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July 15, 2018 2 Comments
Many lovers in the world today have taken a blood oath which i called BLOOD COVENANT. maybe you are one of them and you are looking for a way to break it, these few tips am about sharing with you will really help you.
Covenant can tie you up and it kills morethan HIV.
The first thing to do is this: If you noticed that you are no longer interested to continue with the covenant, all you need to do is just to tell your partner [The person you had the blood covenant with] alert him or her and explain to him/her
the reason why you want to denounce the blood agreement you had with him/her.
This reasons might be:
1. you dont love him/her anymore.
2. You did it out of ignorance and you want to quit it.
3. You cant keep the agreement anymore.
4. You want to break it and become free.
5. You dont want to die because of this covenant.
6. you are fed-up.
7. Your spirit told you to break it.
8. Its against your faith and believe.
9. You dont need it anymore.
10. You are afraid and you dont want to die.
You can choose from any of these above reasons, stand on it and insist you must break it, luckily for you, he/she might accept to break it with you.
But if he/she insisted never to break it with you, never you give up, keep trying.
You need to tell your parents and your imam or your pastor about it, take somebody along with you to meet him/her, also pray for God’s help, i believe solution must come one day.
After your lover have agreed to break the covenant, the next thing to do is for you guys to renounce whatsoever you have agreed, if you guys leaked the blood of each other before, then you must cut your self with razor, pour the blood on the ground and then renounce the oath.
NOTE: When you did the covenant, blood was involved and now that you want to break it, blood must be involve aswell. So just use a razor, cut your self with it and when the blood start coming out, just let the blood touch the surface of the earth, {The soil} then begin to renounce everything you have said when you were talking the oath.... 

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The affair episode 30

July 04, 2018 Add Comment
The affair 
episode 30
Marvelous finally got to know where Helen was. She was informed of Constance's death. And what was on ground. She forfeited her youth service and decided to stay with Marvelous. Her plan was to go with the next batch after she delivers.
Irrespective of all that had happened, Helen still wanted to pursue a career as an economist in the Federal Bureau of Statistics. She has always love to work there.
On the ninth month, Helen's water broke why she was returning home from a supermarket.
She was rushed to the nearest hospital where she was to deliver…
"Push...! Push...! Push...!" The words of the medical team started to echo in her ears. She had lost her strength. She lost lots of blood. One of the doctors called Marvelous to inform him and get his consent that the delivering would have to be done via Caesarean section otherwise called CS.
Marvelous who was already on his way got there before the procedure started.
Holding Marvelous’ palms as she was been rolled to the theatre, she said calmly "Please take care of her"
Marvelous kept on staring at her as she was still being rolled in while he had been hindered from entering with her. As he kept on staring, that moment, he realized that he did loved her. Somehow her face was just like that of Constance when he first met her in year two. This was when it dawned on him, that he didn’t just wanted her because she had his baby, he had fallen in love with her.
Helen didn't make it out alive from the procedure, but the baby did.
For the third time in Marvelous' life, tears rolled down from his eyes. It went down his cheek, then his chest. First was his mom when he was 16, second was Constance eight months ago, and now is Helen. These were the women he truly loved.
"If I had not forced myself on her that day, she wouldn't have been dead now." Marvelous muttered these words to himself as he was frustrated and bent on taking his life too.
However, just that moment, one of the doctors beckoned upon him. As he walked in to the room the baby was, a beaming smile forced itself out of his face still with tears.
The baby had the exact eyes of Constance, the beautiful lips of Helen and the pointed nose of his late mother.The baby was three-in-one of all he had lost and loved. That moment, he loved her at first sight. He named her after Helen and Constance
"Welcome Hen-Stance" Hesaid to the baby.
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The affair episode 29

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The affair 
Episode 29

The Suicide Letter
Meanwhile the content of Constance's suicide letter had read the following;
"I may not have been a responsible wife to you. So many things had led to that. Primarily,due to the sexual victimization gotten from my sister's husband and the negative incidences of my secondary school.
However, two years in our marriage, when we weren't getting a child, the doctor had diagnosed me of having pelvic cancer.
The main cause is said to have been traced to the sexual molestation I had as a child. The size of my sister's husband's manhood had so affected me internally then, that the negative effects had just began to show up.
Due to the extent of the ailment, I would not be able to give birth. That was why I always didn't want you to sleep with me. I knew the cause of my barrenness and I didn't want you to waste your time for nothing.
In addition the cancer had started to eat me up. All I did was just defence mechanisms to hide my sorrows and still get pleasure.
Why I may be happy that you will have a child now, through my niece, I couldn't just afford seeing everything go that way. Giving the fact that the cancer was eaten me up too much and I had six months left, I just decided to end it now myself.
Go, look for my niece. Take her and make yourself happy once more.
Your love
Constance Benjamin"

THe AfFAIR episode 28

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The affair 
Episode 28
The Advice
Helen finally went to Elizabeth her supposed best friend she had abandoned.
Since all of these issues, she had only told her when it had escalated and she didn't even tell her the complete story.
"Do you need anyone to tell you that you are a fool? From university days, I had warned you of this Edwin of a boy you call a boyfriend. Now that he has gotten what he wants, where is he?"
Elizabeth said to her as she hissed.
"Well, let them not say one did not help a friend, that's why I am even assisting you. And you know you can't stay here forever here. Meanwhile youth service is even in two months time. What would you do about that?" Elizabeth added
Looking at the ground and completely ashamed of herself, she muttered calmly "I don't even have an idea. Which money to even start such process now when am even managing here with you to eat. I wish I never went to Aunt Constance's house from the beginning.
"So Hunger has given you sense now abi. All these while, you were letting the childish part of you to dictate your bearing. Now see where it has brought you" Elizabeth said
"Meanwhile, as I said before remove that baby then we can look for something to do for the while to get a little money for the process. Instead of allowing the baby to come and join you in this hungry and wicked world" Elizabeth added
"I can't abort the baby. It's not in my nature to kill. All the wrongs I have done are enough. Two wrongs can't make a right" Helen said.
"Oh oh, you are now even giving me quotes. Meanwhile it's me that have killing in my nature abi? Well, Just know your friend advised you" Elizabeth finally said.

The affair episode 27

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The affair 
Episode 27
In Search of the Hymen
Helen had called Edwin his supposed boyfriend as the last resort.
She told him she was being maltreated by her aunt and she wasn't comfortable there any longer. She also said she didn't want to go back home.
Edwin who was happy to have her back, since he knows he would have the opportunity to have his ever burning desire for her satisfied, he agreed to help her.
Edwin still had his apartment in school as the rent had not expired. Together they came back to Lagos and Edwin pretended to have been showing care.
Now, Helen is so far away from the reach of her parents or even Marvelous. Particularly she was running from her aunt Constance who had threatened to strangle her while asleep. She wasn't aware that Constance had taken her life.
After three days, Edwin had been able to make Helen feel comfortable. She was barely still around one month pregnant, so one could not know easily.
One the third night, one thing led to another and Edwin was asking for sex once more. And this time, he needed it immediately. Of course with all she had been going through recently, giving in was far from her.
However when she considered the fact that Edwin might get angry if she doesn't allow and send her out too, she finally gave in. Here was Edwin, the very intent that he had since the University days had become a reality.
However in the course of the dance, Edwin who had expected a rough road to penetrate his manhood was surprised at the smoothness. It went in and out without hindrances nor blockages.
Edwin didn't comment about it at that moment. What he cared about that minute was the pleasure derived.
The next morning, Edwin asked "What happened to the hymen. I thought you have been singing in my ears all these while that we can't have sex because you are a virgin and all of that. During the ride yesterday, i experienced something else. "
Aware of the fact that Edwin would take her as a cheat without any good excuse, she then told him that she was raped by her uncle but was scared to tell him so he wouldn't leave.
"Oh, you were raped? Interesting." Edwin said sarcastically.
"So it's now a left over food you brought for me to eat abi? Well, me I am not even interested again. All those while you left, I meant someone else who is giving me constant food that is fresh, not this left over thing of yours you call a v***na. "He added.
Afterwards Edwin sent her packing still