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One More Time Final Episode

December 12, 2018 Add Comment
Episode 3
“What nonsense!” The disgusted Doctor called out.
“This nonsense is for my marriage.” She replied.
She seduced the Doctor with so much desperation. She was too
voluptuous to be resisted. The Doctor fell for it and had sex with her, ‘a
quickie’. She stood up, put on her dress, tossed the cheque back to the
“My marriage is so important to me Doctor. I’ll do anything to keep it.
I’m sure this will keep your mouth shut.” She said and made her way to
the door. She opened the door and wham! Her husband was standing at
the door. She almost died at the spot.
“Simon!” She called out loudly.
“What in the world are you doing here?” Simon asked Benita.
“Oh… oh I came… I mean the Doctor… the Doctor asked to see me.”
She replied glibly but refused to leave the door way.
Astonished, “He did? He called me too. He asked me to see him in 2hours
time. Fortunately I was driving by the hospital. So I decided to see him.
You’re sweating, unsettled and looking untidy. Are you okay?” Asked
“Oh… yes… sure, I’m alright. I hurried down to the hospital. I was driven
by curiosity.” She said nervously and fought to attend to herself.
They went in and the Doctor fabricated another reason for asking to see
They left the hospital and returned home. Benita was surprised at the
mood her husband returned with. He made love to her over and over
Benita was in labour in the hospital. She gave birth to a twin. Two
bouncing baby boys. Simon almost jumped into the sky. He was
extremely joyful. His excitement twisted into a confused state when he
discovered his babies were almost black in complexion. His wife Benita,
and him were completely fair. The Doctor looked at the babies and
instantly discovered the babies were his. Simon looked at the Doctor,
turned to the baby and finally looked at his wife. He couldn’t say a word.
That moment a friend called him and insisted to see him immediately. His
friend told him it was very urgent as it concerned his wife. Simon left the
hospital to meet his friend. His friend showed him a sex video tape he
downloaded from the internet. It was his wife and a man (Andrew,
someone took it from his phone and uploaded it on the net). The sex
video tape was everywhere in the internet. Three peoples were discussing
it as they passed by them. Simon almost cried as his anger rose to the
He returned to the hospital with an infuriated mind. He met some nurses
also discussing it and his anger boiled and increased. He showed the sex
video to Benita and yelled the miserable life out of her. Benita cried like a
dead child walking to hell.
Simon abandoned her there. Benita couldn’t bear to manage the shame of
her failed marriage and especially her sex video that has flooded the
She killed herself right there in the hospital. She expelled her last breath
before the Doctor could save her.
The Doctor confessed the truth to Simon later. He took the babies to his
wife to look after. They were childless. So they both welcomed the
babies. Simon moved on with his life after the burial of his late wife.
One Last Time resulted to Benita’s last breath.
Ladies, the moment your wedding is fixed, buy a new sim card and break
the old one if it’ll help you. Your ex should become a complete loser
without any form of compensation. Put your mind towards the future and
leave the past behind.
Just felt I should pass a quick message with this short story since it
dropped into me and soonest this Xmas season, there will be so many
weddings and many exes will emerge suddenly.
Be wise. My name is 😊😊 and I just want to make common
Written by: Abel Okweku Faith
Movie Producer/Director

One More Time Episode 2

December 11, 2018 Add Comment

Episode 2
“My marriage has ended. Oh my God, how will I explain this to my
husband? He’s AA and I’m AS. This must be Simon’s baby.” She cried
as she remembered that Simon is AS. It then dawn on her that Simon got
her pregnant two days before her wedding. And there’s no way she can
make Simon the father of the baby.
The Doctor returned the baby and found Benita crying.
“Madam you don’t have to cry. Your baby will be alright.” He said and
Benita looked at her baby with disgust.
“My husband will definitely find out. What am I going to do?” She mused.
She thought about the mockery and the shame she’ll be subjected to if
her marriage fail. She knew Simon will not remain married to her when he
discovers. She turned to the baby, picked up a syringe. She thrust it
through the baby’s immature belly button. Her baby cried out in deep
pains. She muffled her baby’s cries with a pillow and stabbed the baby
more with the syringe as she suffocate the baby at the same time. That
moment the Doctor came in.
“What! Madam! What are you doing?” He asked eyes wide open in
disbelieve. “You just killed your innocent baby.”
He said after checking for the baby’s pulse.
“Please, you must not tell my husband. I beg you.
My marriage will end. The baby is not his. Please Doctor don’t tell him.”
She cried to the Doctor.
“You’re a murderer. I can’t conceal this. Not from your husband. He has
been my friend for over 15years now. I can’t lie to him!” The Doctor
yelled. Benita begged so much and finally bribed the Doctor with 5million
bucks to keep shut. The Doctor accepted the bribe.
The number was too huge to allow moral scruples on honesty to win his
conscience. He cleaned up the dead baby.
He framed up the death and Benita cooperated with crocodile tears.
Simon returned and met his wife crying. He almost lost his sanity hearing
that his baby is dead. It took him sometime to forget the lost.
Few days later, Benita paid the Doctor the agreed amount of money.
And everything was swept under the rug. Simon never knew his wife
killed their baby and he had a sickle cell anemia.
They lived as a happy couple as before, the usual way that draws
jealousy from people.
At a particular day, Benita went to visit her husband at his company.
She ran into Andrew. They were both surprised.
They never expected to meet again. Andrew told her he was recently
employed in the company. Benita told him the company belongs to her
Andrew collected her new number and returned to work. Benita begged
her husband Simon to sack Andrew.
Simon insisted for a reason. Benita claimed he was her school mate.
She didn’t like him back then because they had a misunderstanding.
Simon refused to sack Andrew saying it was not enough reason to sack
Few days later Andrew called Benita on phone and insisted to see her.
She refused until she was forced to go and meet him. Andrew requested
for sex. Benita refused and warned him never to ask for such again.
Andrew showed her a sex video tape.
Benita almost dropped dead when she discovered it was the sex she had
with him two days before her wedding. Andrew recorded it. He threatened
to show it to her husband if she doesn’t comply with his request.
Benita didn’t want to lose her marriage. She complied and had sex
severally with Andrew. She did few back-alley abortions. She tried to
pay him off but he refused. He finally collected a large sum of money and
disappeared. Benita was ready to do anything to keep her marriage.
The Doctor called Benita and asked to see her. The Doctor tried to return
the bribe he took from her. His conscience was pricking him so hard. He
couldn’t keep mute anymore. He wanted to tell Benita’s husband the
whole truth for friendship sake.
Benita begged and cried, trying to make the Doctor realize how important
her marriage was to her. The Doctor told her his friendship with her
husband was important to him too. He tossed the cheque of 5million
bucks back to her and asked her to leave with it. Benita stood up, picked
the cheque and left. The Doctor called Simon and asked him to see him in
few hours. Benita barged in on the Doctor that instant almost naked.
To be continued..

One More Time Episode 1

December 10, 2018 1 Comment
Episode 1
(Short story)
This episode is X-Rated and filled with explicit words. Therefore not
suitable for readers under the age of 18.
Readers discretion is advised.
“Please stop this. My wedding is in two days time.
It’s so wrong to have sex with you. I came to be with you for the last
time because you begged so much.” Said Benita as she struggled to
remove Andrew’s hands from her pant.
“Please, this is the last time I can be with you.
Leave me with this one last memory. You know what I’m going through
knowing I’m losing you to another man. Just for one last time, make love
to me before you go.” .
Andrew was on the verge of losing tears too as she asked for Benita’s
indulgence. He wouldn’t let go of her pant.
“I want the same thing also, but it’s not right. I’m engaged to another
man. I’m sorry I can’t do this to him. I’ve to leave now.” Benita said and
ran free from Andrew’s grasp. She adjusted her pant and grabbed her
skirt in a hurry to put it on. Andrew got desperate and pulled her back to
the bed with a full swing.
“You can’t do this to me. You’ve to make love to me for the last time
please.” Said Andrew as he tore her pant and roughly adjusted her bra to
free her boobs. Her boobs jumped out in a rush and dangled. He mounted
on top of her and rushed her body with intense licking like a hungry dog
licking a piece of bone.
“Okay, take it easy. Just this once and that is it. No more, okay?” Benita
finally yielded to his seduction.
“Okay.” Andrew smiled and relaxed. Benita slowly removed her bra and
her full boobs pointed at Andrews lips with hard nipples. She adjusted her
body and spread her legs to Andrew’s delight. His excitements grew wild
as he watched.
“You can have my body. Do it to me as you wish for the very last time.
Make love to me the way you want to live to remember it.” She
tormented him. Andrew quickly claimed the moment and they made love
for the last time.
Andrew and Benita were lovers. They’ve dated for 3years. They planned
to settle down as husband and wife.
Financial constraints thwarted plans. Benita’s parents were not letting her
breathe. They were urging her to get a husband as soon as possible. They
insisted so much than Benita could bear. It was a difficult decision to
But she had to after Andrew agreed to let go.
Besides, they were both AS. Getting married will be a risk. Andrew still
had a long way to go in life before settling down. With all the obstacles
that stood before them, parting ways was the only option. It was a
painful separation they had to come in terms with.
It was just two days to her wedding when Andrew cried on the phone to
see her for the last time. She obliged because she was also going to miss
him too. But her visitation resulted to sex, one last time.
She finally got happily married. Her husband’s name was Simon.
Their marriage was blissful. They were a happy couple. Friends and
family envied the love they shared. Simon loved Benita so much.
Benita was proud of her marriage. She bragged about it to people. It
irritated some people who were patiently waiting for something to go
wrong in her marriage. If her marriage should fail, she’ll become an object
of ridiculing. She guided her marriage jealously. She did everything a wife
should do for her husband.
A cry of a new born baby filled the hospital.
Simon was so joyful to welcome the arrival of their first male child and
son. Benita wore a tired looking trace of happiness on her face. The
delivery section shagged her out. She was delighted to see her husband
happy for the arrival of their new family member.
“Oh my love, thank you for making me a father. You did well.”
Simon rubbed his face against Benita’s tired face.
Benita searched for his lips. She was yearning for a comforting kiss after
the difficult delivering experience she had. Simon surprised her with a
deep kiss to further reveal how happy he was with her.
Simon spent the night in the hospital with mother and child. The next day
he dash out in a hurry to purchase some necessary supplies for them.
Benita was alone with her baby when the Doctor came in.
“I’m sorry madam. Your son needs some special treatment. We just
discovered he has a sickle cell anemia.” The Doctor said. Benita was
shocked and struggled to swallow.
“You mean my son is SS?” She tried to confirm.
“Yes madam.” Replied the Doctor. The Doctor took the baby away.
Benita began to cry.
To be continued...

End Time Completed

November 25, 2018 Add Comment
note: this story is written by me Mustapha Idris and it shouldn’t be copied,posted or transmitted to another website without my permission.
written by: Mustapha Idris
like my Facebook page: Mustapha Idris-Musty
Add me on Facebook: Mustapha Idris (Musty)
I saw myself in the middle of the street, with people running here and
there helter skelter. I looked up and the sun was still up and hot as
Me: strange, I thought I was in my room sleeping?
I asked myself in confusion. One minute I was in my room sleeping and the
other, in the middle of a street. Just then, my phone rang. I checked who
the caller was and it was Tina calling, my born again girlfriend.
I smiled and picked the call. I have already made up my mind to sleep with
her and win the trophy.
Some months earlier, my friends made up a challenge between me and them.
Tina was a good and faithful Christian. She stay away from boys as if they
were plague. This was the reason why my friends made a challenge with me
that if I can sleep with her, they will give me the sum of thirty thousand
I was very glad and decided to take up the challenge. It was hard, very
hard for her to agree to date me but she later became my girlfriend. Step
one accomplished, step two now is to lure her into bed.
Me: hello my love.
Tina: Idris, where are you now?
Me: am close to your house.
Tina: my house?
Me: yes, or are you not at home?
Tina: am at home.
Me: ok, am coming to your house right now.
Tina: that will be good, I have something for you.
She said and ended the call. I was very happy and headed straight to her
house. Truth is, I was far from her house but thank God, I may have the
chance to sleep with her today.
I arrived at her one room self contained house, already made sure I both
enough packets of condom before entering inside.
She came and hugged me, gave me cold juice to drink and sat opposite me
with her Mary Amaka cloth.
Me: so what do you have for me?
I asked impatiently hoping its her… know!
Tina: baby, don’t you think its high time you accept Jesus?
Ok, it has begin or, her usuall accepting Jesus preaching has began.
30 minutes later.
She was still preaching when tacticaly stood up, closed and bolted the
door. Got closed to her and started to touch her b----t.
Tina: what are you doing?
I didn’t answer her, I tried kissing her but earned a hot and annoying slap
from her.
The slap really pained me and I was vexed to an extent that my human
sympathy were all gone. Like I wild lion, I grabbed her, tore her cloth and
threw her on top of the bed.
I started removing my belt.
Tina: *crying* please, please don’t rape me, please.
I didn’t hear her. I removed my trouser, got closed to her wanting to
remove all her cloths and raped her when, when, when she disappeared.
Me: Iyeeeeee!!!
I shouted as I heard a loud trumpet from above. I ran out of the house and
behold, the came a heavy earthquake that shook the ground. The sun was
instantly blacked out, there was total darkness, sorrow, anguish and
bitterness upon the earth. oh, what a sad day it was.
Me and seven guys were held captive inside a little room. The whole place
smelt of urine and faces. 110 hours earlier was when the world encountered
the every feared RAPTURE.
The righteous and holy ones are being taken to a place where they will be
free from the bitterness, anguish, gnashing of teeth, sorrows, sadness,
tears and brutal torture that was about to take place.
The unrighteous and unholy ones, who didn’t believe in Christ or followed
his ways are left behind, to suffer and experience pains till they gained
access into eternal life by refusing the mark or to be thrown into the lake
of fire by accepting the mark.
A huge and ugly beast emerged from the earth immediately after the rapture.
The beast has seven heads with a crown on each head. With the beast came
millions and millions of demons. they came for one reason and one objective
only, to spread and distribute the mark.
The mark of the anti-christ,
The mark of the beast,
The mark of unrighteousness,
The mark of the end time,
We were still lying in our room when three huge and ugly demons entered
inside with different weapons of torture. The first three guys were taken,
me the fourth guy was next in line.
The demons asked them the usuall annoying question, if they will receive
the mark and denounce Christ. As usual, they rejected his offer.
The demons smiled, and they started by removing their eyes.
Guys: ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
They shouted as their left eyes, were removed. The demons asked again and
they objected, they were about to remove the other eyes when two guys
Guy 1 and Guy 2: we will take the mark oo.
Demon: good, go give them the mark.
The two guys were taken away. The other guy didn’t agree to receive the
mark and he was tortured till death.
Demon: bring in the next set of people.
Me and two other guys were brought forth.
Demon: are you ready to receive the mark of 666 and denounce Christ?
Me: no, please!!
Guys: please no!!
Demon: proceed.
They brought out three red hot knives, coming straight to us to remove our
eyes, they held us and
Me: no!!!!!
I shouted as I jumped up from my bed. My whole body was covered in sweat
and I was visibly shaking.
Me: so it was all a dream. Oh God, I thank you.
Just then, my phone rang. It was Tina that was calling me.
Me: hello baby.
Tina: hello sweet heart, why is your voice like that..
Me: nothing my love, just that am ready to receive Christ.
Tina: what!!!!!!
She shouted in disbelief.
Tina: good news o, at last. Thank God. Please lets

That night, she prayed for me and I accepted Christ. After the prayer, I
felt relieved, alive and happy. My whole body was filled with joy and peace.
I immediately called my friends and called of the deal. I won’t sleep with
her and dump her again. I will date her and by God’s grace, I am gonna
marry her.
My friends laughed at me saying I am a weakling but I am happy that I have
change, change from my bad ways all because of her.
I am now a new creature and I thank God that I saw the light and I accepted
him before it was too late.
Now is the time for you, remember tomorrow might be too late for THE
For those one that have not accepted Jesus Christ, you are advised to run
to your pastor and quickly do so. Remember, there is a hiding meaning
behind this bible verses.
Remember my brethren, now is the time.


July 15, 2018 2 Comments
Many lovers in the world today have taken a blood oath which i called BLOOD COVENANT. maybe you are one of them and you are looking for a way to break it, these few tips am about sharing with you will really help you.
Covenant can tie you up and it kills morethan HIV.
The first thing to do is this: If you noticed that you are no longer interested to continue with the covenant, all you need to do is just to tell your partner [The person you had the blood covenant with] alert him or her and explain to him/her
the reason why you want to denounce the blood agreement you had with him/her.
This reasons might be:
1. you dont love him/her anymore.
2. You did it out of ignorance and you want to quit it.
3. You cant keep the agreement anymore.
4. You want to break it and become free.
5. You dont want to die because of this covenant.
6. you are fed-up.
7. Your spirit told you to break it.
8. Its against your faith and believe.
9. You dont need it anymore.
10. You are afraid and you dont want to die.
You can choose from any of these above reasons, stand on it and insist you must break it, luckily for you, he/she might accept to break it with you.
But if he/she insisted never to break it with you, never you give up, keep trying.
You need to tell your parents and your imam or your pastor about it, take somebody along with you to meet him/her, also pray for God’s help, i believe solution must come one day.
After your lover have agreed to break the covenant, the next thing to do is for you guys to renounce whatsoever you have agreed, if you guys leaked the blood of each other before, then you must cut your self with razor, pour the blood on the ground and then renounce the oath.
NOTE: When you did the covenant, blood was involved and now that you want to break it, blood must be involve aswell. So just use a razor, cut your self with it and when the blood start coming out, just let the blood touch the surface of the earth, {The soil} then begin to renounce everything you have said when you were talking the oath.... 

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