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Had I Know Episode 22

January 15, 2019 1 Comment
Episode 22
Queen got down to business and undressed his
fully erected manhood. The effect of the drowsy
drug and Viagra that they had dissolved in his
wine did the magic of getting him aroused.
Quickly she began to kiss him and just then he
stirred, semi conscious.
Kelvin: “What are you doing?” he managed to
say, sleep heavy in his eyes.
Queen: “we are about to make love”
“No!” he screamed causing her to startle.
He tried to get up but he felt weak. He tried to hold
on to the post of the bed for support but it was
not working.
Kelvin: “did you tie me to the bed? Untie me now”
he said drifting back to sleep.
Queen smiled when she saw that he was asleep
and she mounted him. She rode him as fast as
her desires and strength could permit. He was
underneath her moaning and groaning like a
When he woke up again, he tried to get up but
she pushed him back.
Queen: “we are about to go for round two” she
said sipping her drink.
Kelvin: “no, don’t do this. Please don’t do this,
don’t touch me, don’t make love to me in the
name of whatever you hold dear in your life” he
pleaded, alarm written all over his wobbly drunk
Queen: “I am sorry we have to make love darling.
You know why? Because I already promised your
mother that I will take in for you as soon as
possible” she kissed him on the forehead and
forced him to drink from his Viagra induced wine.
When he swallowed the gulp she had forced into
his throat, he felt blood rushing into his manhood
and he felt himself charged like he had never been
in years. He felt himself floating and he lost
control of his promise and principle.
He grabbed her and turned her aside like one
possessed by a demon. She giggled. Finally he
was ready to give her what she had always
He bent her in a doggy style and entered her from
behind, ramming hard into her as she screamed
in erotic ecstasy.
“Harder baby, yeah, that is it, man” she screamed
at the top of her voice.
Asha who was eavesdropping from outside the
door smiled when she heard her friend moaning
loudly. She smiled and walked back to the guest
“Queen likes wild sex sha, she for kuku come as a
dog , not a human being ” she thought and fell
asleep almost immediately.
Queen and Kelvin made love into the early hours
of the morning. That was the first time a man was
defeating her in bed and she was more than
impressed. She made sure that she adjusted her
position anything he was about to cum so that he
could bury his seeds deep into her. All she wanted
was to get pregnant and then she would leave his
mother to take it up from there. Fortunately or
unfortunately for her, she was in her ovulation
period. Still semi conscious, Kelvin fell off from her
after the God knows what round and fell asleep.
Queen walked with happy springy steps to the
bathroom to wash her semen messed body.
Kelvin and Queen slept well into the morning.
When it was almost 10am, he woke up and tried
to get up but he felt his head very heavy. He
sprang up with fright when he discovered that he
was lying naked on the bed.
Kelvin: “oh my God what have I done!” he
He turned to his side and quickly turned away
when he saw Queen lying naked on the bed, her
legs widely spread apart.
He tapped her roughly on the shoulder without
turning to look at her.
Kelvin: “please tell me we didn’t do this” he said
Queen: “do what?” she asked feigning ignorance.
Kelvin: “tell me that I didn’t…I mean we didn’t…
like I didn’t have sex with you” he stuttered.
Queen: “if I say so then I will be lying and it is not
good to lie to someone you love”
Kelvin: “No!” he screamed, not getting up from the
bed because he was afraid to behold her naked
body again.
Queen got up and walked to his front, still naked.
“my baby must be very tired from an all night of
fierce love making. Come here to mama, let me
massage you” she said offering him her left
nipple but he shoved her away and she fell on the
Kelvin: “what did you make me do, you Jezebel”
he barked, his eyes fiery red.
Queen: “I did not make you do anything. We
made love, you and I and that is because you
wanted it” she asked suddenly cowed by the
change in his countenance.
Kelvin: “I never wanted it. I have told you several
times that it is impossible for us to make love. I
can’t remember anything that happened last
night. This has always been your wish; you
planned this whole thing, didn’t you? God, why
did I even allow you into my house the first
place?” he asked rhetorically.
Queen: “why are you making a mountain out of a
mole? Is this the first time two unmarried people
are making love? What is it seff? Ordinary sex you
are shouting like this” she said getting up.
Kelvin: “you call sex ordinary? Goodness, how did
I let my guards down and fall into this mess? Get
out of my house” he screamed.
Queen: “What? You want to send me away after
banging me all night? You must be sick” she said
and try to walk away but he caught her and
twisted her hand, sending her reeling in pain.
Kelvin: “if you do not leave my house this minute,
I will do something that the both of us will regret,
that is if we live to regret it”
Queen: “leave me alone, you are hurting me” she
tried to ease her hand out of his hold.
Kelvin: “get out” he barked and opened the door
and pushed her out, not minding the fact that she
was naked.
Queen: “you cannot just throw me out naked like
this” she said using her hands to cover her
private parts.
Kelvin went back into the room, picked her things
and threw it back at her.
Kelvin: “If I come downstairs and see you
anywhere close to this street, I will kill you, it’s a
promise” he threatened.
Just then Asha who had been awakened by the
commotion in the house came out rubbing her
Asha: “What is going on here? Queen, what
happened?” she asked her friend who was
hurriedly wearing her clothes.
Kelvin: “Oh, you are still here? Will you two cheap
slots get the hell out of my house?”
Asha: “ah-ahn, uncle Kelvin why are you
sounding this harsh this morning, now. Whatever
issues it is you have with my friend can be settled
amicably in the confines of your bedroom. How
can you be embarrassing her in the presence of
your domestic staff like this”
Asha didn’t see the next thing that was coming.
All she felt was a hard slap across her face that
sent her crashing into Queen who was beside her.
Kelvin: “who is your uncle? I know you are her
alibi, that is why she sent you to plead with me to
eat You don’t want to leave right? Okay, just wait
for me” he said and stormed back into the room.
The two girls seeing how serious the situation
was picked their things and hurried out of the
The domestic staff who were pretending to be
busy at their job looked on and shrugged their
shoulders at the scene they had just witnessed.
To be continued After 10 comments

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Had I Know Episode 21

January 15, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 21
Queen did just like her friend suggested. The two
girls went to Kelvin’s house prior to his arrival and
prepared his favorite meal. As soon as Kelvin
entered his sitting room, he was surprised to
perceive the aroma of food coming in from the
Kelvin: “what is the Cook cooking? I cannot
remember telling her to cook anything for me. In
fact, she doesn’t even know that I would arrive
today. Apart from you, no other domestic staff
knows that I will be arriving today. I like to take
them unawares” He said to the driver who was
holding his box beside him.
Driver: “Oga, no be Mama cook dey kitchen o”
Kelvin: “what do you mean by that? Is my mother
Driver: “No, sir. Na madam and her friend dey
cook “ He said.
Kelvin: “Who is madam?” He asked at a loss on
what he meant.
Driver: “Your fiancee, sir” He said looking far
“and who is that?” He asked confused.
Driver: “Aunty Queen”
Kelvin: “what! That parasite is still here? “ He
asked rhetorically and stormed into the kitchen.
“hello, darling” Queen said and hugged him as
soon as he got in.
Kelvin: “I…what are you doing… “
Queen: “Oh don’t say anything. I am sure you are
tired from the long flight. Anyway, this is my best
friend, she came around to help with the
preparation for your arrival” She said quickly.
Kelvin: “My arrival? What is so special about
that? I cannot remember asking for any welcome
party” He said ignoring Asha’s outstretched hand.
Asha: “I see that the two lovers need some time
alone. Queen, I will be in the guest room if you
need my help” She said shaking her bum and
making noise with her chewing gum.
Kelvin: “what is this? What’s all these talk about
you being my fiancee? Listen, when you are done
with all these, you and your friend should leave
my house. I can make do with some privacy” He
said and stormed out of the kitchen.
Queen entered the guest room in tears. Asha sat
up as if she has been sitting on a pin.
Asha: “Babe, wetin happen?”
Queen: “get dressed and pick your things, we are
Asha: “why this soon? We are yet to accomplish
mission” She said.
Queen: “Look, I cannot take this anymore. I am
tired of the embarrassment”
Asha: “Calm down and tell me exactly what the
problem is”
Queen: “There is nothing to talk about here. Who
does Kelvin think that he is by embarrassing me
like that? Is it because I love him? Is it a crime to
desire to marry a rich man? What is it seff? Even
lepers get married how much more me? Get up
let’s leave this stupid house”
Asha got up and held Queen on the shoulder.
“I will tell you the truth, Queen. You need to be
patient. Any woman who wants to get married
needs to be patient. We will not leave this house
without accomplishing our mission. Remember
that when the going gets tough, only the tough
gets going”
Queen: “He said he won’t eat my food, how do we
get him to drink the wine then?”
Asha: “Don’t worry, just leave that to me. Which
way leads to his bedroom?”
Queen pointed the door and Asha excused herself
to go and talk with him.
Kelvin was surprised to see Asha enter his room
and kneel before him.
Kelvin: “What is all this harassment in my house
for God’s sake? Are you here to start your own
seduction too?”
Asha: “ejor uncle, don’t be angry. I am not here to
seduce you or anything like that. I can never
seduce a man. I am here to plead with you to
come downstairs so that we will eat together. My
friend expended a lot of time and energy to cook
for you and right now she is feeling really
downcast because you don’t seem to appreciate
her effort. Please just wine and dine with us and
we will leave as soon as we are done. Please, sir”
she said shedding crocodile tears.
Kelvin: “hell no, I will not partake of any feast.
The last time I fell for her tricks of eating as a
family, she became very close to my mother and
got the licence she needed to visit me at will. So,
thank you. You may go with the food and eat it in
your house for all I care” he said not moving an
inch from the bed.
Asha: “Uncle please, now. The last time was
Queen but this time around, I am the one
pleading with you and I promise to keep to my
words that we will leave as soon as you are done.
Don’t give your domestic staff the opportunity to
laugh at my friend, that could make a girl commit
suicide” she was staring him imploringly and he
shifted uneasily on the bed.
After more pleas, Kelvin gave in.
“fine, I will come downstairs and eat. Don’t block
my ears with pleas, I am tired of hearing that” he
said getting up.
Asha: “thank you, sir” she said lusting after his
six packs and broad chest.
The two girls and Kelvin had so much fun eating
and drinking that Kelvin wondered why he had
not realized how beautiful Queen was all these
The two girls made sure they gave him more than
enough of the drugged wine without them
drinking it because they told him they had
stopped taking alcoholic drinks for health
reasons, and he innocently drank, grinning from
ear to ear like a sheep being led to its slaughter.
When they were sure that he was dead drunk, they
got up to leave.
Asha: “uncle, we are leaving your house now o,
remember I promised you that we will leave as
soon as we have had our fill, I want to fulfill that
promise now”
Kelvin: “you want to go back to your house by
this time of the night? When I have more than
enough guest room in my house? No, you are
going nowhere. Queen here will sleep in my room
as she had always done and you will have the
guest room all to yourself”
Asha: “but uncle, I thought you said…”
“Shhh…my decision is final, this is my house”
He got up and held Queen on the waist for
balance. He tried to take a step forward but he
staggered and fell down, he got up again and
this time around Queen held him and helped him
walk upstairs with Asha following them. When
they got to the door of his bedroom, Asha wanted
to follow them in but Queen stopped her.
Queen: “What is it now?” she asked barricading
the door.
Asha: “I want to go in with you people”
Queen: “Ah, kilode? Are we going to have
threesome ni? Didn’t you hear when he said that
you will sleep in the guestroom? Biko move away
jor” she pushed her and bolted the door.
“Today na today for me and you, Kelvin. When
you were busy drinking and making merry, you
did not know that I had plans for you. Oma shey
o, a hen flocks with the hyena, she is happy not
knowing that her death has come. Ah, today I will
use bedmatics to finish you” she said and began
to undress.
To be continued

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Had I Know Episode 20

January 15, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 20
Queen on realizing that her actions had given her
away quickly composed herself.
Mercy: “Queen, are you okay? What is the
problem?” she asked.
Queen: “I am fine. I am just surprised that you
have the guts to bring Peter into my house after I
warned you not to bring him here”
Peter who had been quiet since they got into the
house decided to weigh in.
Peter: “Queen, I am very sorry for disturbing you.
In fact, we wouldn’t have been here but for the
fact that we thought it would not be nice of us to
get married without informing you girls
considering how you helped Mercy during your
undergraduate days. Also, I came to apologize to
you for even asking you out in the first place
when obviously we are not of the same class. But
then, thank you for the mockery and rejection,
which was what I needed to make me strive for
greater heights. The truth is that when people
mock us, we should be wise enough to build
ourselves into something better. You threw stones
at me but I didn’t see those stones as an insult. I
saw them as stepping stones to the next level.
Thank you” he said quietly.
Asha: “so this is the person you want to marry? A
secondary school leaver with some crude way of
reasoning? You are a second class upper
graduate, an intelligent and beautiful one for that
matter. Can’t you get something better than this…
this thing” she said sizing up Peter from head to
Mercy: “What is certificate and material
possessions when love is involved? How many
graduates have actually acquired what my
husband has acquired in such a short time and
legitimately at that? Currently he is a student of
the National Open University where he is studying
Law which has been his dream course but for
financial impediment. The university as you know
affords workers the opportunity to work while
studying for a degree and that is exactly what he
is doing. Right now he has two gas plants where
he sells gas and Kerosene as a wholesaler and
retailer. We have four buses which bring in money
to us every day. He has bought a plot of land in a
developmental area a bit far away from Port
Harcourt, it may be a village now but in the
future, the area will develop and we will build our
own house there. My husband has investments
and shares in the oil and gas sector in Port
Harcourt. With his help I have been able to open a
tailoring store where I have people working for me
and I go there too after work. Yes, this may mean
nothing to you girls because I know that you have
seen and touched plenty money. But it means a
lot to me. You know why? Because God brought
my fiancé and I out of nothing to where we are
today. What this simply means is that God is not
done with us yet and we trust him to take us to
greater heights. He is a good man with a good
heart and so I have no regrets even if he is an
illiterate which he is obviously not”
Queen: “have you finished talking? You should be
ashamed of yourself, Mercy. Sometimes, I wonder
how we even managed to come to this world as
cousins. Imagine your husband buying a land in
one village and you are here bragging about that
when his mates have houses in big cities all over
the world. What is investment in oil and gas and
having a gas plant? Is that one an achievement?
I have dated men who own oil blocks and fuel
stations. Men who have such high investment in
the oil and gas sector that if they withdraw their
investments, the sector will collapse. Men of
timber and caliber who control NNPC, so what is
this one saying?”
Mercy: “Very true dear cousin. You have dated
such men but those men are married and they
have their wives and children who are their
priorities, they can never marry you. You see, your
own is your own and this man here is mine. I will
rather have one poor man to call mine than
having 100 who are already married”
Queen’s anger rose to her throat and she felt like
slapping Mercy hard across the face.
“if only Mercy had tried to speak to me in such a
manner when she was living with me, I would
have given her the beating of her life ” she
Queen: “Mercy, leave my house” she said
Mercy: “What!” she asked with disbelief.
Queen: “I said leave my house and when you are
leaving, don’t forget to carry your secondary
school graduate of a husband along. Rubbish!”
she said and pushed them out.
Asha: “hey, see Mercy of yesterday o. Opening her
gutter of a mouth to talk to us in that manner
simply because she is getting married. This is
unbelievable!” she spewed after Mercy and her
fiance had driven off.
Queen: “Mercy o, a girl I accommodated and fed
is getting married before me, how palatable is
that?” she asked rhetorically.
Asha: “are you angry that she spoke to you the
way she did or that she is getting married?”
Queen: “I am angry that she is getting married
before me. Do you know what that means in my
extended family? Once she gets married, they will
begin to respect her more. How can that thing
who is not even close to me in terms of beauty
and physique get married before me?”
Asha: “woo, forget marriage jor, who marriage
epp?” she smirked.
Queen: “I want to get married o, I want to bear a
man’s name. Where I come from, no matter how
rich and educated you are, if you are not a
married as a woman, nobody will respect you. If I
had known that tables would turn like this, I
would have accepted Peter’s proposal” she said
Asha: “My sister, I dey reason that thing too o.
Did you see their car? Imagine us hopping from
one cab to another simply because we cannot
afford to fuel our car and some people are even
busy buying cars. And shebi you said Peter is
ugly? The guy was looking very handsome today
o. I don’t even mind having his inside me”
Queen: “don’t be silly jare. Don’t you know that
money make people fine. The guy is obviously
rich now. Mercy cannot get married before me
now, mbanu”
Asha: “then get Kelvin to marry you since he is a
very rich man. That would prove to Mercy that her
husband’s so called money is nothing compared
to what your husband has”
Queen: “how do I do that? If only I can get him to
make love to me, I know he would fall in love with
my honey pot” she bragged.
Asha: “then get him to make love to you” she said
“how do I do that? Weren’t you here when I said I
have tried all tricks to no avail?”
Asha: “this is beyond tricks and seductions. Drug
him and get him to sleep with you. This is how we
will do it. You said he will be returning to the
country next tomorrow right?”
Queen nodded in agreement.
Asha: “Fine. Me and you will go to his house, then
you will cook his favourite meal and then later we
will drink a bottle of wine to celebrate his safe
return, of course his wine will be drugged. Once he
begins to snore, take him in and give him the
fucking of his life”
Queen: “but how can we drink the wine if it is
drugged? That will make us tipsy too”
Asha: “don’t worry, just leave everything to me”
she assured her distressed friend.
Queen: “And to think that Mercy snatched Peter
from me, yet she could look me in the eyes and
vomit such gibberish. Shebi she wants to get
married? Let us see how that wedding will hold
now” she thought shaking her feet.
To be continue

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Had I Know Episode 19

January 15, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 19
* Few months later, Batch A which was the batch
that Queen, Mercy and Asha belonged to did their
passing out parade and for her active
participation during her service year and her
community development services and personal
projects, Mercy was employed by River’s state
government to work in the ministry of Internal
Revenue. It was one of the greatest news that she
had received and after the issuance of her
discharge certificate, she called Peter who had
already given her several missed calls.
Mercy: “Hi love, guess what?” she said excitedly
as soon as he picked the call.
“What?” he said anxiously.
Mercy: “just guess now, it is good news” she
Peter: “okay. You have been discharged and have
been issued your NYSC certificate? No? okay, you
were given a certificate of recognition by the state
coordinator? No again? ah-an, I don’t know what
to think again, can you just help me out?” he said
giving up.
Mercy: “ah, think very well o, the good news is
something better and bigger than a certificate of
recognition” she shouted into her cell phone.
Peter: “see ehn, I am so excited that I cannot even
think straight right now. I also have good news
for you and that is why I almost ran down your
battery with endless calls. But, let’s have your
own first”
Mercy: “no, you go first, you are the man”
Peter: “okay. You remember that my uncle that
lives in the UK? That my uncle that I said my
father trained now, well, we have been talking
with him for a while now and he promised to help
me” she paused for effect.
Mercy: “Yes, I remember him, we have been
praying for our destiny helpers to locate us for a
while now” she confirmed his story.
Peter: “my dear, who said God does not answer
prayers? That prayer has been answered o”
“What do you mean? Oooh, please tell me now,
do you want to kill me with suspense?”
Peter: “okay, I just received an alert of 5 million
naira from him this morning. He called and said it
was a gift and that I should use the money to
start up an business of my choice. Isn’t that
incredible? 5 million naira cash gift with no
strings, no terms and conditions attached” he
Mercy: “our God is an awesome God. Oh, I don’t
even know how to thank him. So many good
news today. Thank you, Lord” she shouted
attracting the attention of passerby who could
not help but wonder what was making her shout
like that.
Peter: “yeah, so let’s hear yours” he said eager to
hear her own too.
Mercy: “I got a job with the ministry of Internal
Revenue. I am now a civil servant with all its
attendant benefits”
Peter: “Wow! I didn’t know that He would answer
us this way. Congratulations my love. This is just
the beginning of greater things in our lives”
Mercy: “Expect me in Abuja tomorrow. I will stop
by and see you before proceeding to the village
to see my parents” she said to hm.
After passing out from NYSC, Queen and Asha
roamed the streets of Abuja in search of a good
job all to no avail. They had thought that securing
a job after NYSC was going to be easy since they
had the body to throw at men for favours but
alas, it took more than a sexy body and good
certificate to secure a job in Nigeria.
All the men they had hoped on to help them
secure lucrative white collar jobs only used them
and disappeared into thin air afterwards.
Queen was getting frustrated and Asha was at the
verge of getting depressed. Queen had cut down
on her visiting Kelvin’s home after his mother had
returned to her own house. The fact that she
couldn’t get Kelvin into her pant had been very
discouraging. After walking around that day, the
two friends returned home exhausted.
Asha: “so na like this person go just dey? We
have been scanning the nooks and crannies of
this city for a good job all to no avail. As if that is
not enough, we get laid by men who offer us
nothing but empty promises. Our rich clients who
used to give us plenty money have all abandoned
us. You won’t blame them, recession is biting
hard and even politicians are not left out. Also,
EFCC and President Buhari’s anti-corruption war
has sent many people into hiding. My friend, are
we not gradually turning to ashawo kobo kobo
so?” she asked her friend who was relaxing on
the chair.
Queen: “my sister, the thing tire me o. I cannot
count the number of men that I have had to sleep
with and yet see now, no job. And the worst thing
is that I already lied to my parents that I secured
a good job here and that is why I cannot return
home. By the end of this month, they will be
expecting me to send them money as per salary
earner. Where I wan see am?” she asked
Asha: “Me I will start going out in the night to
look for men o, anything is better than nothing at
all. At least from there I will see money to
maintain myself. See as I don black finish seff?
Imagine me using synthetic hair when I am
already used to human hair? What can of wahala
is this now?”
Queen: “how can life be this difficult after NYSC?
No, just tell me, honestly we really enjoyed as
undergraduates. Real struggle begins when you
cannot secure a job as a graduate” she lamented.
Asha: “but what of Kelvin? I thought you said he
is very rich and that you will marry him? Can’t he
at least get us a job?”
Queen: “that one, just forget him jare. Do you
know that he even travelled outside the country
since last month without informing me? I just
went to his house and I was told that he had
gone for his annual vacation abroad. You needed
to see how ashamed I was when the cook asked
me if I didn’t know that my fiancé was travelling”
Asha: “na wa o, which kind wahala come be this
one na?”
Queen: “but we chatted on Skype few days back
and he said he will be back next tomorrow. Maybe
I will go and check on him when he returns”
Asha: “you have to o, this time around you need
to get him to make love to you or else I will go for
Queen: “see who is talking. Do you think you can
make him touch you after I failed to make him
touch me? I did all that you advised me to do the
other time. Going nude in his presence, fingering
myself in his presence, dressing sexily, cooking
his favourite meals, massaging him, jumping in
on him in the bathroom and Jacuzzi, even doing
his laundry yet he will never touch me, not even a
Asha: “What sort of a man is that?” she asked
when suddenly a knock came on the door.
Queen: “The door is opened” she said without
indicating interest in knowing who the person
Mercy opened the door and gently stepped in with
Peter behind her.
Queen sat up abruptly when she saw the man that
she had rejected looking good and fresh.
Mercy: “hello girls, I have missed you so much”
she said hugging them one after the other.
Asha: “Mercy! Goodness you have changed o,
and to think we just finished NYSC about a year
ago” she exclaimed.
Queen: “Even Peter has changed o, see him
looking fat and fresh and even handsome”, I
must confess.
Mercy: “It is the Lord’s doing o. You know a day
is too much for God to change somebody’s story,
we are a living testimony of his awesomeness.
What’s up with you girls? You are looking darker
and kind of emanciated”
Asha: “there is…”
Queen: “there is no problem” she quickly said.
“How are you?”
Mercy: “fine. We came to invite you to our
wedding which will take place next month by the
grace of God. I was fortunate enough to secure a
job after service, my fiancé here relocated Port
Harcourt some months ago and there he went
into business investing into the oil and gas
sector. God has been faithful, the business is
booming and my job is paying. So, we thought of
getting married. I will be glad to have you attend”
Asha: “wait first. Mercy, abeg who get that car
where una park for outside” she said stretching
her neck to see via the window.
Mercy smiled. “my fiancé here owns it” she said
Queen: “Yaay! I don die” she said raising her
hands to her head unconsciously.
To be continued

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Had I Know Episode 18

January 13, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 18
Asha tried to call her Queen and find out how she
was faring but her phone was switched off. After
a while, Asha became worried that some harm
may have befallen her friend since it was unusual
for Queen not to return early morning after
sleeping out with a man.
She decided to call again and this time around,
her call went through.
Asha: “Where are you now? You want to give me
high blood pressure abi?” she asked as soon as
Queen picked the call.
Queen: “Hey, you don’t talk to somebody’s wife
anyhow, you know. I am a married woman now”
she boasted.
Asha: “What is this one saying? Shey you don
dey craze ni? You better carry your body come
here o, no allow me change am for you”
Queen: “I am serious, I am in my husband’s
Asha: “I don get it. Husband, marriage? Where is
that one coming from?”
Queen: “I am serious o, I will gist you when I
return. I need to cook for my mother in law now.
Asha looked at the phone after the call went off
and shook her head wondering what the problem
was with Queen.
Kelvin returned home and was surprised to find
Queen in the house, talking with his mother.
Queen: “Oh, welcome darling” she said and ran
up to hug him.
Kelvin was surprised and didn’t even know what
to say.
Mama Kelvin: “welcome my son. Your fiancee here
has been keeping me company all day. She is
such a lovely girl and a great cook too. I cannot
wait to have her as my official daughter in law”
she said.
Queen: “please go up and freshen up while I will
set the dining table”
Kelvin: “fiancee? Mum, who is the fiancée?” he
asked with surprise on his face.
Mama Kelvin: “Queen now, she is such a prized
daughter in law”
Kelvin: “I really don’t know what you people are
talking about” he said and went upstairs.
Queen: “Mummy do you see what I was telling
you about? Why does he need or put on this
attitude anything there is a third party among us?
If we get to the bed now, he will be begging me.
Me I am tired of this relationship o, I will just quit
and get another man” she lied.
Mama Kelvin: “don’t say that, my daughter. Do
you want another person to come and reap where
she did not sow? If he comes begging in the
night, allow him, once you take in like this, we
will come and ask for your hand in marriage. It is
a promise” she assured her.
Kelvin was stepping out of the bathroom when
Queen entered.
Kelvin: “And what are you still doing here? I told
you to ask the driver to drop you off at home or
get a cab with the money I left under my table.
Why haven’t you gone?” he barked as soon as
she closed the door behind her.
Queen: “Your mother” she said and paused for
“My mother? What is wrong with her?” Kelvin
Queen: “she is the reason why I am still here. She
is such a nice woman and she thinks I am your
fiancée. She wouldn’t even allow me leave her
presence. She is so adorable, I wish I can have
her for my mother in law”
Kelvin: “I don’t know what you are talking about,
all I know is that you are leaving my house this
minute and if you don’t leave, I will ask the
guards to throw you out” he threatened.
Queen: “please don’t do this. Okay, I will leave
but please come down and let us eat as a family,
that is all that your mother desires. Is that too
much to do for a woman who went through thick
and thin to raise you after your father abandoned
Kelvin: “how did you know all these” he asked
dropping the T-shirt he had picked to wear.
Queen: “she told me everything including your
refusal to get married. See, lets just pretend that
we are dating tonight and I promise you first
thing tomorrow morning, I will be gone from your
house and your life. Dinner is served, can we go
downstairs now?”
Kelvin: “as if I don’t know that women use love
portion when cooking? I am not eating” he said
moving away from her.
Queen: “your mother and I will eat out of the
same bowl of food, there is no way I would use a
love portion in it”
After some persuasion, he decided to give in to
her for the sake of his mother whom he could do
everything to please.
Mama Kelvin giggled when she saw Queen and
her son coming downstairs holding hands.
“God, I wish she would just get pregnant tonight.
All I need is a grandchild”, she soliloquized.
After Queen left the house the next day, she
became a regular guest at the Kelvin’s mansion
and his mother who extended her visit became
very fond of Queen. Many times she would take
the woman out for shopping and sight seeing in
town. Mama Kelvin was not the only one who was
fond of Queen, Kelvin also was getting used to her
presence because she was a great cook and did
not spare anything in making sure she prepared
delicious and mouth watering local delicacies for
him anything she went to the house.
Queen had the habit of sleeping over in the house
and weekends and she made sure she slept in the
Master’s bedroom where Kelvin slept even though
all her seductions to get him to touch her were
not yielding any results.
Queen returned home from his house to see Asha
making out with a man on their bed. As soon as
the man left, Queen walked up to her.
Queen: “babe, what was that for now? I thought
we already agreed that we will not bring men into
our house? Have you forgotten what happened to
me back then in the university?”
Asha: “It is not my fault now. You are hardly in
the house these days. Even when you come, it is
just to pick your things and leave. Do you want
me to die of boredom?”
Queen: “But you know what I am pursuing now”
she said relaxing.
Asha: “You are pursuing marriage but till today, I
am yet to see your invitation card. In fact, I am
yet to see an engagement ring in your hand”
Queen: “I already explained everything to you. Do
you know that till today Kelvin has not touched
me? If only we will make love, I know that he
would fall in love with me. You know that I am a
professional in that department, now” she said.
Asha: “getting him to make love to you is not a
problem. Since he will not do it of his own accord,
we will make him do it” she said.
Queen: “How do you mean” she asked, her hopes
rising again.
Asha: “Just leave everything for me, girl. I got
this” she beamed.
To be continued

Had I Know Episode 17

January 13, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 17
The ringing of Mercy’s phone woke her up and
she got up with a start.
Mercy: “Thank God it was only a dream. I am sure
that Peter would never advise me to do such a
thing” she said and picked her phone from where
she plugged it to charge before she fell asleep.
She looked at the screen and saw that it was
Peter calling. She picked it excitedly. One of the
best moments of her life was when she was
talking with him on phone.
Peter: “hello, dear. How are you today? I was
afraid that I was calling at the wrong time since
you didn’t pick up earlier” he said into the
Mercy: “I was sleeping, I plugged the phone to
charge and then I slept off. Can you imagine?”
Peter: “you must be very tired. Sorry, dear”
Mercy: “Do you know that I was actually
dreaming of you before your call woke me up?”
Peter: “really? I must be in the spirit then. So, tell
me what did I do in the dream or what am I going
to do?”
Mercy narrated to him all that had transpired
between her and her boss the previous day and
how she had dreamt that he was advising her to
give in to the man’s demand.
Peter: “God forbid. I can never ask you to do such
a thing just to get me a job. Remember that your
body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you must
not do anything to desecrate it” he advised.
Mercy: “Exactly what I was saying to you in the
dream before I woke up”
Peter: “that dream is from the pit of hell, ignore it.
There is no way I will touch you before marriage
and there is no way I will advise you to sleep with
another man to get me a job even if it means that
is the last job on earth. I know that the God I
serve is able to give me a job at his own time.
Please my dear, avoid that man as much as you
can. Remember that you are to resist the devil and
he will flee from you”
Mercy: “I will do just that. Thank you for being
such a god fearing man. I love you” she grinned.
Peter: “I bless God the day our path crossed. I
love you too”
They continued to talk until Mercy excused herself
to go for her fashion designing school which she
had enrolled into after camp.
“what will you like to eat, mummy?” Queen asked
Kelvin’s mother.
Mama Kelvin: “I think I should get to know you
properly first before you cook for me. Who are you
and what is your relationship with my son like?”
Queen: “Oh, sorry. I thought Kelvin already told
you about me” she lied.
Mama Kelvin: “no he didn’t. As a matter of fact, I
have never seen my son with any woman before
and that is why I think you must be very special
for him to allow you spend the night with him”
she said staring into the young lady’s face.
Queen: “Okay, mummy. My name is Queen. I am a
corps member. Your son Kelvin is the love of my
life, I love him more than life itself” she said
quickly avoiding the woman’s gaze.
Mama Kelvin: “okay. This is good news for me”
she said.
Queen: “how do you mean, ma?” she asked with
peaked interest.
Mama Kelvin: “you see my daughter, I have been
on my son’s neck to get a wife for long now and
each time I bring up the discussion, he shies
away from giving me a favourable answer. As a
matter of fact, that is why I came here so I can
continue drumming the need to get a wife into his
ears. I was even afraid that my son was an
eunuch, impotent or something” she lowered her
Queen: “Ah, Kelvin is not impotent o, he is a real
man” she lied giving his mother the impression
that she had slept with him.
Mama Kelvin: “okay. So what is stopping you two
from getting married? You must be very special to
him and that is why he allowed you into his
house and bedroom. I also over heard you calling
him your fiancé, when will you two get married?
Kelvin has more than what it takes to marry” she
said with motherly concern.
Queen: “Hmmn, that is where the problem lies
mother. Kelvin doesn’t want to settle down o, do
you know that Kelvin even introduces me as just
his friend?” she lied afraid that Kelvin will return
and deny her before his mother.
Mama Kelvin: “are you serious?”
Queen: “Yes, ma. He tells people that I am only a
friend even though we have been together for a
long time and he promised to marry me. Kelvin
was my first love, the one who made me a
woman. Me I cannot live without him o, I will not
be alive and see him marry another woman” she
said feigning anger.
Mama Kelvin: “calm down my dear. I don’t see
Kelvin marrying another woman. Like I said, you
are the only one I have seen with him”
Kelvin: “Mummy he has other girlfriends o, they
are the ones who don’t want him to settle down.
All those girls are just after his money and his
wealth, nothing more. I was the one who stayed
with him when he had nothing. See mummy, you
need to talk to him to get married to me o, if not
your son may never get married”
Mama Kelvin: “God forbid. My only son must get
married o. But then, don’t you think you should
do something to hasten up your marriage with
Queen: “something like what, ma” she asked at a
loss on what the woman meant.
Mama Kelvin: “maybe you should get pregnant for
him. Look, if you can take in for him, I promise
you that I will personally make sure he marries
you. I will personally bring my people to your
parents house and pay your bride price. Please
my dear, have pity on an old woman. Kelvin is my
only son and he is my only hope of being called a
grandmother. His father abandoned me and ran
away with another woman when he was barely
two years old. I suffered untold hardship to raise
him up the little way I could. What is the reward
for all the times I went hungry so that my son
could have something to eat if I don’t get to see
my grandchildren until I join my ancestors” she
asked rhetorically.
Queen paused after listening to the woman’s
“this is the kind of family I want to marry into. His
mother is so gullible I can easily control and
manipulate her as my mother in law” she
Queen: “don’t worry mother. I shall give you
grandchildren, male and female, twins and
triplets. Just put in some good words for me
when your son returns”
Mama Kelvin: “Ah, I will. I will make sure he
marries you except if I didn’t carry him in my
womb and except he didn’t suckle my breasts. I
like you already. You are very humble and decent.
So, tell me, where did you meet my son?”
Queen: “er…erm..I..we met in a Church during one
of the vigil prayers”
Mama Kelvin: So my son goes to Church, that is
good to know”
“Yes, ma. It was one of the vigils that we
attended last night, that is why you were already
asleep when we got back that late” Queen lied.
Mama Kelvin: “It’s alright my dear. Get me tea
and bread please”
Queen got up immediately.
“Mummy, you are going to eat something very
special as breakfast this morning. Just give me
few minutes” she said.
To be continued

Had I Know Episode 16

January 11, 2019 1 Comment
Episode 16
Queen woke up the next morning to discover that
Kelvin had gone off.
Queen: “When did he go out that I didn’t know?
What kind of deep sleep was that for me? Instead
of me to wake up and try my luck this morning, I
allowed him go out like that” she said yawning.
She turned around and saw a handwritten note
beside her on the bed. She picked it and it read.
“I do hope you had a pleasant rest. Sorry I had to
leave very early and I didn’t want to wake you up
considering the fact that you slept late last night.
The cook and other domestic servant are at your
service to make breakfast and whatever you
would need for you. You can ask the house driver
to drop you off at home or better still, under my
pillow you will find an envelop with N20, 00, use
that to pay for your cab home. You should be
gone by the time I return. Bye”
Immediately Queen finished reading the note, she
grabbed his pillow and threw it off. The envelop
was there just like he had said in the letter and
when she opened it, she saw the exact amount he
had said.
Queen: “Hey, na this type dem dey call man.
Imagine him giving me twenty thousand naira for
transportation fare even though he did not touch
me last night. Only God knows how much he
would have given me if he had touched me. So
you think I would be gone before you arrive? Oga,
I am not going anywhere o. You will come here
and meet me. You must marry me o, ah. Which
girl in her right senses will step into this kind of
house and then leave just like that? Mbanu”
She got up and went into the bathroom, brushed
her teeth, had a quick shower and came out.
A glance at his closet and she saw a cream colour
John Lewis shirt and she wore it over her denim
bum shot. The shirt was slightly bigger for her but
she didn’t mind, the joy of wearing his shirt was
causing her stomach to rumble.
She applied a little makeup and went downstairs.
She wanted to try out what it would feel like to be
the madam of the house.
She got down and was impressed to see that the
domestic workers had already cleaned
everywhere. Seeing the sitting room in the day
made it look even more beautiful than she had
observed it to be the previous night.
“Good morning, ma” the domestic staff chorused
simultaneously when they saw a woman coming
down from their boss’ room wearing his shirt.
They were all surprised because that was the first
time a woman was coming home to see their
Queen: “morning” she said and went over to roll
her hands on the shiny crystal clear center table.
Queen: “who cleaned this table?” she asked
feigning dissatisfaction.
The cleaner stepped forward.
Queen: “Are you blind or something? Can’t you
see that you didn’t clean it properly? Do you want
to get sacked?”
“no, ma” the cleaner answered and ran along to
get rag.
Queen: “now listen to me all of you. You have to
take your jobs very seriously in this house else I
will ask my husband, I mean my fiance to kick
your asses out. Is that clear?”
“Yes, madam” they all chorused.
Queen: “Who among you is the cook?”
The cook, an elderly woman that could pass for
her mother stepped forward.
Queen: “I want to eat fried…”
Just then, Kelvin’s mother who was in her room
came down stairs.
“Good morning, ma” the domestic staff greeted
her even before she got down from the stairs.
Shola: “Good morning to you all. Has my son
gone out? I knocked in his room and there was
no response”
Cook: “yes, ma. Oga went out very early this
morning to meet up with an early morning
appointment with the governor. He said I should
tell you that he couldn’t see you last night
because he returned late and by then you were
already asleep”
Queen who understood from the conversation that
the woman coming downstairs was her potential
mother in law switched on her charm and went
and knelt down before her.
Queen: “mummy good morning, ma” she said
Shola: “Good morning, my dear. Please get up.
Such a respectful girl. How are you?”
Queen: “I am fine mummy, hope you had a
pleasant rest?”
Mama Kelvin: “I did. I am sure you had one too”
she asked in return.
Queen: “I did. Only that I am a little bit tired, my
body hurts” she lied.
Mama Kelvin: “Don’t worry, you will be fine” she
said and went to sit down.
Queen: “Will you all move to your duty posts?
Can’t you see that I am talking with the mother of
my fiancé?” she said to the domestic workers who
scampered along.
Cook: “but madam, you were telling me what you
wanted to eat for breakfast” the elderly woman
said gently.
Queen: “No, I wasn’t. How can I ask another
woman to cook for me in my fiance’s house? I will
do that myself”
Cook: “okay, madam”
Turning to Kelvin’s mother, sthe cook said:
“what would you like to have for breakfast, ma?”
Mama Kelvin: “Tea and…”
Queen: “don’t worry, mummy. I will make your
breakfast for you. Mama cook, you can go now”
she dismissed the bewildered old woman.
Mercy called her boyfriend and explained to him
all that had transpired between her and her boss
and how he had insisted on sleeping with her
before giving him a job. Peter listened with apt
attention and when she finished talking, he drew
in a long breath.
Peter: “but why are people this wicked now? You
mean the man cannot give you a job until he
sleeps with you?”
Mercy: “That is what he said o, my dear. But trust
me now, I already told him that I cannot
compromise my chastity just because of an
ordinary job” she said to him.
Peter: “You told him what! No, just say that
Mercy: “I told him that I can never sleep with him
and that I cam keeping my body for my husband”
she repeated.
Peter: “you shouldn’t have said that o”
“what do you mean by that” Mercy asked him.
Peter: “I mean…erm you know that there is
recession and that jobs are not easy to come by
these days. Why don’t you just give in to him so
that I can get the job? Remember you said that
the job pays well. After few months, we will just
get married with the money I will make from
Mercy: “blood of Jesus! No, you are not saying
this Peter. What has come over you? Why have
you allowed the devil to put ideas in your head?
You know that I am a virgin and yet you want me
to sleep with another man?”
Peter: “I am not saying he should deflower you. I
will do that and then you go and sleep with him
afterwards. I will live to thank and cherish you for
as long as I live”
Mercy: “Don’t you dare talk to me again, I can’t
believe this is coming from you. Indeed the heart
of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?”
Peter: “Please now, you are doing this for me and
to secure a future for our unborn babies.
Remember that love is all about sacrifice. If you
love me, you will do this to get me a job and take
me from this poverty” he pleaded with her.
To be continued tomorrow
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Had I Know Episode 15

January 11, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 15
The uniformed security man opened the gate as
soon as he heard his boss horn. He stood at
attention and saluted Kelvin who drove in quickly.
Queen noticed with admiration the way the
security man closed the gate with the remote
control in his hand.
She couldn’t help but admire the beauty of his
well furnished sitting room as soon she got in.
“Mehn, this man has taste” she thought to
Kelvin’s domestic staff who were dressed in an
immaculate white uniform ran out to greet him.
They had formed the habit of waiting for him to
return from clubbing no matter how late in the
night it got.
“What would you like to eat, sir?” the cook asked
Kelvin: “which sane person eats at this time of the
day? Make something nice for my guest” he
instructed the cook.
Queen: “No, I am okay, thank you”.
Kelvin: “you all may go to your quarters” he
dismissed his staff who ran along glad that they
could finally go and rest for the night.
Kelvin: “tag along, let me show you to your room”
he said to Queen.
She followed him and they went upstairs. Kelvin
opened the door to one of the rooms which had a
big and well laid bed. “You can put up here for
the night. The toilet and bathroom is over there
and there are toiletries, towels and night robes in
the wardrobe. Make yourself comfortable” he said
and turned to leave but Queen got up and
stopped him.
Kelvin: “What is it?” he asked with alarm.
Queen: “I am sorry to disturb you but I am afraid
of sleeping here all alone” she said gently.
Kelvin: “I don’t get it. Are you a kid that cannot
sleep in a room alone or what?”
Queen: “I have phobia for sleeping alone in the
room. That is why I live with my friend whom you
saw at the club. Please stay here with me” she
pleaded holding his hand.
Kelvin: “Ha! Goodness! Well, this is a guest room.
I cannot sleep here” he said cleaning his
Queen: “I can follow you to wherever you will
sleep, I don’t mind” she said quickly.
Kelvin: “fine, let’s go”
They walked to Kelvin’s room and Queen’s eyes
almost popped out of their sockets at the
exquisite bedroom that greeted her eyes.
Queen: “You mean this is your bedroom?”
Kelvin: “of course. What does it look like to you? A
tennis court?” he teased unbuttoning his shirt.
Queen: “are you from a royal home or something?
Your house is so beautiful and your bedroom is
like that of presidents” she said not knowing how
to describe the state of ecstasy that she was in.
Kelvin: “you must be very funny. You mean you
have been to the bedrooms of presidents?
Anyway, like I said, I am not from a royal home.
Everything you see here, I worked for it myself” he
said walking to the restroom.
Queen: “It’s beautiful, I love everything here” she
said admiring the gigantic painting of art on the
Kelvin: “thank you. I am going to shower, after
which you can have yours so that we can sleep.
The night is far spent” he said and walked over to
the bathroom.
Queen: “sleep ke, so you think I will allow you
sleep tonight? Okay o” she soliloquized.
Kelvin took some time to wash and dry himself
with an exfoliating soap that he had got during
his last trip to Dubai. The soap had such a sweet
fragrance that Queen began to daydream of
joining him in the bathroom for them to shower
“Oh, how sweet it will be to be in the same bath
tub with him and have his arms round my waist
with his manhood buried deeply inside me while
the shower runs down our head. That will be the
best moment of my life” she said.
She was still engrossed in her erotic thoughts
when Kelvin stepped out of the bathroom door.
“It’s your turn”, he said jerking her out of her
Queen turned around and her heart skipped a
beat at the sight of his wet body. He was bare
chest and tying a piece of white towel on his
waist. If Queen thought that he was handsome
the first time she saw him, the sight of his six
packs and broad chest qualified him as the
sexiest man on earth.
On reflex, her eyes went beneath his barely button
and she felt butterflies in her stomach when she
saw the bulge forming under his trousers.
“he must be really endowed down there”, she
Kelvin: “Hello” he interrupted her seeing that she
appeared far away.
Queen: “did you say something?” she asked him.
Kelvin: “I said you may go and shower now”
She got up and went into the bathroom. After
some minutes, she came out with a towel over her
nak.ed body. She was disappointed to find out
that Kelvin was already on the bed, his back
turned on her.
Queen allowed her towel drop to the floor
revealing her na.ked body and asked “Are you
Kelvin: “I am almost sleeping. You need
something?” he said but quickly turned around
when he saw that she was naked.
Queen: “I…er..erm…I am sorry. My towel fell down
and I wasn’t expecting you to turn around” she
Kelvin: “it is okay, good night” he said and shut
his eyes tightly.
Queen lay in the bed sleepless and ho.rny. She
didn’t know why Kelvin would find it so easy to
sleep off even though a beautiful woman was on
the bedside him.
She tried to touch him but she was afraid of his
She sent a WhatsApp message to her friend
asking what she should do to get him to touch
her but the message went through without her
receiving any reply, meaning that Asha was
already fast asleep.
Queen extended her hand and touched Kelvin but
he didn’t even stir because he was fast asleep.
She waited for some minutes and then touched
him again, drawing imaginary lines with her
fingers on his chest. He turned and went back to
sleep, not conscious of what was happening to
She waited a while and then turned him around
gently so that he was lying on his back. She
dipped her hand into his boxers and brought out
his ma.nho.od. She began to stroke it when Kelvin
jumped up with a start.
Kelvin: “What the hell are you doing? You want to
rape me in my own house?” he asked.
Queen: “No, I am in the mood. I want you; I need
to feel your r.od inside me. Make love to me, bang
me hard” she said raising his hand to her breasts
which were exposed.
Kelvin: “What! Are you crazy?”
Queen: “don’t you like what you see?” she said
removing her night robe.
Kelvin: “you are such a cheap and despicable
prostitute. If not that it is already late, I would
have thrown you out of my house this minute.
What nonsense” he said and went to lie down on
the couch, in the bedroom.
Queen shamefully went back to bed and there she
fell asleep after a while.
To be continued

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Had I Know Episode 14

January 11, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 14
Kelvin watched as the beautiful lady who
appeared to be drunk walked towards him. The
security at the VIP corner tried to prevent her from
getting into the VIP cubicle but he gave them a
sign and they allowed her in.
“Hello”, she said when she had taken her seat
beside him.
Kelvin: “hi” he said, without indicating any
interest in whatever it was that she had to say.
Queen: “I am sorry I had to barge in on you like
this. My name is Queen” she said extending her
hand for a handshake.
Kelvin: “Kelvin is mine. Join me, even though I
think that you have had a little too much to drink”
Queen: “I may have had too much of brandy but
that is certainly different from Champagne so I
will join you” she said and picked one of the
unused glasses and poured herself a drink.
Queen: “tastes great” she remarked after two sips.
Kelvin: “Champagne always does, my dear”
There was a moment of awkward silence between
them. Queen noticed the way his eyes roamed the
body of the strippers who were dancing sexily and
she wondered if he had plans of taking any of
them home.
Queen: “So, tell me about yourself” she said
breaking the silence.
Kelvin: “there isn’t really much to say about
myself. I am the only child of my mother, I am a
successful business man and I come here to relax
every weekend because my weekdays are always
super busy” he said quickly.
Queen: “and the girls…” she said pointing towards
the direction of the strippers.
Kelvin: “What? Oh no. I don’t go home with them.
I come here to watch them perform live. I
encourage them by spraying some cash on them,
nothing more”
“He is such an adorable husband material” Queen
thought in heart.
Asha sent a WhatsApp message to Queen asking
her to come so that they could go home but
Queen told her to go and that she would find her
way home later. Asha had no choice than to drive
back home alone after trying to persuade Queen
to follow her to no avail.
Kelvin: “I think you should have followed your
friend home. It is getting pretty late, you know
and taking cabs alone by this time could be
Queen: “I know but I don’t want to leave you
now. I am enjoying your company so much. I
think I kinda like you” she said looking away from
Kelvin: “Really? Well thanks” he said and resumed
his drinking.
After about an hour, he got up to leave and Queen
got up too.
Queen: “Are you leaving?” she asked suddenly.
kelvin: “yes, do you have a prblem with that?”
Queen: “no. I..erm can I follow you home?” she
Kelvin: “What! Why should you follow me home?”
he asked taking a step away from her.
Queen: “I am afraid of going home by myself at
this time of the night. If I knew it would be like
this, I would have gone with my friend” she said.
Kelvin: “Well, that isn’t a problem. I can drop you
off in your house before driving home. Give me
your address” he said.
Queen: “I can’t even remember my address, I
think I have had too much wine” she lied.
Kelvin: “well then call your friend and let her send
the address to you” he suggested, pointing at her
Queen: “that one? She would have switched off
her phone by now. Once she gets home, the first
thing she does is to switch off her phone” she lied
again. She was scheming so hard to follow the
handsome dude home and nothing could deter
Kelvin: “I have never done this before but then
knowing how dangerous it can be out here in the
night, I do not have the heart to leave you alone.
Come along” he said and she happily followed
He navigated his way to the parking space and
she was surprised to see his brand new
Lambourgini. She hopped in and the ride to his
house was one of the best drives she had ever
had in her life.
“this one must marry me o” , she thought in her
Mercy was in her place of primary assignment
when one of her bosses called her into his office
and informed her of a vacancy for a secondary
school graduate in their company.
Boss: “I have seen your dedication and hard work
since you resumed your primary assignment here.
I have also been told by the human resource
officer that you have submitted your CV and that
of another person for employment consideration.
Is that true?” he asked as soon as she stepped
into his office.
Mercy: “Yes, sir. It is true. I thought of submitting
it in case there will be an opening for employment
after my POP which is just some few months
Boss: “Well, there is an opening right now, one is
for a graduate and the other is for a secondary
school certificate holder. So tell me, the person
whose CV you submitted, is he your brother or
Mercy: “He is my finace, sir. We are waiting on the
Lord for a good job and confirmation before we
proceed with our wedding plans” she said looking
down at her feet.
Boss: “I see. Well, you cannot get the job now
because it requires that applicants produce their
Discharge or Exemption from NYSC letters. You
are still serving so you don’t have that”
Mercy: “I know, sir. But if you can help my fiancé
with the job for the secondary school graduate, I
will be very happy and my God will bless you
Boss: “if it were your brother, I would gladly have
done it but for another man, I deserve some form
of payment” he said quickly.
“Payment? I don’t understand, sir” she said to
Boss: “I will give him the job. I am sure you need
not be told that working in this company at any
level is a very fortunate thing because we pay
Mercy: “Ah, thank you very much, sir. My God will
bless you, you will never lack in life. Your children
will be favoured by men and by God. It shall be
well with you all the days of your life” she said
getting down on her knees.
Boss: “It’s okay. Just get up, I haven’t finished
Mercy obeyed and got up.
Boss: “I will give your boyfriend the job but you
have to sle.ep with me first. Like I said earlier, if he
was your family member, I would have done it for
free but in this case, let me have a taste of the
cookie in between your leg as my reward for
giving your man a lucrative job.
Mercy: “What! Sir, you mean you can only allow
him have the job if I allow you to…to have s.ex
with me?”
Boss: “Exactly. I am not the only one asking for
that, many people do it and there is nothing
wrong with it” he said shamelessly.
Mercy: “Everything is wrong with it, sir. You are a
married man and I am not your wife. It is wrong
of me to sleep with you. It is a grievous sin before
Boss: “I know that you are the state coordinator
of your corpers fellowship but I did not call you
here to preach for me. If you don’t have any other
thing to say, please use the door”
Mercy: “Sir?”
Boss: “Get out of my office!” he barked and Mercy
scampered along wondering if she should just
give in to him and help her man secure a good
To be continued

Had I Know Episode 13

January 09, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 13
Asha and Queen through the help of one of their
sugar daddies worked their service to Abuja,
which is the same place where they had obtained
their university education. The two girls took their
time to shop only to discover at their arrival on
camp that most of the things they had bought
were unnecessary and contraband.
In camp, there were the hottest Pepper them
Gang. For the 21 days that they stayed in the
orientation camp, they did not repeat any cloth.
They had bough enough white T-shirts and
shorts that would last even beyond the camping
days if they decided to continue wearing a new
pair each day. The two girls were known to
always dodge parade and Man –O-War drills and
people wondered how they were able to do it
without getting caught. Soon enough, they
became one of the most popular girls in camp
and at mammy market where they bought drinks
for fellow corps members. The two girls were in
different platoons and soon they contested and
won the most beautiful girl on camp competition
with Asha as first runner up after Queen who won
the pageant.
Getting a posted to a good PPA after camp was
not difficult as they had gotten recommendation
from a private Firm in Garki who wrote to NYSC
and asked that they be posted to their office. After
camp, the two girls returned home to rest before
resuming at their places of primary assignment.
Asha: “mehn, camp was so much fun. Do you
know that I almost wish that it didn’t have to end
this soon?” she said to Queen who was
Queen: “for me it was the last week that was fun.
That first week ehn, I felt like running back home.
If not for your encouragement, I would have taken
a pass o, ah”
Asha: “why won’t you take a pass. You wey lazy
like this”
They giggled.
Queen: “Babe, let’s go out and look for a man to
warm our bed tonight o, my honey pot dey
scratch me” she said quickly.
Asha: “what do you mean by it is scratching you?
Do you have toilet infection or what?”
Queen: “Toilet infection ke? Never. I never used
the toilet in camp o, shebi we were paying to use
that VIP toilet in mammy market now” she said.
Asha: “I know, that is why I am wondering where
the scratch is coming from”
Queen: “No be that kind of scratch jare. I mean
the thing needs a man”
Asha: “babe you just left camp today and you are
already talking about sleeping with a man. I hail
you o” she remarked.
Queen: “What do you mean by that? Haven’t I
tried? For the past 21 days, I have not had any
man and you are here giving me stories. Wetin
happen wey man no go touch me? Am I mourning
my husband?” she asked sarcastically.
Asha: “Oh my God, don’t tell me you were that
holy in camp” she asked eyes widely opened.
Queen: “before nko? You know after that
encounter with chief, I promised myself that I
would never sleep with any man for free again.
Those people in camp don’t have money and I
am not cut out for any osho free things”
Asha: “you tried o” she said scratching her head.
“meaning you did it there right?” Queen asked
Asha: “You can say that again. I got one sweet
guy that was helping me there o. I cannot come
and kill myself because I am in camp”
The two girls giggled.
Queen: “you are such a spoilt thing. Go jor!” she
Asha: “you are the one who taught me now, yeye”
Mercy who had left her posting in the hands of
God was posted to Port Harcourt and all through
her stay in camp, she was actively involved in
parades, seminars, skills acquisition trainings and
every other camp activities. She was also involved
in camp fellowship where she preached to her
fellow corps members on the need to keep their
bodies pure until marriage.
Peter who was in Abuja working would call her
every evening and ask how the day went. The two
lovers would end the call with a word of prayer
and encouragement.
Mercy was made a platoon commandant and
during the match pass, her platoon emerged as
the overall winner of the competitions held to
mark the end of the camping session. She was
posted to the state capital for her primary
assignment. There, she did not relent in her
pursuit of godliness and soon she was made the
state coordinator of their Christian fellowship. This
gave her the opportunity to travel to different
places in Rivers state where she met many
people. Anywhere she went, she had her CV and
that of Peter handy and she didn’t hesitate to give
it to whoever she met. She knew that it was still
early for her to go in search of a job but she
didn’t want to take chances of waiting to finish
NYSC before seeking for job opportunities. Every
day she would pray for a miracle job for herself
and her man even though all he had was a
secondary school certificate. She believed that a
wise woman helps in building up her man, that
was her working principle.
Asha and Queen went to Class Lounge in Wuse 2
to relax since it was a Friday. The lounge was for
the rich and the two girls had to pay through
their nose to buy tickets. They settled down to a
bottle of brandy and after a while, they decided to
go into the club to catch some fun.
That evening, they had so much fun dancing and
After a while, they returned to their seat and that
was when the two girls noticed a man who was
seated quietly at the VIP corner of the club, with a
bottle of Champaign before him. He had some
bundles of N1, 000 notes in his hands and he
was spraying them on the strippers who were
falling over each other to drag the money.
Queen: “Asha, did you see that handsome dude
seated over there?” she raised her voice because
the volume of the music was loud.
Asha: “I have been staring at him since o. Looks
like he is very wealthy, the man has been
throwing money around since we got here and it
is not like he is dancing with anyone. He is just
seated there, drinking and throwing money away”
Queen: “I like him. No, I love him” she said
Asha: “You what? Queen, you are drunk. No, you
are very drunk”
Queen: “I mean it and trust me I am not drunk”
Asha: “No you don’t mean it. How can you just
say you love a man that doesn’t even know that
you exist? Are you mad?”
Queen: “He is very rich and handsome and that is
all that matters to me. I want to marry him”
Asha: “You have gone nuts o. You, marry? I pray
Queen: “I am going to ask him out” she said
“You will do no such nonsense” she said pulling
her back to the chair.
Queen: “Watch me as I go and get him” she said
and walked away shaking her bum in the mini
skirt she had had on.
Asha: “My friend has gone mad again o. What do
I do now?” she asked rhetorically.
To be continued later

Had I Know Episode 12

January 09, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 12
After their final exams, Queen and Asha threw a
big party to celebrate their successful graduation
from the university. It was a cream de la cream
party that was well attended by the big boys and
girls on campus and attendance was strictly by
invitation. Mercy who had declined to attend the
party remained behind at home packing her
things so she could return to her parents place
the next day. She didn’t see any reason in
celebrating when their final result was yet to be
released. The two slay Queens returned from the
party late at night very tired. Mercy thought there
was no better time to talk to them than that time
and so she walked up to the sitting room to where
they were sitting and discussing the fun they had
at the party.
Queen: “Mercy honestly you missed. I don’t know
why you refused to attend an ordinary party to
celebrate your graduation from the university”
Asha: “Mercy na one kind suegbe, I tell you. Even
the born again students and SU people that used
to carry Bible up and down attended the party
except you” she taunted.
Mercy: “my refusal to attend was based on
personal reasons. I do not see any reason why I
should celebrate whereas our final results have
not been released. I would rather use that time to
pray to God for a favourable result and then think
of the life that lies ahead after university”
Queen: “Oh, we have heard you Mercy. Weh don
ma” they laughed.
Mercy: “Actually, I want to thank you for all your
support and help for the past few years. You have
been a worthy cousin and shoulder to lean on.
Sometimes, I wonder if I would have been able to
complete my studies without you. Thank You so
much Queen. I pray that someday I will be able to
return this kind gestures from you” she said
kneeling down.
Queen: “Are you serious? So you appreciate all
that I have been doing for you? Thank you. You
have also done well, washing my dishes, cleaning
my house, doing laundry and helping me out with
assignments and presentations. Thank you too”
she said absent mindedly because she was
chatting with an aristo she had just met on her
Mercy: “And you dear Asha, thank you for always
keeping me on my toes with your constant
nagging and quarrels. You are like a sister to me
and I love you with all my heart. May God
continue to keep us together”
Asha: “Keep you and who together? You no well,
abeg shift make I see road” she teased her.
They all laughed and Mercy got up and sat to the
sittee close to them.
Mercy: “I have finished packing my things and by
God’s Grace, I will be returning to the village
tomorrow. I want to continue learning the fashion
designing that I was learning before I secured
admission. That will also give me the opportunity
to help my parents out on the farm before NYSC.
What about you girls, when will you go home?”
Asha: “Go home ke? Wetin dey happen for house
wey we wan go?”
Queen: “Home? Who the hell goes back to his
parents’ house after graduation? We are staying
behind o. In fact, we just renewed our rent not
long ago. We will stay here and work our service
here; you know that Abuja is the happening place
now. So we are not going anywhere”
Mercy: “But Queen, what will you tell your
parents? They know that you have graduated and
they will expect you to return home pending NYSC
call up” she said with sisterly concern written all
over her face.
Queen: “What is your business with what I tell my
parents? Are they your own parents? Don’t come
and spoil my mood this night o, I am warning
you now”
Mercy: “Your father is my uncle and once he sees
me, he will surely ask about his daughter. I am
tired of lying to defend you. I am not sure I can
continue anymore”
Asha: “Why won’t you be tired of lying when you
have graduated from the university? Shebi when
you were depending on us for feeding and
accommodation you were not tired of lying. Now
that you know that school is over, you are tired of
lying. Senseless ingrate!” she spewed out.
Mercy: “Haba! That is harsh but I forgive you.
God knows that I am not ungrateful”
Queen: “Mercy what is your problem this evening?
No tell me. You said you want to go back home,
fine. Why not do it in peace? Why do you have to
drag us into all these?” she asked with anger
rising to her throat.
Mercy: “Okay, fine that is settled. I have another
thing to say if you don’t mind”
Asha: “hiah o” she exclaimed and adjusted her
sitting position.
Queen: “What is it again, madam?”
Mercy: “it is about Peter” she shifted uneasily on
her seat.
Queen: “Ehn! Which Peter? You mean that Church
rat? Don’t you even dare go there. I can never
marry him. Oh, he has been sending you to talk to
me right? I know he is now doing one stupid job
in Abuja and because of that he thinks I will agree
to marry him right? He must be crazy. Yes, tell am
say me I say him dey craze! Shey shoe no get
size? Even if Peter is the last man on earth, I can
never marry him. Asha abeg help me reason this
matter o” she said turning to her friend.
Asha: “I can’t even talk because the mere mention
of that name Peter nauseates me. Look at that
local champion who looks so ugly I do not even
know the words to use in describing him. And to
think Mercy even has the guts to want to speak to
you on his behalf is repulsive. Mercy, you don see
us finish. You hear me? I say you don see us
Mercy: “Well, can you girls just hear me out? I am
not here to beg Queen to marry him”
Queen: “So what is it? Is he dead abi what? If he
is dead may his soul rest in peace. Now can you
allow me enjoy my chat?” she said without
looking up the phone.
Asha: “Maybe he went to steal and then he was
The two girls laughed loud and long to the
disdain of Mercy who shook her head in
Mercy: “Peter and I have been seeing each other
for a while now. When I say see each other, I
mean that we have been seeing in fellowship. I
invited him once to my Church programme and
since then he has become an active member in
the Church. Before we started our exams, we went
into some fasting and prayers for success for all
of us. After a while, he started asking me out but I
refused because of Queen since he had once
asked her to marry him”
She was still talking when Asha interrupted her.
Asha: “Better for you that you didn’t accept o, if
not I would have given you the award of the
biggest educated idiot on earth”
Mercy: “Well, I like him a lot because he is decent
and godly. I have always wanted the kind of man
that will take me closer to God and Peter is just
that one person that can do so. So, I want to ask
you Queen, can I go ahead and date him? Do you
permit me to be with him?”
Queen: “Like seriously? Girl you can date all his
family and unborn generation for all I care. You
no dey hear standard English in the night abi?
Okay, make I speak Pidgin. Carry Peter, date him,
have him, do whatever you want with him, I no
like the guy. I no like poor men, God no create me
for poor men. Whatever you do with him is none
of my business, I cannot even walk on the street
with him. The boy dey make me shame”
Mercy: “okay then. You know as they say, one
man’s poison is another’s meat. Thank you for
the permission”
Asha: “Mercy! Who do you this one? A beautiful
graduate like you condescending so low as to
dating an ugly poor secondary school graduate,
tufiakwa!” she shrugged her shoulder.
Mercy thanked them and went to bed. Early the
next morning, she packed her few things and left
for her parents place in the village. She had
finished the studies that brought her to Abuja and
there was no need staying behind. She was going
to face the life that lies ahead after graduation.
To be continued

Had I Know Episode 11

January 09, 2019 Add Comment
Episode 11
Queen and Asha made up after the quarrel about
Mercy and continued with their wayward flirting.
The two girls were stepping up their games and
nobody could stop them, not even Mercy who
never ceased to advise them. That evening, the
two girls were preparing to go for a party when
Mercy who had been preparing for her final exams
Mercy: “hi girls” She said and went to lie down on
the bed.
Queen: “are you okay? This one that you are
looking this dull” She said applying her eye
Asha: “why are you asking if she is okay? Is she
a little baby? Hian!”
Queen: “You and this my cousin sha, I don’t
know why you don’t like her o”
Mercy: “I am so tired of this school. I feel like just
going back home. Ah-ahn kilode”
Queen: “You, leave school? This must very
serious. What is it?”
Mercy: “Is it not my project supervisor? The man
has been frustrating me simply because I refused
to date him. Can imagine that he has refused to
approve my chapter 3 even though I know that
there is nothing wrong with it?”
Queen and Asha looked at each other and the two
girls busted into a hearty laughter.
Mercy: “Why are you people laughing now? This
is not funny o. That is why I didn’t want to tell
you girls about it” She said turning around to
face the wall so they wouldn’t see the tear that
was threatening to fall from her eyes.
Queen: “Is that why you want to quit school at
400 level second semester?”
Mercy: “Is that not enough reason? Why should I
go through this psychological trauma simply
because I said no? Is love by force” She asked
Asha: “honestly Mercy you Mumu. This your own
na fine girl miss road” She hissed.
Queen: “Don’t worry. I will sort him out and he
will approve the chapters you have submitted to
him” She assured her distressed cousin.
Mercy: “Really? How are going to go about it?
The man is harsh o”
Queen: “Just leave it to me. Relax”
Mercy: “Okay, if you insist”.
Asha: “What would you have said before?
Ordinary lecturer, you cannot handle with this
your beauty. Tufiakwa!”
Mama Kelvin stared at her son and couldn’t help
but wonder how well he had done for himself.
Kelvin was the only fruit from a marriage that
crashed two years after she had him. Her
husband a perpetual drunk had abandoned her
and her son for another woman leaving her to
raise her child alone. It was a difficult experience
and after a while, she abandoned him to the
mercy of peers and street hustling. He had run
out of her house when he was barely seventeen,
abandoning his secondary education. He returned
ten years later as a rich man. That was when he
bought a house for her and a car.
Nobody knew the source of his wealth and his
mother dared not to question him for fear that he
would run away like he had done before. That
day, she decided to pay him a visit in his house
which was located in a posh area in Asokoro.
That was the first time she was visiting him and
so she was surprised at the level of affluence that
greeted her arrival. One of his domestic staff
ushered her in and served her chilled drinks as
she waited for her son to come downstairs.
Kelvin: “Hi, mum” he said as soon as he got down
and hugged her.
Mama Kelvin: “Kelvin omo mi. How are you my
Kelvin: “As you can see, I am more than fine.
Wow, this is a pleasant surprise. You didn’t even
call to say that you were coming, I would have
sent my driver to pick you up”
Mama Kelvin: “As if this place is far from the
apartment you got me? I just thought of coming
down here today since I have never visited this
place before”
Kelvin: “I see. You are welcome then. What would
you like to eat? The cook will take your order and
get it ready” he said switching the television to
his favourite channel.
Mama Kelvin: “somebody cook for me in my son’s
house? Rara o, show me the way to the kitchen
and I will go in there and cook for you and for
Kelvin: “common mum, don’t embarrass me. How
can you go in there and cook for yourself when I
have 21 domestic staff on my payroll? Just place
an order and it is done. In my house, servants do
everything except bathing me” he said.
Mama Kelvin: “you see why I have been insisting
on you getting married? If you were married, is it
not your wife that will cook for me now that I am
in your house?”
Kelvin: “oh, not again mum. You just got here for
Heaven’s sakes. You need to go in and relax”
Mama Kelvin: “relax for where? When my son who
is almost 35 years old is still single? What could
be the problem? You are rich and handsome, why
can’t you get a wife for yourself?”
Kelvin: “mum!”
Mama Kelvin: “don’t shout me down o. This was
the same way you reacted when I spoke to you
about marriage the last time you visited me. I said
I would get a beautiful and decent girl for you,
you refused. Okay, bring any girl home, for where.
What is it seff? Are you impotent or what?”
Kelvin: “mum please, I am tired of you ranting
about me getting married. Is it compulsory for me
to get married? What is it that married sons do for
their mothers that I haven’t done for you? I
bought a house in town for you. You have a posh
car and a driver at your back and call, you have
shops in town, you have domestic staff and I
have placed you on a life salary. What else do
you want from me that you will not allow me
enjoy my life in peace?”
“Grandchildren, Kelvin. I want your childen.
Kelvin, you are my only child. I refused to remarry
after your father abandoned me for another
woman. You are my only hope of being called a
Kelvin: “I am sorry but I cannot give you that”
Mama Kelvin: “And why can’t you? Are you not a
man? The last time I checked, I gave birth to a
Kelvin: “Excuse me mum, I need to go back to
what I was doing upstairs” he got up and began
to walk up the stairs.
Mama Kelvin: “We must talk about this today o.
Come back here Kelvin” she said and followed
him up.
To be continued