who is the head of the guard and my right hand man. Leja told me they were lovers and she later became pregnant for him…he asked her to keep the child but she had other plans of her own which is to get me into the scene, she came to me claiming I laid with her and I couldn’t remember such happening…well, it was all exposed that Leja was responsible…I can’t deny the fact that I use to feel something strong for her…yes, I wanted her but I never knew she belong to another man and when I found out I washed my hands off…she was banished and i noticed that the palace has not remain the same ever since…everyone believe she was long dead with her unborn child not until few moment ago when the princess came with the news of Remi being alive and living in the forest…it baffles me on how she survive the forest…I thought you could throw more light into this and I will send my men into the forest at once to bring her back…even if she is not the answer to this kingdom…it sound funny but I’m trying everything and anything possible on the restoration of this great kingdom…so if Remi got nothing to do with all this trouble hovering around our kingdom at least I will be glad to have her safe here with us…I will be happy to save her from the forest suffering…
“shhhh…my grand daughter is not suffering, you have said enough already and you need not say more…but my grand daughter is safe and well cared for, her son…ohh her diamond child, the seed of crown is doing perfectly well…don’t act like you are doing her a favor by saving her…because you are not…rather the gods has place her to do so….now move closer to me…yes Omooba…move closer and close your eyes…shut it…
The prince obeyed and moved closer, he closed his eyes and Remi’s grandma gently placed her hands on his head, she held his head on both side, she put her finger to his ears and stayed that way.
The prince memory went back to the party day, when he whispered something to Remi’s ear and she blushed, he called her to take him to his chamber because he was drunk, Remi lead him to his chamber.
It was like his past sin staring right at him. His eyes remain shut as he saw himself with Remi, everything he has told her that night came rushing back to his memory
“I told you earlier that I love you, I whispered it into your ears and you didn’t take me serious because you thought I was drunk, am not drunk or maybe I am, the fact still remain that I love you…yes…is true…you got into me right from that first day at the festive dance…when I first set my eyes on you…I have always wanted to tell you this but I don’t know how you will take it…so today I decided to drink so much…yes…I drank enough to get high…so that I can find my boldness and voice to declare all my stored up feeling for you.…I wanted to tell you this when you came to clean my chamber the other day…that was more reason why I told my sister to send for you but I still couldn’t find my gut…but today I have a full gut to tell you that I love you Remi…and I will tell the Oba that I want to marry…marry you…you will be my queen…come…come closer to me…are you afraid of me…don’t be afraid of me because my love for you is real…it can cast fear out of you…aaah…look at fe mi...emi ni ore re (my love, I am your friend) your real friend, don’t see me as a prince, son of the Oba of this great kingdom, see me as your friend, if I have a son with you I will call him Ademi, my crown…because he came from a beautiful maiden who is after my heart. oruko mi ni Aremo, yes that is my name because am a heir to this great Oba’s throne, and I need a queen like you to compliment my kingship when the time comes…with you by my side I will rule with honor…you said you love your grandmother because she was also a good dancer when she was young…right Arewa…(beauty)
“Remi…my name is Remi, you are drunk my prince you need to lie down, I will tell them to bring cold water for you…stop talking…the drink is taking too much effect on you…you don’t even know what you are saying again…
“shhh…I know what am saying…I still need more drink, I was talking about your grandmother…one day you will take me to her…I will like to meet her and I will also love to meet your father and your mother…
Remi’s grandma held him tight as he began to breathe hard. The prince saw everything being played right to his face again and when he vomited and mess up his chamber, when he grabbed Remi and made her to sit on his lap before pulling out her breast cloth, when he gently lay her on the bed right on top of his favorite wrappers given to him by his mother. he carefully laid her on the bed and he push himself into her, he saw the blood after the hymen of her virginity was broken but was too weak and slept off.
The prince started screaming and Remi’s grandma released him and he fell back, he opened his eyes while still breathing hard, the prince tried to understand exactly where he was.
One of the guards came to help him to sit properly, he was shaking all over
“She was right…I did it, the blood stain on my trouser, my missing wrapper which I never took notice off. The child was mine, yes Remi was carrying my child…I laid with her and broke her up…oh the gods I have being a terrible person, the child was mine…I… I saw everything…all the things I can’t remember I remembered them now…Remi…oh Remi…I knew something happened…I felt strange when I woke up that morning and the blood stain on my trouser confirmed it…I called and asked her but she denied it….she told me nothing of such happened…oh the gods…I should have known…I should have known…I truly loved her Iya, I wanted her not to just warn my bed but my heart truly beat for her until Leja came with…wait Leja…that means Leja was lying…could that be possible…did Leja and Remi’s step sister feigned her up…Iya…
“when you return to the palace you ask Leja…this time maybe he will tell you the real truth…hold onto what you just saw and ask…It will surprise you to discover more hidden secret…which will lead you to my grand daughter’s innocence, and you have to hurry because the kingdom are counting on you to rectify what has being damaged…
The prince left quickly as the older woman instruct, with a heavy heart rush back to the palace and asked the guard to fetch Leja and Nike quickly.
After the guards brought them and stationed them before the prince. The prince looked at Leja for a long time before asking
“…one more word of lie from you I will have them chop off your arms and your legs, I will make you cripple so that you will suffer…where you truly in a relationship with Remi and who has the child she carry…
With fear and trembling, Leja’s heart began to beat like a drum. Over five guards where stationed around him and Nike as if they were criminal.
Nike was shaking in fear as she bent her head in shame
“…guards strike him hard for delaying with his answers…
One of the guard double strike Leja across the face, the princess hard the scream and ran out with Ope and the other maiden came to watch the scene. Ope saw Nike kneeling along side Leja and she silently began to thank the gods. “Nemesis has finally caught up with her” Ope said while smiling.
“If I ask a question, I expect the answer immediately, any delay from you will be tasting my patients...i remembered that night..Leja, the night with her in my chamber and everything you have ever told me was all a lie…I feel terrible right now and do not worsen my mood or I will unleash terror on both of you…speak up quickly…
“I have nothing with her…I wanted her my prince…but she did not want me…I did everything possible but yet she refused me…I got jealous when you started showing interest in her…and the worst is that she was also interested in you…I know the night you took her virginity…I knew it happened and I was very angry when I discovered she was carrying your child…after she kept on denying it…I hated her and I hated you too…I was willing to do anything so that you won’t end with her and that was why I…
The prince screamed in terror and asked the guards to hit him severally and they did until Leja tasted blood in his mouth, he fell and they pulled him up…Nike craw away from where the guards where beating Leja she doesn’t know what to do or what to say, she has never expected things will turn sour.
Leja tried to hit one of the guard but two other pounce on him, blood poured from Leja’s mouth as he looked up at the prince and said angrily…
“I saw her first…she was suppose to be mine not yours…I saw her first before you, even before she came to serve in this palace, I have already made my intentions known to her…I wanted her and you took her away from me…how do you expect me to feel, you laid with her and got her in with a child…I couldn’t take it anymore…you are a royalty, you are omooba…you could have all the royal maiden and any kind of woman you desire…why must it be the only one I wanted you decided to pick interest in and you want me to fold my hands and watch…I fight for what I want because I am a man like you...
“I hands off from her when you told me she was yours, you lied to me about everything Leja, no…Leja I trusted you…and that was why I believed you over her…what exactly was my sin for you to have gang up against the innocent maiden, so you could have killed me if you have the gut to do so…and her step sister supported you…you planned with her…she is your alibi…and I guess you also have a hand in the poison…Leja you planted that poison in the Oba’s eating room and make Remi the escape goat…oh the gods…you…
“I have nothing to do with the poison… but this small witch called Nike has... She wanted to kill the Oba so that you will marry her and make her your Queen, she master minded with her mother and when she told me of the plan the gods bear me witness I refuse to join in such evil but she went ahead anyway and while she was trying to do that Remi caught her and she turned it against Remi…
The whole people screamed in shock as Leja kept talking, the princess held onto Ope from falling from the shock, some guards and maiden placed their hands on their head while others opened their eyes in shock. Everyone was shock to know that Remi was innocent all this while, a great wrongs was done against the innocent girl, the prince tighten his first in anger as he kept breathing hard. Leja’s confession was like a bomb to him. He looked at Nike and she was crawled up like a cat. Leja kept talking
“...this Nike you see here is so evil…she talked me into making out with her, I have to lay with her severally until she became pregnant so that she can say the pregnancy is for the prince which will make the prince not to have a choice than to settle with her but her plans failed and she wanted me to make it right…Nike and her mother are the master mind behind the evil done to Remi, her mother has more to do with Iya Remi’s death. They wanted to destroy the whole family out of jealousy…my sin was that I knew this evil but I couldn’t talk because I was also involve…and I was angry with the prince for taking Remi from me so I said if I can not have her then nobody will…
Nike manage to speak up
“is a lie…he is lying, I don’t know what he is talking about…he told me he hates the prince and would have left him in the river to drown. He said he wish nothing but death for the prince…Leja is an evil soul…and he is lying against me and my mother…I am innocent…
Ope rushed angrily and slapped her right on eyes, then another heavy slap to her ear, Nike screamed and held her ears in terror
“I have being wanting to beat you up like this for long, I have waited for this opportunity to come and is finally here. … because you wanted to be Queen by all means you decided to poison a whole Oba of this great kingdom Nike, you have no fear to do such evil, aaah… you made them to banish Remi who was innocent…if the land did not kill you Nike and the gods delay in striking you dead…I will personally do that myself…you and your mother are doomed…your end has come…what goes around comes around…the gods has fought for Remi…she has being vindicated…curse is yours… you are even pregnant…very good…your suffering is yet to begin..
The prince asked the guard to lock Leja and Nike up. He stationed ten hefty men to go into the forest in search of Remi and his son, Leja and Nike will remain there until Remi is found and returned back to the kingdom safe with the son that she bore for him.