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July 15, 2018 2 Comments
Many lovers in the world today have taken a blood oath which i called BLOOD COVENANT. maybe you are one of them and you are looking for a way to break it, these few tips am about sharing with you will really help you.
Covenant can tie you up and it kills morethan HIV.
The first thing to do is this: If you noticed that you are no longer interested to continue with the covenant, all you need to do is just to tell your partner [The person you had the blood covenant with] alert him or her and explain to him/her
the reason why you want to denounce the blood agreement you had with him/her.
This reasons might be:
1. you dont love him/her anymore.
2. You did it out of ignorance and you want to quit it.
3. You cant keep the agreement anymore.
4. You want to break it and become free.
5. You dont want to die because of this covenant.
6. you are fed-up.
7. Your spirit told you to break it.
8. Its against your faith and believe.
9. You dont need it anymore.
10. You are afraid and you dont want to die.
You can choose from any of these above reasons, stand on it and insist you must break it, luckily for you, he/she might accept to break it with you.
But if he/she insisted never to break it with you, never you give up, keep trying.
You need to tell your parents and your imam or your pastor about it, take somebody along with you to meet him/her, also pray for God’s help, i believe solution must come one day.
After your lover have agreed to break the covenant, the next thing to do is for you guys to renounce whatsoever you have agreed, if you guys leaked the blood of each other before, then you must cut your self with razor, pour the blood on the ground and then renounce the oath.
NOTE: When you did the covenant, blood was involved and now that you want to break it, blood must be involve aswell. So just use a razor, cut your self with it and when the blood start coming out, just let the blood touch the surface of the earth, {The soil} then begin to renounce everything you have said when you were talking the oath.... 

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The affair episode 30

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The affair 
episode 30
Marvelous finally got to know where Helen was. She was informed of Constance's death. And what was on ground. She forfeited her youth service and decided to stay with Marvelous. Her plan was to go with the next batch after she delivers.
Irrespective of all that had happened, Helen still wanted to pursue a career as an economist in the Federal Bureau of Statistics. She has always love to work there.
On the ninth month, Helen's water broke why she was returning home from a supermarket.
She was rushed to the nearest hospital where she was to deliver…
"Push...! Push...! Push...!" The words of the medical team started to echo in her ears. She had lost her strength. She lost lots of blood. One of the doctors called Marvelous to inform him and get his consent that the delivering would have to be done via Caesarean section otherwise called CS.
Marvelous who was already on his way got there before the procedure started.
Holding Marvelous’ palms as she was been rolled to the theatre, she said calmly "Please take care of her"
Marvelous kept on staring at her as she was still being rolled in while he had been hindered from entering with her. As he kept on staring, that moment, he realized that he did loved her. Somehow her face was just like that of Constance when he first met her in year two. This was when it dawned on him, that he didn’t just wanted her because she had his baby, he had fallen in love with her.
Helen didn't make it out alive from the procedure, but the baby did.
For the third time in Marvelous' life, tears rolled down from his eyes. It went down his cheek, then his chest. First was his mom when he was 16, second was Constance eight months ago, and now is Helen. These were the women he truly loved.
"If I had not forced myself on her that day, she wouldn't have been dead now." Marvelous muttered these words to himself as he was frustrated and bent on taking his life too.
However, just that moment, one of the doctors beckoned upon him. As he walked in to the room the baby was, a beaming smile forced itself out of his face still with tears.
The baby had the exact eyes of Constance, the beautiful lips of Helen and the pointed nose of his late mother.The baby was three-in-one of all he had lost and loved. That moment, he loved her at first sight. He named her after Helen and Constance
"Welcome Hen-Stance" Hesaid to the baby.
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The affair episode 29

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The affair 
Episode 29

The Suicide Letter
Meanwhile the content of Constance's suicide letter had read the following;
"I may not have been a responsible wife to you. So many things had led to that. Primarily,due to the sexual victimization gotten from my sister's husband and the negative incidences of my secondary school.
However, two years in our marriage, when we weren't getting a child, the doctor had diagnosed me of having pelvic cancer.
The main cause is said to have been traced to the sexual molestation I had as a child. The size of my sister's husband's manhood had so affected me internally then, that the negative effects had just began to show up.
Due to the extent of the ailment, I would not be able to give birth. That was why I always didn't want you to sleep with me. I knew the cause of my barrenness and I didn't want you to waste your time for nothing.
In addition the cancer had started to eat me up. All I did was just defence mechanisms to hide my sorrows and still get pleasure.
Why I may be happy that you will have a child now, through my niece, I couldn't just afford seeing everything go that way. Giving the fact that the cancer was eaten me up too much and I had six months left, I just decided to end it now myself.
Go, look for my niece. Take her and make yourself happy once more.
Your love
Constance Benjamin"

THe AfFAIR episode 28

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The affair 
Episode 28
The Advice
Helen finally went to Elizabeth her supposed best friend she had abandoned.
Since all of these issues, she had only told her when it had escalated and she didn't even tell her the complete story.
"Do you need anyone to tell you that you are a fool? From university days, I had warned you of this Edwin of a boy you call a boyfriend. Now that he has gotten what he wants, where is he?"
Elizabeth said to her as she hissed.
"Well, let them not say one did not help a friend, that's why I am even assisting you. And you know you can't stay here forever here. Meanwhile youth service is even in two months time. What would you do about that?" Elizabeth added
Looking at the ground and completely ashamed of herself, she muttered calmly "I don't even have an idea. Which money to even start such process now when am even managing here with you to eat. I wish I never went to Aunt Constance's house from the beginning.
"So Hunger has given you sense now abi. All these while, you were letting the childish part of you to dictate your bearing. Now see where it has brought you" Elizabeth said
"Meanwhile, as I said before remove that baby then we can look for something to do for the while to get a little money for the process. Instead of allowing the baby to come and join you in this hungry and wicked world" Elizabeth added
"I can't abort the baby. It's not in my nature to kill. All the wrongs I have done are enough. Two wrongs can't make a right" Helen said.
"Oh oh, you are now even giving me quotes. Meanwhile it's me that have killing in my nature abi? Well, Just know your friend advised you" Elizabeth finally said.

The affair episode 27

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The affair 
Episode 27
In Search of the Hymen
Helen had called Edwin his supposed boyfriend as the last resort.
She told him she was being maltreated by her aunt and she wasn't comfortable there any longer. She also said she didn't want to go back home.
Edwin who was happy to have her back, since he knows he would have the opportunity to have his ever burning desire for her satisfied, he agreed to help her.
Edwin still had his apartment in school as the rent had not expired. Together they came back to Lagos and Edwin pretended to have been showing care.
Now, Helen is so far away from the reach of her parents or even Marvelous. Particularly she was running from her aunt Constance who had threatened to strangle her while asleep. She wasn't aware that Constance had taken her life.
After three days, Edwin had been able to make Helen feel comfortable. She was barely still around one month pregnant, so one could not know easily.
One the third night, one thing led to another and Edwin was asking for sex once more. And this time, he needed it immediately. Of course with all she had been going through recently, giving in was far from her.
However when she considered the fact that Edwin might get angry if she doesn't allow and send her out too, she finally gave in. Here was Edwin, the very intent that he had since the University days had become a reality.
However in the course of the dance, Edwin who had expected a rough road to penetrate his manhood was surprised at the smoothness. It went in and out without hindrances nor blockages.
Edwin didn't comment about it at that moment. What he cared about that minute was the pleasure derived.
The next morning, Edwin asked "What happened to the hymen. I thought you have been singing in my ears all these while that we can't have sex because you are a virgin and all of that. During the ride yesterday, i experienced something else. "
Aware of the fact that Edwin would take her as a cheat without any good excuse, she then told him that she was raped by her uncle but was scared to tell him so he wouldn't leave.
"Oh, you were raped? Interesting." Edwin said sarcastically.
"So it's now a left over food you brought for me to eat abi? Well, me I am not even interested again. All those while you left, I meant someone else who is giving me constant food that is fresh, not this left over thing of yours you call a v***na. "He added.
Afterwards Edwin sent her packing still

The affair episode 26

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The affair
 episode 26
Cleaning her eyes with her handkerchief, she had made up her mind to take Marvelous' decision as fate. "But I would never be a co-wife" she said
"If I were you, I will remove that child. If you leave it and marry Marvelous, I will strangle you on your sleep. Just remember that" She finally spoke her last words as she turned to were Helen had sat.
That was when it dawned on everyone that while both ladies were crying earlier and both men had bowed their heads in shame, Helen had gone.
Concern for his baby, Marvelous dashed out of the sitting room looking for Helen. The mum also joined in the search but Helen was nowhere to be found.
Mr. Nnamdi's head was still bowed in shame, then Constance walked towards him, tapped him and then said "Shameless man. You are more disgraceful to this family than I am and would ever be. I know I am a lesbian, I am unacceptable and I have committed incest. But what about you? Sleeping with your wife's little sister is what? Raping someone is what? Sleeping with a child is what?"
She then held his chick and said, "I may be a disgrace, but definitely you are a bigger one. That alone gives me joy and hope. Nonsense" She said this and walked out
After three days of searching without discovering Helen's whereabout, Marvelous who had been in his friend's place decided to go home and plead with his wife so they can make amendments.
On getting home she found Constance's body dangling under the ceiling fan. She had committed suicide. However she left a note down.

The affair episode 25

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The affair 
Episode 25
Father’s Crime
Now crying, Constance's mind was made up to spit the over 21 years ago secret of Mr. Nnamdi to the hearing of everyone including her sister, the wife.
"I was only nine. You were too busy getting distracted with that shop you call a business." She said facing her elder sister.
"Am sure it was this attitude of yours I took that made me oblivious also of Marvelous and Helen's s**ual escapades. Of course am not a saint, I slept with your daughter. I have slept with other ladies too. But all of these primarily started due to you husband's victimization of me." She added
Helen became surprised at this, that her father was also guilty of something. Something even worse than hers.
"That night, the rain had fell cat and dog. You were still in the shop as your custom was. This man here claiming a saint, called me to his room and told him to rub his privates. When I refused, he took up his shoes in threat to beat me and still forced that manhood of his inside of me" She continued
"Since he always came home before you, he took this as an advantage to continue this act of his. Every evening I felt his manhood going in and out of me like scissors and knife used on me at the same time. I couldn't tell you, because he had told me the day I do, that will be the last day I will see the four walls of my school. I was just primary five, and I didn't want that to be my final class." She continued
"He made me to hate men in general. Getting to be a boarder in secondary school was freedom to me like a bird that had been held in a nest for years. Unfortunately, I meant Blessing and the others who later introduced me into sex with like gender. Marvelous was the only man who later caught my attention while in the University. Unfortunately, he is no longer the man I use to know. This made me go back to the like-gender and took the opportunity to introduce Helen into it too, as a pay for her father's crime. Not knowing she was also stabbing me at the back at the same time by sleeping with my husband." She finally said then broke down.
The elder sister looked at the husband and broke down too also and it became a family meeting of crying.
Constance's tears however, didn't last long

The affair episode 24

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episode 24
The Liar
All of these period, the battle of words were just coming from the dad, the mum and Constance. Marvelous had refused to speak. Helen was too afraid to say any word as she is the real victim of the whole issue and being the youngest.
"Well, no need for all of these blames and unnecessary words anyway. Let's get to the focus of these matter - how to settle all of these" Mr. Nnamdi said
"When your husband came here yesterday, he said that, since your niece is already pregnant, she would have to keep the baby. Especially since you refused to give him one. But since you both still have s**ual affairs and your husband wants our daughter to keep the baby, we would have to marry her to him too, but she will stay with us until she gives birth, afterwards Marvelous will get her a separate apartment." Mr. Nnamdi said
Surprised that the husband had already planned all of these and even discussed it with them without her awareness made her dumbfounded. She was shocked.
After sometime, she was able to muster up courage to speak, she then looked up to Marvelous, now a little bit remorseful, and said "Tell me this is not true Marvelous! Tell me."
Marvelous didn't say a word. He knows Constance had temper issues and could use anything around her on him at that moment.
The father then spoke up for Marvelous still "What sort of question are you still asking him. I have just told you what he told us yesterday. Or are you now calling me a liar?"
So angry that everything was going this way, she then spoke out her mind.
"Liar? Why should I call you a liar? For all I care, you are worse than this."
Everyone including Helen looked at her in shock. Perhaps she was losing her mind.
"Yes, look at your wife, my sister and tell her that you aren't worse than this? Why don't you tell her how you raped me that night and took my virginity away from me?"
At this, all eyes became on Mr. Nnamdi and everywhere became as silent as the graveyard once more. If a needle were to fall to the ground, everyone would hear the sound.

The affair episode 23

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The affair 
Episode 23
Our Daughter
"Well, unfortunately, we did not come here to discuss about your husband's duty to you today. He is a man and he tried to the best of his capacity. But you as a woman, you didn't even perform your role at all." Mr.Nnamdi said as he coughed
"That being said, he also told us that he forced and lured your sister to sleeping with him due to your failure in performing your duty. This he agreed that he was at fault." Mr. Nnamdi added.
"But most importantly why we are here today is that, he also told us that, he caught you sleeping with your niece. And now, Helen is also pregnant for him which was the sole reason you sent her away. So what do you have to say to all of these?" Mr. Nnamdi finally said.
Angry about the whole manner the story was narrated in favor of his husband Marvelous, she said "Since you all have already believed Marvelous' side of the story even without hearing mine, I do not have anything to say"
At this point, their mum finally coughed out and said with tears rolling out from her eyes "Constance why? Why did you do this to us? What has come over you?"
Angry about the whole thing, she busted out and said "Why is the focus of these whole issue directed towards me alone? Isn't Helen and Marvelous part of this whole crime?"
"Helen is only a child. She is just 22. If not that those things on her chest tend to grow faster than her brain" The mum said
"What nonsense child. A university graduate, you are calling a child. A child, and she couldn't report when my husband forced himself on her? A child and she knows perfectly where the thing is to enter? Please spare me that childish story jare." Constance said and hissed
Standing up this time around, the father pointing to Constance, he said, "Before our daughter left this house to school, she wasn't like this. Before she left school to your place, am sure she wasn't too. If she has grown in these things you mentioned as you claim, then it is you that taught her"
At this Constance was shocked and said "Oh, it's now even 'our' daughter? What am I then? Now I see"

The affair episode 22

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The affair 
episode 22
The Duty
"It pains my heart to know that, all of the time I spent training and bringing you up as any father would do to a child, was just wasted. You had just being a pretender I guess" Mr. Nnamdi said.
All these while, their mum couldn't even say a word. She was still in shock that her children had brought such disgrace to their families and were able to have committed such acts.
"Well, let's get on with it as you said" Mr.Nnamdi said as he now straighten his face.
"Helen came home two days ago and narrated a story which we all could not comprehend that you had sent her packing out of the house. While we were still wondering why you would have done so, since she refused to tell us, just yesterday also Marvelous came here with another story."
"His own part of the story seem so complicated. Since I have been born, I haven't heard of such before. So we had to call upon you too to give us your own side of the story" Mr. Nnamdi said.
"How can I give my own part of the story when I haven't even heard theirs?" Constance said as if she didn't know what Marvelous was capable of saying.
"Well, as you said time is of essence. To save we all the time, I will just summarize what Helen and Marvelous said" Mr. Nnamdi replied Constance.
Facing them all this time around, he continued "As said before, Helen refused to tell us what happened. All we know was that she was sent back home. However, Marvelous had told us that , you constantly refused to perform your duty as a wife. Which is the Genesis of all these issues we are here to discuss today."
"What duty? What nonsense duty? Did he also tell you that he failed to perform his own duty too as a man? In fact, he is not even a man. Because I still can't see why one who calls himself a man will get up from his duty after five minutes" Constance cut in, then hissed.
At this statement everyone except Constance put their heads down and Marvelous was in kinda of in shame.

The affair episode 21

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episode 21
Multiple Abominations
Here was the family sitting on a set of brown chairs which looked exactly like a green leaf which turned dry during the harmattan season.
Each one of them had their arms either supporting their chin or folded gently on top of their chest. It was as if someone had died or the world was just about to end.
Nobody seems to have been interested to break the ice. The issue on ground now is what can be termed multiple taboos. Things that can only be thought of with the mind but could never had been seen with the eyes. Not only where they now seeing it, they were all first hand witnesses of the happenings.
Mr. Nnamdi's voice finally broke the long silence. Mr Nnamdi is Helen's father. By virtue of him being the husband of Constance's elder sister, he was also like Constance's father.
Nobody was more appropriate to speak first in such a gathering.
"When you mum died then, you were just four. I could remember vividly that your sister had just been married to me then. And as your eldest sister, she took up the responsibility of training you." Mr. Nnamdi said facing Constance
"I can also remember four years after you started staying with us, when Helen was born. It was such a joy to you that you sister who now happens to be your mum had given birth to a girl. I could still vividly see that smile that beamed through your face like you had just won a jackpot..."
Mr. Nnamdi was still speaking when Constance cut him short and said "Please sir, we all remember those stories, just go on with it, so we can all get out of here"
As she made these statements, Marvelous looked at the Father in such a way to suggest to him "You See what I have been telling you. No single character."
At her statement, Mr. Nnamdi shook his head in regret then continued.

The affair episode 20

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episode 20
Family Meeting
"Are you alright at all? How could you have sent her home?" Marvelous said following her.
"It was not enough for you to be a bloody lesbian and also involving in incest. You also want to wash that linen of yours outside! If they get to know about this and us, what do you think they will say? You never cease to amaze me. Never" Marvelous added
"See who is calling names. What about you? A bloody cheat who sleeps with the wife's niece. And a man who cannot even last five minutes in bed. Aren't you supposed to be ashamed of yourself?" Constance said.
"See as it is now, all of these your shouts are not going to help. We are both idiots for what we did and what we are. We should be thinking of how to right this wrong and not here calling each other names or looking for whom to blame" Constance continued.
"To this regard, was why I sent her home. It will be a good place to start righting all the wrong. And becoming the family that we use to be. That's if there is still feasibility in it." Constance added, now speaking calmly.
Marvelous became very confused with a mixture of anger. Having his left hand on his waist he kept on moving around Constance, staring intently at her and not knowing exactly what response to give.
Then he finally said "I know what's good for people like you that are unashamed. Mine is just cheating. Yours is incest and lesbianism. Both a taboo. Now that you have sent her home, let's see who your parents will blame." He said and walked away.
When he said parents, he only meant her elder sister, Helen's mum who was her guardian and more like her mum.
Not minding what Marvelous was even saying, Constance took her ear piece, put on her ears once more and began listening to music as if nothing bad had happened or was even happening.
Marvelous who said he was no longer able to stay under the same roof with Constance had left. Constance thought he was at his friend’s place or somewhere around.
However, two days after, she received a call from her Big Sis, Helen's mum, telling her to come home as they had called for a family meeting.
On getting there the next day, she discovered Marvelous had been there and had narrated everything to them

The affair episode 19

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episode 19
Marvelous finally got discharged and came back home with that anger. Though a part of his head was still in bandages, he however had enough strength to still beat a woman, he thought.
"What kind of woman are you? One who sleeps with a girl, your niece for that matter? Only you involved in incest and a lesbian at the same time. Come to think of the fact that you even almost killed me? Now give me one reason, why I should let you remain in this house?" Marvelous said Constance when he walked in.
Constance was in the sitting room expecting Marvelous to be discharged the next day and was not expecting him at all. This first statement however threw her of balance. But she muster the courage and kept on painting her nails as she was before marvelous walked in. She then said
"If my plan was to kill you, am sure we would have left you down there to bleed and die. Apparently I don't want you dead". She then continued her painting not even looking at marvelous.
The boldness at which she spoke surprised Marvelous so much and he immediately lost his next sets of words. After a while he suddenly said, "What nonsense?..."
“What non-nonsense? Ehm, answer me?" Constance cut him off without letting him finish the statement. Constance was now on her feet throwing away her painting box and accessories. "Look at pot calling kettle black. Am a lesbian you said right? What about you who forced yourself into my sister and got her pregnant? Ehm? If you want it the hard way, am ready for it oh" Constance added.
At this point Marvelous knew Constance was now aware of his own acts too. Confused about what next to say and not even knowing exactly what to do, he rushed into the room with plans of bringing Helen out, to tell her sister it wasn't even rape, that she consented.
After a while, he came back disappointed.
"Where is Helen? I saw her room scattered. Hope you haven't down anything stupid? Marvelous said.
“Stupid? I wish I did” Constance then picked up her ear-piece about to fix on her ears, then said "I sent her home" then walked away.

The affair episode 18

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episode 18
The Pregnancy
Out of fear, they rushed Marvelous to the hospital with an ambulance. This was with missed feelings of whether he should die or not. He had lost so much blood and both had already thought he would not make it.
"Madam, your husband was quite lucky. If he had been brought here a little longer than he was, he would have probably not make it." The doctor in charge said to Constance who was with him in the hospital. Not withstanding all that have happened, Constance still had that feeling of love for Marvelous.
Marvelous was operated upon and was to be discharged in a-week time. Constance saw it as an opportunity for Helen to have the check up on her recurrent sickness.
"Since you have taken various malaria drugs on this sickness of yours, maybe you can just have a check up this afternoon when we go the hospital today" Constance said to Helen
Helen didn't give any verbal response. She just nodded her head in affirmation because she already knew what was going on.
All these while, Marvelous was still in the hospital. When he finally gained consciousness, he started to brood on the scene of Constance and Helen he saw and the fact also that he was almost killed by his own wife. After all, he also lost his temper and almost killed Helen too. So everything can be termed anger or accident. However, in all of these, he was still too weak to take any action. So he decided to get strong before he would do anything.
Meanwhile, the knowledge of Helen’s pregnancy has just gotten to Constance. "Pregnant, how could this girl had gotten pregnant under my nose" Constance said to herself. She was deep in these thoughts as she walked back home form the hospital to her house.
"Could it be Edwin? But the doctor said it’s being four weeks and Edwin had only come just two weeks ago" She kept on thinking to herself. This was when it dawned on her that the husband could have had something to do with it, as Helen rarely goes elsewhere, save the shop and the church.
After much threat and shouting from Constance to Helen when she got home, she finally yielded in and agreed that Marvelous was responsible for the pregnancy. At this Constance was devastated.

The affair episode 17

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episode 17
Surviving the Fall
Marvelous went to work that morning feeling guilty that he could not tell his wife. But when he thought of the consequence of his wife getting to find out Helen was pregnant for him when he is not around, he decided to return. He headed back straight home already crossing his mind to tell Constance and give her the condition.
However, as he got home he discovered the gate was left open as he had left it while going to work. He went straight to his room to break the news down to her. As he opened the door, to his amazement, he found Constance on top of Helen as both were having the dance.
The cucumber was having an unhindered flow in and out of Helen. This was with the help of the oil and Constance’s fist.
Marvelous had been staring on them for like 10 seconds still in shock. But they were too busy getting to notice.
Still in shock and puzzled about what to do exactly, Marvelous placed both of his hands on his head. With the sound made with the gesticulation, Helen took notice of him.
Instantaneously, she got up and Constance saw Marvelous too.
Helen and Constance kept on staring at Marvelous and Marvelous did same to them. But all that occupied Marvelous' mind that moment was the fact that Helen was bisexual. She was having an affair him and his wife. Not just Helen, his wife too.
Constance however only knew for herself about Helen’s to her. She was still oblivious of the affair between Helen and Marvelous her husband.
After all the thoughts, Marvelous out of anger pounced on them both. He got his hands on Helen first and began to strangle her.
In a bid to do something, Constance took the stool close to them and hit it on Marvelous' head.
At this, Marvelous left Helen's neck and slumped down there remaining unconscious.
Ignoring the husband, Constance quickly held Helen to check if she was okay. In all of these, both of them were still naked.
By the time they decided to take a look at Marvelous who had been on the floor, it was already too late. Marvelous had lost so much blood. If he will survive it or not, they couldn’t tell. Yet Helen still carries his baby without Constance's knowledge.

The affair episode 16

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The affair 
episode 16
The Odds
“What nonsense wife. You want to turn me to an ingrate? You want my parents to disown me? I cannot bring such embarrassment to my family.” Helen angrily said, this time dropping the broom.
Seeing that Helen was getting too emotional and had started to raise her voice so high, Marvelous gently walked out from the scene before Constance would get there.
In all of these, Constance was still not aware about anything.
Throughout that day, Helen was depressed and wanted to be alone. Constance had tried to have access to her once more, but she wouldn’t allow.
“I think this sickness is beginning to get the best of you. Tomorrow morning we would go and see the Doctor. Perhaps, the diagnosis would be different from Malaria since all the Malaria drugs have proven abortive.” Constance said
Helen simply nodded her head in response.
Calling her best friend Elizabeth with whom she had not spoken with for a long time, she narrated her ordeal to her but skipping the part of her affair with her aunt too. She thought that would be distasteful to hear.
“I think aborting that child would be the best option oh. All odds seem against you. First, NYSC first batch is around the corner and you might not be able to serve if you decide to keep that baby. Secondly, your aunt might just strangle you asleep if she discovers. Personally, I would do the same. Thirdly, if your uncle decide to marry you, what would happen to your aunt? What would your parents say? See my dear, save yourself all of these headache and send that little child back to his creator oh, so you bring him or her to an undeserved punishment in this world” Elizabeth said.
Feeling Confuse about the whole matter, she decided to hasten up with any decision she would make before she would go to the hospital with her aunt the next day.
Fortunately for her, Marvelous returned home from work earlier than Constance that very day.
“From the very first day you came here, I knew you had come for a reason. Helen Please keep this baby and make me happy. Forget what your aunt or any other person is going to say. It’s you I want and that now matters” Marvelous said as he kept on pleading with Helen.
The baby in Helen’s womb and the attitude of Constance had made it seems Helen was quite preferable to his wife. But he still didn’t know that Helen and his wife still had something in common. And this has made it difficult for Helen to listen to him. Meanwhile Edwin is still there.
Since no reasonable conclusion was reached by them, Marvelous made it a point of duty to break the evil news to his wife. And give her a choice of either staying as a co-wife or pack out of his house without a compromise.
However, he could not muster up such courage to tell her that night. They slept off. Meanwhile, by morning she would be going to the hospital to Helen to ascertain the cause of her recent constant sickness.

The affair episode 15

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episode 15
Be My Wife
“Missed what? How could you be so stupid to have missed it?” Marvelous said with fear.
Helen looked at him with so much disdain, about to say something ash to him, the next thing they held was…
“Isn’t that Helen’s voice am hearing there? I thought you said you were not feeling too fine?” Constance said as she walked towards to gate.
Seeing Marvelous she said “Oh, you are back? Welcome. Why are you now standing there Helen?” She further asked.
“I told her to come help me carry my bag?” Marvelous answered defending her.
Meanwhile, Marvelous and Helen still had an unfinished discussion. This kept Marvelous awoke all night long thinking what next step he would take.
“I could just marry her. After all, my wife don’t even allow me to touch her. She has refused to even give me a baby” He thought.
“But won’t this be considered a bad omen - marrying the niece of my wife?” He kept on thinking to himself.
However, Constance seeing that he was still awake and deep in thought decide to ask what was wrong. She did ask not because she cared, but because being awake was hindering her from going to Helen’s room.
“You have never cared what was wrong with me, why should you now?” Marvelous replied.
At this response, Constance hissed and faced the other side of the bed as usual and slept.
“You see. This is more reasons I should even consider her sister more” Marvelous thought to himself.
By morning when Helen was sweeping the sitting room, Marvelous hurried out to get more details from her. Constance was still in bed.
“But I have just being with you five times, how come you got pregnant this quick?” Marvelous said to Helen who was sweeping.
Still bending down Helen said “well, apparently only one sperm is necessary to fertile a baby. Am sure in your five times, you were able to produce at least one sperm.” Helen replied sarcastically. Pregnancy had probably given her boldness now.
“Am just saying though because I have been with my wife for an uncountable number of times for over four years now, and she hasn’t missed anything – no child” Marvelous said.
Surprised to his statement. Helen asked “What then are you insinuating Mr. Marvelous?” Marvelous then put his hands on his pocket, adjusting his neck, he said “What am insinuating is that, you will keep the baby and be my wife”

The affair episode 14

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episode 14
Missing the Period
It was two weeks into the New Year. Edwin who had planned visiting his uncle in Port Harcourt ever since had finally got his way to come.
“Visiting my uncle is only an excuse. Primarily, it’s you I came to see. It’s being over five months now we saw.” Edwin said to Helen. Both birds had meant in an eatery not too far from Helen’s house.
But as the conversation would continue, Edwin noticed one or two glitch. Helen wasn’t flowing with him as she used to.
“I haven’t even mentioned the subject of sex and you are already behaving this way. There is just something unusual about you recently you know” Edwin said.
“Well, five months you said. Don’t you think that’s quite a long time for one to lose touch? We haven’t seen all these while and when we chat or speak on phone, or you bother about is sex. When last did we even have any meaningful conversation? And here you are, expecting everything to go on smoothly. You must be an optimist you know” Helen blasted Edwin
After the supposed date ended with lots of argument, Edwin returned back to his uncle’s house with failure in accomplishing his goal. Afterwards, he felt it responsible to call Helen’s aunt if she could help talk to her.
After a long phone conversation that Constance already knew would have no happy ending, she felt it still nice to just encourage him and give him little hope.
“Alright Edwin, I will talk to her. Am sure she still loves you” Constance finally told him.
“Okay ma, I will appreciate” Edwin said then hung up.
After this, Helen just laughed the poor boy and was going to Helen’s room so they can chat about him. But on getting to Helen’s room, she saw Helen under the weather. Helen had not been so strong for about two days now, but she didn’t want to tell her aunt as she knew the cause. This was why she didn’t even accommodate Edwin, so she will not bring him into what he knew nothing about.
Seeing her, Constance said “How long have you been like this?”
“Not quite long. I think it’s just malaria, nothing important to worry about” Helen said
“Alright then, if you say so. Meanwhile don’t forget tonight oh. Am sure you are going to enjoy it as usual” Constance said and left for her room.
Apparently, Helen had missed her period and knew what the likely consequence is. But Constance don’t even have an idea of this. All Constance cared for was the pleasure she gets from her.
That night as Marvelous returned from work, Helen meant him in the main entrance to confront him. She did this in a bid to pass the information of her pregnancy to him without Constance getting to know.
Constance didn’t even have any idea anything was going on between the niece and her husband, she was probably too busy with her own s**ual satisfaction and use of earpiece to notice.
“What is it you want to discuss with me that we have to discuss here and by this time? If your aunt finds out, hope you know we will be in trouble?” Marvelous said as he was a bit skeptical about their discussion there.
Helen not even paying so much attention to his statement’s quietly said “I think we are already in that trouble. I missed my period”

The AfFAIR episode 13

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Episode 13
Secret Affair
“Where else could Marvelous had gone to?” Constance thought to herself.
She checked the bathroom but could not find him there. She then concluded that he would be in the sitting room probably working on something.
Before she would go to Helen’s room, she wanted to be sure that Marvelous was deeply engrossed with what he was doing or probably was asleep there. Surprisingly, as she got to the sitting room Marvelous wasn’t there.
“Helen’s room!” She shouted out loud and was running to the room. That was the first moment she thought of the possibility of something happening between her husband and niece.
As she got to the entrance of the room, she bashed in hoping to find her husband there. However, she found Helen innocently sleeping. With that she said to herself again “Where could have Marvelous gone to this night, without telling me”. She then left the room, but Helen was still asleep.
At that moment, having sex with Helen was no longer the thought that occupied her mind. She had postponed that agenda to the next morning. But rather where the husband could have gone to by that time of the night. That was all her thoughts. Then she went back to her room, picked up her phone and dialed Marvelous’ number. Unfortunately, the phone rang there in the room, signifying that it was left behind.
Not wanting to disturb Helen due to her plan with her for the next morning, she sat on her bed patiently waiting for her husband to return.
Meanwhile Marvelous had gone to Helen’s room since 1am while she was still fast asleep. Helen who no longer knew what to do, allowed him access into her once more. She had felt reporting would be too late, as she is hooked up with both already.
While Helen came to the sitting room earlier in search for Marvelous and she shouted, that gave Marvelous and Helen a signal that Constance was coming to her room. Marvelous had hidden in Helen’s bathroom with the hope of not been caught, while Helen on the other hand, had quickly pretended like someone who was deeply asleep.
Marvelous later sneaked out of Helen’s room and quickly picked up the bible in the sitting room as he walked back to their bedroom.
“Where have you been” Constance asked angrily with a kind of suspicion.
Showing the bible in a conspicuous manner, he answered “I went round the house to pray”.
“But how come I didn’t hear you open the gate” Constance asked
Raising up his eyes like he wants to get angry, he replied “Well, even me I don’t know why you didn’t hear too”. Marvelous said this and covered himself with the bed sheet signifying he wanted to sleep.
By the morning when Marvelous went to work, Constance had her own dance with Helen.
These continued for a long time between Helen and the couple, without any of them getting to know that Helen was having a s**ual affair with the other. Three months with the Benjamin’s, Helen the innocent had perfected the act of s**ual intercourse. However Edwin soon added salt to the open wound.

The affair episode 12

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Episode 12
The Sneakers
Three days later after Helen’s initiation to the land of milk and honey, Marvelous returned.
Constance who had now gotten more reasons to deny Marvelous sex, due to his non-performance, starved him joyfully. Marvelous on the other hand now saw reasons to fully dive into cheating too.
It was December 23rd, barely two days to the celebration of Christmas. Marvelous had brought home some items given to him at work as Christmas’ gifts. Helen took the half bag of rice and was heading to the kitchen to where she intended keeping it. Marvelous also followed her with the galore of vegetable oil heading to the kitchen with the same motive.Meanwhile Constance was still in the shop selling, as it was the market’s peak period.
“Could you please help me to drop down the rice?” Helen asked Marvelous.
With joy in Marvelous’ faces, he replied “Of course, why not. Is it only to drop it you want?”
Marvelous helped her down, and within the next ten seconds, he had pushed her and id exactly what he did to the other time. But this time around Constance wasn’t coming any close to help her.
“Mr. Marvelous, I have told you before. I am not interested sir. Am your wife’s niece for God’s sake” Helen said.
Marvelous who didn’t even listened or cared about what Helen was saying kept on pressing her forward to the wall.
Muttering different words to her ears, he said “I want you Helen, it’s you I want, not that aunt of your” After so much persistence and due to the fact that Marvelous was stronger. She yielded. Right there in the kitchen. Marvelous had sxx with her.
Could one have considered that as a rape? Well.
And so, after the deed. Marvelous went inside, and Helen continued her cooking. In the course of her cooking the meal, she felt so dirty. Just one week ago, she was an innocent virgin who knew nothing about sex even she was a graduate. But one week after, she had become a bi-sexual. But who could she tell. The degree of her childish nature and inexperience was unquestionable.
At night she was on a call with Edwin who was coming in five days’ time. She didn’t sound so well in the course of their conversation, but all that filled Edwin’s mind was that she had agreed to his terms. However, while she was still talking with Edwin, Constance and Marvelous was having an argument in their room.
“You cannot be leaving your matrimonial room on a daily basis, to the guest room. This must stop today. This is your room and here you will remain” Marvelous said to Constance, both whom have been quarrelling.
“Alright, is it not the room you want me to stay? I will stay but just know that you wouldn’t have that thing that you are looking for” Constance said and went to a side of the bed to lie down.
Marvelous slept on the other side too, both of them having their backs opposite each other.
However, Constance planned in her heart to sneak to Helen’s room at night. Meanwhile the reason Marvelous don’t want Constance to be going to Helen’s room to sleep anymore is so he can be sneaking there too.
Thus, both of them pretended to be asleep, but none actually was. By the time Constance woke up by 2am to go the Helen’s room, he discovered Marvelous was no longer in the bed.