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My Other Half Episode 33

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My other half
By Apio favour.
Episode 33
Roy - hmm why did u hug me ...I Mean ...
Sarah -am sorry I don't know why I did it.
Roy -no don't apologize. I am happy that u actually did. So are we back together.
Sarah - no.. ( she is now frowning)
Roy -why? (mad)
Sarah - I can't tell u why . I just know that u and Betty are meant to be and not me
Roy - is it about the engagement stuff .i told u already that's has far u are with me I can do something about it. I just need u by my side and also ur support.
Sarah -am... A. M sorry Roy but I can't.
Roy - Sarah what's wrong with u. Something's u hug me sometimes u even kiss me and sometimes u tell me u love me. Why are u fighting ur feeling's. What are u so scared of.
Sarah -am not scared of anything Roy.
Roy -yes u are. That's the only reason I can think of.. With ur constant change of behavior towards me. Did Betty threaten u? Tell me what's wrong? We weren't like this before..
Sarah - nothing is wrong with me. I just don't want u anymore.
Roy -what do u mean by that.
Sarah -dont u get it. I want to move on from u. (half yelling )
Roy -oh (sad)
Sarah - just go to ur future wife Betty and make things right.
Roy - I will ask u this question one last time.. Sarah what's is going on?
Sarah -nothing is going on.
Roy -ok. So u want to move on from me? But what did I do? Did I break u heart? Did I follow other girls but u!? For damn sake Sarah it s u I love not Betty.
Sarah - Roy can u please forget me and focus on Betty. She needs u.
Roy -did she tell u that. .. OK of its all about Betty. I can be her friend. . I can try to be there for her always but as a friend.
Sarah -no... I dont want friendship. I need u to love her back. (trying to be strong because every word she says break her heart and it's hurts more because she is the one saying it and pushing Roy away.)
Roy breathe in
Roy -ok I will do as u say
He said and turned to walk but turned to face Sarah again.
Roy - I will try my best to love Betty just as u said. Who knows I might love her more than I love u and remember this day because u pushed me away and I will never I mean never come back to u. This I promise. Whether I love Betty or not Sarah I will kill my love for u.. I won't have the smallest amount of love for u ever again
Tears gathered In Sarah's eye s.
Roy, - Sarah don't forget u pushed me away.. AMD I promise u one thing we will never ever get back together. No matter how much u realise later that u love me.
A tear dropped from Sarah's eyes
Roy - good bye forever and I want u to know that I love u.. I really do but u broke my love for u today into tiny pieces and soon I will pack the pieces from my heart and throw them away far away.
With that he walked out.
Sarah sat on her chair and rested her head on her desk and cried silently.
Roy went to the hall which was always quiet and saw someone resting her head and it looked like Betty.
He walked to her and sat close to her.
Betty - who the fuck are u ( she yelled and raised her head)
Roy - it..
Betty - Roy.....
Then she hugged him very tightly like her life depended on it.
Betty - ( I really do like Roy but whatever I like seems to disappear. We were the best of friends then he was always with me. Supporting me, showing me care and love... Am so happy he came at the right time I really needed a friend.)
Roy - Betty are u alright.
She realised the hug.
Betty -no am not.
Roy -me neither (whispering)
Betty -what did u say.
Roy -i said.. What happened.
Betty -this guy named Raymond. He is on my neck. Always on my case.
Roy - what.. The Betty I know can handle anything.
Betty -am not joking.
Roy -ok am sorry. What did he do.
Betty -he insulted me in front of everyone.
Roy - oh that's bad. Why did he do that.
Betty - I don't know. First of all he made a mockery of me and he called me a slot.
Roy - oh.. Don't worry I will talk to him for u.
Betty - Roy he almost made me cry. Remember u promised me no one will ever make me cry as far u are alive.
Raymond - Sarah are u OK.
He said. . She quickly cleaned her eyes with her uniform.
Sarah -no... I mean yes am fine.
Raymond - OK.. Then raisee ur head.
She cleaned her face properly before raising her head.
Raymond - why is ur eyes so red
Sarah - something entered my eyes a while ago.
Raymond - why is some thing telling me that u are lying.
Sarah - am not.
Raymond - o.. K. Even if I don't believe u but I will let it pass. But if u need someone to talk to am here.
She nodded.
Raymond - let's go grab something . Or do anything so u won't be sad. .sarah nodded with a little smile.
Raymond opened his bag to get an handkerchief for Sarah. When he saw that his books where cold and wet with ice-cream all over and on under his bag.
Raymond - crap... (yelling)
Sarah looked over
Sarah -why is there ice cream on ur bag.. Ur books are ruined and u know we are submitting them tor test
Raymond - I know. After paying people to copy All my notes and I see this.
Sarah - u didn't do it
Raymond - isn't that a funny question? Why would I ruin my own notes..
Sarah -oh sorry then who did it.
Raymond - everyone in this school likes me except ur fucking sister.
Sarah -betty. What would she do such a thing.
Raymond - stop asking questions. Let's go look for her
Sarah - OK. .. But how do we know where she is. The school is big.
Raymond - I know where she is?
Sarah -where?
Raymond - her friend Gladys told Me a while ago.
Sarah -ok
Raymond -then let's go
Sarah - I don't think I should go Betty might.. Get mad at me.
Raymond -are u scared of her.
Sarah - what no
Raymond -whatever am going.
He said and started walking
Sarah - hope u won't hurt her
Raymond - I will.
Sarah -what!!!
She screamed and ran to meet Raymond as they walk to the hall together.
Betty - are u serious Roy. Am I dreaming.
Roy -no I want us to be as before to be closer. And this time I won't give u only friendship but I will try to love u.
Betty - really? ( smiling) I still can't believe am hearing this from u.
Roy - am serious.
He held her hand
Roy-will u give me a chance hm Betty.
Betty - what about Sarah
Roy - we broke up
Betty - how am I sure u are not doing this just because you guys broke up.
Roy - Betty. Just give me a chance to be there for u and protect u.
Betty - Roy. Are u for real? I have been waiting for years for u to look at me With eyes full of love and not friendship only. And here is a chance. Roy i am very happy
Roy - so we u giving me a chance
Betty - Roy yes I am ( excited) is this a Way of asking me if I can be ur girl friend
Roy - kind of.
Betty - yes yes yes. Am so excited Roy at last u came to me. Am so happy that we are going to be dating for the first time after 16 years.
Roy smiles before he knew it Betty pressed her lips on his.
Sarah and Raymond got to the hall and viola .
Raymond froze.. He hasn't felt such a pain before and he wondered why he is so jealous and feel like going over there and punching the hell out of Roy.
Sarah eyes widen. She knew she asked him to go away but it's not up to an hour and he has already moved on.
Roy sighted Sarah and Raymond.
He wanted to push Betty away but no a mind told him to make Sarah know he has moved on.
He kissed Betty back.
Shock was on her face.
The. She crossed he hand around his shoulder and he kissed her more. He started playing with her hair .
Raymond - am out.
He walked away.
And they continued .. They couldn't breathe anymore so they pulled away.
Betty smiled shyly.
Betty - that's the first time u kissed me back.
Roy - yeah because I have moved on and I am ready to love u.
Betty - am so glad to be ur gf
Roy - me too
Betty smiled again before she sighted Sarah
Betty - what do u want( yelling)
Roy didn't like that she was yelling at Sarah. And she looks frozen.
Roy -( but she asked me to move on. I was really serious when I said I will never go back to her)
Betty - are u deaf
Sarah looked at Roy's eyes and he looked at her back and it was as if she was asking him questions . He felt pain. He knew that he didn't like what he did. He felt as if he has betrayed Sarah.
Sarah -( I couldn't speak. I have lots of question. Roy u say everyday that's love me and yet u moved on so fast. And u were kissing Her I mean her)
Betty - what is wrong with u why are u staring AT my bf.
Roy - Sarah... Am. Why are ur eyes so red...
She just looked at him for some seonds before she ran off
Betty - brat. I thought u said u guys broke up
Roy -yes we did .
Betty - then why was she like that
Roy - I don't know.
Betty - I don't want her to spoil my mood. Roy am so happy. She said and hugged him .
Raymond - how can she be kissing another guy? Is she crazy.. I mean ... .he said as he threw notes one after the other in the dustbin.
Then he stopped when he saw two of Betty's note.
That day he picked up two of her notes. He doesn't want her to lose too much note but he left the rest to teach her a lesson..
He looked at her note. It was dripping ice cream.
Raymond -she has a nice hand writing ....aghh why did she kiss him.
What's wrong with me? Why am I acting like this. I have always kissed different girls but I have never felt hurt by seeing a girl with another guy but why am I now...
He threw his bag away and took Betts two notes and walked away angrily
Why is Raymond mad? Do u like Raymond or Roy for Betty?

My Other Half Episode 32

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My other half
By Apio favour
Episode 32
Something screamed in her ears.
Sarahhhh. It was her mums voice. The one who took care of her from childhood.
Sarah pushed Roy away quickly
Sarah -omg I came believe am doing something so stupid.
She said as she quickly button her shirt back.
Roy smiled.
Sarah - what the hell is funny.
Roy - u said u don't love me first, secondly u said u do and now u were lost in me.
Sarah was done buttoning her shirt she wasn't funding what Roy was saying funny. She almost lost her damn virginity to a guy who is going to end up with her twin sister..
Roy - Sarah am sorry I didn't... Mean to..
Before he completed his statement Sarah has unlocked the door and ran out. .
Roy chased after her.
Yesterday at 7:16 PM ·
Apio Favour
But then he stopped chasing her. He knew how she must have been feeling. He looked at himself and smiled remembering that Sarah unbutton his shirt. Then he dressed himself properly before heading to the car park.
Sarah stopped after she noticed that Roy wasn't chasing after her.
She quickly arranged herself properly and breathe in several times to calm her nerves.
Betty - where the hell were u.
Sarah - I was doing some... Hmm school work.
Betty - when school has closed. I told this bastard to drive me home but they refused saying mum said we must go home together.
Sarah - am sorry.
Sarah adjusted herself in the sit and her back faced Betty when she was arranging her bag.
Betty - Sarah what's blood doing at ur back ( getting a little worried)
Sarah -what... Blood?
Betty -yeah at ur back.. Are u in anyway injured? (getting concerned)
Sarah - me injured no... No. (then she remembered that roy was actually bleeding maybe when it was when they were in the restroom)
Betty - are u OK.
Sarah - please excuse me I need to go get my other uniform from my locker.
Betty -ok.
Sarah looked at her for a while she was confused why Betty was acting all nice to her.
Sarah -hmm thanks for..
Betty - hey time is going (yelling and trying to prove that she doesn't care about her)
Sarah got out of the car and hurried to the locker room to get her things.
Roy - am sorry man
Troy - it's OK. But why the smile.. Like u look different. Any news.
Roy - no news ( he remembered everything that happened in the restroom and he can't still believe that they almost got to that point)
Troy - hey man. Why are u blushing.
Roy -am I (killing his smile immediately)
Troy - I know something is up.
Roy - nothing is up. Get off my case.
Troy - u were moody for some days now and today u look all blushing. I Mean I thought only girls blush not guy.
Roy - aghhh u are getting on my nerves.
Troy - OK OK I rest my case if u won't tell me ( raising his hands up)
Roy smiled again.
Sarah was now back AMD they were driven home.
Betty - I can't believe I was feeling for her.. Never... I won't ever let myself feel for her maybe I was only pitying her... Aghh I hate for her to think I like her or something)
Sarah - Betty u are bleeding ( trying to touch her elbow)
Betty - fuck off. Don't u ever touch me again.
Sarah - sorry ( she said looking at the window)
Sarah - ( what was I thinking that she will change so easily and we will be good just like that... Nahh but I wonder why she is bleeding)
Betty didn't look at her injury until it Gave her a little pain then she looked at her elbow it was just a little scratch. ( where did I get this scratch from. Ohh maybe it was when that jerk bump into me...) she started smiling remembering how she threw smoothies on him and she remembered the look on his face and she laughed unknowingly to her. ) she looked around no one was looking at her so she quickly brushed the smile away.
Betty - ( why the heck am I smiling, I should be mad that idiot made me bleed. I mean I can't remember the last time I sustained an injury... Aghhh that idiot fall my books and didn't pick it. It's a good thing I didn't hurt my pride by picking them. I left them there and am sure when he see it he will pick it. She smiled again and quickly brushed it off)
Sarah was now in her room. She has had dinner and has taken her bath.
She just kept thinking over and over again about what she almost did.
Sarah - that's was the most stupid day of my life... Thank God I stopped what if I had done something crazy.... Nahh Thank Goodness. She doesn't help but smile over what had happened and when she noticed that she was smiling she hits herself.)
Sarah - I wonder how am going to look at Roy tomorrow after I was do cheap... Jeez I don't know if I can look at him without feeling like a cheap girl... I know what to do I will just ignore him and avoid him
.ohhh I need to stop thinking about that incidence. Where is my phone. It has been a while since she operated it.
She looked for it and saw it in her drawer. She went online and guess what Roy hasn't sent over 5 messages.
Sarah smiled and read it.
Message - Sarah am sorry I over stepped my boundary.
/- Sarah I hope u will forgive me
- Sarah are u mad ? Hmm my Sarah Ella.
- to be sincere that was the best day of my life. And I can't stop thinking about it...
Sarah couldn't bear but laugh
- does this mean we are back together. I mean are we still dating.. I hope it's yes because I have missed ur smile laugh and all.
2 hours ago ·
Apio Favour
Tuesday morning.
Betty - wake up u sleepy head. ( banging Sarah's door heavily)
Sarah managed to wake up after several banging.
Sarah - what is it ( yelling)
Betty - u better get ur ass from that bed before I drive to school.
Sarah - what..
She reached out for her phone and it was 7:30
Sarah -woahhh.
She said rushing out of bed and hurriedly went to shower. Betty kept banging the door.
She didn't take time showering she wore her other uniform and opened the door.
Bettys eyes stared at her like she wants to kill her.
Betty - agghhh
She said and walked out.
Sarah followed.
She went downstairs she didn't see her mum and didn't bother to ask because Betty was already furious.
Soon they were both in the car and was driven to school.
Betty - why the hell do u keep making me wait for u.
Sarah - hmm I ..was... (what was I doing self)
Betty - sleeping like a log of wood.
Sarah -no need for insults I apologized already.
Betty -what ever insult I throw at u isn't enough. U deserve more. And don't u ever make me wait for u again. I wonder why mom insist we must go together... Me and u will never get along.
Sarah - OK I hear... Ah.
Betty gave her a nasty look and looked away. Both of them were now looking at the window close to them.
Sarah is still thinking of what to do if she see Roy and she must see him they are in the same class.
Sarah - ( jeez I just wish we weren't in the same class. Woahhh this is actually the first time am scared to see Roy and now am praying we don't see each other. Isn't it creepy. She asked herself smiling )
Betty - ( yikes.. I can't get to school quickly so that I can teach that maniac a lesson.. I need him to know that am the boss not him.. She said to herself and that makes her smile.... She noticed she was smiling and frowned instantly..
Why the heck am I smiling)
Raymond was now in school he can't wait for Betty to come to school and behave like a bitch towards him ( shit did I just wish she should come to school to haunt me) he started laughing. And then he Betty walked in..
He smiled widely ( he wonders why he was smiling)
Both he and Betty eyes locked and she looked away after some seconds ..
Betty -why is that maniac looking at me and smiling at way... He is so cute with that smile.. Wait what.. Betty are u going nut... Jeez I hate that dude..
She sat on her sit .and then she opened her bag to go summit her maths assignment. Then she remembered that she didn't pick her books from the floor.
Betty -aghhhh
She said and stood up then walked to meet Raymond.
Raymond - ( I smiled at her and she looked at me for some time then she looked away... Shit... )
Betty - hey u maniac where are my books.
Raymond looked up and saw Betty stretching her hand at him in a stylish way and holding her waist with the other hand. She looks kind of cute and that's made me smile)
Betty - what's funny? Am I putting on a comedy show for u?
Now girls who are admiring Raymond are looking at Betty angrily but they won't dare to speak.
Raymond - yes u are
Betty - am not here to crack joke maniac. Where the hell are my notes
Raymond -which notes ( pretending not to know)
Betty -aggghhhh
Raymond -( this girl is cute when she is mad... Did she just call me a maniac and I didn't respond.. No way am letting her win)
Betty - the notes u feel from my hands when u bumped into me
Raymond - ohhh I remember now. When u were blind and bumped into me
Betty -what the heck... U... U bumped into ( why argue with this idiot. Get ur notes and leave before all this good for nothing girls kill me with thier ugly eyes )
Raymond - hey what are u thinking... Dummy.
Girls laughed.
Betty looked at them and they kept quiet instantly.
Betty - breathe in.i need my notes
Raymond - oh I saw ur notes on the floor when I came back form principal Naya office
Betty -andd... ( getting mad)
Raymond - I left them and went home.
Betty - u did what ( yelling and causing everyone to look at them)
Raymond - well I picked it up for u but u refused to take them so I knew it was a waste to pick them up the second time.
Betty -aghhhh I hate u bloody civilian .. U are good for nothing...
Raymond - ( woahh she is really mad. Her face is red and she said she hates me that' kind da hurts. I mean every girl like me)
Raymond - why the insult... U don't look like a serious student to me
Girls laughed again.
Betty looked at them and this time very angrily then quickly faced their front.
Betty - if I don't see my notes on the floor I promise to make u pay.
Raymond - by what? Throwing smoothies on me.
Betty - worse.
She said and walked out of the class...
Raymond - ( I almost laughed my stomach out.. Her face is red when I mean red I mean it.. And she looks cuter... I wonder where this girl is from that she doesn't like a cute handsome guy like me with the cutest pink lips ever. ) he chuckled.
Sarah summited her assignment.
As she was walking out of the staff room Roy entered .they both stare at each other and Sarah quickly rushed off.
Betty went to the spot she left her books and saw that they weren't there....
Betty -aghhh ( calm down Betty calm Down. I don't know why I thought that arrogant fool will pick my notes. Am sure it must have been swept)
Betty went to the sweepers office as entered
Betty - which of u swept the passage to principals office.
Woman - don't u greet ur elders when u see them
Betty - if u don't want to get fired u better tell me where who the hell swept my book away.
Another woman -ohh I swept that area and I saw some books.. I throw then at block cd dustbin.
Betty - aghhhh.
She said and walked out banging the door.
Woman - what an arrogant girl...
Another woman -thats how rich kids are oo spoilt and disrespectful.
Woman - I don't want my grand kids to attend rich school like this one.
Betty went to the block dustbin and she sighted her note... She knew her English note cover it's has empire on it. ..
Betty -jeez I can't believe my notes are in there... I will never pick dirts with my fingers NE.... Ver ...
She said and walked out..
When she went to the class maths teacher was there already.
Betty greeted and walked in angrily.
And sat down.
Maths teacher - OK guys u all Need to resubmit ur note for making. I will be checking each and everyone ones note and giving them marks since test is about to come soon.
Betty froze
Everyone submitted their notes and the teacher check each page of everyone's note and was jotting down marks.
Soon he was done.
Maths teacher - I have two people in this class who hasn't submitted their note.
Betty - please don't say my name please don't..
Maths teacher -betty and Sophia.. Betty and Sophia stand up.
Betty hesistatively stood up
Maths teacher -may I know the reason why the vice head girl didn't submit her note.
Betty - sir hmm (this is the first time she is speechless all because of the jerk... )
Maths teacher - I see u have nothing to say.. So I give u 10 minutes to bring ur notes to my office..
Betty nodded and turned back to look at Raymond who was smiling Evily .
Betty sat down annoyed.
Raymond - ( gosh that girl is so mad at me right now.. Who does she even think of herself.. Leaving her notes on the floor thinking I will pick theM.... I hope it hurts her pride...) he started laughing and he saw Betty looking at him and he smiled Evily Betty frowned more and she sat down.
Roy - I wonder why she isn't looking at me.. I mean I have been staring at her but all she does is look the other way... I can't wait for break to reach)
Maths teacher left and Betty stood up to go get her notes.
She went to the dustbin and looked at it disgustingly..
Betty - I can't believe am about to do this.. I haven't done this in my whole life before but this Raymond came and boom he is ruining my life.. Aghhh I can't do this..
She said and walked out
Betty -no
She stopped and went back
Betty - I will have to do this so I can get a good grade. I don't want that Sarah to win over me never.
There were lots of garbage on it and her books were beneath.
Betty slowly shooked her hands into the bin.
Betty - gross grooss so gross
She said as if she was about to cry..
She picked her first book out and threw it on the floor immediately and jumped afterwards. later got the two out and did the same thing She used her hands to search for the others but she couldn't find it.
She removed her hands form the dustbin and looked at it as if she wants to cut it out.
Betty picked her there notes from the floor with two fingers .
Betty - yuck gross
She said and tears gathered her eyes...
Then she heard someone laughing.
Then he walked closer to her.
Betty - what the heck is funny.
Raymond - u of course. U should have seen ur face when u were picking those up..
Betty - aghhh. Get the hell out of here
Raymond - why are u ashamed that I saw u..
Betty - curse u.. I curse the day u came into this school.
Then he burst into laughter.
Betty - I hope u choke .
Raymond tried to kill his laugh
Raymond - oh Betty I hope u learnt ur lesson.
Betty - whatever punk.. U are a bastard
Raymond - oh I have a father. ...
He started walking away.
Then stopped
Raymond -hurry up baby time is running out.
And he laughed again before he started walking..
Betty got more angry and threw one of her notes at him. But it didn't reach Raymond
Raymond (I heard the sound of something .i looked back and saw one of her dirty notes on the floor and she was clenching her teeth and frowning... OMG she is so so mad. I chuckled and turned the. Continue walking )
Raymond - baby u look so cute with that face.
Betty - fuck u..
Raymond - see ya.
He said smiling.
Betty -aghhhhhhh I hate him so so much.. I wish I could slap that laughter out of his damn face

My Other Half Episode 31

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My other half
By Apio favour
Episode 31
Betty - u.. .....
Raymond -am sorry.
Betty -aghhhhhh..
Raymond - am sorry. Don't be mad.
Betty - u are fucking sorry.. U just spilled ur stupid smoothies on me.
Gladys -girl he said his sorry.
Betty -shut the hell up and go Get me what I came here to buy
Gladys -oo OK.
She left.
Betty - are u blind or something.
Raymond - I am not blind and it was just a silly mistake. And am sorry.
Betty - just a silly mistake. U ruined my uniform and u say it's just a silly mistake.
All eyes now on them.
Sarah came to meet him.
Raymond -what more do u want.. Me to do. I said am sorry..
Betty - so saying sorry will automatically vanish this stupid stain from my uniform
Raymond - uhh jeez girl u are so annoying. Do u want me to buy u a new uniform, do u..
Betty - hold it right there. I have got all the money in this word to but millions of uniform..
Raymond -sooo
Betty - do u know what... U are a fucking butch of bananas who deserve to be eaten by ugly looking monkey like u..
Every one - woahhh.
Raymond - I should get going.
Gladys came with the smoothies and pie.
Betty - wait..
He turned
Raymond -what do u want.
Betty - are u upset? Oh don't be because u deserve more than being upset.
She forcefully took the cup of smoothies from Gladys and Viola she threw it on Raymond body.
Betty -ha serve u right.
Raymond - fuck u..... bitch
He said looking at his uniform.
Girls started gathering him..
Betty - oops it's just a silly mistake. So am sorry.
Raymond - damn u... Who the hell are u...
The girls both ss3 and junior girls started running out of the restaurant.
Betty - ( why are they running. They most be scared of me.... Haha)
Betty - why are u so upset I said am fucking sorry. .
Sarah - ah Betty that was extreme.
Betty - don't u dare involve ur silly stupid self. Fuck off to the trash were u belong.
Student - wouuuuu
She said as she took the pie from the tray Gladys was holding and eat some piece and walked out Gladys followed her and wave Raymond sorry for what Betty did.
Raymond - hey...
Betty tunred
Raymond - u are a fucking bitch .. .. Rot in hell...
Betty smiled.
She doesn't know why she is smiling but she smiled.
Soon all the girls who ran out starting running back with speed with new uniform on their hands. Some with handkerchief and others with new socks... And a new shoe.
Betty -( where did they get a new shoe from?)
They ran and some almost pushed Betty aside.
Brina - OMG am so sorry that lunatic did this to u (cleaning his body with an handkerchief)
Raymond smiled and looked over them and saw Betty frowning and looking at him.
He smiled again
Raymond -thanks pretty
Brina - OMG OMG.
She started shouting and stopped cleaning his face.
Raymond - that bitch ruined my uniform
Immediately he said that
6 girls lined up stretching their hand forward with a new set of uniform. He smiled. And walked over to the first girl and took the uniform
Raymond - do u know u are so cute like a doll.
The girl started blushing...
Raymond smiled and took the new uniform from her.
Girl 2 - I have a new uniform for u
Girl 3 - me too.
All - me too me too.
They started dragging who will give him a new uniform.
Raymond smirk.
Raymond - relax girls I will take it all if u all insist. (looking at Betty who was at the entrance)
They all started smiling.
Betty - aghhhh fool..
Raymond took the uniform from all of them and thanked them.
Soon they started pulling his shoes and he allowed them... They changed both his black socks and shoe. The girls started fighting for who will keep the socks and shoes.
Betty - fuck them fuck him. Gladys am out.
She said and Gladys followed..
Raymond saw that she was leaving and shouted.
Raymond - hey bitch thanks for making me get free new uniform.
And smirked.
Girls started laughing.
Betty didn't turn. She just stood and when he was done talking she signed and left. And Gladys followed.
Raymond -excuse me beautiful ladies I need to go change into this lovely uniforms u all gave me...
He started walking out.
They didn't follow him.
Then he stopped.
Raymond -i need someone to show me to the restroom and help me carry this things.
They all started running to meet him.
Raymond smirked.
They followed him and led the way.
On their way going Raymond saw Betty and Gladys working and saying something.
Then their eyes meant.
Betty - bastard
Raymond smiled at her.
Betty -( gosh he has such a beautiful smile. His lips are so pink.. What the heck)
Raymond laughed he knew she was admiring him.
They walked pass each other along with the girls.
Girl - u are so cute when u smile.
Raymond - really.
Girls - yeah so so cute..
Raymond - ( I hope she hears them) he smirked.
Sarah - really..
Henry - yeah. U were right when u told me that I like her.
Emily - she told u
Sarah - when u weren't around. He was so full and I knew he was missing u alot.
Emily blushed.
Emily -really.
Henry - of course not.
Sarah - stop lying.
Henry -oo maybe a little
Emily smiled.
Emily - I got the best proposal from him Sarah. I thought u were in the class why didn't u see what happened.
Sarah - I was sleeping
Emily - do u know he hugged me in front of all our classmates and then knelt down on one knee and asked me to be his girl friend.. ( blushing)
Sarah suddenly remembered when Roy told everyone in the hall that he liked her and asked her to say he was very cute to everyone in the hall. She started blushing. She remembered when he hugged her in front of everyone. Not only seniors but juniors too and they were all shouting head girl head boy... She smiled.
Henry -sarah why are u blushing.. Sarah -u... Me?
Emily - yeah u were. When I was telling u about what Henry did.
Sarah - oh maybe I was happy u guys are finally together.
Emily -am more excited.
Henry - of course u are.
Then Sarah saw Betty and Roy walk into the hall. Betty was putting her hand into Roy's arm.
Sarah immediately became cold.
Sarah (sometimes I regret letting Roy go. I don't know why I made such a big sacrifice just to make Betty happy)
Betty and Roy sat on a desk and they were smiling and laughing about something.
Sarah - excuse me guys I will be back.
She said and stood to go
Emily - OK take care
Roy - u didn't do that
Betty -of course I did. I poured the bastard smoothies also
Sarah walked to the exist door and her eyes and Roy's eyes met..
Betty noticed it and stood up quickly then pecked Roy on his lips.
Sarah froze.
Sarah - what!!!
Roy just looked at Betty in shock and Betty smiled at him and gave Sarah a look.
Sarah snapped out of her thought and walked as quickly as she can to the girls rest room.
She started crying.
Roy - what the hell was that for
Betty - u are my future husband and there is nothing bad in giving u a peck or is there any thing wrong with it.
2 hours ago ·
Apio Favour
Roy - shit Betty... I know the damn reason why u did that
Betty - what? Why? Whatever the reason may be, it's still remain the same. Am ur future wife.. She smiled.
Roy - excuse me.
Betty - where are u going to
Roy -to someplace where u aren't there.
Betty - whatever.
Roy went out and saw Sarah running into a restroom. The way she was running was as if she was crying. He breathe in.
And walked to the restroom but gave a little distance. Then he waited for Sarah to come out. ####
Sarah cried she doesn't know that it was going to hurt her seeing Roy and Betty kissing. What can she do she caused it. She is sacrificing her love for Betty who doesn't even know or appreciate it... It's not entirely her fault.. She needs to get used to the fact that both Betty and Roy are going to get married and she can't do anything about it... She just hope she would be able to bear it and
1 hour ago ·
Apio Favour
Be happy for them.
She cleaned her eyes and breathe in several times and came out.
Then she saw Roy resting on the wall his hand in his pocket and he was looking down. She decided to pass the other way.
Roy - u are missing ur way to class.
Sarah stopped cleaned her eyes again with her hand before she turned.
Sarah -hi.
Roy went to meet her.
Roy -hmm Sarah about that...
Sarah - u don't have to explain anything to me. We already broke up remember.
Roy - as far as am concern am still with u and u are still with me.
Sarah - I should get going.
Roy - wait? Where u crying.
Sarah -me (half yelling) no me... Cry why?
Roy - Sarah.. Stop lying I saw u when u ran into the restroom and it looks like u were crying. Ur eyes are red.
Sarah -i wasn't crying.
Roy - I still don't get all this.. U like me and I like u too then one day u woke up and asked me to leave u and date ur sister. What's going on. Can u tell me the reason why u drove me out.. Of ur life in that way.
Sarah - Roy I don't want to talk right now.
Roy held her hand
Roy looking straight into her eyes.
Roy -tell me what I did wrong and I promise to fix it but let's get back together...
Sarah -hmm I.. I..
Betty - what the heck. U left me there just to be with this swine.
Sarah dragged her hand quickly from Roy's grip. He looked at her angrily.
Sarah - I will be going now.
Roy - no stay we are still talking...
Sarah walked out
Roy - Betty what's all this scenario about.
Betty - whats wrong with u. Can't u see she doesn't like u. Why are u forcing urself on her.
Roy -betty it's u I don't like... Will u stop forcing urself on me.
He said and walked out.
Betty -aghh hhhh I thought everything was going well. Why does she have to spoil everything.
Nancy -andre Andre u have been avoiding me.. Please can u talk to me
Andre - am not mad at u am just AMD at myself Nancy. So I Need time to heal
Nancy - Andre please don't be mad. I tried to tell u that she doenst like u but
Andre-i know.. Don't say it.
Nancy - I am here for u and u know am ur friend and I also... Hm
Andre -u like me.
Nancy shocked
Nancy -how.. Did u.. Know.
Andre - I heard it when u were telling Betty.
Nancy - I know we are just friends to u and I will accept it
Andre -what if I tell u that I want us to be more than friends.
Nancy -uhhhh
Andre - I know u think I like Betty. Yes I did but that was before.. But I started developimg feelings for u and I thought it was just a mere friendship feelings and when Betty came around I was happy. I thought she has finally come to me but whenever am with her I always think about what u are doing? If u are stressed and if u were missing me but now I know why
Nancy -why.
Andre - I think am developing feelings for u.
Nancy couldn't speak..
Imagine this is happening to her and she has always wanted to hear it from him ND now she is hearing it it's like.. A dream.
Sophie - Nancy Nancy.
Nancy -mmmm
Sophie -wake up.. Form teacher is in the class giving announcement.
Nancy -ok.wait what.. Where is Andre
Sophie- which Andre... He is sitting over there .
Nancy -did he come here.. I ran was he talking to me about... Hmm
Sophie - Nancy Andre hasn't come over... OK u have been sleeping since they rang the bell.
Nancy - hell no... It's a dream. Why wasn't it real... God I pray it comes to pass.
She started smiling and at the same time she is sad it was only a dream...
Sophie - so Andre was in ur dream.
Nancy -yes no no.i Mean no.
Sophie - girl hmm dreaming about a guy that's sweet so sweet. (she said smiling)
The bell rang and everyone came in.
Form teacher - u All know we will soon go on school holiday.
Students -yeahhh.
Form teacher - ur exams are around the corners and I get news that some of u are doing love matter in my class... Don't forget u need to read and pass to get to the University.
Student -yes sir
Form teacher - I only came to remember u. So that all those girls running after a new boy in school. Because he is a fresh guy... Am watching u...
They started laughing.
Form teacher - OK I will be going now so ur teacher can come in and teach u guys.
Closing time.
Sarah - am not mad at u
Raymond - ok thank for trying to defend me and she insulted u. Well I hope u aren't mad at me because of her. .u know. What I mean
Sarah -am not mad.. So how did u change ur uniform.
Raymond - u didn't see what happened .
Sarah -no when Betty started creating scene I went to the hall to meet my friend Henry to help me get u a spare uniform but something came up and I forgot about the reason I went to meet them
Raymond - oh.. I got like 6 new uniform from girls.s
Sarah - lol... That's the benefit of being cute.
Raymond - oh this is this second time am heating u say am cute. . Are u having feelings for me
Sarah -hell no.. ( playfully hitting him)
Raymond -am just trying to know.
Sarah laughed...
Soon girls started gathering them and Sarah excused herself.
Betty - that guy is talking to Sarah but why? Why not everyone I like talk to her. . Wait what. ...never I Mean never I will never like such a jerk.
She said to herself and stood up carried her bag and took some books in her hands and walked out of the class
Raymond - excuse me girls I will be right back. (lying so that they won't follow him around. He wonders when he doesn't like girls following him around.. Am I learning how to be serious with school that's impossible. School without Girls is a freak school) he smiled to himself
He went out of the class leaving his bag pack so that the girls thinks that he is coming back.
From teacher -raymond go and meet principal Naya. She is calling for u.
Raymond -ok sir..
Form teacher - hurry up. She will soon leave her office hurry up. She wants to give u ur locker number and ur ID with other stuff..
Raymond -ok.
He said and rushed to her office.. He was running this time.
Sarah suddenly felt pressed. She needs to go to the rest room.
Roy saw her and decided to follow her.
Roy-( we haven't talked yet... We will talk no matter how u want to avoid me)
As Raymond was running to the office he saw someone helping to his direction and she wasn't looking. He tried to stop running but he was too late he hit the girl lightly and her books fell on the floor.
Raymond -oh am sorry.
Betty - ohhh uuuu ...why do u keep bumping into me. Are u doing it on purpose.
Raymond - (hissed) it's u... I don't know why I always bump into u maybe u always pray within u for me to do so
Betty - in ur dreams. U aren't even one cute person that I will pray for that to happen.
Raymond - and u aren't cute either..
He said and started walking away.
Betty - u son of a bitch won't u pick my books up.
Raymond came back
Raymond - mind my manners. Am really in a rush. Am sorry.
Betty -am sorry am sorry am sorry is all u know how to say.
He bent down to pick the books
Raymond -at least I have manners more than. U. U Need training and I am willing to teach u.
Betty -did u just call me mannerless.
Raymond -yes I did. What will u do, call me the same name or throw smoothies on me.
Betty - u are such a freak.
Raymond -and u are a bitch.
Betty - what...
He stood up and stretched out her books to her.
Raymond -here have ur notes.
Betty - it's isn't properly arranged
Raymond -will u take them .am in a heist.
Betty - I said it wasn't that way when u fell it
Raymond smiled.
Raymond -ok then
He left the books to fall from his hands purposely.
Betty - did u just throw my books on the floor.
Raymond -yeah I did
He said and walked out.
Raymond - u can pick them according to how u arranged it before I accidentally pushed u.
Betty - I hate u... So much.... U will pay for it
Raymond - u look cute with that face.
He said before finally walking out on her.
He waited for her to come out. She came out few MInutes later.
Sarah - Roy why are u here again
Roy - let's talk.
Sarah -i have nothing to say.
Roy - I only want to know why u were crying when Betty pecked me. I thought u said I don't mean anything to u . U were jealous and u cried...
Sarah - I have to go home please excuse me
Roy took Sarah's hand and dragged her to the restroom and locked the door.
Sarah - what the heck.
Roy - we have to talk. And I mean right now.
Sarah - I said I don't want to talk to u (shouting) open the damn door.
Roy - Sarah shout all u want but if u don't tell me why u broke up with me we are going to stay here till school closes.
Sarah - royy this is the female restroom for God sake. What if someone comes in and see us together.
Roy -i locked the door so don't be scared and tell me why u broke up with me.
Sarah - is that even a question. U fucking know why the hell I broke up with u ( not knowing why she is yelling at him maybe it's because she is mad at him for allowing Betty peck him in front of her)
Roy - Sarah u know I love u.
Sarah is now frozen.
Roy - yes I do.. I really do love u but u broke my heart. U just broke it with no good reason and I Need to know why.
Sarah - u... Hmm love me...
Roy - u know I do I really do. I was going to fight for us no matter what. I was willing to make my father cancel that stupid deal and then u said I didn't mean anything to u. Is that true? Do u really not love me ?
Sarah - ( of course I love u but I have to do it.. I don't want Betty to think am taking everything away from her. She loves Roy and I love him too but she loves him more I mean she has always loved him since they were kids... God am I making the right decision)
Roy - Sarah.. U don't love me? ( his eyes getting sad)
Sarah - hmm Roy I need to go.
Roy - just fucking tell me if u love me or not ( shouting)
Sarah - Roy.. Hmm I.. (gosh help me Father Lord) I.. ( got to do it for Betty) I.. Don't.
Roy - what? U don't?
He became angry immediately.
Roy - so u fucking don't? And u pretended to ...sarah u are worse than Betty... Do u want to know the reason why I don't like Betty.... She uses people feelings and u are just like her u fucking like her. Why didn't I think of it u are just like her
Sarah -roy please. ( getting scared)
Roy - u know what....
He just kept quiet. He faced the mirror and gosh he needs to take his feelings out and then he remembered how his dad often tells him that he hates him because he is weak and when he asked him to sign the papers forcefully)
He punched the mirror cracked.
Sarah -roy (screaming)
Roy punched it again and this time his injured hands started bleeding again.
Sarah - Roy (she started crying.) please Roy.. Please stop.
Roy - u fucking used my feelings . U all are the same.
He hit the mirror harder again.
Sarah -roy please stop u are bleeding.. Please stop (now crying more)
He didn't listen and continued hitting it.
Sarah hugged him from the back and he immediately stopped.
Sarah -am... Sorry Roy... I.. Do love u. I mean it. I do love u alot more than u can imagine.
Roy froze.
Sarah -please stop hurting ur self because of me. It's hurts me more to see u like that.. Please stop.
(she continued to cry)
Sarah turned to face her.
Roy - Sarah u just said u love me.
Sarah - hmm no I only said that ( she cleaned her eyes) so u can stop hurting ur self.
Roy -liar.
Sarah - I should get going.
She tried to walk but Roy grabbed her hands and turned her to face him then he kissed her and she responded.
They started kissing each other with strong affection.... And.... She started losing up and she became weak instantly....
Roy didn't want to stop having this moment Sarah wasn't a professional but he was. He started playing with her mouth with his tongue and was enjoying every pleasure he got from it. . He was enjoying every step of it.
His hands went to Sarahs top and started pulling the bottons by one. And Sarah didn't stop him. She also went for his shirt button.

My Other Half Episode 30

March 18, 2019 Add Comment
My other half
By Apio favour
Episode 30
Henry - hi.
Raymond -hi
Emily - what's ur name.
Raymond -am Raymond Amo.
Emily -ohh. U are cute. (smiling)
Henry gave her a look and she chuckled.
Raymond -u are also pretty. (gave her a little smile)
Raymond -thanks.
Henry -she is taken.
Emily - yeah am his.. (smiling)
Henry gave a big smile when she admitted it.
Raymond - u guys fit. Perfect match.
Henry -opps really. I think I like u. Am Henry and she is Emily my gf (emphasising the gf)
Emily - so have u seen ur first love at first sight.
Raymond -am here to study.
Emily -thats what we all say.
Henry -so what position are ur parents .u know what I mean.
Raymond - well my dad is the vice president.
Emily -oh. Amo I thought about it I thought u just had the same surname.
Raymond smiled.
Nurse - I only need one person here the rest of u should go back to class.
Henry -ook ma'am. Emily u can go to class with Raymond I will stay.
Emily frowned
Raymond - u don't want ur gf to be jealous u are with another girl do u.
Henry -no. (looking at emily who seems to agree with Raymond)
Raymond - I can stay with her u guys can go back to the class.
Emily -but u are new. U don't want to miss First Class. Do u?
Raymond -to be sincere am. Quite nervous. So I need time to prepare my introduction speech.
Emily and Henry laughed.
Emily -ok then see u later.
Henry - Good luck with ur speech. Tell Sarah if she wakes up that I will be helping her write she doesn't have to panic.
Emily - she loves school work a lot.
Raymond smiled.
Emily -such a cute smile. I bet all the girls are going to droll over u.
Raymond smile and Henry frowned at her.
Emily - being jealous bf.
Henry ignored her
Emily - no one is cuter than my bf Henry.others might be cute and sweet no offence Raymond but U are the cutest and the sweetest
Henry smiled.
Raymond -offence not taken.
They left holding hands.
Raymond - jeez new school I hate new school with all those girls flirting around a handsome guy like me. I sometimes wish I wasn't so handsome.
Betty - gosh that guy is soooo cute.
She slapped herself.
What the heck
Roy is cute not that guy he is just hmm silly no very cute. Her mind spoke back. Ahhhh he isn't all he he is ugly very ugly like a monkey. Roy is the cutest guy in school no one else.
Roy - why is Sarah not back yet. Is she OK..
Then Henry and Emily walked in. They were both smiling and talking to each other.
Roy - Henry.
He walked to Roy.
Henry - yes.
Roy - u missed a class.
Henry - I know. Sarah has been given medicine and she is sleeping.
Roy looked around the new guy Isnt with them
Roy -where is that guy
Emily -Raymond... He is with Sarah.
Roy -u mean u left Sarah alone with him.
Henry - he insisted.
Roy stood up and went out of the class to the clinic.
Henry - he is jealous.
Emily - just like u were.
Henry - no I wasn't
Emily -yes u were... He just came and he just made two boys jealous over us.
Henry - I said I wasn't jealous.
Emily - then why was ur face like this (Emily put on a sad face )
Henry laughed and she joined latter.
Betty -roy left.. Where is he going to maybe I should just follow him and make sure he doesn't settle with Sarah.
Sarah woke up.
Sarah -ouch my head. It's hurt.
Raymond - are u OK. Do u need the nurse.
Sarah - no... Uhhh who are u.
Raymond - am Raymond.
Sarah -OH u are the guy who caught me.
Raymond smiled.
Sarah smiled.
Raymond - u said I was cute.
Sarah - whattttt...
Raymond - yes arent I cute.?
Sarah - u know what u are not cute because of ur face it's because u have a kind heart.
Raymond -how did u know I have a good heart.
Sarah - well am sure u must have missed classes just to wait for me to wake up.
Wait ....class.. I must have missed classes.
Raymond started laughing
Sarah -whats funny?
Raymond killed his laugh.
Raymond - ur friend Henry and Emily said u like class a lot.
Sarah smiled.
Raymond - but don't worry. He said he will help u write.
Sarah -oh that's nice. What's it only Emily and Henry that came I. Mean do u know if Roy came to see if am OK. Oh u are new u may not know Roy.
Raymond - oh I saw a guy he was quit angry when I was holding u.
Sarah - oh...
Raymond - so who is Roy to u. Why do u care if he is here or not.
Sarah - he is my bf I mean my former bf
Raymond -ohh did he break up with u.
Sarah -no he didn't.. I did.
Raymond -why?
Sarah -hmm it's.. Nothing.
Raymond -ok.
Roy came in .
1 hour ago ·
Apio Favour
Roy - Sarah are u... I mean OK.
Sarah nodded with a smile.
Sarah - he still cares about me... I pray my thoughts are true.
Roy - hmm hi am Roy.
Raymond - am Raymond.
Sarah - Roy am OK. U can go to class.
Roy - I just came to check on u... I will be going now that I know u are OK. He turned to go but then Betty opened the door and walked in.
Roy - Betty !!
Sarah - are u here to check on me?
Betty - hell no.
Raymond looked at her. And then back at Sarah. They both have same height and colour but not identical. Maybe they could be sisters. Roy - why are u here.
Betty - hmm I... ( I can't tell him I followed him to make sure he doesn't talk to Sarah what should I say) Roy - Betty
Betty - I came to see Sarah.
Sarah and Roy both shocked
Sarah - what?
Betty - hmm I mean she is my sister (jeez did I just say that... Just keep it rolling) and I came to check on her in case mum ask. Raymond started laughing.
Betty - what the heck is funny.
Raymond - u said hell no when she asked u if u came to check on her. Betty - don't involve ur slimy little ugly face when am talking. Raymond -ohhhhh
Betty - (but he is actually cute )
Roy - am going. Bye Sarah
Betty -lets go..
She wrapped her hand around his and they walked out. Sarah gave a fake smile. Raymond - should we be heading to class now.
Sarah - yeah of course.
They both left together
1 hour ago ·
Apio Favour
Raymond - is she really ur sister? I mean
Sarah - we just found out that we are twins.
Raymond -whattt.
Sarah -yeah.. Unidentical twins
Raymond -woahh is that why she is like that?
Sarah -maybe but we don't ever get along.
Raymond - hmm. I think I will enjoy my stay here.there are lots of drama here.
Sarah - u haven't seen any yet.
In. Class.
Form teacher - hi guys
Student - goodday sir.
Form teacher - we have a new student in our mist.
Everyone started talking.
Raymond is quite nervous. Why should he be. He is the most famous boy in school and because he wasn't focusing on his studies but girls his dad decided to change his school. He change girls like he changes his clothes.
Form teacher -mr ray I have been calling u
Raymond -oh am sorry sir.
He went out
Form teacher -introduce ur self.
Raymond - hi guys am Raymond Amo and I am the vice president son.
Brina - I thought as much..
Raymond - I hope to learn in ur school and have fun with u guys I hope u accept me.
They clapped mostly the girls
Form teacher -ok u can now go back to ur sit.
He is siting close to Sarah Henry has changed his seat. He is now sitting where Brian was sitting
Sarah smiled at him.
All girls eyes are on him.
Raymond smiled.
Betty looked at him.
Betty -this guy is cute...ahhh I need to stop saying that he is cute .
Break time.
All the girls are now flirting and surrounding Raymond.
Danita - u are so cute.. So so cute.
Brina - hi am Brina (smiling sheep
Raymond - is she really ur sister? I mean
Sarah - we just found out that we are twins.
Raymond -whattt.
Sarah -yeah.. Unidentical twins
Raymond -woahh is that why she is like that?
Sarah -maybe but we don't ever get along.
Raymond - hmm. I think I will enjoy my stay here.there are lots of drama here.
Sarah - u haven't seen any yet.
In. Class.
Form teacher - hi guys
Student - goodday sir.
Form teacher - we have a new student in our mist.
Everyone started talking.
Raymond is quite nervous. Why should he be. He is the most famous boy in school and because he wasn't focusing on his studies but girls his dad decided to change his school. He change girls like he changes his clothes.
Form teacher -mr ray I have been calling u
Raymond -oh am sorry sir.
He went out
Form teacher -introduce ur self.
Raymond - hi guys am Raymond Amo and I am the vice president son.
Brina - I thought as much..
Raymond - I hope to learn in ur school and have fun with u guys I hope u accept me.
They clapped mostly the girls
Form teacher -ok u can now go back to ur sit.
He is siting close to Sarah Henry has changed his seat. He is now sitting where Brian was sitting
Sarah smiled at him.
All girls eyes are on him.
Raymond smiled.
Betty looked at him.
Betty -this guy is cute...ahhh I need to stop saying that he is cute .
Break time.
All the girls are now flirting and surrounding Raymond.
Danita - u are so cute.. So so cute.
Brina - hi am Brina (smiling sheep
Nancy - Andre can u believe it.
Andre -
36 minutes ago ·
Apio Favour
Raymond - is she really ur sister? I mean
Sarah - we just found out that we are twins.
Raymond -whattt.
Sarah -yeah.. Unidentical twins
Raymond -woahh is that why she is like that?
Sarah -maybe but we don't ever get along.
Raymond - hmm. I think I will enjoy my stay here.there are lots of drama here.
Sarah - u haven't seen any yet.
In. Class.
Form teacher - hi guys
Student - goodday sir.
Form teacher - we have a new student in our mist.
Everyone started talking.
Raymond is quite nervous. Why should he be. He is the most famous boy in school and because he wasn't focusing on his studies but girls his dad decided to change his school. He change girls like he changes his clothes.
Form teacher -mr ray I have been calling u
Raymond -oh am sorry sir.
He went out
Form teacher -introduce ur self.
Raymond - hi guys am Raymond Amo and I am the vice president son.
Brina - I thought as much..
Raymond - I hope to learn in ur school and have fun with u guys I hope u accept me.
They clapped mostly the girls
Form teacher -ok u can now go back to ur sit.
He is siting close to Sarah Henry has changed his seat. He is now sitting where Brian was sitting
Sarah smiled at him.
All girls eyes are on him.
Raymond smiled.
Betty looked at him.
Betty -this guy is cute...ahhh I need to stop saying that he is cute .
Break time.
All the girls are now flirting and surrounding Raymond.
Danita - u are so cute.. So so cute.
Brina - hi am Brina (smiling sheep
Nancy - Andre can u believe it.
Andre -
36 minutes ago ·
Apio Favour
Raymond - is she really ur sister? I mean
Sarah - we just found out that we are twins.
Raymond -whattt.
Sarah -yeah.. Unidentical twins
Raymond -woahh is that why she is like that?
Sarah -maybe but we don't ever get along.
Raymond - hmm. I think I will enjoy my stay here.there are lots of drama here.
Sarah - u haven't seen any yet.
In. Class.
Form teacher - hi guys
Student - goodday sir.
Form teacher - we have a new student in our mist.
Everyone started talking.
Raymond is quite nervous. Why should he be. He is the most famous boy in school and because he wasn't focusing on his studies but girls his dad decided to change his school. He change girls like he changes his clothes.
Form teacher -mr ray I have been calling u
Raymond -oh am sorry sir.
He went out
Form teacher -introduce ur self.
Raymond - hi guys am Raymond Amo and I am the vice president son.
Brina - I thought as much..
Raymond - I hope to learn in ur school and have fun with u guys I hope u accept me.
They clapped mostly the girls
Form teacher -ok u can now go back to ur sit.
He is siting close to Sarah Henry has changed his seat. He is now sitting where Brian was sitting
Sarah smiled at him.
All girls eyes are on him.
Raymond smiled.
Betty looked at him.
Betty -this guy is cute...ahhh I need to stop saying that he is cute .
Break time.
All the girls are now flirting and surrounding Raymond.
Danita - u are so cute.. So so cute.
Brina - hi am Brina (smiling sheep
Nancy - Andre can u believe it.
Andre -
36 minutes ago ·
Apio Favour
Raymond - I guess u know my name.
Gladys -yeah I know.
Sophia - jeez u are cute just like me.
Betty - where is Gladys..
She turned back and saw Gladys flirting with that new guy what's his name again ...who cares.
She walked to meet them
Betty - Gladys
Gladys - jeez why are u telling.
Betty - we have stuff to do stop making urself look stupid in front of that guy.
Raymond smiled his attention now on Betty.
Gladys - but.. But...
Betty - Gladys don't make me repeat myself lets go.
Brina -if she doesn't want to go leave her.
Betty - what the heck. Was I talking to u... Don't u ever make that mistake of talking to me when I wasn't talking to u.
Raymond smiled.
Brina - Betty I am not scared of u one bit.
She said standing up
Betty - u aren't enough for me to break into pieces. Have got no time for trash like u
Girls -ohhhhhh
Brina -who the hell u think u are.
Betty -am ur worse fear. Don't cross my path and I won't cross urs. So better go back to what u were doing fooling around that guy (she said pointing at him)
Raymond -am Raymond by the way and u can call me ray..
Betty - fuck off. Gladys...
Betty walked out of the class and Betty followed her.
25 minutes ago ·
Apio Favour
Gladys followed her.
Gladys -jeez girl why did u have to disgrace me in front of that guy...
Betty - what were u doing there.
Gladys -trying to catch his attention first. So I can be his girlfriend but thanks to u he won't even look my way again...
Betty - what's in him anyways that u all were flirting with him.
Gladys -girl are u blind.. He is soooo cute. Cuter than Roy.
Betty - shut up. Don't ever say that again.
Gladys -i know u like Roy but girl he is more cuter and a sweet talker.
Betty -whatever. I need to teach nancy a lesson.
Gladys -ok.
Raymond -excuse me girls.
He said and walked outside. He saw Sarah coming to his direction.
Sarah -where to Raymond.
Raymond - well am hungry and those girls won't let me be.
Sarah laughed.
Sarah - u want to eat
Raymond -of course. Can u show me the hall or whatever u guys all it here
Sarah -yeah Mr let's go.
They both went.
Betty -nancy why are u here in the hall and not doing the work.
Andre - she has been relieved of her punishment
Gladys -impossible
Betty - really congrats.. Andre sweetie let's go grab a pie.
Andre - but...
Betty -no but baby let's go.
She said dragging him along.
Nancy frowned she turned and gave her a smile.
Betty -andre sweetie can u go get me some pie and smoothies I will be here waiting. Gladys please join him.
Andre -ok.
He said and Gladys followed.
Nancy -this time I won't back down.
She stood up and went to meet Betty who was sitting alone at a desk.
She sat opposite her.
Nancy - what is the deal with u
Betty - u know baby. U haven't begged me yet
Nancy - is that why u got me punished and now u are taking Andre away from me.
Betty - I am only doing what am doing to get u to beg
Nancy - bet betty u don't like him ..
Betty - sushh baby let's talk outside. She dragged Nancy out of the hall outside.
Andre - no pie.
Seller -no sir.
Gladys - I should go and tell Betty.
Andre -no get the smoothies I will go newt her
Gladys nodded.
Soon he was in Sarah's seat but she want there.
He signed.
Andre -where could she be.
He used his eyes to scan everywhere but he didn't see her.
Andre -maybe I should check outside.
Betty - what do u mean
Nancy - I know u don't like him
Betty - and what If I say I do.
Nancy -liar.
Andre looked and saw both she and Nancy talking. He decided to go meet them. But he stopped going closer when he heard they were talking about him.
Nancy - u know I like him and u are using him to get back at me
Betty - no am not.
Nancy - stop the shity lie.
Betty - OK. I know Andre likes me and u like him. So am only pretending to like him to get to ur nerves. And if u don't like it go down on ur knees and beg me. Only then will I leave Andre for u or else I will take him away and he won't look back.
Andre - whatt..
Betty - damn u nancy ..u made him hear
Andre - fuck u Betty.
He said and turned to go and Nancy chased after him
Gladys - did u see betty
Andre ignored her and she saw Nancy chasing after him
After a while of looking for her she went outside and saw Betty.
Glady - no smoothies
Betty - fuck that . I need a drink let's go to the restaurant.
Betty marched into the restaurant and boom someone hit her and green smoothie fell on her
Raymond -am sorry am really sorry
Betty - u.....
Raymond -am sorry
What will Betty do oo guys?

My Other Half Episode 29

March 16, 2019 Add Comment
My other half
By Apio favour
Episode 29
Henry has been missing Emily. He doesn't know what to do to go to her house, no no that isn't right. Should I text her. Obviously no she is mad at me and I have to say sorry to her personally. When is she coming to school ...cant wait any longer.
Monday morning.
Betty and Sarah has both gone to school with separate cars.
Roy was in the hallway. .betty came In first before Sarah.
Betty went over to Roy's all smiley.
Betty - Roy are u ok
Roy smiled.
Betty -u look pale.
As she was talking she saw his fist being bandaged and still stained with blood.
Betty - holy shit. Roy what happened to ur hand.
She asked as she took his hand.
Sarah saw it and she just stood still not moving not saying anything. Just looking at his hand a little distance away form them.
Roy -nothing
Betty -roy. U know that I know u since childhood . What were u mad about that Injure ur hand.
Sarah's thought - he was mad about something and did that to himself. Is it because of me.
Betty - Roy talk to me. Why did u injure urself.
Betty mistakenly pressed his hand
Roy -ouch.
Betty -opps am sorry am sorry
Sarah didn't know when she ran to meet him.
Sarah -are u OK (looking at him with lots of concern)
Betty cast her an angry look but Sarah didn't care. Roy was hurt.
Roy just looked at her.
Roy - do u care?
Sarah -yes u know I care. (she said again without thinking)
Roy just looked at her not saying anything.
Betty - am sorry Roy . It was a mistake.
Roy nodded at her and gave her a little smile.
Sarah held his hand. He dragged his hand away almost immediately.
Sarah looked at him.
Sarah - Roy am sorry. Was it because of me u hurt ur self? Am sorry I really didnt mean to hurt u.
Hearing that Betty smiled.
Betty -so she hurt Roy. Perfect time to take him away from her In a flash. She smiled at herself on her dirty thought.
Roy - just leave me alone.
Roy is now angry.
Sarah held his hand again.
Roy took his hand back angrily.
Roy - will u fucking leave my hand alone (he barked)
And immediately Sarah head started hurting.
She held it. She has been feeling head ache for a while now.
Betty -roy!!! U are bleeding. She shouted.
Roy looked at his hand and the bandaged has already started dripping blood.
He looked at Sarah and noticed that she was in pain. She was holding her head and closing her eyes trying to fight something.
Betty - Roy Roy are u listening to me
Roy -huh.
Betty -lets go and rebandage ur hand.
Roy looked at Sarah and now it's like she is about to fall. He quickly stood up to meet her but Betty held his hand and dragged him along with her to get the bandaged removed.
But he kept looking at Sarah for a while then he looked away and continue to walk with Betty to the school clinic.
Sarah managed to subdue the pain and she gently walk to class.
She has been feeling headache for a while now and she hasn't taken any drugs. And now it's getting worse.
She managed to get to her sit. And rested her head she needs medicine.
Roy bandage has been changed .
And Betty was with him. Taking care of him. She really feels bad that Roy hurt himself because of Sarah but in a Way she is happy that they aren't together again she thought. Am not sure if they still together. I will ask him.
Betty -roy.. Roy are u and Sarah having problems. I mean are u still dating her.
Roy was just thinking about Sarah. He wonders why she was holding her head and closing her eyes that way. Is she sick.. Or is it an headache.... He doesn't know if he should meet her or be with Betty according to her. He likes Sarah but if she says she doesn't like him then he has no choice but to leave her and try to rekindle his relationship with Betty.
Betty tapped him
Betty - snap out of it.
Roy - ouch..
Betty -what are u thinking about.
Roy -nothing why?
Betty - because I have been asking u questions ND u aren't responding.
Roy -which question.
Betty - see I said it u were lost in thought. Anyways are u and Sarah having problems.
Roy -hhnm (as of he didn't her Her )
Betty -are u guys still dating.
Roy just kept quiet. He doesn't know what to say to Betty. He doesn't want what he has with Sarah to end but she wants it to end.
Betty - lost in thought again.
Roy thought... I don't want to answer her questions. But u know Betty she must get the answer she wants. OK maybe I should change the topic.
Roy - Betty why were u acting all cozy yesterday. When I called.
Betty -what do u mean.
Roy - u know what I mean.
Betty -dont know.
Roy -ok then I will explain it to u. I didn't tell u I love u yesterday. I was asking u about ur family and u were like I love u too sweetheart. What was that about.
Betty -oh that. I just wanted my mum to know we are in good shape.
Roy - why do u want her to know that. U know I like Sarah.. And she... I don't know
Betty -roy Sarah doesn't like u. Me and her had an argument about u. I said u were mine and all that. She said she doesn't care if u are mine or not that she was only with u because she needed to be with someone at that time and now that she is rich she doesn't need ur social help.
Roy -what.. When did she say that..
Betty - yesterday evening.
Roy -hmm.. (looking at her as if she was lying)
Betty - u think am lying.
Roy ignored her question.
Betty -i will bring my phone tomorrow to school to show u the recording.
Roy - u recorded it.
Betty - no I was... Hmm recording myself by singing when she came and we argued so everything got recorded.
Roy - Betty are u lying ? I mean Sarah and u don't agree why would she tell u something like that.
Betty -are u deaf? I said we were arguing. I will bring the evidence tomorrow.
Roy - OK (low tone... He hopes she is lying and that what he thought about Sarah wasn't true. He hopes Sarah wasn't pretending and really liked him..)
Betty -lets go to class now.
The bell rang for classes to begin.
Emily walked in to the class. When Henry saw her he didn't know when his legs ran to meet her and hugged her in front of everyone in the class.
Emily was just shocked by his action but she liked it. This is the first time he was hugging her and not only that in front of everyone.
Student -hmmm love in the air..
Henry heard it and quickly withdraw from the hug. And smiled at Emily.
Emily didn't want him to stop hugging her but she is happy he did at his own choice not she forcing him.
Henry held her hand and they walked to her sit he sat in brians former seat.
Emily was just blushing.
Henry - are u OK. I mean how's ur health.
Emily - it's fine ..i mean am fine.
Henry touched her hand softly rubbing her skin.
Emily felt strange immediately but she likes the feeling.
She smiled at him
Henry - u still have some sport on ur skin (still rubbing her head gently)
Emily - hmm... It.. It will go away after some time but am OK now (she smiled again at him and he smiled back.)
He stopped touching her skin and he frowned.
Emily smiled faded.
Emily -why is he frowning? Is he mad that he hugged me or that he...
Henry - Emily I want to say am sorry I mean for saying those harsh words to u. I.. I was just..
Emily quickly hugged him and he kept quiet and smiled
Emily -am not mad at u. I forgave u the day u hurt u.
Henry - am sorry. ..
Emily -its OK Henry. Am happy that u are here right now with me.
The students has been watching them for a while now and was smiling.
Student -love in the air.
Emily pulled away from the hug.
Brina - are you guys dating.
Emily face immediately became sad.
Henry chuckled..
Henry stood up and knelt down on one knee.
Emily face was unreadable.
Henry - Emily I discovered last week when u weren't in school that I love u.
Emily smiled.
Class - Wow..
Betty came in with Roy.
Betty immediately got angry when she saw Henry kneeling in front of Emily. Roy was searching with his eyes if he can find Sarah. He saw her but she was sleeping.
He smiled. She looks cute while sleeping. But why is she sleeping this morning classes hasn't started yet.
Emily -omg OMG OMG.
Henry -yes Emily will u be my girl friend.
Emily jumped up..
Emily -yes yes yes yes yes...
Students started laughing, some
Henry smiled and he stood up and she hugged him.... Then she pulled away from the hug and smiled at him.
Emily - this is the best girl friend proposal ever.
Henry smiled. He hasn't planned about it but he did it anyways.
Emily was smiling at him and he smiled back but before he knew what was happening Emily was kissing him in front of everyone he responded to her.
And they whole class went crazy.
Danita went to open the door to spy if any teacher was coming.
She opened it slightly and started shouting.
Danita -mr detention is coming.. Mr detention is coming.
Then everyone including Emily and Henry rushed to their seat.
Every one was now quiet.
Brina -is he here yet.. Ehh Danita.
Danita started laughing.
Gladys -why are u laughing.
Danita - haha haha.
She opened the door wide so everyone can see outside.
Danita -it was a prank.
They started laughing too.
Emily smiled at Henry and Henry smiled at her too while the others laugh.
The noise has woken Sarah up. And their laughter is making her head spin. She really needs medical care.
Roy was just smiling and Betty was mad.
Betty -why does the people I hate get the good things. I mean that's the best way to ask a girl to be ur girl friend why was it not me and Roy but that girl Emily..... She just got lucky. I know my engagement party with Roy will. Be the best and most expensive engagement party ever.
She smirks and looked at Roy. He was smiling at something she can't see.
She smiled and faced her front.
Sarah head is spinning. She really needs to go to the school clinic.
The laughter has died and everyone was doing their various things. Henry is now sitted close to Emily again and they seem to be engrossed in their discussion.
Sarah stood up and slowly walked towards the door.
Betty is now feeling strange. She doesn't know why but she feels like something is wrong.
Sarah is now half way to the door. She is still walking slowly. Roy is just looked at her and contemplating if he should go and ask her what the problem was.
Sarah is now close to the door. The more she walks the more her head hurts and the more the headache increased.
She is now holding the knob on the door. She tried to pull it but now everything is rotating in her eyes. She doesn't know what's happening to her. She tried to stand her ground but she couldn't. .
Someone opened the door and it hit her making her fall immediately
Roy stood up from his seat and ran to meet Sarah but he wasn't fast enough.
She fell to the floor. And held her head. It was a new student he was so handsome very handsome Sarah thought. Even if his head is rotating in her eyes.
All the girls mouth went opened. They started asking questions and praising him
Henry saw what happened and also ran to meet Sarah with Emily too. The female students didn't care about Sarah but the new handsome boy.
He saw Sarah on the floor and quickly picked her up
But she almost fell again.
Raymond - are u OK.
Sarah - I... My.. Head hurts.
She said holding her head.
Roy was already there with Henry and Emily.
Emily -sarah...
Sarah -em... MI.. Ly is the u.
Emily nodded.
Raymond was still holding her. He was holding her waist to support her and her shoulder..
Roy was angry so angry
Roy -who the heck is this guy holding her waist..... Ahhhh.
Emily -are u OK.
Sarah -my head is spinning... I meed to.. Go to the school...... Cl...nic
Emily - can u walk.
Sarah -am dizzy.
Raymond and Roy -i can carry her.
They looked at each other.
Raymond smiled and carried her in a bridal way and Sarah smile.
Sarah -u are so.. Cute.
She said and Raymond smiled.
While the rest laughed.
Roy got mad and went back to his seat.
Roy -how can she say he is so cute in front of me. She really did play me. I should just go and beat the hell out of that guy for holding her waist that way. Who is he anyway. Why is he here in our school. .roy calm down. She isn't worth it.
He breathe in and sat down. He wonders if they are already in the clinic and Sarah is being taking care of.
Henry and Emily escorted Raymond as he carried Sarah to the clinic. She was smiling anyhow.
Emily just smiles at her as they show Raymond the way to the school clinic.
Sarah was put in a bed when they got there and she was given medicine and a sleeping medicine too
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