Lasting Memory Episode 5

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Story written by AMAH HEART
“I have plans for tomorrow I won’t be able to see you…
“What kind of plan is that…can I be included in the plans? Please...
“Come on Kane…is nothing big just that I will be taking Emerald to a birthday party…a friend of mine invited us for his nephew’s birthday tomorrow
“Okay… so I can I take you there and maybe bring you back. If you don’t mind…
“Ooh…well, my friend will be coming to take us and he said he will also bring us back…let me not stress you over that…
Kane eventually agreed although he wanted to go with Olivia but he decided not to push further.
Mark came the following day and picked Olivia and her daughter to the venue.
After they settled in Emerald was so eager to go and a bouncing castle with other kids.
Olivia watched as Marked guide Emerald to join other kids, she was so excited as she play with everyone even with the celebrant.
Mark introduced Olivia to his elder brother and the wife, they were happy to meet her.
Olivia sat with other parents as children kept on performing in the background, she kept a close eye on her daughter who was flowing with every game and was too excited to tag along.
Mark came to sit beside Olivia.
“she is so lively…and very active…I’m talking about Ema…despite she has not seen any of the kids here before…. look at how she is associating with everyone with that attractive smile on her face…you are a lucky mother…well I know the sugar drinks and cakes will make her super active too…
Olivia still focusing on the kids laughed out, Mark was sitting so close to her that she can perceive his fine cologne, he smells so nice. He was a little different form his brother, his elder brother was taller than him but wears same smile as Mark.
Mark said he took after his father in everything while his brother was more of his mother.
After the party was almost over Olivia informed Mark that she will be going, so Mark quickly told his brother’s wife who parked different gift parks for Emerald who was already tired from the whole play, Olivia thanked her and the husband before leaving with Mark
Emerald slept off in the car as Mark drove them home.
When he stopped in front of there house, Olivia thanked him.
“Thank you Mark…aside Emerald having so much fun I also had fun myself, your nephew is so cute…your brother and his wife make a lovely couple…our pumpkin is already asleep…she must be so tired from jumping up and down and participating in almost all the games…thank you…we will like to go inside now…
“Olivia…please wait…I really do not want to press you on this again after you made it clear the last time…which has being years but…I wish we could get to hang out and talk more…I’m just trying to press my luck buttons…maybe...just maybe you will consider me this time…please…
“I have a man in my life Mark…and he is everything I want, I love him… I am occupied already…so please don’t press your luck buttons…it won’t work out…I’m sorry…
Mark was pained and felt heart broken but he accepted his fate and bid Olivia good night.
Kane called that night to ask how the birthday party went and Olivia filled him in excitedly.
Helen came on one of her off days to spend time with Olivia
“Francis asked me to marry him…this is the second time he is asking me to marry him Olivia…
“And… what did you say…you should be happy settling down with the man you truly love, you don’t sound so happy about it…I know for sure that Francis loves you…you have tried to push him away severally instead he kept fighting to win you over and never gave up until you finally agreed to date him and now…he want you to be part of him forever…what is holding you back…I thought you said that you love him?
“I do, I really do love him but sometime I have fear…fear of the past affecting my future and the way I look at men generally…and he is not exceptional…don’t get me wrong…Francis is a sweet hardworking man…he is never like the beast of a man that molested me for years…no…not all all…but I just don’t know how marriage will be like for me…I may end up using my past to judge him…and many other innocent men out there….i…I told him he shouldn’t rush me…I wasn’t ready for marriage and he told me he will wait until I’m ready…I just don’t understand him…anytime I try to make him leave instead he will give me more reason to love him the more…moving along and forgetting the past does not work like magic Olivia…I still think of the past and it hurt…so hurt like yesterday…sometime I want to hate my mother and watch her suffer for neglecting me when I needed her the most and doctor Kate’s words will come echoing to my head…”do yourself a favor and forgive your mother” she say when I forgive I was actually doing myself a favor…I see her points but is hard…my mother was so dependent of my step dad…feeding and upkeep, she thought without him she will die and that was why she never wanted anything that will affect her food chain…even if is me, she shut me up and threatens me never to speak up and after my step dad died she found out that she can actually live without him and she is now looking up to me everyday for her upkeep…what if I was dead. What if I succeeded in killing myself back then…I act all cool as if I got no worries but I still look back to those years of torture and no defense, those cold night, while my mother pretend to be asleep and the beast craw into my room and molest me, I cry and lay awake with fear and trembling every night, I was giving drugs to drink every weeks just to flush out any unwanted pregnancy, I didn’t know what the drugs was for until I grew up and realize what it really was…what if they succeeded in damaging my womb, but I’m glad that such did not happen just that I needed to treat somethings back then which Doctor Kate helped me through and I am fully okay, but what if all the bad things of life have happened to me because of my mother’s carelessness and the beast of a man who was not satisfy with my mother and decided to add daughter to the list, Olivia you are a strong woman…you have move past what hurt you, blessed with Emerald and Kane who loves you dearly…I envy your courage but I have not found your kind of strength yet for myself… when I think I have move on, when I think I have overcome all obstacle…then it will come rushing up to my present like a flood…
“Helen…listen to me…you will be fine…I assure you that…let go of those bitter emotions…and like doctor Kate usually say when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry…show life that you got a thousand reasons to laugh…and when a lemon is being stoned at you…turn it into a lemonade or a lemon pie…make good out of the bad and recklessness of life…you will be fine…go ahead with Francis…he will help you heal totally…and do not paint another man’s sin to his face…he deserve better than that. I thank God everyday for Kane…I’m so grateful to him, look at me now…I’m back to school…pursing my dreams…dreams that I thought will never be possible…he is helping me in every way possible….Kaka was the devil that destroy my family…and I’m glad he is either dead or rotting away somewhere…if Kaka ever comes like an angel to me in the dream I will find a gun a shoot him dead, I don’t know how to forgive a man filled with so much evil…I don’t want to even forgive such a man…but my peace of mind is that he is far away from me…I will never see him…so I move on with the man of my dream and I have no regret. Kane is God’s gift to me and Emerald also…go ahead and accept Francis proposal….so that Emerald can be your little bridesmaid….or flower girl…she will be so happy if you pick her to be part of the train…you will make a beautiful bride, and of curse I will be by your side cheering you up…you will make a wonderful wife to Francis and sweet mother to your future kids…trust me on this…make good thing out the trouble life threw at you…you will excel…I’m here for you…always….
They talk into the evening before Helen later left
Kane took Olivia to a new and well furnished apartment, he got her a fine portable car for her running around, Emerald has to change school to one of the best schools in town.
On Olivia’s birthday, Kane decided to surprise her further by opening a big supermarket like he has wanted to do with one of his property which wasn’t so far from Olivia’s former place of resident.
He put Olivia as the owner of the property, surprising her with it during her birthday which was the day he officially opened it.
He called it OLIVEM Supermarket, which was a combination of Olivia and her daughter’s name together.
Olivia was so shock when she was blind folded and guide to the place, when her eyes was open and she saw the big place with it signs she almost fainted out of shock, it was so unbelievable and she refuse to accept it
“Kane…this is just too much…have you thought of what your father was going to say about it all…I…is too much…I can’t accept this…you have done a lot already…you have done enough and…this is too much…Kane…I can’t…
“Please…accept it Olivia…don’t say no…I have always wanted to move your kiosk to a bigger dream…I told you that you are far bigger than that kiosk…my father gave me this building…he put my name to it that I should do whatever I wanted with the property and I decided to create a beautiful thing out of it for you…is all yours…the property name and everything in there….i have restock it to the brim…just for you to sign some document as the sore owner and it will be all yours…I thought of the name to use for the supermarket I have to combine your name with Emma’s to bring about Olivem…please accept it and don’t say no to this if you truly loves me…I told you before that I wanted us to settle down soon but you said you will have to finish your school first before thinking of marriage and I am not rushing you Olivia, I love you everyday…you are like the air that I breath….no matter how long it takes I will be here for you…whenever you are ready for us to make our relationship official…tie the knot and live as God as instituted…I will be the happiest man but until then just accept this token…is deeply from my heart and every paper is in your name…is only your signature that we are waiting for and everything will become officially yours…please Olivia…shhhh….please don’t say no Olivia…please…
That was how Olivia became a big supermarket owner.
Helen later accepted Francis wedding proposal and the date was later fixed for them
Emerald was the little bridesmaid and she was so happy to walk down with Helen, Olivia was her chief bridesmaid and it was a happy day for everyone, Helen’s mother was so glad as she watch her daughter get married to Francis the man who never gave up on her, doctor Kate was there, Mark too came as he was invited, Kane was seated among the audience with a smile as his eyes was focused on Olivia all through out.
Mark wish he was the one getting married to Olivia, he was looking at Olivia who was so filled with smile as she helped her best friend Helen, a blushing bride, who was so beautiful in her wedding dress.
Mark was already aware of Olivia relationship with Kane, the son of a wealthy senator. Their relationship was not hidden to the public eye after he opened one of the biggest supermarkets for her
He hard that the man even put the property in her name and got her a car and he is the one responsible for her school.
He knows he may not have done everything as the said Kane was doing for Olivia but he would have made sure that Olivia will be happy for the rest of her life, going back to further her studies, buying her car that he would have done, but opening a big supermarket as OLIVEM, which was the talk of town that was a very big project, he will not have promise such a big thing but he would have tried to open a mini mart if she so desired.
but then he wasn’t going to compete with anyone, not with Kane, who was obviously so wealthy than him, spending his father’s money but he has to work for every dime that he spend, some people were born with a silver spoon while others have to earn it.
He can’t stress himself over competing to win Olivia heart because Olivia never wanted him, he was the one trying to see if anything can work out but it never did.
He wish Olivia nothing but happiness and if she ever invite him for her wedding he will be glad to attend and buy one of the best gifts for her because she deserves it
After sometime Mark stood up and congratulate Helen and her husband like everyone was doing, Olivia smiled at him and thanked him for coming, she introduced him to Kane and they shook warmly before Mark later drove off with a clear mind and planning to see if he can get serious with someone else and start his own family, everyone was moving on except him, maybe is really time for him to also move on.

Lasting Memory Episode 4

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Olivia tried calling Doctor Kate that afternoon but no response, she was probably in class or in an emergency.
Olivia breathed down, she felt Emerald temperature and it was really burning, she has given her every medication she can think off ever since yesterday, hoping she will get better but she wasn’t improving at all.
She wanted to take her to the hospital but decided to speak to Kate first as she has always done but she couldn’t reach Doctor Kate.
Olivia placed a small soaked cold towel on her daughter’s forehead to see if it will reduce her high temperature.
she sent a quick text message to doctor Kate and waited for a reply, but none came.
She was confuse on what to do and started scrolling down the contact on her phone, she came across Helen and knew she will be busy at work, Olivia continued scrolling down she came across Kane, she have not hard from him for days, she called him yesterday but his line was off.
Olivia wondered what was going on with him, she was already into him, liking every thing about him and now she can’t reach him anymore, she wonder what was happening with him and why his line was off for the past two days.
Oliver breathed down and got to the name “Mark” she pause and stare at the name, she quickly remembered Doctor Mark, whom she has not seen or spoken to in a long while, she decided to call the number maybe she will be able to get help for Emerald, she silently pray that the number was still active and when the phone began to ring she silently began to pray that Mark will be able to help her.
Mark was on leave, he has taking two weeks emergency leave to attend to his fathers’ burial, he traveled and after the whole burial was over he returned back to his base.
His father was the only parent left after his mother died many years ago. His only sibling was his elder brother who was married with a son.
Mark wished he could save his father from dying when the old man became so sick, Mark did all he could for his father. He loved his job and couldn’t be with his father all the time, so he hired a nurse, a care giver who was looking after the man and he travels down down sometimes to check on him but never fails to call just to know if he is responding to treatment or not.
Mark love treating people, saving lives,helping those with different fears to have hope and smile again. being a doctor has made him to put other people's life ahead of his own, he wish he could save his father but being a doctor there’s a limit he can do, it was his father’s time to go and he can’t do anything again more than what he has already done and to accept the truth.
He was trying to be man and look ahead to the brighter side of life, find love and have a family of his own just like his elder brother but he has not being so good with those plans, especially in the area of women.
Is been a while he has gone on a date, his work was time consuming and he likes occupying his mind with it.
He spend so much time attending to people than he does for himself.
Ever since Olivia the lady he has fallen for even in her delicate condition which have being so crazy to him and to any one that will hear that he was in love with a pregnant young and beautiful lady who has no man in her life and never wanted any man close to her, he tried to make her consider him back then even after she gave birth to her daughter, Mark kept trying but she turned him down and warned him never to get close to her and he has to give up trying.
He went deeper into work just to forget her and even have to go on few dates which never works out.
Mark was watching a television program while his house keeper was in the laundry room doing his laundry.
Mark hard his phone ringing he picked it up with his eye still fixed on the television, he picked the call without looking at the caller, thinking it was from the hospital as usual or from one of his patients
“Hello…Doctor Mark Philips on the line....
“Mark, is me…Olivia….
Immediately Mark hard the voice and the name he removed the phone from his ear and check the caller before placing it back to his ear…
“Hi Olivia…is being ages…how are you doing…you surprise me with your call…how are you are your daughter…
“I know is being a while, I have not being able to get to doctor Kate, Emerald is so sick…she has being running temperature, it started yesterday when the school she attends called to inform me that she suddenly started running temperature and was crying all through, I rushed down and picked her and I gave her some medication hoping it will stop this morning but it got worst, I’m thinking of taking her to the hospital but decided to call you first when I stumbled on your number…I didn’t know what else to do Mark…I’m sorry to disturb...
“Don’t be sorry Olivia, is fine and I am on leave, I still have four days to rest before I start work…can I drive down to your place so that I can check Emerald first before knowing the kind of medication to prescribe…
After the call ended, Mark picked up his stethoscope, car key and few other medical things, he quickly drove off to Olivia’s place
He was ushered in by Olivia who was waiting for his arrival. Mark checked Emerald and quickly commenced treatment on her.
After that day he returned the next day and kept stooping to check on the little girl until Emerald was well again, Doctor Kate later called after seeing Olivia message about her daughter, she apologized that she was in a class with her students and needed to put off her phone which was her usual way and Olivia informed her that Mark was attending to Emerald, Kate was glad.
after Mark was done with all treatment he refused to collect anything from Olivia even after she insisted, he did not.
“Thank you so much Mark, I didn’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t responded urgently to my call and now Emerald is well…I don’t know how to pay you for your kindness…I’m indebted to you…
“stop thanking me Olivia…I could have done the same for anybody out there who needs help within my reach…watch Emerald for few days before she starts school, Emerald maybe allergic to something, not specified yet…please check the school environments, class and also play ground too... environment matters…but she is alright now…if anything changes please call me…but you don’t need to panic …children are like this and I have seen worst cases too… and I have a little request…I don’t know how much Emerald associate outside with you and school but I do want to ask you if is okay to bring her to my nephew’s birthday two weeks from now…my nephew will be turning five years…is being a sad moment for me and my brother after my Dad died, so we want to do something different after mourning, is time to also celebrate, have a happy gathering again so my nephew’s birthday will be doing all that for us… just an innocent invitation and you can turn it down…is not really compulsory…but try think about it first before making a decision, I will come over pick you and Ema up and bring you right back anytime you are ready to go…I just want Ema to have fun with lots of other kids of her age…but is all fine if you can’t make it…I do understand…and you don’t owe me anything Olivia…
“Hmmm I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad, I’m deeply sorry Mark for your heavy lost…let me think about the invitation first…two weeks is still far…I will let you know if we can make it or not. Thank you once again Mark…I really appreciate…
Two days later Emerald started school again. Kane came down on the fourth day to see Olivia.
“I’m so sorry that I have not called all this while, I got caught up with something... with the kind of father I have he can give you a hard nut out of sudden to crack and that was what happened…I needed to do some things for him outside the state and there was no network where I was…I’m sorry Olivia, how is princess Ema doing and how are you doing too…I have missed you both, I just couldn’t stay another day without seeing or hearing from you so I drove down immediately I returned…
“I was so worried Kane…I thought I did or say something wrong which got you offended…I try calling severally but your line was switched off…I was almost falling sick from worrying over the fine kind man that flew into my life like a cool wind, blew my heart open and then disappear…I have not liked any man like I do for you…maybe is more than what I can admit…
“I feel thrilled to hear you say that Olivia, I love you and everything about you and I really want you to be happy and forget everything that makes you sad…I’m sorry for making you to worry so much, I was also sad when I couldn’t reach you…it bothers me a lot…and with the way I left you the last time, when you talked about your past, it hurt you deeply so if talking about Emerald’s father or whoever he maybe makes you remember the hurtful past that you are trying to forget…then let’s not talk about it…not now…maybe never…you are my happiness and I want to be all yours Olivia, let the past and whatever happens in the past remain right there…let’s focus on the future but I do want to ask just one question please…do you remember anything about the gun man you mentioned the last time…if you see him will you be able to identify him or is there something that you can use to identify him…do you remember anything…
Olivia thought for a moment, she have wanted to say the only thing she remembered was his gang name ”Kaka” but that will not make any sense, it may sound stupid if she says that, she remembered the man that raped her was tall, he has a mask on and a cut on his cheek and hand but she have being too scared that night, yes the man has a deep cut on his cheek which cut through his facial mask and made blood to soak up there and she could have taking more note of the two gun men if she wasn’t so frightened and there was not enough light to identify much, the room wasn’t bright enough. The only thing that rings in her head for years was the name Kaka which was useless because when she searched on the internet she found out that Kaka is mostly a nick name or an abbreviation of a name but never a common name for a male child.
Olivia looked up at Kane who held his too palm together and something else was written in his eyes, worried and maybe fear, she can’t tell what exactly it was. Kane was tall, he has a little scar on his cheek which wasn’t so obvious, despite the scar he was a fine man, he looks likes a man who will never hurt a fly, Kane has a humble and kind soul, he was so calm and so loving, men like him are rare and she was glad she met him
The man that raped her, killed her parents and destroyed her hope of becoming a lawyer just in one night and he is probably in a prison or dead because the police has said they caught all the arm robbers that night, some died and others were imprisoned so Kaka or whoever he was is rotting away either in the grave or in a cell with other harden criminals like him. no wicked man like him will go free because is either the law that govern the people nail him, the police men will make him face the consequences of his evil actions,the law of karma is also there to strike him down or he dies untimely. If he manage to escape all of this which is not possible then the same gun he holds with pride will strike him with a hot bullet, "maybe that hot bullet will be coming from me or anybody....but I’m certain there is no escaping for such a man who strike me hard across the face, pined me down like a prey, I pleaded, my father pleaded but he never listened, he tore my night wear and started digging into me without care, I have wish many times I died that night alongside with my parents, they killed my sick mother who was already recovering and shot my father as he tried to save me. aah what a night to remember, a lasting memory which I will never forget.
“No…No Kane I…I can’t identify the gun man with anything…i can’t remember anything and I do not want to remember anything either…
Kane breathed out, giving a sigh of relieved. He silently thank God that Olivia did not remember what the gun man looked like and could not identify him, he felt better from the hot silent from Olivia that was consuming him as she kept quiet for sometime before speaking out, Kane breathed down again and Olivia looked up at him as they sat close to her kiosk, sweat broke out of his fore head despite it was a cold evening, he coughed out as he tries to remain calm, he coughed again
“Are you alright Kane…is there something wrong…are you having cough, I have a menthol sweet for coughs…you are sweating but the evening is so you have cough….
“ahhhh…no…I mean yeah…just a little cough but it will pass. I’m fine Olivia...let me take you out tomorrow, let’s start talking about your school, you don’t need to give up on becoming who you want to be because of finance…I’m here for you and I will help you get to that height I promise….
And that was how Olivia got encouraged to start thinking and processing her school form and with Kane everything was so easy for her.
She was determined again to make her father proud even in though he was long dead. She swore never to forget the two men who came into her life, one came and took everything from her, unleash terror and killed her dream and her hopes of living. Kaka was his crazy bitter name and she will never forget him.
And the other was the sweet man who was restoring back her lost hope, bring color to her life again, making her dreams to become reality. Kane was his sweet name and she will never forget him.
Olivia plan taken Emerald to Doctor Mark's nephew's birthday party because she knows will make Mark very happy, he deserve to be happy after losing his dear father.
that was the least she can do for him after he treated Emerald. One good turn deserve another.
so she called Mark to inform him and he was so happy and told Olivia that he will come over and pick them up when the time comes.

Lasting Memory Episode 3

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Story written by AMAH HEART
Olivia paid up all the necessary fee for her daughter, she has being saving up for this day and was glad that Emerald was starting school, beginners class where she will learn nursery rhymes and numbers and two to three letter words and Emerald will get to meet other children and associate with them.
Helen bought school bag, lunch box and a pack of long socks for Emerald who was so excited to start school and couldn’t wait for the day to break so that she can carry her lovely pink lunch box which contains her food flask and water bottle, her school bag has a princess Barbie on it and she slept that night hanging it on her back, it was after she was deeply asleep that Olivia removed the school bag from her and put it aside
The little girl was so happy as she and her mother matched to school the following morning, some other kids were crying but she was so excited especial having a new fine school stuffs from her mommy and from Aunt Helen.
Olivia smiled back home, she opened her kiosk and set up her wares, she wrote down the things running out of stock, she will buy more goods with the remaining money with her and stock up her kiosk because now that Emerald has started school she will have to make sure that she pays up her school fees whenever the time is due.
She smiled within herself as she went about her daily routine she will go back later in the day to go and pick her daughter from school.
Olivia opened her kiosk and sighed as she displayed her wares, she really need to restock quick. Now that Emerald has started school she will also get ready for the school fees and whatever fee that needs to be paid, her expenses will go higher than before which was well expected.
She will go to the market tomorrow after dropping Emerald in school and buy more things to add the her goods, she will do all she can to make sure that her daughter never lacks anything.
Helen stop by the next day as Olivia was leaving for the market, Olivia was surprise to see her that early morning.
“Helen, what happen you did not go to work today…hope everything is alright…what of mumsy…?
“mum is fine, I told you that i was made the supervisor at work, so I have a day off to rest within the week which starts today while my colleague takes over…we are only two supervisors there now. The work load is becoming too much it comes with my new post as the supervisor but I can always scale through because the salary mouth watery and Francis has being so encouraging too. I just made breakfast for mum and ran out so that I can join you this morning and take Ema to school, Francis traveled you know he I always on the road whenever duty calls, I miss him anytime he is away…that is by the way, Ema…my baby is now a big girl, she goes to school…. But babe, see the way you just panic…must there always be a bad news...don’t always have negative thoughts is not a good thing…I am beginning to talk like doctor Kate…where’s Ema…
“I have taking her to school already…I’m on my way out to the market…my shop is looking so dry and scanty so I need to restock…thank you Helen for getting Emerald school stuffs, she is so excited and even slept with her new school bag…I told you and is so funny anytime i think of it…
“You shouldn’t be thanking me…Ema is part of my responsibility too, we will both join hands and train her into a proud, fearless and beautiful lady. Not the scared little mouse my mother made out of me while growing up and i couldn’t do anything when I was taking advantage off…let me follow you to the market since today is my free day…after today it will be till weekend again before I will be free to come around…
“if you go with me we will waste time… talking non stop…so stay back…open the Kiosk and sell everything before I return, there is not enough recharge card, I will call my supplier to bring some…when he comes please pay him with this money…and sell everything before I return, don’t steal my wafer biscuits…I know you like wafers…you are allowed to eat only one…anything more than that will be stealing…
They both laugh as Olivia left for the market and Helen opened the kiosk and displayed wares just as Olivia does, she swept the shop and when the recharge card man came on his bike, she paid him with the money Olivia gave her.
Helen sold things for students going to school that morning, she also sold other things since she knows almost all the prices
A fine car stop in front of the kiosk and Helen rushed out to answer the man who seem speechless at first
He was a fine man who smells of wealth, and with a closer look Helen saw that he had a scar on his cheek which wasn’t too obvious, he smiled at Helen after she greeted him cheerfully.
“Sir what do you want to buy…
“uhhh…mmm..oh…do…you…have card…recharge card….
Helen quickly answered asking him which type and how much he wanted, he bought all the card of one particular network and paid double for it, Helen was grateful but the man did not drive off instead he relaxed back while trying to load his phone with the card. Helen waited hoping he will buy another thing
Kane was surprise to see another person in the kiosk, he has expected to see the same lady with a little daughter, the lady who’s smile and beauty has kept him sleepless for days, he drove down here just to see her but was surprise to meet another cheerful slim lady, who even after selling the cards to him still stood with an attractive smile waiting just in case he decides to buy another thing. Even the card he bought he has no need of it at the moment because he bought enough from his bank last night.
But it feels good to buy from this kiosk and see those happy smiles. It was more because of the beautiful lady he met the last time who made him to drive all the way down all in preteens of checking out the old house.
Kane couldn’t hold back the question that was almost choking him so he voiced out
“I met a lady here the last time…with a little girl…was she helping you out or you are helping her out…are you related to her…please…what’s your name…
“Helen, and Olivia is my friend…I’m helping her out…she is not around at the moment…
“ooohkay...Helen, hope you don’t mind if I ask you this….is your friend married…I saw her with a baby girl…is that her daughter….but couldn’t get to ask her…can you tell me more about her…
“She is not married…and yes, the baby girl is her daughter…and this is her little shop…her small beginning which we pray will birth something bigger in the future, I’m only helping her because she is not around at the moment, Olivia is a kind loving soul and she is also so friendly so you can ask her any other question whenever you see her…I can’t say more than this to you sir…
“I deeply appreciate all you have said already, Helen. thank you and I will definitely come around next time and with time get to know all about her…pardon me for not introducing myself earlier…my name is Kane…thank you ones again….
Kane drove off and Helen waved happily as she watch him drive away.
When Olivia came back Helen was so eager to tell her about Kane
“…he said his name was Kane, he drives a silver highlander jeep…he did not come down from the car but I can tell that he is a tall man, he will pass for a bouncer in a club but he look too posh…and he is a fine man who smells off wealth…he asked about you, he was so interested in getting to know you, he wanted to know if you are married, if Ema was your daughter and I told him few things but nothing deep, I told him to ask you himself whenever he comes around next time and he promise to do that….he bought enough recharge card and paid double..
“Oh wait…I know who you are talking about…he was here some days ago and also bought card from me after which he gave me extra cash…I was shock at his generosity…at first I didn’t want to collect the money from a common stranger but he insisted and me…deep down I know I needed that money so I took it…I was even looking out for him to say my thanks again…there was something about him…I can’t place it…he looks at me and sent chill down my spin…
“oooh ooh…you are already liking him…see the way you talk about him….babe…this is are finally having interest in a man…different men has being coming to you but you never pick interest in them, doctor Mark tried all he could but you never opened the door of your heart to him, good looking and rich hot bachelors are always fighting over you but you shut them all off and scare them all away, my case is different because Francis is everything I want in a man, he loves me and I’m sure of that now and I don’t intend to leave him again, he has being there for me and I really do want to end up with him just as he also want but my dear friend Olivia is stuck and no man has succeeded in conquering her world but I think that will be changing soon…. see the way you talk about Kane…he must have charmed you with his loving charm…he seem so nice and friendly too…
They talked, laugh while going around arranging the things Olivia brought back from the market, and she later left Helen to pick Emerald from school.
Kane came another day and met Olivia, he stepped down from his car with three bags in hand filled with different gifts for Olivia and Emerald, he gave them to a surprised Olivia who thanked him, Olivia saw that he was indeed tall and a well body built, Helen was right, Kane can pass for a bouncer in a club with his stature, and with a closer look she could see that he has a little scar on one side of his cheek.
Kane comes around more often bringing different things to Olivia and gradually Olivia began to like him and looked forward to his visit which was becoming often and on
Kane will always come down from his car and sit with Olivia outside her Kiosk which was well restocked by now, they will sit, talk and laugh.
Kane told her of what he planned to do with the old building his father gave him. He told Olivia almost everything about himself but he tried as much as possible to skip his deadly bitter past which he hates to remember.
Kane took Olivia out one weekend, while Helen watched Emerald in the kiosk.
He drove her around, from the movies to the mall, when he finally came to drop her off he decided to ask Olivia about Emerald’s father which he has always wanted to ask but was waiting for Olivia to bring it up but she never did. Olivia never say anything deep about herself just the normal usual things which he already know
Kane was deeply in love with Olivia and Olivia was beginning to love him gradually but never opens up.
“Emerald’s father must have being a foolish man to have abandoned you, which man in his right mind will leave a precious jewel like you…I guess he left you for another woman or you left him for some personal reasons… he is so senseless not to have loved, cared and protects you and Emerald like you both deserve…is fine if you don’t want to talk about him…I can see even raising his topic brings sadness to your face…I’m so sorry Olivia…I don’t want you to be sad…but that man is so cursed…he is not man enough...I’m sorry but I feel this anger in me for such men who does not know what they want and can’t take up responsibilities of their actions and that seem to be the kind of man who will abandoned you when he should be by your side every second, loving and supporting you through life. He hurt you… I know Olivia, I can feel that he hurt you, such a man does not deserve to be in your life, maybe God pushed him out for my good…all I want to do is to make you forget about how sorrow feels like…I love to watch you smile…laugh…it makes me happy…you don’t owe me an explanation over your past but I do want to be right here in your present and even into the future if you will let me in…you took my breath away from the first day I set my eyes on you…I have not being able to think straight ever since…you occupy every part of me Olivia… I am not like the useless man who abandoned you when you need him most…I am not talking just like every other man out there because I know you must have hard things like this…but I’m different…I want you to go back to school, pursue your dreams and become who you want to be, you are bigger than that small Kiosk, there is too much greatness in you which you can’t throw off, I’m ready to do everything to get you where you want to be Olivia, this is not a flatter and is never because I want something from you this is my own way of proving that I really do care about you in every way, and I will deposit enough money in your account to help you run through your career, even if we don’t see again tomorrow or something bad happens to me…which I don’t pray for but in that way you will still be able to forge ahead…for you and for Emerald…I do want to prove this to you and even more if you will let me, I am not like every man coming to promise heaven and earth to you, no, I’m Kane, I am not perfect but am ready to make your good life wishes come to past …please Olivia…I want to be a father to Emerald, give you the love and care that you deserve and more…I’m not forcing you to accept me…I just want you to always know that I really do care deeply about you and…I love you…so much…
Olivia was quiet, she was already falling for Kane but doesn’t know why she was holding back. after many years she found a man she likes so much and who worships her like a goddess, she want to tell him of her past, her parents death, about the evil man who took everything from her but out of the dump and destruction Emerald her precious daughter emerged, she has held so much hate for the man who hurt her so much, tore her apart, everything she holds dearly that evil man destroyed it and the only thing she have of the man is “kaka” which never makes any sense. She will hunt the man down and destroy him if she ever in her life time come across him, no matter who he was she will not spare him one bit, he must feel the pain and emptiness that she has felt after her whole world fell apart.
Kane was indeed a good man, Olivia thought to herself. “If all men were like Kane the world will be a better place, he is an angel in human form.
Olivia decided to open up a little to Kane
“Emerald’s father never existed…I was raped by an unknown gun man…who destroyed my world…i…I don’t want to talk about it please…not now…not today or anytime soon…I hate to remember what the past took from me, my daughter is all that matters to me…and you are a good man Kane you are not like the evil man that took away my joy…
Kane drew Oliver into his arms, as he tried to console her aching heart.
his own heart began to beat so loud into his ear drum, “did Olivia just mentioned that a gun man raped her…”could it be that…no…no…is not…it can’t never be…oh my God what if…uuuhhh oh no…I’m going crazy….i need to leave or she will see my discomfort…
Kane wanted Olivia to remain in his arms but he was getting all hot as different thoughts began to hunt him the moment Olivia mentioned a gun man, fear griped him.
“Olivia can’t be the same young beautiful girl his past man tore apart, he may not have fully seen the girl’s face because it was little dark in the room but she was slender and so young and innocent.
Kane was uncomfortable as he dropped Olivia off bid her good night before driving away with speed to a very quiet place to break down and cry over his past sin.
Olivia did not go into details about her past pain but he prayed so hard that night begging God not to let what he fear most to come true, because Olivia may never forgive him and he does not want to ever see her sad or unhappy.
He prayed so much in the comfort of his room and did not even come out for two days.

Lasting Memory Episode 2

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Story written by AMAH HEART
The fine male doctor smiled at her again as usual and she returned the smile before proceeding down the corridor, she wonder why the young man always smiling anytime he sees her but never bother to say a word, she was already getting irritated with the constant smile.
She opened the door and entered, everything was becoming a ritual for her. This was not her first or her second doctor’s appointment so she was use to the routine.
Doctor Kate exclaim happily on seeing her walked in
“Look who we got here…our beautiful Miss Olivia…how are you doing today…
“I’m doing better than I was yesterday…I keep improving everyday…
“yes, you should…not just for yourself but also for your unborn child…you will finally meet her few weeks from now…aren’t you excited about it…
“I am...of curse I am excited doctor… Looking forward to having her…hmmm…do you think I will make a great mom to her…
“You will be a fantastic mother…don’t worry you will forget all your worries, pain and lost when you finally hold her in your arms…
“I feel relief…I’m glad to hear that…sometimes I have clouding thoughts…terrible things cycles my mind and I just need a little assurance…just to be sure that I know what I’m doing, I don’t want to think of the frightening past, which still threatens my sanity…you know doctor…things like having a baby without father, a product of rape, lost both parents same day and…and I could have flushed it out when I found out that I was pregnant… I felt it was a bad omen, it was evil to carry such child but I couldn’t get myself doing it…I tried to take my own life severally but I just couldn’t until I was introduced to you and your counselling sections has helped me greatly, ever since you started counselling me I have not have thoughts of suicides but I still have fears of the past…and terrible dreams…I think of my dear mom and dad everyday that passes by…I miss them… i could have being in school now pursuing my dreams and working hard to make my parents proud but here I am, a school drop out…carrying pregnancy by an unknown man…isn’t that so sad…is really sad doctor…I am not doing too well in letting go of the past but I’m pushing…I am working hard in finding purpose in life again…
“ you are doing so well my darling…and I am so proud of you…your late parents will be also proud of you too because if you have hurt yourself there won’t be you today…they want you to be happy and I know someday your dream will come true….it was a tragedy to have lost both parents same day, it look like your dreams was going to be cut short but don’t let it happen, when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry tell life you got a thousand and one reasons to laugh…you are wining and let nothing stop you Olivia…this child you carry maybe a product of a bad and evil man who only came to kill and to destroy but when you push her forth she will be a new beginning for you…and new sunrise…do you understand me…don’t ever throw a bad man sin on her shoulder rather love her as you will love your life…and in that way…the past will let go of you…life threw a lemon at you turn it into a lemonade or a lemon pie…hahahaha…yes…i love that smile on your face, you are a beautiful young woman and even your pregnancy can not hide that fact, a man can still walk up to you and say…”hello lady, you look so hot and classic, beauty is understatement when it comes to you, I don’t have words to describe you but I like you a whole lot, do you mind if I have your contact or we hook up sometimes…oh forget about the big tummy thing, it look more of a fine fashion than what it really appears, so what do you say to my kind humble request…
Olivia burst out laughing at Doctor Kate who was putting up some manly attitude as she tries to cheer her up, they both fell into a serious laughter.
Doctor Kate was always having words to say to her, things that keep her going, she was married with two kids, a counselor and a great mother, who takes great pleasure in talking to young women in an unfortunate situations and she was good with what she does.
Olivia likes her a lot and never miss any appointment with her, in that way she has being able to meet other women who needed counseling, and she had a close friend who she met in Doctor Kate counselling class, Helen came from a broken home, she lived with her mother and step father who abused her severally, when she found the courage and told her mother about it she was surprise that her mother did not believe her, instead she was more protective of her abusive husband than her own daughter.
Helen’s mother threaten to throw her out if she ever tells anybody about what her step father was doing to her.
When Helen couldn’t take it anymore, she ran away from the house and her mother never bothers to look for her.
She was suicidal, she wanted to take her own life, she was found on the day she put a rope to her neck and tries to hang herself but was seen on time and rush to the hospital where Doctor Kate met her.
Her step father had a ghastly accident a year later and died and Helen’s mother started searching for her daughter everywhere and when she found her, the woman pleaded for her to return home, it took time and with Doctor Kate’s encouraging word for Helen to return back and started living with her mother again, she got a job and now she is taking care of herself and her mother.
Helen was Olivia’s close friend, who comes around whenever she is not at work.
After Doctor Kate was done speaking with Olivia, she did her normal check up on her and book her for her next visit, which Olivia looked forward to
As she was leaving she met the male doctor again who never stop smiling at her anytime she comes around.
This time around Doctor Mark decided to summon courage and talk to Olivia
“Hello Miss or Mrs…pardon me…. I guess you have being seeing me but may not know my name…Mark is my name and I am kind of curios about something…forgive my manners…I am not always like just that we can not be smiling at ourselves every time you comes around without a proper introduction…so I decided to do that today…but I do want to make sure that I am not trespassing my boundaries, I mean no harm just trying to be a friend…I have checked your ring finger and I did not see a wedding band and all the while you do come here no man comes along with you…except that your slim friend…I hard you mention her name one time…Helen. And I also know your name Olivia…I hard Doctor Kate call you that…I’m sorry for this long speech but I just want to know you better…hope you don’t mind…please…
“I’m glad you finally summon courage and speak out…I was already getting uncomfortable with your continues stare and cheerful attitude…it looks suspicious and was getting irritating too…I’m not married and yes my name is Olivia…and I do come around with my friend, Helen. is nice to know you are not a psycho finally...Doctor Mark. lastly I am not interested in male friends…I don’t feel comfortable around them, so don’t try to get closer than this please because I may end up hating when I suppose to be liking you, male friends doesn’t work for me so please respect that…but we can remain hello and smiling friends as usual…
They both laugh and Mark said
“There’s no problem Olivia, I totally respect your wish and I will stay off…Please, here is my complementary card…just in case of any emergency and you can’t reach Doctor Kate immediately…you can always call me…
Olivia smile before collecting the card, she went home and try to open her small kiosk where she sell beverages, recharge cards and few other things to keep herself going.
Later that evening Helen stopped by on her way from work
“I got you some fruits, doctor Kate said you should eat enough fruits to avoid constipation….hahaha…that baby needs a very healthy environment to form properly…don’t go and suffocate her with wastage that needs to be passed out…
“Your biology teacher need to be arrested, she thought you wrongly… upside down. the only correct thing you got here is that I needed fruits…that’s all…thank you for always supplying me with enough, my baby is safe in the womb and waste are kept far different from where babies are formed…by the way how was today’s work…
“fine…just as usual, how was your appointment with doctor Kate…and also did you meet the fine man with a cute smile…he is always smiling…and he seem to like you not minding your condition…you are cute babe, and this pregnancy looks good on you…you seem to be slaying with it… isn’t that fantastic..
“don’t flatter me…you know how much I hate that…but Doctor Kate said something like that today and the smiling doctor…we finally met today…you won’t believe it…he said his name was Mark and he gave me his card to call for any emergency…but I warned him to stay away from me because I do not want him to get hurt…I am trying to concentrate on this child, I don’t need men for now and maybe that’s the way it will be, men destroyed my family and almost succeeded in destroying my life…I’m struggling to let go but doctor Kate said it will take time but eventually I will pull through but for now I don’t need doctor Mark…he looks at me in a way I don’t feel comfortable in…
“You don’t meant it…I said it…I knew he likes you and was too shy to admit it…Olivia, you need to loosen up and make friends, not every man is a killer and a rapist, my step dad was a rapist, he messed up my life for three years but I still know there are good men out there who are better than the terrible men this generation raised. wait... did Mark ask you other personal questions…
Olivia and Helen talked into the evening before Helen left.
Olivia was certain of one thing she will revenge her parents death is she ever come across the evil man that unleashed terror and took everything she had but she knows coming across him will never be possible because she did not even get to see their faces because of the mask, the man that raped her had an injury on his face and arm and before she passed out she hard his friend call him “Kaka”. Kaka doesn’t ring a bell to her, is a nick name and not a common name.
She just want to move past everything that happened that night but whoever “Kaka” maybe will not go free. Her revenge is the only thing that will give her peace of mind and even if she did not meet Kaka or whoever he is she will certainly hold onto her inner anger and pain which push her forward everyday to be better and make her father and mother proud as she has wanted to do.
Few weeks later Olivia gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Emerald, she was so happy as she held her baby girl, Doctor Kate was right, she forgot the trouble, pain and shame behind her conception and embraced the beautiful being. She was turning her bitter lemon into a sweet Lemonade as Doctor Kate has said.
Kane drove around the neighborhood, is being two years since his father sent him out of the country after he got into a police case and he was almost locked up. his friend python was caught and locked up in prison, the rest of the gang are dead, his father have to send him out of the country and he stayed there for two and half year before returning.
He still remembered the family him and python attacked, the image of the young girl never leaves his memory, she was so slender and beautiful, no day passed without remembering how terrible he was. He raped an innocent girl and his friend python shot the man as he tried to shoot him. All he wanted to do was to save his daughter but the evil in him over took his whole being, his past still hurt him everyday.
He deserved to be dead or locked up just as all the gang members got their share but his father saved him by flying him out of the country until the chaos died down. his inner man still hunt him everyday.
He can’t right his wrongs or undo what has being done but he is ready to live right and throw off his old ways, he has quit smoking and other bad habits. He was trying to concentrate in the present and take over the father’s company as he has always wanted him to do. His father is becoming more proud of him everyday than he has ever being.
Today he was driving around this long quiet street, he planned to check out one of his father’s old properties which he wanted to renovate and turn into a big supermarket. The old building was in his name and his father has said he should do anything he likes with it.
as he was speaking with his father’s estate surveyor over the phone he ran out of airtime, Kane tried to buy from his bank but the network was bad in that area.
He asked around where he can get a recharge card and he was directed to a kiosk which was not too far from where he parked.
He drove down to the kiosk, whined down his glass and saw that the small kiok owner was a beautiful young lady with a little girl about two to three years, she was plaiting the little girl’s hair.
She quickly stood up to answer him and after paying for the card he bought, he decided to drop extra money for her which she rejected but as he insisted she collected the money.
she thanked him with a sweet smile that got to his heart.
He wanted to stay and just stare at the young lady with her beautiful daughter but decided to drive on, since he has business in this area he will always stop by and say hello to her.
He silently prayed that she wasn’t married although he did not see any wedding band but he still wish she wasn’t.
He will visit the area more often because of the young lady with a cute smile which was taking over his mind.
Olivia returned to her daughter’s hair with a deep smile, she was happy to have extra cash which she will gather tomorrow with her little savings and register Emerald in the kindergarten class which wasn’t too far from her street.
If she can’t attain her dream of being a lawyer she will make sure Emerald will.
The man was staring at her as if she was a goddess and she was use to such attentions but there was something different about him.
she wish to see him again to thank him for his kindness.
If all men were so nice like him her parents will still be alive and she will be rounding up with her law school by now.
Olivia thought within herself as she continued with her daughter’s hair.

My Mother's Dream Final Episode

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The night sky and blanketed with pearly stars. The air blew hot, and not one cloud threatened the ground with rain. Dayo trudged through the quiet street on which their house stood. Fortunately for him, the tree on which he had flung himself was close to the fence, and from the branches he had made a bridge to the street below. He looked in his pocket and saw that he had a few notes, they would be enough to take him to his destination. The burden of saving the people in that house laid squarely on his shoulders. It was his duty to help them, he told himself.
From the street, he walked on to the road that was very busy at that time of evening. Dayo flagged down a taxi cab and entered. He gave the driver the address of the house he was going to, and gave him all the money in his pocket.
Dayo: “Please sir, that is all I have” he said with a note of desperation. The driver drove to the address, and once again Dayo banged on the gate of the house. The gate man opened the gate and when he recognized Dayo, he grew angry.
Gateman: “dem send you for me? Abi o ya werey?” he asked vehemently.
Dayo: “I don’t know what your problem is with me, but the lives of the people in this house are at stake. I need to talk to someone. They should leave the house this evening” he said desperately. He felt like shoving the man away from the gate.
Gateman: “You think say na by that ur oyinbo? I get pikin for university, so ma whine mi oh” he replied and banged the gate in Dayo’s face. Dayo paced in front of the house in confusion. He didn’t know what to do, he thought he could meet privately with the occupants of the house and warn them, but this gate man was standing as a stumbling block in his path. He thought of going to the police but that was going to endanger his life, if Stone found out, there was no doubt that he would kill him.
Dayo: “What do I do God?” he asked aloud.
Back home, one of the gang members was told to go and call Dayo for dinner. Stone wanted them all to eat together before going for the operation. Every night they went out for an operation, they expected death, it was the reason they ate. Stone’s policy was that, after pursuing money on earth, a man was not supposed to die on an empty stomach. But when the gang member went to Dayo’s bedroom, he found it empty. He checked the adjoining bathroom, thinking he was having a shower, but it was also empty. He rushed downstairs in alarm, and when Stone saw his face, he knew something had gone wrong. He had been having a sense of foreboding since the day dawned, but he attributed it to anxiety before an operation. However, seeing the face of his gang member, he knew his feelings were spot on.
Stone: “What happened?” he asked anxiously.
“Robert, Dayo, whatever he is called, is not in his room or anywhere in this house” he said with a ‘I told you so’ look in his eyes.
Stone: “What!” he exclaimed and bounded up the stairs. He bashed into Dayo’s room, and confirmed what the other gang member had said. His eyes went to the open window and the branch of tree which looked pulled towards the window, and then he knew that Dayo had left the house through the window.
“ Where would he go by this time, and why did he leave like a thief. Has he escaped, would he go to the police” these were the thoughts running around in his head. He was confused for the first time in a long while. He could not abort the mission because commitments have been made. He had to hope that Dayo was not doing anything that was jeopardizing their safety and freedom.
Stone: “We continue the operation as before”
“We should have just killed that boy, there was no need keeping him. If you needed a son, you could have gotten any girl pregnant” one of the gang members said.
Stone: “Shut up! Nobody questions my decision, no one!” he shouted, the veins on his neck protruding like they were going to burst out from under the skin, “We all concentrate on the mission, Robert is my problem, and after the mission, I will deal with the problem. Now, let’s have dinner” he concluded and everyone fell silent.
They sat round the dinner table and ate their dinner in silence. Every man praying in his heart to come back from the operation, alive. At the back of their minds, was also a nagging feeling that this operation would go wrong. The fact that Dayo had left the house secretly was a source of worry to them. Stone felt Dayo’s disappearance was of no consequence to the operation because he knew nothing about it, or did he?
He bolted out of his seat suddenly as everything became clear in his mind’s eye. The day they were discussing the operation, Dayo had stumbled into the kitchen and he had thought that he was sleepwalking, but was he really sleep walking or eavesdropping on their conversation. He had also been seeing Dayo everywhere he turned, like the boy was shadowing him.
“No! it can’t be” He screamed in his heart.
Stone: “We leave immediately, there might be a problem, but we might be able to salvage the situation if we hurry” he said and they hurried into another room where they kept their ammunitions.
Dayo was sitting on a stone slab in the street, lurking in the corner and watching the house, he didn’t know yet what he would do, but he knew he would keep watch and not allow Stone to succeed in his mission. But due to inactivity, he dozed off, leaning his head on his thighs. Because he was sleeping, he did not see a car drive to the gate and Ken come out with Cassandra. They had gone on a date, and Ken had come to drop Cassandra, but he was pleading with her to let him spend the night at their place, instead of the hotel.
Since he got back from America for his summer break, he had not gone home, even though his mother had been asking him to come home, as she had missed him. He had been staying in Oshogbo because of Cassandra, in a hotel. Their relationship was falling apart, and Ken was doing all he could to hold it together. He had decided to marry Cassandra, not just because he loved her, for he loved her, as she was a very beautiful young lady. But, he wanted to marry her because of her father’s estate which had been bequeathed to her.
Ken: “Please Cassie, I am tired of the lonely nights in that motel. I am in Oshogbo because of you” he said
Cassandra: “And I didn’t ask you to stay. I came home to be with my mother, can’t you just go to Lagos, your mother must miss you” she said. She wanted to end the relationship, but was afraid of hurting Ken, as the relationship went beyond them, but to their families.
Ken: “Just tonight, I won’t ask you for this again”
Cassandra: “No touching, understood?” she said and Ken nodded. The gate had the gate opened, waiting for them to drive in, and he hated the delay. He stamped his foot to register his displeasure. Ken hurried Cassandra into the car and drove into the house.
Dayo was startled awake by the bleating of a goat passing by with her kids. He wiped his face and looked around him. He jumped up from the slab when he remembered what was on ground. He looked at his led lit wrist watch and saw that it was almost 8pm. Everywhere was dark and silent. He looked towards the house and saw that it was lit, the curtains were drawn and the occupants of the house probably felt safe, not knowing about the terror that was about to be visited on them. He had barely finished the thought when he saw a pair of headlights in the distance. He instinctively knew that it was Stone and his gang. There was no time, he ran towards the house, shouting and screaming on top of his voice.
Dayo: “They are coming! Call the police, they are going to kill you. Somebody help!” he screamed. All thoughts of self-preservation had fled his mind, all he thought about was warning the people in that house. He didn’t need another death on his conscience. He remembered when he was eleven, when he met Stone for the first time. They had killed a woman, he had for the first time, witnessed dying.
He had reached the gate now, but the headlights were closer and he could see the distinct shape of Stone’s van. He banged on the gate, but the gate man did not reply. However, the balcony light came on, and he saw a young lady in the balcony. He felt a sense of déjà vu, it was his dream all over again. He continued screaming and then he really looked at the lady on the balcony, she was illuminated by the balcony lights, and she looked frantic.
“ Oh my God, it is Cassandra” he thought with panic.
Dayo: “Cassnadra, it is me Dayo, you all are about to be killed. Call the police now, don’t die Cassandra” he screamed, his voice piercing the still night. Two shots rang out, the sound ricocheted in still night, and the bullets tore through the frail body of Dayo. He didn’t feel the pain yet, he was still shouting, and more shots rang out.
The pain tore through him, as he fell to the ground. Lights went on in other houses, and dogs began to bark. The thought that went through Dayo’s mind as his world turned to darkness, was that, people were aware, the mission would be aborted.
The van turned around in a hurry and zoomed off away from the house. But Dayo did not see this because the blackness had already enveloped him, and the last thing he saw was his mother smiling down on him. It was like she was saying, ‘Well done my boy’. Dayo had a smile on his lips when people came out to him.
It was like the earth was mourning the flow of blood, as the sky opened its bowels and poured out rain. The rain washed the blood that flowed from Dayo’s body and soaked the earth.
Cassandra had to fight her mother and the gateman to come out of the compound. She was sure she had heard correctly, the voice that rang out in the night. It was the voice of Robert, the one she had heard on countless calls across the Atlantic, when they talked on phone through the night. But the voice had called himself Dayo, her Dayo from her childhood. She had seen the men dressed in black shooting at the young boy, and she had known then, that Dayo had come back for her and had saved her life and that of her mother.
Cassandra: “Mother, call emergency, Dayo is probably dying, he took the bullets that was meant for us.” She said and pushed her mother aside. She ran out the small gate and rushed to Dayo. She knelt by his side and unbuttoned his shirt as she had been taught in her First Aid class in Red Cross society. Then she saw the pockmark by his belly, it was the same that her Dayo had when they were little. She needed no other confirmation that this was Dayo and he was also Robert. There was no time to think of how things had come to this, she cradled his head in her thighs and began to coo to him.
Cassandra: “Dayo, I know you are in so much pain right now but you have to hold on. I have looked in every face searching for you, and now that I have found you, I don’t want to lose you. Please don’t die, I need you, your mother still needs you to fulfil her dreams. Please Dayo” she cried and began to sing a song for him in Yoruba. She was still singing when the ambulance came and carried Dayo away. Halima and her daughter followed the ambulance to the hospital. She had heard about Dayo’s roots when he went missing. She had also met Damilola and known that Dayo was her friend’s son. She felt responsible for him. She had not been a good friend to Khadijat when she was alive, and now she swore to be a good friend to her in death.
In Lagos, Bella was preparing dinner for her husband, who would soon be back from work when she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen, like something was pressing on her bladder. The pain was so much that she fainted. She was lying on the kitchen floor when her husband came back from work. He had called for her and when she did not respond, he walked to the kitchen from where he was perceiving a burning smell. He saw that the sauce on the frying pan was burning and so catching fire. He switched off the gas, and then he saw his wife lying on the floor.
Gberan: “Bella! Bella!” he shook her. In alarm, he swung her on his shoulders and carried her to his car.
At the hospital, Bella had been revived, she thought that the doctor would tell her she was having a late pregnancy. She had been hoping that God would give her a child in her mid- age to keep her company, as Ken had outgrown her. Instead the doctor had a shocking news for her. The doctor told her she had stage 4 uterine cancer, and her chances of survival was slim, but he could have chemotherapy if she chose. However, without chemotherapy, she had six months to live.
Bella: “ Mo gbe! God this is too much oh. Is this punishment for what I did to Dayo” she cried, to the consternation of the doctor. Gberan just held his head in his hands. He was confounded, how could Bella have cancer? He was still thinking of the dilemma they had found themselves when he saw a call from Halima. Since his boss died, Halima had not contacted him, so, he was surprised when he saw her call. But he received it anyway.
Back in Oshogbo, Dayo had undergone surgery to remove the bullets, the surgery had been complicated because of the massive loss of blood and his rare blood group, he was Rhesus positive, like his father Damilola. Halima called Gberan to tell him about Dayo and the condition he was in.
Halima: “You need to let Damilola know, he is the only one who can give blood to Dayo. His life is on the balance” she cried and Gberan could tell she had been crying, even him was crying. He had mixed feelings, joy at finding Dayo again, and sadness at the condition he was in.
Gberan hung up and called Damilola immediately. He appraised him of the situation and it was Damilola would go mad with fear. He got the address of the hospital and got on the next flight to Oshogbo. Gberan also called his mother and told him about Dayo. She did not hesitate to call her driver, to take her to the hospital.
Damilola got to the hospital and donated blood for his son, the surgery was successful, but Dayo refused to come out of coma. His family converged at the hospital, even his two grandmothers, but Dayo’s eyes were shut tight, and his pulse got lower and lower. The doctor’s prognosis was bad, “He might not make it” the doctor said. The news was met with crying from everyone who had come for Dayo. Even patients in the hospital forgot their illnesses and joined in the crying when they heard the story of Khadijat and Dayo.
Ken had been jealous when he heard Dayo announce himself, and when Cassandra rushed to him without hesitation, saying things to him and singing to him. But seeing Dayo lying so helpless, with different machines connected to him, and a breathing mask strapped to his nose, he felt piteous towards him.
While others stayed in the hospital’s lounge, Cassandra refused to leave Dayo’s side, she stayed by him day and night. For three days, Dayo as in coma, and on the fourth day he went into crisis. The doctors worked tirelessly, trying to resuscitate him. But at 11:59, the doctors pronounced him dead.
While everyone was wailing the death of Dayo, Madam Lagos called her pastor on the phone, and told him to rush to the hospital.
Madam Lagos: “I believe that if we join our faith with yours, that God can bring our son back to life” she said into the phone sobbing.
The pastor came with some other pastors in the church. They began to intercede, raising their voices to heaven in a loud cry, asking that the soul of Dayo be returned. While they prayed, the body of Dayo was being prepared to be taken to the mortuary.
Stone wanted to be sure that Dayo was dead, so he came to the hospital, and from the lobby heard the news of the boy who was shot and had just died. He left the hospital, satisfied. They had lost the contract with their client because they could not carry out the operation but he was happy that the boy who betrayed them and caused them all that trouble had left the land of the living.
But the God with the longest hand that stretches forth from heaven to wrought wonders among men, heard the cry of the saints. Even Khadijat’s mother who was a Muslim was shouting the loudest ‘Amen’ to the prayers of the pastors. God heard their cry and just before Dayo was deposited in the refrigerator, he coughed. The people bearing him, flung him away and ran for their lives. How could a dead person cough, it definitely was the work of evil people, they thought.
Dayo opened his eyes and saw that he was naked, he looked around and he could feel the stench of death around the mortuary. He ran out of the mortuary and in the hallway, he saw a green surgical garb. He quickly donned it and began to walk away from the mortuary.
The people who ran away peeped and saw him walking, they stared at him in amazement. The news spread like wildfire, and got to his family who were still praying in the lounge. They hurried to meet him, and Dayo could not believe his eyes. The last thing he remembered was falling because he had been shot, but now he was seeing his family and even the woman whom he always escorted to the market, Khadijat’s mother. He touched his hand, to be sure he was alive. It was his father who rushed and embraced him first.
Damilola: “Oh my son, oh my son” he was too stunned for words, he kept crying and mumbling. Gberan joined the hug, he had forgotten about his wife who had just been diagnosed with cancer.
After the doctor had certified him alright, his family gathered around him and began to tell stories of their lives after he disappeared.
Dayo: “So this is my grandmother?” he asked looking at Khadijat’s mother. He could not believe that he had been so close to his roots and had not known. He embraced her.
Damilola’s mother: “I am your grandmother too, I gave birth to your father” she said and everyone laughed. Then they asked him to tell them what happened. He told them everything about the look he saw in Tania’s house before she swerved the car. That he ran away because he was afraid of Tania. He told them about coming to Oshogbo to look for Madam Lagos and falling into the hands of a ritualist. As he talked, they oohed and aahed. They could not believe all the trauma he had gone through right from when he ran away.
Damilola: “Tania is dead however” he announced and everyone fell silent to respect the dead.
Damilola called the police and after hours of drilling, under the supervision of the doctors, they got the whole facts and knew that Dayo was forced into the gang. Cassandra and Halima also gave their testimonies of how Dayo warned them, even at the expense of his life. Dayo told the police that Stone and his gang were not armed robbers but assassins who robbed to cover their true intentions.
The news of Dayo being brought back from the dead spread all over Oshogbo and even the country. Reporters travelled far and wide to see the boy, and many who did not believe on God and his saving power were converted. There was a great revival in the country, as many were led to the Lord through the miracle of Dayo.
However, Stone was determined to finish what he started, he had heard that Dayo had been brought back from the dead, so he watched him. The police, with Dayo’s permission, used him as a bait. He went to the park with his father, Damilola. His father, did like he was going to get something and went away. Stone who had been lurking in the shadows came out and stared menacingly at Dayo.
Stone: “I treated you well, but you betrayed me. The price of betrayal is death and this time you will stay dead” he said and pointed the gun at Dayo. Dayo had been kitted with a bulletproof vest, but he was still shaking in his shoes. He was staring death in the face. However, before Stone could pull the trigger, he was fired from behind, he fell and groaned, and immediately, police men sprang out from bushes and captured him.
Bella underwent chemotherapy, her skin became pale, and all the hair on her head fell off. She looked like a scare crow as a result of the chemotherapy, but yet, the cancer did not go into remission. She had three months to live. The cancer had become worse and now she was bedridden. She asked to see Dayo, and Damilola brought Dayo to Gberan’s house.
When Dayo stepped into Bella’s bedroom, he knew immediately that she was going to die that night. He could smell death before he had been touched by the hands of deaths and could recognize its cold, dark, presence.
Dayo: “I forgive you, I hold no grudges” he said to the frail, sickly woman on the bed.
Bella: “Thank you my son. It shall be well with you” she said.
Dayo went back home with his father, and that night, a call came, Bella had left the land of the living.
Ken had lost his mother and the love of Cassandra because she was now so besotted with Dayo, it was like Dayo did not leave. But he was comforted with the support of his family and friends. Three families were joined as one because of Dayo. Before Bella died, she had admonished his son to be a good man, even when it was not easy to be good, and so Ken heeded his mother’s words and lived amicably with Dayo.
After the burial of Bella, Ken and Cassandra went back to school in the States, and Damilola processed his son’s papers and sent him to the United States to study Medicine and Surgery at UCLA.
The hands of God are not short, that he cannot touch whatsoever is the ache in your life. He says call on me in the time of trouble, and I will deliver you. Strive to be good, even when it is not often easy to be good. Forgive all those who hurt you and never scheme evil against your fellow human, for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Embrace light and flee from evil.
I have learned a lot writing the story of Khadijat and Dayo, and I know you have learned too. Share your lessons and thoughts with us, as we will like to read your feelings about this story. Cheers!